The First Annual Halloween Party Essay

The First Annual Halloween Party Essay

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The day was October 31st, and B.F Skinner was to hold his 7th annual Halloween party at his house in Pennsylvania. Many people would be attending this grand party, including some of his nearest and dearest psychology buddies, Sigmund Freud and Wilhelm Wundt. Also attending would be famous icons such as Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, and Skinner’s wife of course, Yvonne Blue. The guest were to arrive at the party at 7 o’clock sharp in their best Halloween costumes. Food would be provided and many games were to be played. Little did they know what experiment they were in for tonight.
B.F Skinner wore the same costume he wore every year, a pigeon costume. Everyone always laughed at Skinner for this, but he would always reply with the same response, “Give me a child and I’ll shape him into anything, give me materials and I’ll make a pigeon costume.” His wife on the other hand was dressed as a waitress, since she would be the one handing out beverages and snacks. Wilhelm Wundt and his wife, Sophie, were first to arrive. Wilhelm’s costume for the past 6 years was a simple metronome to signify his introspection theory. He decided to switch the costume up this year and wear a white shirt with black letters which said, “How does it make you feel?”, while his wife was the other part of his theory, wearing a giant rubber ball costume. Sigmund Freud arrived second with his same old iceberg costume. He entered the house saying the same punch line as last year, “the mind is like an iceberg, my friends.” Next was Babe Ruth, and you can easily guess what he was wearing, his New York Yankees baseball jersey. At precisely 7:30, Albert Einstein finally arrived. He claimed he couldn’t find a costume so he decided to dress up as a chimney. Why he did ...

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... Skinner watches from his secret lair and laughs at how his experiment turned out. Only one subject actually worked to find the lever to receive the positive reinforcement.
Wilhelm ended up finding Albert who was hidden at the top of Skinner’s chimney. Skinner handed Wilhelm the 1,000 dollars, but Wilhelm doesn’t keep the money to himself. “My friends, I propose we lay the one thousand dollars in the middle of the road and everyone uses their own perspectives to guess how people’s human nature will respond. Winner receives a free dinner from everyone else.” Everyone is ecstatic about the idea for they will all have the chance to prove their perspective is ultimately the best perspective there is, and they will also receive free dinner. The seven friends set out in their costumes to go discover the real truths of psychology, and who would be receiving free dinner.

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