Classification of Psychic Experiences Essay

Classification of Psychic Experiences Essay

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Classification of Psychic Experiences

Generally speaking, psychic experiences which deal with receiving information from an outside source, either living or passed on can be classified into the following categories: psychometry, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, automatic writing and channeling. Two more psychic techniques, assumption and projection, deal with transferring the personality to a remote location.

Psychometry is the art of receiving information about someone by touching an object commonly carried by that person such as a key chain or jewelry. The scope of this paper does not include explaining how psychometry, or any other psychic art is performed, but they do work. I once held someone's keys, closed my eyes and waited for images to appear. Nothing happened. I was miffed and stopped trying to get an image. Then my hands started to itch and suddenly in my mind's eye, I saw boxes being stacked up to form a wall. The man whose keys I was holding was a mason. Another time, I held a woman's ring, closed my eyes and immediately my throat closed up, my chest caught fire and I couldn't breathe. I snapped myself out of it and found that the woman had serious respiratory problems. Her ring was extremely hot when I handed it back to her. These two people were complete strangers I partnered with at a psychic workshop. Psychometry does work, though it may not work all the time, or work for everyone.

Telepathy is more loosely defined. In general, telepathy is a method of receiving information about someone. Telepathy is different from psychometry in that an object is not used. The information pertains to past, present or future events. The way it is transmitted can be visual, as with clairvoyance,...

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...g. The CIA became interested because they wanted to know what the Soviets were up to and so they funded the graduates' work for twenty years. Eventually, the CIA stopped funding them and the grad students dabbled in the commodities market. Once again they met with success in eleven out of eleven tries. When asked why they didn't continue and become billionaires, they answered that their remote viewing talents gave them peace of mind, and somehow making money on their talent didn't seem quite right and so they stopped. They are still active in their research at Stanford.

This essay is by no means a conclusive discourse on the variety of psychic phenomena present in the world. Other fascinating abilities exist including everything from telekinesis, raising objects, to raising the dead. That, at least, is one psychic gift no one is practicing at the moment.

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