Abolish Death Penalty : Yes Or No? Essay examples

Abolish Death Penalty : Yes Or No? Essay examples

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Christine Nguyen
Professor Wood
US Government
16 March 2015
Abolish Death Penalty: Yes or No?
The death penalty has many other names; execution, capital punishment, death sentence, death warrant. This harsh sentence is usually handed down to those who commit murder or rape to deter crime. Like a coin there are always two sides to the argument. The reasons for pro abolish death penalty are it costs more to serve capital punishment than keeping someone in prison for life and it violates the “cruel and unusual” clause in the Bill of Rights.
On the other hand, against abolishing capital punishment are there is racial bias in the justice system and DNA testing, advanced crime scene science takes out the uncertainty of someone’s guilt or innocence, serves as a form of crime deterrent and possibility of prisoner parole or escape can give criminals another chance to commit crime.
There are high financial costs for the death penalty. A California cost studies showed California has spent over $4 billion on capital punishment since its comeback in 1978, about $308 million for each of the 13 executions carried out. California spends another $184 on the death penalty per year because of costs for capital trials, better security on death row and legal representation. The study’s authors predict the cost of execution will hit $9 billion by 2030. A “Report of the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice” (2008) points out the cost of having an inmate on death row compared to life sentence without parole is $90,000 per year per inmate. With California’s death row population of 670, that accounts for $63.3 million annually. The Commission estimates the annual costs of the death penalty system to be $137 million per year. Then t...

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