Essay about Divorce and Homosexuals

Essay about Divorce and Homosexuals

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In an article titled, “I've Been Divorced Four Times, But Homosexuals Are the Ones Destroying Marriage,” published in February of 2014, blogger Matt Walsh intends to move anyone who advocates for “traditional marriage” to focus their attention on preventing divorce instead of opposing gay marriage. The title is mocking the hypocrisy of some “traditional marriage” advocates who are serial divorcee supposedly doing everything they can to preserve the sanctity of marriage. The author believes in what is commonly called “traditional marriage,” though the term is considered a historically misleading term by some. Steve Chapman declares in the Chicago Tribune,“What conservatives regard as traditional marriage is not very traditional at all. It's radically different from what prevailed a century or two centuries ago.” Opponents of “traditional marriage” are not concerned with threats to the institution like Walsh is. In the Huffington Post, Carina Kolodny says that equality for gay marriage will, “fundamentally destroy 'traditional marriage,' and I, for one, will dance on its grave.” Other advocates for “traditional marriage” might also argue that the greatest threat to marriage is no-fault divorce laws or pre-marital cohabitation, and yes, gay marriage. Walsh's target audience is limited to conservative Christians; his appeals to God, the holiness of marriage, and church practices are only effective supporting material for this intended audience.
Walsh does not explain his definition of marriage, and only uses the term “traditional marriage” once in the piece. Readers of his conservative Christian blog likely have the same beliefs and definition of marriage so he does not need to explain it to them. To Walsh and his readers, “tradition...

... middle of paper ...

...nce that divorce is by far a greater threat to marriage than gay-marriage. The debate about what marriage is and what is recognized as marriage is a debate which effects practically everyone in a very personal way. How advocates on either side make their arguments will play an a crucial role in determining which side wins the marriage debate in the end.

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