Happy Birthday Chase

Happy Birthday Chase

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Happy Birthday Chase

Life moves by quickly, but from the start of life to the end there are a special days where you celebrate the day of your birth. There are also particular birthdays that you show more special interest to than others. Some of which being, when you finally become a teenager, turning sixteen so you're finally able to drive, turning eighteen signifies you as an adult, turning twenty-one means you can buy alcohol, and if you're lucky enough turning a hundred means you've lived to be just plain old. Turning twenty-one may, to some people, be the greatest of days. My friend Chase turned twenty-one this year, and we may have thrown him the greatest party he'll ever have.
The day was June 25, 2005, it was so hot outside, and the humidity was off the chart. June 25 just also happened to be my good friend Chase's birthday. My friends Matt, Houston, Mike, Mike, and I were throwing him a surprise party at Matt's house, and he had no idea. We had been waiting for this for a few weeks now, and had everything perfectly planned out. He was turning the big twenty-one so this was a big day for him, and he was extremely excited about it. He talked about nothing but buying alcohol and beer for himself for the past month at least.

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You could smell the party in the air, there were hot dogs and hamburgers cooking on the grill, and there had also been the smell of beer coming off the keg-taps. The feeling of good-times was all around you, as there were at least forty to fifty close friends together. Some I knew better than others, but in all, everybody seemed to be having an awesome time none the less. We all came together to celebrate for someone we all knew and loved, that's all that mattered.
Everybody's anticipation grew, as we ate, drank, and were merry waiting on Chase's arrival. Some people were having better times than others. You could tell who these people were by how loud they were being, which pretty much meant that the louder people were also the people who had consumed the most alcohol so far. Laughter and conversation filled the atmosphere of the party, and all I could help thinking was this is how I want my twenty-first birthday to be.
Chase finally showed up, and when he got there it was a spectacle to observe. People all formed together to welcome him, and the smile that he had on his face was something to be seen. You could see the emotion coming off of him as he walked up to the party, almost as if he was thinking, someone can pinch me now so I can wake up from this dream. Some had presents, others had wishes of happy birthday, but I think to him, all of us just being there meant enough.
After all of the excitement settled down I knew what to do and said, "Get this man a drink." He must've been thinking the same as me because when I said that he replied, "Amen." I thought to myself as I drank with him, I wonder if beer tastes any different when you're twenty-one. Think about it, the sensation you get from drinking beer most everyone enjoys, but when you are able to go to any store and purchase it for yourself does it actually taste the same, or better?
As the night moved on everybody became pretty intoxicated, including myself. I was at the point to where my whole body felt warm. It could've been the coldest night of the year, but I still would've felt warm all over. It was a perfect night; it could not have gone better. Everyone had such a good time, and I think we even made some money off of the kegs. There's nothing like the feeling of having a good time, but also knowing that you would be going home with a couple extra bucks in your pocket.
The kegs were tapped and everyone started to leave, but that didn't matter. What mattered was what we did for a close friend, and the happiness we brought to him, even for one night. The night was a success, and we had nobody to thank but ourselves. Chase had an awesome birthday, and we had a pretty kick-ass party in the process. A night that I'll remember for a long time from now, and hopefully a night that Chase will remember, too. Turning twenty-one is an awesome year, and I can't be more excited for the opportunity I get to celebrate mine. It isn't for another two years, but when it comes I hope that it turns out a little something like this night.
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