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The Nazi party was known as one of the most famous political system in the world. The Nazi party was made famous by many acts of cruelty. Despite all of the cruelty the Nazi party also made many polices which were good of their people and Germanys future. These polices include: Banning of Vivisection, Animal Conservation, Anti-Tobacco Movement, Welfare programs, The Volkswagen, Autobahn, Father of Modern Rocketry, Innovations in Film, and Medical advances.
In April 1933 German became the first country to Bann Vivisection. Vivisection was the act of operating on animals for scientific research. Hermann Goring, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler were all part of the Nazi party and they were concerned about the lives of animals. Hermann Goring was the prime minister of Prussia and he Banned Vivisection in Prussia. He made a law for the protection of animals and anyone who was guilty of hamming an animal was to be put in a concentration camp.
Animal Conservation is the act of defending wild animals and their habitats. The objective is that wildlife and nature will be around for future generations to appreciate and understand the importance of wildlife and wilderness lands. In 1934 a national hunting law in Germany passed. The Nazis wanted to control how many animals were killed per year so they instituted hunting seasons. 1935, an additional law was passed, the Reichsnaturschutzgesetz of the Reich Nature Protection Act. This law protected several native species including the wolf and Eurasian lynx.
Adolf Hitler despised smoking he though it was a waste of money. When people smoked around him and he always left the room. This is what began one of the most costly and successful tobacco movements throughout history. During the 1930s ...

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...discretely used by doctors and medical scientists today. For example, the Nazis extensively studied and monitored hypothermia, at Dachau concentration camp, by subjecting victims to severe torture. The Nazis immersed victims in vats of freezing water or left them out in the winter cold, all the while monitoring changes in body temperature, heart rate, muscle responses and urine. These tests were initially performed on volunteer soldiers, but the Nazis were not satisfied that they had all the information they could get and began to test on concentration camp victims. They attempted to formulate methods to bring the bodies back to a safe temperature, including the “Rapid Active Rewarming” technique that seemed to be the most effective method of revival – and is used today in the west. This research could potentially fill a gap in other researchers studying hypothermia.

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