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The Problem Of Adolescent Adolescents

- ... A large majority of the reason why adolescents are at a new low compared to previous generations is largely because they feel abandoned. As stated in the book on page 22, “As adults waged a fight for their own emotional and relational survival, children got the time and attention that was left over, which was not much.” Since adolescents have essentially been emotionally neglected by their parents, they have no choice but to search for another “family” which is often comprised of friends and often times, negative influences because parents are not around to filter out the bad influences....   [tags: Emotion, Love, The Adolescents, Want]

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Adolescents

- Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of grandiosity, an overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy toward others (Psych Central 2014). Narcissists lack empathy towards other people and will even go to the extent of using others for their own personal benefit or self-improvement. The word originated from the story of Narcissus in Greek Mythology. Narcissus was renowned for his beauty and was attracted to a pool where he was able to see his reflection for the first time....   [tags: Narcissism in Adolescents]

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Depression in Children and Adolescents

- Depression in children is qualitatively different from depression in adults – these people are more at risk for more severe illnesses in adulthood, as well, which suggests that depression in young people has the potential to be particularly problematic. 60% of adolescents with depression will have recurrences in adulthood and also have a higher rate of suicide throughout their life (Clark, Jansen, & Cloy, 2012). The symptoms of childhood depression might be mistaken for normal mood swings as pertinent to changing developmental stages, and is often presented as irritability and negative attitudes....   [tags: Depressed Adolescents]

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The Negative Impact of Targeted Advertising on Adolescents and Children

- At the current time advertising can be represented in many ways - as a business, a fundamental ingredient of entrepreneurship or as an alternative way of communicating (William F. 2004). Originating from ancient times, its main purpose is to sell a product. William F. (2004, 6) claims that “every consumer is exposed to hundreds or even thousands of advertisements every day”. We view advertisements everywhere: on TV, banners, Web-sites, in magazines, newspapers, on sport events or even printed on tea cups, and all this is done with an aim to attract our attention....   [tags: Children, Adolescents, and Advertising]

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Social Media and Networking: The Harmful Impact it Has on Adolescents Today

- Social Media and networking has slowly but surely become an integrated part of the society we live in today. This type of technology is used in our everyday lives with people making an effort to keep in touch with family and friends, checking reviews of favorite restaurants, inviting friends to parties, or looking at pictures from recent outings. Whatever the reasons are for using these sites, this fairly new way to stay “in the loop” has also become a key component in the development of the children and adolescents who live in this day and age....   [tags: cyber world, bullying, adolescents]

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The Impact of Divorce on Young Children and Adolescents

- For the past decades, divorce has been increasing dramatically throughout the United States; it is a common issue in this society. Approximately one million children experience divorce or parental separation every year(Shinoda, Kevin Seiji, 2001, La Mirada, pg. 9). According the 2000 census data, about 28% of divorce or separated parents, have at least one children who is under age of 6(Kim Leon Jul., 2003 pg. 258). Also, slightly more than half of all divorced children are under the age of 18, and about 40% of all children will experience divorce or parental separation before reaching adulthood(Shinoda, Kevin Seiji, 2001, La Mirada, pg....   [tags: Effects Of Divorce On Adolescents]

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The Effects Of Stress On Adolescents And Adolescents

- ... Yelling, arguing, or fighting physically can affect stress levels (LaRue & Herrman, 2008). The highest levels of stress found in adolescents in the study by Seiffge-Krenke, et al (2009) involved parent relations including independence from parents, communication, and pressure about grades. High school seniors are stressed about being able to afford higher education, future student loan debt, finding a good paying job, and being able to have a high standard of living. Some adolescents in the study were afraid of getting into debt because of a lack of budgeting skills (LaRue & Herrman, 2008)....   [tags: Adolescence, Psychology, Coping skill]

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Adolescents : Adolescents And Adolescents

- Cynthia Sanchez Article Critique #1 9/22/15 Research has found that adolescents are more likely than adults to engage in risky behavior. Adolescents, or "young adults" are expected to act more mature than children yet expected to more than likely engage in risky behaviors. Our frontal lobe is not fully developed until our mid 20 's, sometimes late 30 's which could explain the maturity levels at a given age. By mid-teens, kids should be able to fully distinguish between right and wrong....   [tags: Risk, Decision making, Decision theory]

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Media Influence On Adolescents And Adolescents

- Literature Review Media Influence on Adolescents The adolescent stage must be the subject of the research, in that preliminary research suggests that in the adolescent stage of life, important social aspects are being noticed and formed, especially by way of media, while looking to family for social information or influence diminishes (Arnett, 1995). In researching the effects of media on adolescent views of relationships, one must first research if scholars have yet studied and answered if the media has any relationship or effect on adolescents at all....   [tags: Media influence, Mass media, Marshall McLuhan]

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Depression And Its Effects On Adolescents

- ... Self-esteem is also a contributor because, even though it is common for an adolescent to point out their own flaws and not be completely in love with themselves, it can lead to full on hatred. “A challenging task of personal development is building and maintaining a competent sense of self” (Brage, 1). Another huge contributor is family. Parent-adolescent communication is a huge variable, but not only that the whole family is involved. If there is a lot of family miscommunication and fighting in the household, this adds stress to the adolescent....   [tags: Suicide, Adolescence, Major depressive disorder]

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Young Adolescents And The Middle School

- Young adolescents can be described as ages 10-15 years old, but it is also considered that adolescence continues until the age of 25. During this time in an adolescent’s life there are many internal and external factors that affect the development of each individual. The influence that an adolescent’s peers, parents, and community have on them can be conflicting and therefore cause stress. Trying to meet the expectations of others during a time where one is going through so many forms of physical, psychological, and cognitive development can be trying for a middle school aged student....   [tags: Education, High school, Middle school, Adolescence]

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Adolescent Development : Children, Adolescents, And The Body Of The Child

- Imagine living in a perfect world, where there were no problems of any kind. Children would be raised in perfect loving homes, free of pain, abuse, or neglect. Adolescent years would be spent happy and peaceful, not as children trying to adapt to changing hormones, and surrounded by negative peer influence. In this perfect world, drugs would never be an issue to children, adolescents, or adults. However, this is not a perfect world, everyone struggles with life choices. Although the age where life really takes on the largest change is during the adolescent development period....   [tags: Adolescence, Puberty, Testosterone, Peer group]

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Suicide Among Adolescents : Suicide

- ... In particular, bullying can have a tremendous impact on adolescence suicidal attempts. When adolescents are bullied they may feel upset or even like they are alone in the world. Lastly, media can influence suicidal behaviors. While media can be largely beneficial, it can also have downfalls. If teens are exposed to suicide and self-harm through media, it increases their chances of committing suicide later on (Hawton, Saunders, & O’Connor, 2012). The statistics on suicide are alarming. According to the Center for Disease Control (2015), 4,600 adolescents between the ages of 10 and 24 die by suicide yearly....   [tags: Suicide, Adolescence, Death, Suicide methods]

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Peer Groups And Young Adolescents

- ... However, as stated by Miller (2010), it is not necessary for one to consider someone a friend in order for the two to influence one another. Additionally, adolescents without sibling support have to compensate through peer groups for the lack of friendship and outside of family, peer groups provide the crucial social skills allowing them to deal with conflicts among peers (Zhao and Goa, 2014). The research complimented the experiences that Sidhu wrote of in her previous work. She wrote of her personal experience with her peers and the influence that they had on her....   [tags: Peer group, Adolescence, Culture, Peer-to-peer]

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The Effects Of Pharyngitis Among Adolescents And Adolescents

- The article examines the effects of pharyngitis among adolescents and explores methods to prevent complications. It also cites new antibiotic therapy used to treat bacterial pharyngitis. Symptoms affecting the throat are quite common. It is one of the main reasons for medical office visits. Acute pharyngitis is one of the most frequent diagnoses in the United States. Most causes are bacterial; Group A Beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GABHS) and streptococcus pyrogenes account for the most causes of acute pharyngitis....   [tags: Bacteria, Virus, Infectious diseases, Microbiology]

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Stress and Troubled Adolescents

-      Adolescents today are growing up in a totally different setting than the generation before them. New problems and choices are entering these young, and influential kids' lives. There are a lot of different factors in children’s lives that weren’t as common one generation ago. Adolescents today are filled with stress due to everyday problems in their lives.      There are many factors that are playing into all of this stress put on children. One of these factors is divorce, one-parent families....   [tags: Adolescent Behavior]

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Effects of Internet Use on Adolescents Development

- Think about your Internet usage. How much time out of your daily life do you spend online. Does your use of the Internet take a toll on your diet, exercise and sleep. Think about today’s young people. They cannot remember a time when they did not have computers and cell phones. While technology and the Internet are useful tools to get information fast, the increasing use of the Internet by adolescents is taking a toll on their physical and emotional development. This increase in use of the Internet is causing several health issues in adolescents; these include problems with nutrition, exercise, and unhealthy sleep patterns, all of which can lead to a multitude of adolescent developmental c...   [tags: youth, technology, health, adolescence]

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Effects Of Adolescent Cigarette Smoking On Adolescents

- Research shows that adolescent cigarette smoking is likely to begin in grades 7 through 9. In this paper, I will evaluate both Corliss and Morin’s findings that the sexual minority youth as well as those with poor academic performance are more likely to smoke cigarettes and typically begin smoking earlier. To determine the validity of this statement I will consider the external factors that may contribute to adolescents smoking cigarettes. To explore the possibility that the sexual minority and the poor academic achieving students are more likely to smoke cigarettes I have to consider all the social and environmental factors contributing to adolescents smoking cigarettes....   [tags: Tobacco smoking, Smoking, Cigarette, Nicotine]

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Risk Taking On Adolescents And Adolescent Ages

- This article “Risk Taking in Adolescents” seeks to prove the that risk-taking characteristics amongst adolescents are attributed to developmental neuroscience. The author covers two basic things that help in motivating the review. He questions why there is an increase in risk-taking actions between the childhood and the adolescent ages. The main factor is the changes that occurs at puberty and the social-emotional changes in the brain that cause an increase of a reward seeking condition. Among the adolescents, this phenomenon mostly takes place in the presence of peers, and most cases have a remodeling of the brain on the dopaminergic system....   [tags: Aggression, Relational aggression, Risk]

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Suicide in Adolescents

- In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established that 6.3% of high school students have attempted suicide in the preceding year. Given the lethal consequences of suicide attempts, determining risk factors among adolescents becomes especially important. Generally speaking, psychiatric disorders and substantial psychosocial impairments are known to be associated with suicide attempts. However, previous research attempting to identify specific risk factors in adolescents is somewhat ambiguous....   [tags: attempts, factors, disorders, assessment]

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Depression in Adolescents

- Depression in Adolescents Depression is a huge plague in the world. The American Psychiatric Association reports that depression occurs if at least 5 of the following symptoms occur for at least 2 weeks: depressed or sad mood, decreased interest in activities that once was enjoyable, weight gain or loss, psychomotor agitation or retardation, fatigue, misplaced guilt, a lack of concentration, or even recurrent thoughts of death. Approximately 121 million people are affected by some form of depression....   [tags: American Psychiatric Association, Depression]

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Obesity in Adolescents

- An estimated 1.2 billion adolescents - one in every five people – are living in the world today. In the other words, about 20% of the total population of the world are made up by adolescents (WHO, 2005). They are tomorrow’s adult and their health is a fundamental issue for a healthy society in future. However, the prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased dramatically among young people since 1980s worldwide (Haug, Samdal, Morgan, Ravens-Sieberer, & Currie, 2006). Over the last 20 years, the prevalence of obesity and overweight has increased at an alarming rate not only in developed countries, but around the world (Worobey, 2006, chap.15)....   [tags: Childhood Obesity]

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Obesity in Adolescents

- In this 2009 research study, Andrea Landis, Kathy Parker, and Sandra Dunbar draw on their extensive nursing experience and advanced education to evaluate whether a positive correlation exists between the amount of sleep an adolescent obtains and hunger/satiety levels. The study authors are well-educated in their respective fields of study. Andrea M. Landis, RN PhD is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Washington School of Nursing in Seattle, WA. Kathy P. Parker, RN, PhD, FAAN is the current Dean of Nursing at the University of Rochester School of Nursing in Rochester, NY....   [tags: nursing, health, sleep, hunger, satiety, study]

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Adolescent Sex Offenders

- There are many topics nowadays that are still hard to talk about openly. Though we’ve opened the door on many controversies, some of the simplest parts of life can be the hardest to discuss. For most of us, sex in particular can be a taboo topic, which may be the reason why so many children and teens are misinformed on the inner workings of sexual relationships and how they develop as we grow and mature. For some adolescents, this can lead to an unhealthy fixation on the concept of sex, and in some cases, lead them to take action on a situation they do not fully understand....   [tags: Adolescents, sex, offenders]

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Addiction in Adolescents

- Humans are environmentally and genetically predisposed to developing a motivated addictive behavior. Addiction is a brain disease and a behavior. All behaviors are choices. Choices that adolescences make at a young age directly affect the outcomes of their futures. Many factors contribute to an adolescence becoming an addict or exhibiting a drug seeking behavior. Nearly all drugs of abuse increase dopamine release. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter in drug abuse and addiction. Dopamine plays a role in reward motivated behaviors, motor control and important hormones....   [tags: behavior, environment, drugs, genes, expression]

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Anxiety in Adolescents

- ... states: “...obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) causes the brain to get stuck on a particular thought or urge” (Help Guide). Obsessive Compulsive Disorder commonly causes anxiety. When you have OCD you (in common cases) want to make sure things are in the right place, clean, ‘perfect.’ Your brain gets stuck on the same reel of questions: “Is it right. Do I like it. What do other people think about it?”A lot of OCD can be caused by social conflicts, self- consciousness. Some cases you want to make sure you look ‘perfect’ in your own mind, just because you’re leaving the house....   [tags: emotional disorders]

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Children And Adolescents

- This week in class we discussed toddlers and Chapters 9 & 10 in Devlopment of Children and Adolescents. We only met in class on Tuesday and Thursday we were given work time to work on our Visual Project due next Tuesday in class. You often hear of people refererence two years olds to being classified to the “Terrible Two’s” stage. Toddlers are referred to this because around 18 months- 3 years is the development of tantrums. You can solve tantrums in many ways. The most productive ways to soothe a tantrum is by telling them you understand how they feel and try to comfort them....   [tags: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Emotion]

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Adolescence And Poverty Of Adolescents

- Intervening in the lives of adolescents is challenging. As a social worker, working with adolescents consist of working not just with the adolescents but with their families, schools, and communities. I want to help adolescents in confront adversity and develop mechanisms that promote strength, especially for adolescents who are at risk of emotional or behavioral problems. There is various effective methods of working with adolescents that are experiencing internal disorders or substance abuse disorders....   [tags: Crime, Poverty, Mental disorder, Family]

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School Attendance A Requirement For Adolescents

- ... For example, 88% of males, in Egypt, from the ages of 15 to 24 can read and write in comparison to the 30% from the ages 65 and older, while females, ages from 15 to 24, 84% are able to read and write compared to the 9% of 65 and older (Arnett 278-279). Other countries, such as Thailand, has an increase difference as well. This depicts that secondary schooling in different parts of the world have increased over the years and is still increasing today. With the proportion of adolescents attending school increasing, so is material that they are learning....   [tags: High school, College, Secondary school]

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The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Adolescents

- ... For 12th graders, the use of ecstasy has also increased. The increase could be due to the increase of MDMA which is commonly known as molly (Johnston et al., 2012). Of the adolescents abusing illicit drugs and alcohol, prevalence can also be broken down by gender and ethnicity. Typically, the majority of the adolescents abusing and using alcohol and drugs are male (Johnston et al., 2012). Prevalence can also be broken down further into different ethnicities. When compared to white students, African-American students have much smaller rates of use of illicit drugs (Johnston et al., 2012)....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Heroin, Family]

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Effects Of Depression On Children And Adolescents

- ... Many are thought to be weak, crazy or even dangerous when their illness becomes known, because of this, many avoid treatment and prefer to hold in their struggles. Along with stigma, many people who are struggling with mental illness, regardless of race, are in the lower class. They do not have the means to pay for certain treatments and are often forced not to seek out help. A result of everything, most studies are held and geared more towards middle/upper class white people. The treatment that ends up working for those who can and are willing to help, is pushed and often believed to work for everyone, or most people, dealing with the same illness....   [tags: Psychology, Mental disorder, Mental health]

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Should Adolescents Be A Medical Decisions?

- ... Adolescents may not always act the way you want them to act, the analytic processesses may not be best for decision making. Also adolescents may show emotions to decisions making because of external influences like perceptions and peer group pressure. Cognitive assessment of capacity may not take sufficient accounts of emotional and psychological components of making decisions on their own. The PFC (Prefrontal Cortex) in adolescents might explain some of their behaviours, e.g impulsivity, inflexibility, emotional volatility, and risk taking “short termism”....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider]

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The Effects Of Social Media On Adolescents

- ... . already thriving social networks of those young people who lack social skills and employ social networks as a form of social compensation.” (Reynolds). Some adolescents use social media because they just do not know how to act around people face-to-face. In other cases social media could be a good thing because some adolescents have anxiety when speaking to people in real life. Young people now are using social networks as a way to avoid spending real time with real people. “Social media causes people to spend less time interacting face-to-face.” (ProCon.org)....   [tags: Social network service, Facebook]

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Characteristics Of A Good School For Adolescents

- Five Characteristics of a Good School for Adolescents Adolescence is a period of change biologically, physically, emotionally, and socially. All of these changes that adolescents are experiencing can affect their academic achievements. Schools that teach adolescents need to know and understand the developmental changes of an adolescent and, therefore, make necessary modifications within the school that encourage academic success. Researchers have found that schools with high rates of student achievement contain five key characteristics....   [tags: Education, High school, College, Academia]

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Depresion in Adolescents is Becoming and Epidemic

- ... Since depression is under-diagnosed, clinicians treating adolescents need to be aware of the possibility of this diagnosis, particularly in high-risk groups (Tharper, Collishaw, & Pine, 2012). According to the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, the reason why depression is often over looked in children and adolescents is because “children are not always able to express how they feel” (Brown, Hammen, Craske & Wickens, 1995). In addition, depression among adolescents is difficult to diagnose because it is a developmental stage associated with rebellion and experimentation marked by emotional turmoil, mood swings, and heightened sensitivity....   [tags: suicide, symptoms, biopsychosocial]

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The Effects Of Learning On Risk On Adolescents

- ... Before gambling they had $0 so any more or less would be weighed against that standard. However, recent research has indicated that individuals do not only weigh decisions against SQ, but also Goals (G) and objectives (Heath et al. 1999; Lopes & Oden, 1999; Koop & Johnson, 2010). For example a fund manager who invests large sums of money may have a negative stigma attached to a zero percent return. Obviously this is better than a loss, however it may not have as much positive utility for one looking to maximum a return on other people’s money....   [tags: Risk, Risk aversion, Decision making]

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Adolescents’ Appraisals of Smokers in Film

- Stereotyping the Smoker: Adolescents’ Appraisals of Smokers in Film The research question of this paper was, “is smoking among adolescents connected to smoking imagery in media, such as films” (McCool, Cameron & Petrie, 2004, p. 308). It has been shown that a higher rate of viewing films, with smoking images, increases the likelihood of an adolescent smoking (McCool, Cameron & Petrie, 2004, p. 314). The objective of this article is to find a connection between stereotypes of smokers in films and its ability to aid in the likeliness of an adolescent to take up smoking behaviors (McCool, Cameron & Petrie, 2004, p....   [tags: stereotyping, media, tobacco]

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The Effects of Online Media on Adolescents

- This world has become immersed in online media from socializing on networking sites to seeking information on search engines. People of all ages have become reliant on online media, but the most engaged users are the younger, more easily impacted generations. Although there are many positive uses for online media, there are many negative uses as well. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for these negative effects to impede upon the perceptions of adolescents. Some countries have been trying to reduce this effect by expelling the inappropriate content of online media ("Influence on Children Media...”)....   [tags: Online Media, Social Networks, Search Engines]

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Should Adolescents Be Tried As Adults?

- One of the most debated topics in adolescent psychology is the approach for dealing with juvenile delinquency. In the 1990’s, a number of laws were passed which permitted large numbers of juveniles to be tried as an adult in the court of law and sentenced to adult prison. Adolescents as young as 13 years old can be tried, convicted and punished as an adult for a variety of crimes, including violent and nonviolent crimes. Since then, punishments in adult court and juvenile court alike have gotten ever more severe....   [tags: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Criminology, Court]

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The Effects Of Peer Pressure On Adolescents Delinquent Behaviors

- ... According to Farrington (2009), delinquent behaviors are defined as behaviors that are prohibited by law, such as drug use, vandalism, theft, burglary, and violence. Unsupervised adolescents who are growing up in the context of a group do not have a matured reasoning mentality that can prevent them from getting involved in delinquent behaviors. After all, following their peer influences represents the stamp that show that they belong. Therefore, delinquent behaviors are simply the norms. Adolescents’ delinquent behaviors consist of antisocial acts that adolescents can commit to a different level of delinquency....   [tags: Peer group, Adolescence, Peer pressure, Violence]

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Care Management of Adolescents with Asthma

- Care Management of Adolescents with Asthma Care Management of Adolescents with Asthma Asthma is a chronic condition associated with inflammation, constriction and swelling of the airways, and increased mucus secretion making if difficult to breath (Kaufman, 2012). In the United Stated, approximately 7 million children had asthma in 2010 (Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 2012a). This means that 1 in every 11 children suffers from this chronic inflammatory disease (CDC, 2012a). Data from 2006-2008 was analyzed to calculate 12-month incidence rates....   [tags: inflamation, constriction & swelling of airways]

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Causes and Prevention of Suicide in Adolescents

- Introduction Suicide is “the action of killing oneself intentionally” (New American Oxford Dictionary). According to the Center for Disease Control, suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents ages 10 to 24 (2014). Adolescent suicide is quickly becoming an epidemic. As shown in the chart, between 1993 and 2000, suicide rates were decreasing. Between 2000 and 2010, however, the rates have been increasing to alarming numbers. “Deaths from youth suicide are only part of the problem....   [tags: killing oneself intentionally, death]

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Effects of Absent Fathers on Adolescents

- The role of the father, a male figure in a child’s life is a very crucial role that has been diminishing over the years. An absent father can be defined in two ways; the father is physically not present, or the father is physically present, but emotionally present. To an adolescent, a father is an idolized figure, someone they look up to (Feud, 1921), thus when such a figure is an absent one, it can and will negatively affect a child’s development. Many of the problems we face in society today, such as crime and delinquency, poor academic achievement, divorce, drug use, early pregnancy and sexual activity can be attributed to fathers being absent during adolescent development (Popenoe, 1996;...   [tags: Social Issues, Divorce, Absent Parent]

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Young Adults : Adolescents And Steroids

- U.W STOUT Adolescents and Steroids Bobby Taylor Rehab 333 Dave DeLambo APR/29/2015 Adolescents have many pressures as they go through puberty and young adulthood. Worrying and stressing about relationships, school, social acceptance and family. They face many obstacles and choices every day that could essentially effect the rest of their life. Some adolescents make a choice to use substance wither it is to fit in socially, use as a coping mechanism, or to give them an edge in academics or sports....   [tags: Anabolic steroid, Testosterone, Puberty]

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The Main Effects of Divorce on Adolescents

- Divorce is not a word many people like to use in casual conversation. It has a derogatory connotation that just leaves a lingering feeling of sadness hanging in the air. Although I grant that there are times when there is nothing left to do but move on in a relationship, I still maintain that a marriage is meant to be for life and it’s not something that should be given up on lightly. “Fifty percent of first marriages, sixty seven percent of second marriages and seventy four of third marriages end in divorce (Baker, 2011.)” That statistic is staggering....   [tags: old fashioned courtship, marriages]

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Being a Choral Director for Adolescents

- 1. What are the personal characteristics needed to be a choral director for adolescents. Choral directors of adolescents need to be flexible and quick thinking. These teachers must combine the interpersonal skills of a counselor with the loving concern of a parent. The most important quality that these teachers need to have is a passion and love for kids. Often teachers do not have the temperament to teach younger adolescents and prefer to work with senior high students. Teachers of younger adolescents are important because they demand respect from their students and help to guide their students through many times some traumatic years....   [tags: Choral Director]

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Suicide Behaviors Of Children And Adolescents

- Suicide Behaviors in Children and Adolescents Anyone who has gone through adolescence understands how its difficulties – bodies are changing, friends are pairing off with members of their preferred sex, new responsibilities are emerging – but some are unable to go through the motions as easily. While it is only experienced by about 15% of this age group (Berger, 2014, 475), adolescents, and even children younger than adolescence, experience thoughts of “serious, distressing thoughts of killing oneself” called suicide ideation (Berger, 2014, 474)....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychiatry, Suicide, Psychology]

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The Impact of Video Games on Adolescents

- “The Impact of Video Games” In the 2013 editorial The Impact of Video Games Adrea Norcia exposes the negative effects of violent video games on adolescents. Norcia writes to an audience interested in the effects of violent video games, while including both sides of the argument. The argument contains sufficient pathos creating a stir of emotions. In this Norcia argues using logos, however uses outdated information. She recalls the “(2000)” study where, “a majority of teens admitted that their parents do not impose a time limit on the numbers of hours they are allowed to play video games”, worrying researchers because of the negative effects of prolonged time in a violent environment.(Norci...   [tags: behavioral science, violence, technology]

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Observation of Adolescents in a County Court

- In observing Municipal Court at Jefferson County Court House there were many adolescences present. Thought there were older adults, the adolescences or delinquents seems to make up a number of the people there. The thought is, is there an effect the young adults there or reason why young adults are seen in municipal court. When observing the present of the adolescences was interested because of the fact that most were told to shape up or they would end up in jail. One was also told to get into counseling and have an intervention or would end up in jail....   [tags: Juvenile Crime, Criminal Justice System]

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The Effects Of Media On Children And Adolescents

- A constant form of exposure to gender roles in society is from the viewing of cartoon programs. Cartoon programs present a captivating format for children and adults alike, this outlet allows for subjects to be discussed and presented in an informal format. Though many may assume that there is little impact on children from cartoons, research has shown that such shows impact the socialization of individuals. One of the most common complaints about cartoons, especially those created for children and adolescents, is that there is an insufficient amount of female representation and that the characters don’t present genders fairly (Thompson & Zerbinos, 1995)....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Masculinity, Man]

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The Effects Of Violence On Children And Adolescents

- In American media in today’s society, violence is witnessed in every day newscasting, television shows, movies, music, video games, and and other forms of social media. Violence being shown in these types of programs has seen an increase in frequency and volume over the past few decades and has lead to questions about what effects it may have on children and adolescents. This strong presence of violence that is so easily accessible has been shown to have negative effects on development, causing desensitization to the aggression and hostility depicted, and can lead to a multitude of actions and behaviors that could have otherwise been avoided....   [tags: Violence, Aggression, Anger]

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The Aggregate Group: Children and Adolescents

- ... Children of poverty have a higher incidence of caries from poor dental care which leads to disease. Poverty itself does not cause illness; the lack of adequate education and health care does lead to a greater risk for health problems (Nies & McEwen, 2011). One study evaluated Legacy for Children a “public health strategy to improve child health and development among low-income families” (Kaminski et al., 2013). Between 1994 and 1998 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that there were significant differences in children of poverty in their cognitive and developmental outcomes....   [tags: Healthy People 2020, health, nursing]

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The Effects of Parental Divorce on Adolescents' Psychosocial Development

- Psychosocial development is defined as psychological development pertaining to the interaction between social and psychological factors. There are many issues that play a role in adolescent psychosocial development. Some of those factors that have the most impact on psychosocial development in adolescents come from divorce effects. Divorce is defined as the legal splitting of two married couples becoming single again, ending their covenant with each other. The biggest outcomes that come from divorced families would be psychosocial development of internal and external stress sources, and intimate and social relationships....   [tags: adolescence, parents, emotions, relationship]

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Effects of Media on Children and Adolescents

- 1. Character merchandising will be processed by children at the peripheral level, aka heuristic persuasion processing, as it is a message that relies heavily on emotional attachment and source attractiveness. These appeals rely on moderate levels of consumer attention and low motivation to process the message. The persuasive message is not presented in a rational argument the consumer must cognitively analyze but rather it is presented through an attractive character that children either know or can easily attach to that is aimed at generating a positive emotional association with the brand....   [tags: media influences on development]

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Effects of Social Media on Adolescents

- Recent advancements in technology have created a new form of communication. We call this new type of communication social media. Some of the big names in social media are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Most people today use some form of social media on a daily basis. Social media is most popular amongst adolescents. According to a poll conducted by Infographic, nine out of ten teenagers have used social media. Whenever a new technological advancement occurs there is concern over how it will affect society....   [tags: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube]

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Gender Dysphoria On Adolescents And Adults

- Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Adults PSYC 140 Abnormal Psychology Worthy Pegram Salem College Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Adults Gender dysphoria in adolescents and adults is noted by a confliction in expressed and assigned gender (APA, 2013). It is believed that people have experienced gender dysphoria for thousands of years, possibly since the beginning of mankind, though it just recently became more commonly studied in the last 200 years (Feinberg, 1996). Gender dysphoria symptoms vary among children, adolescents, and adults; they also vary between natal males and natal females....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Sex, Sex reassignment surgery]

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Video Games And The Effects On Adolescents

- Video Games and the Effects on Adolescents Many critics today in the media claim the majority of violence in adolescents comes from violent or mature video games. Some of the critics’ reasoning is that it makes a child feel invincible and not think of consequences. But on the other hand, a small group of researchers have found evidence of video games subduing the effects of depression and enhancing one’s creativity. Most can agree that video games have some kind of effect on a child. Especially a much younger adolescent whose mind is not completely developed....   [tags: Video game, Aggression]

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The Effects Of Obesity On Children And Adolescents

- ... Low self-esteem can also cause children to be bullied in school because they do not want to participate in activities such as gym because of their weight. Boyd also states, “The stress of dealing with a condition that leads to social stigmatization can lead to anxiety, poor school performance and dropping out of school” (1). In other words, Boyd is saying that anxiety can lead children not to care for their schoolwork. Children that are obese may be concentrating on the way they look, so they lose their focus on school, which leads them to having bad grades....   [tags: Hypertension, Obesity, Nutrition]

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Nutrition : Nutrition Guide For Adolescents

- Live, Laugh….Eat Nutrition Guide for Adolescents Notes Nutrition education is often promoted among adolescents to prevent diabetes, obesity and induce healthier behavior change. Nutrition intervention programs are frequently reinforced by health educators or teachers to address the importance of healthier dietary practices among teenagers. These interventions are often emphasized due to the nutritional vulnerability of this group. Indeed adolescents’ intense nutritional requirements for growth, along with their naivety in regard to mass media, or the food industry’s marketing strategies, may engender transience....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Amino acid, Protein]

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Sex And Its Effect On Adolescents

- Sex is present in everyday life, maybe not personally but it is. Teens in today’s society know more about sex then their parents want them to, and in reality the reason they know about it is probably because of television. Late night television will feature many different shows such as; Sex and the City, 50 Shades of Grey, etc. these shows may not necessarily show intercourse but it will more than likely be implied. Modern day television producers use the idea of sex to sell the idea of their new program to teenagers, to make them want to watch the show, and trying to make them curious....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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The Legal Drinking Age Of Adolescents

- ... “The drop is better explained by safer and better built cars, increased seat belt use and increasing awareness of the dangers of drunken driving than in a federal standard.” (Balko). With more awareness of the consequences that may occur from the irresponsible choices of drinking and the safer driving situations, the fatalities decreased. Not only that, some of the various ways that society has adjusted to the dangers of driving while drunk is through its increase of designated drivers. Designated drivers are people chosen in groups that will not drink for the night, therefore, no one is trying to drive home drunk....   [tags: Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol law]

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Is Bullying a Major Issue with Adolescents?

- Bullying is becoming more known as an epidemic across the world. Children perform this act because of their own insecurities and because they feel it is acceptable to treat others this way due to their differences. Some children do not entirely understand the consequences of their actions, and others do not care. As children mature, the cruelty becomes serious, and in some cases, it lasts through their adulthood. Even though some people believe bullying is just a part of life, it is actually an extremely serious issue in today’s society and has various attributing factors....   [tags: teenager behavior, psychology, education]

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The Effects Of Social Media On Adolescents

- In today’s society, all adolescents communicate and find out the latest gossip that is trending through social media. Since the introduction of the internet people always tried to find a way to communicate with people around the world, nowadays people connect through the likes of Facebook and Twitter. There is a plethora of negative causes of social media on the lives of the youth being cyber bullying, addiction, and not being aware of the privacy terms. Cyber bullying is a new type of bullying; it is when someone is harassing another person through the internet and abusing them verbally....   [tags: cyberbullying, harrassment]

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The Sexual Identity Of Adolescents

- Rejection. Death. Hatred. These are the consequences lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adolescent individuals face as members who are a part of parentally unaccepted families. In America, approximately 3.4% of adolescent individuals identify as homosexual. The breakdown of this population included 1.6% who identify as gay or straight, 0.7% who identify as bisexual, and 1.1% who don’t identify within those standards (Ward, Dahlhamer, Galinsky & Jostli, 2014, 1). Compared to the 96.6% of the American population who identify as heterosexual, these statistics seem insignificant....   [tags: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, LGBT]

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The Effects Of Cyberbullying On Children And Adolescents

- In 2006, national law enforcement leaders estimated that more than 13 million children and adolescents ages 6-17 were victims of cyberbullying (Feinburg and Robey 11). Unfortunately, by the time males and females become adults most have admitted to being bullied physically, emotionally or mentally. Bullies usually don 't understand the effects which they are fully creating and just think of themselves and the joy or revenge which they receive by bullying another person. Cyberbullying involves sending or posting harmful or cruel text or images using the internet, such as: instant messaging, e-mails, chat rooms, and social networking sites, along with other digital communication devices like c...   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Victim, The Victim]

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Factors Contributing to Depression in Adolescents

- Depression is a medical problem that causes persistent sadness and loss of interest in activities. This affects how teens think, feel, and behave. Depression can also cause physical and emotional problems. Common things that occur in adolescence, such as peer pressure and academic expectations, can have a much stronger effect on some teens when compared to others. The lows that they experience are not something normal. Dramatic changes in behavior and mood throughout the years of adolescence can be accepted as something normal; however, more often than not, those young adults may be suffering from depression....   [tags: persistent sadness, loss of interest in activities]

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The Increase of Obesity in Children and Adolescents

- Obesity in childhood in adolescents has increased dramatically over the past century. Throughout the United States all 50 of them, boys and girls have gained a great amount of weight. There are immediate and long-term risks for children who are obese. Conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, steatohepatitis, depression, stigma and others. Cancer is also possible too. Children who become obese are caused by what’s within their genes, around them in their environment, or from behavior and habits....   [tags: unhealthy eating habits]

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The Effect Of Yoga On Young Adolescents

- In this modern age we have seen a sudden rise in the relaxation treatment, yoga. This has become a very popular activity that individuals are participating in regularly. Through this research I am taking a deeper look into the benefits of this trend and the effects it has on the individuals that partake in the activity. In the three studies I examined, Yoga was used on young adolescents (Bergen-Cico, 2014), older adults (Klainin-Yobas et al., 2015), and beginner and advanced yoga practitioners (Brisbon, 2011), to see the exact relationships the relaxation therapy had on anxiety, depression, self-regulation and overall well being....   [tags: Psychology, Mental disorder, Source, Anxiety]

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Influence Of Body Image On The Mental Health Of Adolescents

- ... Through the use of programs such as Photoshop, magazines are a significant contributing factor to body dissatisfaction. Teenagers are finding it increasingly difficult to live up to societal standards. Adolescents are also subject to numerous physical changes to their bodies during puberty, are outside of their control. This is likely to contribute to their negative body image. Body image is recognised as “one of the three top concerns of young people”, in the Mission Australia’s Youth Survey 2015....   [tags: Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa, Adolescence]

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Diabetes in Asian American Adolescents

- In today’s society diabetes mellitus has become a prevalent issue, especially because it is affecting our youth in increasing numbers. Diabetes is defined as “a complex disorder of carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism that is primarily a result of a deficiency or complete lack of insulin secretion by the beta cells of the pancreas or resistance to insulin ("DM," 2013, p. 522). The number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has significantly increased from the 1980s to today, as well as the number of children being diagnosed....   [tags: Diabetes Mellitus, Society, Risk Factors]

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Understanding the World of Adolescents

- Context of Field Experience The clouds are hovering above as the sun peaks through to spread warmth over the people. I go to Coogee Beach and make my way to the area with grass, barbecues, and benches. While some people are in their bathing suits just sitting around soaking up some sun, there are other people fully clothed and just standing around talking and drinking some beers. It is now around 3 o’clock and groups of children in various uniforms start making their way towards where I am located....   [tags: teenagers, sociological analysis]

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What Leads to Adolescents Smoking?

- No matter how old a person is, practically everyone knows someone, a friend, family member or co-worker, who smokes cigarettes. The use of tobacco for smoking is something that has been practiced for centuries (A Complete Social History of Cigarettes, par. 1). Since the seventeenth century the tobacco plant has been grown in America and it has been used in its various forms ever since (A Complete Social History of Cigarettes, par. 1). James Bonsack invented a machine that could roll cigarettes and produce thousands per day in 1883 (A Complete Social History of Cigarettes, par....   [tags: cigarettes, cardiovascular disease, tobacco]

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Metal Music's Influence on Adolescents

- We each have our own favorite type of music. Many different aspects contribute to the kind we choose. Researchers believe that personality, how we see ourselves, our level of intelligence, our mood and level of self-esteem all have shown to influence our tastes in music. They have also found that not only do our personalities influence our music choices but the music can also influence our behaviors. It has been proven before that classical music helps with fetal development and is calming. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, heavy metal is most often looked at in regard to music’ effect on violence in adolescents....   [tags: behavioral and psychological analysis]

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The Health Of Children And Adolescents

- Introduction: A pediatrician is a physician who specializes in the health of children and adolescents. They focus on the holistic health of their patients at every stage of development. In addition to this, they will often diagnose and/or treat diseases, infections, birth defects, injuries, and cancers. These can include: behavioral difficulties, social anxiety, depression, difficulty functioning, and development complications. After completing medical school, pediatricians complete three years of education in a residency....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Medical school, Pediatrics]

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Children, Adolescents & Psychotropic Medication

- Psychotropic medications, also referred to as psychiatric or psychotherapeutic medications, are used to treat psychiatric disorders, such as: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They have been used for many years and oftentimes come with dangerous side effects. The side effects that often occur in children taking these medications can include: fainting, blurred vision, vomiting, extreme weight gain, and even death ("Seroquel information,” n.d.)....   [tags: Mental Health ]

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Prevention of Suicide in Adolescents

- The community impact, which includes national, state, and community level, is crucial for suicide prevention in adolescents. By having the community involved, it allows a more effective prevention plan, along with measures on how to properly handle the situation more efficiently. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Surgeon General and National Action Alliance for Suicide, revised the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP) in 2012. In which, they classified suicide prevention interventions into two categories: prevention targeted at the level of the individual and prevention targeted at the level of the population....   [tags: community involment, teachers, programs]

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Impact of Divorce on Adolescents

- According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2011 there were 2,118,000 marriages in the United States and almost half as many divorces (2013). The CDC also reports that only half of all first marriages will reach their twentieth anniversary. Divorce is a topic everyone is familiar with and it has almost become a normal part of life. While it is assumed that more divorces occur now than in the previous generation, the CDC actually reports that divorce rates have dropped over the past twenty to thirty years, though this could be due to the increase in individuals who live together without ever getting married or those who simply separate and cannot afford to become leg...   [tags: Reactions, Stress, Coping Techniques]

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Schizophrenia Of Children And Adolescents

- ... To have the diagnosis, at least two of these features are required for a significant part of time during a 1-month period, and continuous signs of the disorder must persist for at least 6 months. If the onset occurs in childhood or adolescence, there must be failure to reach expected levels of interpersonal, academic, or occupational achievement as well (Wicks-Nelson & Israel, 2013). Positive symptoms, which distort the mind, include hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech, and disorganized behavior....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Thought disorder]

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Loneliness in Children and Adolescents

- Loneliness in Children and Adolescents Definition and the Extent of Loneliness Loneliness is a common human emotion involving an individual’s awareness of a deficit in personal relationships (Asher & Paquette 2003, as cited by Dunn, Dunn, & Bayduza, 2007) combined with distress resulting from feelings of social isolation (Hawkley & Cacioppo, 2010). Further, Cherry (nd) described loneliness as mental state associated with thoughts and feelings of emptiness and aloneness. The effect of loneliness in children may be mild over relatively short periods; however, over long periods, or chronic loneliness, individuals suffer from lower self-esteem, sadness, separation from peers, and missed opport...   [tags: Psychology ]

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Portable Digitial Devices for Adolescents

- ... This trend flourished with the expansion of online gaming, which allowed companies to essentially disguise product advisements in online games. These subliminal advertisements attract children to their products, utilizing a child’s purchasing power (Mazzarella 25). According to Sandra Calvert, the use of transmedia allows advertising firms to apply innovative marketing techniques through online advertising and stealth marketing techniques (Calvert 205). Stealth advertising is when marketers want to disguise the objective for the advertisement....   [tags: investigations, ability, environment, eating]

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