Essay on Informative Speech : Health Care

Essay on Informative Speech : Health Care

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Ro Health understands that you, our dedicated health care providers, face many workplace and personal stressors, such as long and varied work hours, far commutes, difficult patients, personal commitments, etc. These stressors are the roots of abnormal sleeping patterns, unhealthy eating habits, and dehydration, which consequently have negative impacts on your overall health. In order for you to provide great care to your patients, you first need to be in good health. As your employer, our mission is to ensure that you 're happy and comfortable on your assignments. Thus, besides offering you great employee benefits, we aim to educate you on healthy lifestyles that will encourage you to better care for yourself. In this post, we 'll address some of the most basic information about eating healthy that you should know. ​
1. Do not skip meals.
One of the most common mistakes that people make when they go on a diet is skipping meals. It seems to make sense when you eat less, you 'll lose weight, but that is only true when you keep your food intake consistent. According to the National Institutes of Health, when you eat less than two meals a day, your body is not supplied with enough fuel and ultimately will fail to maintain a normal blood sugar level. As the result, you will feel fatigued. Other than having low energy levels, you might end up eating more after skipping a meal and that will make you gain weight while not having enough nutrients. Instead of eating one or two big meals a day, you should eat 5-6 small meals. If you 're not as determined or don 't have enough time to eat 5-6 small meals, you have to eat a breakfast, a lunch, a snack, and a dinner.

2. If you’re not diagnosed with celiac disease, don’t spend your fort...

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...lunch and eat 1 cup of beets and celery with hummus at 3 p.m." Here is a list of helpful tools to help you keep track of your daily goals.
8. Eat the food you love, less frequently and in a smaller quantities
Being strict on yourself when you try to be healthier is determination but you still can indulge and have a treat once or twice a week. You should think of ice cream, donuts, pizza, etc., as rewards for your hard work and commitment. If you are invited to many social events that involve foods and drinks, planning your previous meals ahead will allow you to have a cheat meal on Friday night, eat a piece of cake at your friend 's birthday, or drink a beer with your coworkers. Moreover, it will be fun for you to explore and experiment alternative and healthier recipes of the foods you love. You eat to live and you live to eat so what you need to aim for is balance.

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