Teleconferencing - An Upgraded Means of Communication Essay

Teleconferencing - An Upgraded Means of Communication Essay

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Teleconferencing - An Upgraded Means of Communication

The day-to-day communications and conferencing between people evolved to what we know as telecommunications and information services. Teleconferencing is an elevation of telecommunications and information. Ordinarily, in a conference people meet together in groups small or large to discuss and exchange ideas, and views about facts, subjects, or events. But teleconferencing makes a great difference with new technologies. Putting these ideas together, we agree that teleconferencing is the discussion and exchange of ideas and views by a group of two or more through transmission, emission, and acceptance of signs and signals, images and sounds by wire, optical and other electronic devices without the participants being under the same roof (World Communications 16).

How did it come about?

According to the book titled, World communications, the root of teleconferencing is traced back to 1837 when Samuel Morse invented the first electric telegraph. This was used for local transmission of messages and information. It became an international means of information transfer in 1876. In this same year with the invention of telephone system by Alexander graham bell, communication system was upgraded (World Communications 50). The telephone not only became an extension of telegraph but a break through and the basis for much of today’s astonishing progress in the routing, transmission and processing of information. The first wireless transmission was established in 1895 (World Communications 51). Communications and conference continued to improve with the invention and discovery of other mass media devices such as the radios in 1930s and the television in 1950s.


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...rge scale teleconferencing will require a reasonable amount of money to get it done.

Conclusion: Teleconferencing is an upgraded means of communication and information that require telephone line/cable, television /screen, video machine etc to make it effective. It connects as many businesses as possible. It saves money, time and energy. It is easy to record minutes of conferences and use it later.

Resources Used

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