Essay on The Effects Of Deviant Behavior On Development

Essay on The Effects Of Deviant Behavior On Development

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Although it is obvious that my ability to form and maintain attachments was affected, it is not so obvious to determine the long-term effects. Because early experience does not impact development in a linear way (Sroufe et al., 1999) both history and present circumstances are important (Sroufe, 2005). In fact, Bowlby’s model emphasises that behaviour is a function of an individual’s entire history; therefore change does not erase early experience (Bowlby, 1973). This means that even after significant change, there is a tendency for individuals to return to previous developmental trajectories (Bowlby, 1973). As such, the disruption to my development was merely that, a disruption, and through experience, I have learnt to form attachments again, therefore my development has returned to an adequate stage.
As alluded to above, the reformation of my ability to create attachments, and therefore develop, had a learning component. The effects of deviant behaviour; in this case, those of my sister; on development are substantially mediated by social learning (Lee, Akers & Borg, 2004). Akers (2000) proposed that social learning had four dimensions.
Firstly, differential social organisation suggests learning and development are mediated by age and density of the social environment (Lee et al., 2004). During the period of bullying, I was highly susceptible to peer pressure, this indicates that peers were one of the strongest influences on my learning (Brigid et al, 2011).
Secondly, differential location, including gender, social class and race (Lee et al., 2004), impacts learning. This dimension seems unlikely to have influenced my learning as I developed in a predominantly white middle class environment.
Thirdly, structural variables; su...

... middle of paper ... well as an ego with a solid structure, leading to the capacity for symbolisation, or the ability to infer meaning (Winnicott, 1959, 1961). Furthermore, repression requires an advanced structural psychic apparatus (Segal, 1964; Kernberg, 1966). Therefore, my bullying experience and subsequent repression of it would have led to a heightened structural psychic apparatus. In other words, this milestone contributed to the increased growth of my cognitive domain of development.
Reflecting upon this milestone and how it has affected my development, it has become clear to me that at the time, my physical/biological, social, emotional and moral domains of development were negatively impacted, and interestingly my cognitive domain was positively impacted. However, through learning and subsequent experience, I believe that my development has returned to an appropriate stage.

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