Essay about Affirmative Action is Not the Answer

Essay about Affirmative Action is Not the Answer

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Affirmative Action is Not the Answer

     Created in the 1960's, affirmative action programs attempted to

undo past racial discrimination by giving preference to blacks and other

minorities.  The idea behind these programs was to help minorities gain the

representation in the job market that paralleled their percentage of the

population (Finley 1).  Unfortunately, affirmative action has mutated into

a thirty-year-old policy that places many underqualified minorities in

positions over more qualified non-minorities.  Preferential treatment of

minorities has caused problems not only in the workplace, but also in our

universities throughout the country.  Due to these current circumstances,

affirmative action policies in college admissions must be eliminated

because of the negative effects they have on campuses across the nation.


        There are numerous arguments that defend the use of affirmative

action and advocate its effect on college campuses.  Supporters of

affirmative action believe that minorities are still disadvantaged and that

it is "absolutely necessary to level the playing field" (Wilkins 334).

They believe that minorities will never be given a fair chance at college

unless diversity is forced upon the campus.  Proponents also argue that

affirmative action is the best solution to past discrimination and color-

blindness, and that without affirmative action the gaps between our races

will never close.


        Although these arguments may have positive aspects such as creating

a multicultural campus, affirmative action's many faults cause more

problems than are solved.  The leading problem with these ideas ...

... middle of paper ...

...s.  This

will allow all students to be admitted into college based not on their skin

color, but on their own merit and hard work.  Over time, colleges as well

as the workplace, will naturally become more diverse and racially unified.


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