We Must Be Put To an End to Gun Control in America Essay

We Must Be Put To an End to Gun Control in America Essay

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Today in America we face many controversial problems. With strict gun control, Americans cannot feel safe, and to some the thought of not being able to use a firearm in self-defense is very frightening. We Americans should never have to be in fear of not being able to protect ourselves, especially in the comfort of our own home. How are strict gun control laws and regulations going to reach the estimated 65 million gun owners that own approximately 240 million firearms (Just Facts Gun Control)? The answer is simple, they can’t. There must be an end to gun control, its problems significantly outweigh any good intentions it has, and besides there is no doubt about it, America is a safer place when the citizens are able to own firearms.

Not all Americans understand what gun control really is and the useless intentions that it imposes. Gun control consists of laws and regulations that prohibit certain people from owning a firearm and establish waiting periods on the sales of firearms. In some instances, firearms are totally banned. There are several gun control laws around the nation today and there are others that vary from state to state, but one of the most heard of and controversial gun control laws is the Brady Act. The Brady Act is one of the gun control laws that makes a background check which is necessary to purchase a firearm, and also establishes a waiting period of five business days before the firearm can be sold (Just Facts Gun Control).

Activists do a great job of portraying firearms as a very negative and frightening. There are many things that gun control activists fail to consider. Many times they do not think about how often a gun is used in self defense. Also of the total crime that is committed with a fire...

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