A Day In My Life - Personal Narrative Essay

A Day In My Life - Personal Narrative Essay

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A Day In My Life - Personal Narrative Today is just another school day. The days seem to merge but the
routine remains. Somebody once said routine is the last refuge of the
unimaginative. I don't know, but as I turn to try to rediscover the
warmth of my bed, I instead wait, lie dreading the sound of my alarm.
I peek over my pillow and see 7.07 AM. I can hear my Dad entering the
shower, two minutes and I must rise. I have used my snooze button
lifeline, living on borrowed time since seven.

"This is John Foster and here are the Ma…"

I switch off my alarm and lie for a second.

I shower after my Dad, then move into the bathroom and take the
electric toothbrush head from its small dish. I don't know why but the
inside is full of a dull, yellow scummy substance. I have neither the
time nor the inclination to clean it though. I take the main part of
the electric toothbrush from it's charging stand, attach the head,
which is now covered with a dollop of toothpaste and press the start
button on the handle.

The two minutes pre set time rolls slowly by and I ponder today's
lessons, last night's football and why I'm always awake before my
alarm goes off.

As I walk back to my room to get dressed I shout to my Mam asking her
whether she's ironed my trousers yet. Then in a way very typical of my
life she tells me she just told me she had. Strangely this happens to
me a lot. Whether I'm slightly deaf or my brain just...

... middle of paper ...

... was ended I make sure my alarm is set, switch
off my TV and decide upon a bit of light reading. And I mean light.
I haven't read a real book for about a month.

At 11.20PM I switch off my light and try to get to sleep although
sleep doesn't come for me as quickly as it does for some. Instead I
lay awake thinking, my mind racing. When the initial mind racing bit
wears off, not being able to sleep can cause boredom especially on
long distance coach rides where I am unable to sleep and instead
inhabit a kind of nether world with all the other passengers asleep.
It was the same at scout camps. I can tell you that laying in a tent
in the pitch dark with everyone else asleep for seven hours is a weird
experience, especially when you start to hallucinate through sleep
deprivation. I do get to sleep eventually though.

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