The Internet Promotes Cultural Diversity Essay

The Internet Promotes Cultural Diversity Essay

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The Internet Promotes Cultural Diversity

When one thinks of the internet, what sorts of worlds and images do you suppose come to his mind? First of all, the hardware such as a computer screen and keyboard come to mind, followed by letters and picture and maybe even a the web-like structure to portray the information super highway. Ideas of search engines and then internet mailing and messaging systems should then occur. In the end, the overall idea is one of mass communication and informational transferences. The abbreviation that is well known to most internet use, “www.” which denotes “World wide web,” shows the obvious international applications. With respect to this understanding of its global distribution, the question arises: Will these transcontinental interactions destroy the cultural and historical diversity of style in composition? The answer is no. Despite the convergences of cultures, students who manage to make it through high school should have a basic background in the formation and styling of a composition. These more mechanical aspects of style are rarely altered unless a new style if promoted. Mixing these historically formal styles with the new wave of information broadcasting, offered by the web, entails an alteration of style which will only promote diversity.

To attack the subject of changes in cultural style, we must ask the question: Will mass communication between diverse cultures destroy cultural diversity? Defining culture becomes the next priority:

culture: 1) The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought typical of a population or community at a given time. 2) A style of social and arti...

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... ideas of one webpage.

Referring back to the example sites listed above, and while making note of the randomness that was associated with the creation of the “clown porn” site, one can make note of the fact that even though the site was created almost as a gag, some weird people found it worth while or amusing. Practically no matter how weird something is, there is probably someone else out there that has similar beliefs.

In the end, the internet cannot destroy diversity but can only promote it. The thought otherwise would imply that the entire world has access to the internet and that in some way, the internet has created a world of zombies that conform to its conquering cultural spell. In actuality, people have access to cultures and styles that they may never physically interact with; therefore, promoting a more worldly character in those people.

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