Thoughts on the Color, Blue Essay

Thoughts on the Color, Blue Essay

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Thoughts on the Color, Blue

During the time when polytheistic religions were widely practiced in Europe, colors represented ideas associated with the paranormal and the spiritual. In many cases, the color blue represented safety and protection. It was believed that if someone wore or carried something blue, the bearer would be protected from evil spirits. Over time, as patriarchal societies formed, the welfare of the male child took priority over the welfare of the female child. Since male children were more important, parents surrounded their sons with blue objects. This explains the common association of males and the color blue that exists even in modern society.

A common practice among new families and couples with children on the way is to decorate the rooms of the infants with either blue or pink, depending on the gender of the child. Though some prefer a more neutral tone such as white or beige, blue or pink baby rooms can still be found. This practice promotes the association of the color to the gender and the gender to the color. When thinking of the color blue and ...

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