Our Almost Fatal Car Accident Essay

Our Almost Fatal Car Accident Essay

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One evening, my dad and I were going home from the supermarket. The rain was pouring heavily and the roads were very slippery. It was quiet. The night was very peaceful with just a few cars on the road. My dad turned into a dark road which was surrounded by many trees which made the road very narrow.The road continued unto a long bridge. I looked out of the window and noticed that a lot of cars sped across the bridge. Suddenly, I saw a huge truck coming in our direction; the slippery road had caused the truck to lose its balance. The truck was a very old rickety Benz truck. By the look of the trucks shattered windshield and distorted car frame, one could tell that the truck was very old. The truck driver who was a very old man tried as much as possible to control the steering wheel but could not. The truck kept coming our way.
My dad tried hard to turn away from the truck but our car had inclined to the highest point of the bridge and the truck was coming at its full speed. I began to panic and watched as my dad turned the steering wheel all the way to the end. The s...

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