Raising Brain Injury Awareness Across The National Football League Essay

Raising Brain Injury Awareness Across The National Football League Essay

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Consider the Crown is a campaign designed to raise brain injury awareness across the National Football League (NFL). Learning about the risks of brain injuries and ways to prevent them in the sport of football is important for parents, coaches and kids. Last season the amount of concussions in the NFL was down by 25 percent (Associated Press, 2015). This decrease proves that the league is serious about reducing the physical and mental damage affecting its players.
Consider the Crown will use the color green throughout its campaign as a visual reference for the event. The color green is the official color for traumatic brain injury awareness (Traumatic Brain Injury: TBI & Concussion Info, 2015). The slogan “Don’t Back Down, Consider the Crown” will be used to capture the target market’s attention, and to prove that the NFL is serious about brain injuries there will be a pledge drive for fans to participate in.
In working with the Concussion Legacy Foundation and the Brain Injury Research Institute the campaign hopes to use each organization’s expertise and dedication to provide the information needed to educate the target market.
The Concussion Legacy Foundation is an organization founded by former WWE wrestler Chris Nowinski and Dr. Robert Cantu in Boston, Massachusetts. Its goal is to inform and change how concussions are being handled in sports. Their main focus is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is the process of the brain continuously degenerating resulting in behavioral changes (Brain Injury Research Institute). The organization is involved with the research of concussions and CTE and helps by providing money for programs that educate and create policies to make sports safer. These programs have worked with c...

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