Essay on Internet Privacy - Ethical Issues Raised by Privacy Service Providers

Essay on Internet Privacy - Ethical Issues Raised by Privacy Service Providers

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Ethical Issues Raised by Privacy Service Providers

     Abstract:  This paper examines the use of Internet technologies (specifically to counteract invasions of personal privacy and censorship.  The paper begins by exploring the methods by which governments, corporations, and commercial agents invade personal privacy.  It also discusses Internet censorship on the corporate and governmental levels.  It then proceeds to discuss, a technology that allows Internet users to surf the Web privately and view censored content.  The paper finishes by exploring some of the ethical issues raised by Internet privacy and censorship in specific relation to SafeWeb, concluding that the application of SafeWeb in circumventing the authority of governments and corporations is inherently unethical.



            Part of the allure of the Internet has always been the anonymity it offers its users.  As the Internet has grown however, causing capitalists and governments to enter the picture, the old rules are changing fast.  E-commerce firms employ the latest technologies to track minute details on customer behavior.  The FBI's Carnivore email-tracking system is being increasingly used to infringe on the privacy of netizens.  Corporations now monitor their employees' web and email usage.  In addition to these privacy infringements, Internet users are also having their use censored, as governments, corporations, and other institutions block access to certain sites.  However, as technology can be used to wage war on personal freedoms, it can also be employed in the fight against censorship and invasion of privacy.


            Network technologies have allowed for an unprecedented invasion of persona...

... middle of paper ...>.

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