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Religion and Morality in Major Barbara

- “It is not my business to flatter the Salvation Army”. “It (the Salvation Army) is even more dependent than the church (church of England) on rich people who would cut off supplies at once if it began to preach dispensable revolt against poverty which also must be a revolt against riches”. Shaw makes the above comments in the preface to Major Barbara. He presents this view of religious organizations role playing as tools of social engineering for the rich among other controversial views on morality and religion, particularly directed on Christian beliefs of the Salvation Army, one of the foremost organizations of Christianity of his time....   [tags: Major Barbara Essays]

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Transformations in "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver

- When thinking of birds, visualizing them building their nests in cacti certainly isn't the first thing that comes to mind. In the book, The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, metaphorically everyone is constantly building their nests in cacti, and evolving from their experiences. From living in attics to taking trips across the country with no destination, characters in this book don't live what society considers the “conventional American lifestyle.” Growing and thriving in unexpected and unusual places and ways is nothing but average throughout the book....   [tags: The Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver]

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Taylor's Life Choices in "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver

- In The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, protagonist Taylor Greer is not your average teenage girl from Pittman, Kentucky. Taylor refuses to remain in her hometown forever, which only leads to teenage pregnancy and motherhood until death. On a mission to escape Pittman’s stereotypical teenage girl image, she buys a ‘55 Volkswagen and embarks on a journey west. Just when she thinks she is home free, Taylor is left with an abandoned three-year-old American Indian girl. Ironically, Taylor ends up as an unplanned single mother....   [tags: Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver, ]

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Barbara Ehrenreich's Research and Economic Findings in Nickel and Dimed

- For her book, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America, Barbara Ehrenreich, a middle-aged female investigative journalist, assumed the undercover position of a newly divorced housewife returning to work after several years of unemployment. The premise for Ehrenreich to go undercover in this way was due to her belief that a single mother returning to work after years of being on welfare would have a difficult time providing for her family on a low or minimum wage. Her cover story was the closest she could get to that of a welfare mother since she had no children and was not on welfare....   [tags: literary analysis, barbara ehrenreich]

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Review Of The Book Nickel And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreich

- ... For the study she had to set rules three specific rules for herself: first she could not let her skills lack from her education or usual work, second she has to take the job that offered the most in pay and keep up to the company’s standard, and third she will need to find the cheapest living space she could find while making sure it safe and keeps her privacy intact. As well as rules, she sets limits for herself regarding the experiment stating that: she will always have a motorized vehicle, never get to far beyond to where she can not have a living space, and she will never be without food....   [tags: Wage, Working class, Barbara Ehrenreich]

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Nickel And Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

- Nickel And Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich Why should we be the ones to pay for someone to sit around at home. The answer is one simple word, welfare. There are many reasons why people mooch on welfare, rather than going out and working. The only jobs these people are qualified for are minimum wage jobs. As Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed, worked at minimum wage paying jobs and reported the hardships that people had to go through on a day-to-day basis. A critic responded by saying, “This is simply the case of an academic who is forced to get a real job…” Ehrenriech’s reasoning for joining the working-class is to report why people who mite be on welfare, continue to stay on welfar...   [tags: Barbara Ehrenreich Nickel Dimed]

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Barbara Anderson's First Fieldwork

- Barbara Anderson's First Fieldwork Précis: “First Fieldwork” 1. Where did Barbara Anderson’s fieldwork take place and what was the goal of her research. Barbara Anderson’s fieldwork took place in the fishing village of Taarnby, Denmark on the island of Amager in the Oresund in the 50’s. The goal of her research was to publish the unseen side of fieldwork. She wanted to share the personal and professional sides of fieldwork with the reader. She went to the island to help her husband study culture change....   [tags: Barbara Anderson Anthropology Essays]

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Barbara Ehrenreich's The Hearts of Men

- Barbara Ehrenreich's The Hearts of Men Barbara Ehrenreich, in The Hearts Of Men, illustrates how gender roles have highly constricted men, not just women, and therefore have inhibited American society from developing its full potential. She deviates from conventional wisdom, which says that gender roles have been largely detrimental to only half the population, which is simultaneously confined to working in the domestic sphere and prevented from participating in the public realm. Her theory says that Americans subscribe to a "sexuo-economic system" which reduces men to "mere earning mechanisms" and forces women to "become parasitic wives" (6, 4)....   [tags: Barbara Ehrenrech Gender Equality Essays]

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Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed

-      Barbara Ehrenreich is a journalist who wrote the book Nickel and Dimed. She goes undercover to see how it feels to work for $6 to $7 an hour. She leaves her regular life to explore the experiences of a minimum wage worker. Ehrenreich travels to Florida, Maine, and Minnesota, looking for jobs and places to live on a minimum wage salary. At one point in time, she had to work two jobs to makes ends meet. As she worked all these jobs, she discovered many problems in the social world. The things she went through were not the types of situations that she usually experienced....   [tags: Barbara Ehrenreich Nickel Dimed Essays]

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Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

- Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees It has often been suggested that some southwestern literature is based on the experiences of others. With this suggestion, it has been demonstrated that these experiences are incorporated with the intention of portraying the experiences of others as a learning tool; for both the reader and the writer. Some may also imply that literature, therefore, may impose a learning opportunity in itself. In correspondence with this belief, it must be suggested that the classic novel, The Bean Trees, could be considered a learning experience for the audience as well as Barbara Kingsolver in relation to the catalyzing character Marietta "Missy"/Taylor Greer along with...   [tags: Barbara Kingsolver Bean Trees Character Analysis]

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The Faithful Wife by Barbara L. Greenberg

- The Faithful Wife by Barbara L. Greenberg      “The Faithful Wife”, written by Barbara L. Greenberg, uses first-person narration to depict the style, language, and theme of the poem. By using first-person narration, Barbara Greenberg was able to portray events and ideas very persuasively to the reader. In addition, this first-person narrator creates dramatic irony concerning the title in reference to the body of the poem.      The reader from the start is aware of the point of view that the poem is being told in....   [tags: Faithful Wife Barbara Geenberg Essays]

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Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

- Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America Barbara Ehrenreich is a political/social journalist and writer. She is a best-selling author with a dozen book credits to her name. Her works include Blood Rites, The Worst Years of Our Lives, and Fear of Falling. She also has written articles for Time, Harpers, The New Republic, The Nation, and The New York Time Magazine. Her Ph.D. in biology endows her with the experience and discipline to approach as a scientific experiment the study resulting in her newest book, Nickel and Dimed....   [tags: Barbara Ehrenreich Nickel and Dimed]

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Barbara Chase-Riboud's Hottentot Venus

- For this book report, I choose the book written by Barbara Chase-Riboud called Hottentot Venus. This book is about a real female from the KhoeKhoe nation and her tragic life. This Young Khoisan, Ssehura, is an orphan in South Africa around the 1700s. After becoming a slave by a Dutch Afrikaner, her name changed to Saartjie (means Little Sarah in Dutch.) As the story goes on, it explains more of Saartjie’s culture, which includes the grooming to be more desirable for marriage. In Khoisan’s culture, female massage their buttocks with special ointment so they will swell, and their genitalia are also stretched....   [tags: Hottentot Venus Barbara Chase Riboud]

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Idealism and Realism in Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara

- Idealism and Realism in Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara Submerged in their own ideas about idealism and realism, Barbara and her father Undershaft are at odds with one another in Major Barbara. In this Bernard Shaw play, minor characters are important in exemplifying these conflicting values. The moral perplexities of capitalism and charity are explored through the words and actions of Undershaft’s family, his future sons-in-law, and the common folks at the Shelter. Thriving in the British upper class, Undershaft’s wife and son are well aware of Undershaft’s grip on Europe’s economy and government....   [tags: Bernard Shaw Major Barbara Essays]

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Hypocritical Christianity Exposed in Bernard Shaw's Major Barbara

- Hypocritical Christianity Exposed in Bernard Shaw's Major Barbara Bernard Shaw reveals in his plays a type of religious standard that is not unlike Christianity but with what most people see as a stereotypical view of hypocritical Christianity. Shaw's concept of Crosstianity , as he calls it, shows a religion in which the church preaches what the rich and powerful tell it, scoundrels are treated as equals, and punishment is concerned with prosecution rather than salvation. "Poetic justice" rules judicial retribution rather than redemption....   [tags: Bernard Shaw Major Barbara Essays]

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A Summary of Barbara W. Tuchman's The Guns of August

- A Summary of Barbara W. Tuchman's The Guns of August “The Guns of August” was written by Barbara W. Tuchman in 1962. The book details the causes of the first World war and describes the first month of the war. The book clearly illustrates how a local war became an entire European struggle by a call to war against Russia. Soon after the war became a world issue. Summary of the Book Plans The Beginning (Chapters 1-5) The book begins at the funeral procession of King Edward VII of England in 1910....   [tags: Barbara W. Tuchman The Guns of August]

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The Importance of the Cell Phone Age: From Stone Age to Phone Age by Barbara Ehrenreich

- In “From Stone Age to Phone Age”, Barbara Ehrenreich describes that cell phones are not well suited to her even though they are fashionable. In her article, she points out cell phones are not used to connect people to each other but to isolate them from a big group of people. I think cell phones are very important to our daily life because they are convenient to manage our lives. Moreover, from the earlier cell phone age to nowadays, cell phones have been developed a lot; today many fancy phones are displayed on the market....   [tags: From Stone Age to Phone Age, Barbara Ehrenreich, c]

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Barbara Ehrenreich And The American Dream

- Millions of Americans work and survive on minimum wage, form teens looking for extra money to middle aged Americans working fulltime and senior citizens. It was a curiosity to Barbara Ehrenreich to understand how so many survive on such low wages and what is there quality of life like. Barbara quickly immersed herself in her work and then continued her experiment and replicated her situation three times along the way in very different locations and jobs. She invoked a set of rules for herself and allotted herself some startup money....   [tags: Minimum wage, Employment, Wage, Affordable housing]

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Nickel And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreich

- The current minimum wage right now in California is $9.00 per hour. The question is, will this be enough for people to pay off their rent and still able to not keep their fridge empty. In the book, "Nickel and Dimed" by Barbara Ehrenreich talks about working as a low wage worker. Barbara describes the environment of the jobs that she had done in a detailed manner. She also explained how most of her coworkers lived with more than one person in order to pay rent. One of her job was working in a nursing home which she got a really low pay to take care of elderly people....   [tags: Wage, Minimum wage, Employment, Old age]

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The Politics of Barbara Boxer

- Who is Barbara Boxer. Coming from a family of Jewish origins (Sophie and Ira Levy) Barbara attended school at George W. Wingate High School, graduating in 1958. She next attended Brooklyn College where Barbara was a member of a Delta called Phi Epsilon sorority and an active cheerleader for her college basketball team; she achieved her bachelor’s degree in Economics and soon after married her husband Stewart Boxer in 1962. After gaining her bachelor’s degree Barbara worked as a stockbroker for three years, mean while her husband went off to finish law school....   [tags: U.S. Politics ]

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Summary Of ' Beautiful ' By Barbara Wels

- ... As in “4/ bathroom cabinet” the alphabetical listing of every item in her bathroom cabinet, also reveals Gorgeous as a product of consumerist culture. With the satirical proclamation of a “New You for Just $9.50 a month plus postage and handling” Gorgeous sees herself through products and the processes of beauty therapy. Thus, Wels’ continues to focus on the ‘surface’ where the character of Gorgeous can only be read in relation to the products surrounding her and her arrangement of them. Wels’ story can also be read as an attempt to define what is beautiful and its consequent paradoxes....   [tags: Narrative, Fiction, Narratology, Plot]

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Seving in Florida by Barbara Enhrenreich

- There were two major issues that Ehrenreich has with working in the restaurant. The first one is the management and the second issue is the amount of money she makes. The management is views as the enemy to the employees; making new rules for the staff and the endless accusations about the employees behaviors. The salary for restaurant employees makes it hard to secure housing, prescription drugs, and any unexpected expense. “Serving in Florida” written by Barbara Ehrenreich is a reflected recap of her time working in the restaurant industry....   [tags: restaurant and hospitality management]

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The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

- ... She never truly comes to terms with it and gains exponentially more regrets as she ages. Leah shows an example of someone unable to let go, who instead carries the guilt and lets it eat away at her. Because she was never able to come to terms with any of the past events, her soul will forever be burdened. Forgiveness of one’s self is freeing but first one must accept that the past is irreversible. Another way to deal with one’s past regrets is to find ways to cooperate, such as searching for logical explanations and finding peace in logic instead of letting feelings take over....   [tags: repressing memory, past regret]

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Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

- Nickel and Dimed In-Class Essay Throughout high school, I was financially stable because of the support that my parents were able to provide. However, once I was enrolled into college, “reality” started to hit. It was May of 2013 when I had applied for my very first job at the age of 18. It took the workplace a while to get back to me, but two months later I started my training. In the ten months that I have been working there, I was paid minimum wage for one month and a dollar over minimum wage for nine months....   [tags: minimum wage, parents]

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Nickel And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreich

- Barbara Ehrenreich frequently uses pathos in her novel Nickel and Dimed to make the readers feel sympathy for the hardships of the low working class, who do not get recognized. Throughout the novel Ehrenreich discovers the difficulty of searching for a place to live that is reasonably affordable and accomadable to her life. Ehrenreich describes the lunches her former co-workers eat. Ehrenreich calculates that her co-workers do not take in enough calories for the work they are doing. Once Ehrenreich acquires a job, she talks to her co-workers and the hard labor they put in everyday....   [tags: Wage, Minimum wage, Working class, Social class]

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The Purloined Letter, By Barbara Johnson

- In Barbara Johnson’s “Writing”, she explains a part of Lacan’s interpretation of “The Purloined Letter”, saying “Neither the letter’s content (the never revealed signifier) nor the individual identities of the people (the psychological equivalent of Saussure’s ivory and wood chessmen) determine the course of the plot” (42). It is neither the scandal that is threatened nor those who are being threatened that dominate the plot, as is to be expected in so many mystery stories. Poe turns these expectations on its head, giving only the bare minimum needed to understand what is going on....   [tags: Detective fiction, Edgar Allan Poe]

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Nickel And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreich

- ... The effects of this economic inequality includes things such as crime and population health. Crime is a factor in societies with a bigger economic gap because people who cannot make enough income resort to committing acts of crime. Studies have been done that show a significant increase in homicides, both in the U.S. and worldwide, in societies that have a large margin between the rich and the poor (Martin, Wilson, and Vasdev 2001). According to these statistics, homicides are among the most common means of crime worldwide....   [tags: Sociology, Working class, Karl Marx, Marxism]

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The, By Barbara J. Newman

- ... This is 8 different stage of the year learning and practicing of the spiritual growth which could be a place of life changing of a person with areas of disability. While practicing these processes of spiritual growth, as a special educator the author said that the repetition is so important for students with experiencing areas of disability. That is why it is being called ‘habits’. The author wrote that “it helps develop worship habits that deepen their relationship with God and affect every part of their lives.” Here are the 8 stages of Vertical Habits....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, Christianity, God]

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Call Home by Barbara Kingsvolver

- Summary and Response to Barbara Kingsolver’s “Called Home” In “Called Home”, the first chapter of the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year in Food Life, Barbara Kingsolver presents her concerns about America's lack of food knowledge, sustainable practices, and food culture. Kingsolver introduces her argument for the benefits of adopting a local food culture by using statistics, witty anecdotal evidence, and logic to appeal to a wide casual reading audience. Her friendly tone and trenchant criticism of America's current food practices combine to deliver a convincing argument that a food culture would improve conditions concerning health and sustainability....   [tags: food culture, ignorance to food production]

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The Life of Barbara Ehrenreich

- ... But, when he hears about the lay-off of one of the committed workers at the amusement park, he knows that he has to buckle down in order to keep his job. “Dave was super dedicated. He grew his own beard long instead of wearing a fake even when on vacation went around barefoot to make his feet look more like the feet of an actual ascetic”(14). So, after learning about this, he does his best to help make Janet improve and also informs her of what was going on. She agreed that the circumstances might get them both fired so she too tried to get better at her job and be much more committed to it than she was before and so Saunders writes,” ‘Time to pull head out of ass, I guess,’ she says....   [tags: pastoralea, george saunders]

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Analysis of Dona Barbara

- Dona Barbara is a 1943 Mexican film directed by Fernando de Funters the film is based on Romulo Gallegos 1920 novel of the same name. While the film was produced in Mexico, the story takes place on Los Llanos de Aruca Vally Venezuela (Aruca Vally lowlands). Important natural resources themes enforced on this movie are the use of The Orinoco River as means of transportation and communication and the use of agrarian activities as the way to make a profit. Doña Barbara a female caudillo, is the owner and ruler of El Miedo, a hacienda in Aruca Vally Venezuela as well the low lands surrounding the Orinoco river....   [tags: Mexican Film, Movie]

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Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

- ... (11) Kingsolver" Mama wasn't convinced and waited for her to fix the tires. It must have put a dent in her fear, because later on as the story develops she found her self working at a tire shop. There at the tire shop she met Mattie, and Mattie took up a role like Mama did in her live. Mattie taught Taylor that all a tire could do was knock the breath out of you. It had to of worked cause Taylor continued her job there.>>>>> Taylor had many unforeseen misfortunes come her away in the novel....   [tags: coming of age]

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Barbara Ehrenreich And Mike Rose

- Many low paid workers can thrive in society and get through their struggles to survive in society, but they lack the respect that they deserve for what they do. Barbara Ehrenreich and Mike Rose share their professional observations on this matter. Ehrenreich shares her research from a chapter in her book “Nickles and Dimes”, “Serving in Florida.” She focuses largely on how low wage workers are oppressed. How little voice worker gets, how difficult it is to survive month to month on low wages, and what sorts of problems the worker gets into because of this lifestyle....   [tags: Employment, Wage, Minimum wage, Working class]

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Common Ground, By Barbara Smuts

- This article, titled Common Ground, written by Barbara Smuts, points out the main differences between humans and apes, such as our upright stance, large brains, and capacity for spoken language and abstract reasoning. However, the main point of this article is to emphasize the many similarities that apes share with us. Smuts goes into great detail about how human social and emotional tendencies are very reflective in the family of apes. The idea that humans could possibly have evolved from apes was thought impossible until about 150 years....   [tags: Chimpanzee, Hominidae, Ape, Gorilla]

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Cultural Baggage, By Barbara Ehrenreich

- Joshua Dorsett Mr. Roemerman Composition I 23 October 2015 Cultural Baggage “Death to God, all hail reason!”, cries out the secular world, fervent for nothing but themselves. The new age of skepticism has come, ushered in by God-hating men and dictators bound to satan; and its zealots follow in the footsteps of the rest of the world. They lay down cheerfully in valleys of dry bones and their banner stands, waving through air that is choked by the smoke that rises from their fathers burning in Hell, its motto, “Love and Tolerance.” Words bought by the blood of anyone who dissented....   [tags: Atheism, God, Religion, Secularism]

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Teen Suicide, By Barbara Mantel

- Did you know that the second leading deaths in 13 to 19 year olds in the United States is suicide besides homicides. The author, Barbara Mantel who wrote the article “Teen Suicide” may have focus more on logos and pathos and not enough on ethos. Her main idea was stating that new studies such as school prevention programs, therapy and medicine or even screenings will have an effect on suicidal victims. Thinking that these studies, will increase understanding of teen suicides and lead to a better identification and treatment of high risk teens....   [tags: Suicide, Bipolar disorder, Ethos, Parasuicide]

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Barbie, By Barbara Millicent Roberts

- ... With time Barbie became a fashion icon and an item in every young girl 's hand. Barbie has an extremely small waist size and enlarged breast that is unrealistic to what a real life woman’s body type would be . Although over the years they have included an African-American and Hispanic Barbie doll, the Barbie that is most popularized and the face of the company is usually Caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes. She can come with accessories such as clothing, the Barbie dream house, the pink convertible, etc....   [tags: Barbie, Mattel, Bild Lilli doll, Ruth Handler]

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Mrs. Barbara Allen Barrett

- ... Barbara decided to go pour herself another drink when john came in ready to beat her with his belt. Mrs. Barrett knew that he was going to try and kill her so she picked up the gun John had hidden in the couch and pointed it at him. When he kept coming after her when she told him to stop, she shot Mr. Barrett in the arm. She then went to the bathroom and proceed to cry saying that she loved him and never meant to hurt him. This story proves that Mrs. Barrett should be allowed to claim Battered woman 's syndrome because she meets all the requirements....   [tags: Abuse, Physical abuse, Domestic violence]

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Barbara Millicent Roberts: Barbie

- ... Eileen Zurbriggen, a professor of psychology at University of California, comments on the effects that playing with Barbie has on girls’ ideas on careers: "Playing with the Barbie suppresses their ideas about their own possible futures, but their ideas about the boys didn't change” (qtd. in Alter). It is true that Barbie has all of these fancy things, but Barbie is a hard-working girl who has had a collection of different careers. Another reason why people believe that Barbie isn’t good for children to own is that Barbie has a bad image, an overly sexualized and unhealthy image that subconsciously promotes girls to match her....   [tags: controversial toys, female stereotypes]

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Ehrenreich, By Barbara Ehrenreich

- In 1998, Barbara Ehrenreich, a prominent and prolific journalist in Florida, posed an interesting question to her editor: “How does anyone live on the wages available to the unskilled” (Ehrenreich, 2001, p. 1). In this idea, Ehrenreich set out on a journey to discover just how “the other half” lived on the low wages that they receive. During her project, Ehrenreich set out playing the role of a divorcee hoping to re enter the workforce by taking on the task of finding an unskilled, low paying job in hopes to see just how the poorer class made it with such low pay....   [tags: Wage, Working class, Minimum wage, Social class]

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A Comparison Of Barbara 's Use Of Pathos

- ... While we used to march in protest against sexist laws and practices, now we race or walk “for the cure”. (Ehrenrech) This quote, is one of Ehrenrech’s best examples of her use of detailed descriptions. Not only are her descriptions detailed, but she also has a strong argument to help back up her descriptions. Her detailed descriptions are clear and to the point, which helps create a “shocked” factor when her audience reads her essay. This shock factor, is very important, as it can open the eyes of her audience to something they may have never thought about before....   [tags: Short story, Writing, Essay, Argument]

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Saint Barbara's Life

- A beautiful woman, loved by her parents, apple of her father’s eye, and yet kept alone, one would not think this young lady would be connected to the powerful Air Defense Artillery, however, this young woman is the Patron Saint of the Air Defense Artillery. Her name is Barbara and she was executed long before her time, but when she died, a most extraordinary event occurred, to make her the center of the Air Defense Artillery. Upon her death, a lightning bolt came from the sky and killed her father as he was walking home....   [tags: biography, christianity, saint of artillery]

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Barbara Mcclintock 's Life And Accomplishments

- ... Sara wasn’t able to cope with all the responsibility of four kids so from the time Barbara was a toddler until it was time for her to start school, she was sent to live with her father’s sister and her husband, in Plymouth Country Massachusetts, for extended periods of time. This had benefited Barbara, and she had struck an early interest in cars from watching her uncle deal with his usual mechanical problems. Eventually, her interest in motors transitioned to an interest in tools. Barbara’s relationship with her mother wasn’t an ideal relationship, she favored her father....   [tags: College, High school, Gregor Mendel]

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Analysis Of Nickel And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreich

- We live in a work-obsessed society where our main objective is to support our families, and ourselves, but this objective has become increasingly hard for working class families. According to PBS, 3.3 million Americans worked at or below the federal minimum wage in 2013, and hourly paid employees over the age of sixteen, made up about 60% of our workforce. In order to further understand low-wage work, as well as the influence of networks and motivation, this paper will examine Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich, “Ain’t No Getting By” by Jay MacLeod, and “Networks, Race, and Hiring” by Roberto Fernandez and Isabel Fernandez-Mateo....   [tags: Wage, Employment, Poverty, Minimum wage]

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The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystanders by Barbara Coloroso

- ... Coloroso (2010) declared that “kids who bully, who are targets, and who are bystanders are all bound up in the cycle of violence and weakened by the experience [bullying]” (p. 45). Considering the negative impact that bullying has on all children, logic dictates that school districts would seek assistance in order to reduce bullying in their schools. Furthermore, Coloroso made a strong case that anyone who idly stands by while a child is being bullied, “aids and abets the bully through acts of omission and commission” (p....   [tags: shame, bystander, resoluton]

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The Poisonwood Bible and the Life of Barbara Kingsolver

- Humans have the unique ability to create artwork. Be that in the form of a painting, musical composition, or work of fiction, creativity is the ability to rearrange available materials to create something unique and innovative. Many writers view writing as a way to express their deepest ideas and emotions creatively. American journalist Earnest Hemmingway believed that “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Writers often will use their own life experiences to re-experience important parts of their lives and translate it into a story to share with the world....   [tags: literary and biographical analysis]

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Weaving a family, by Barbara Katz Rothman

- Barbara Katz Rothman, professor of sociology, once said "Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." This illustrates clearly the symbol of the mothers in this society. This symbol could also shape people’s thinking about mothers. I totally agree with her assessment. For instance, I believe that everyone is using his or her own symbols during social interaction, such as languages, gestures and other sign language....   [tags: Book Review, Sociology, Signs of Affection]

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Barbara Ehrenreich 's Nickel And Dimed

- Author Background: Barbara Ehrenreich, the author of Nickel and Dimed, is a passionate writer. According to her personal website, she went to Reed College in Portland, Oregon and she studied chemistry, but then decided to study physics instead. Ehrenreich made it to grad school at Rockefeller University and she switched from various majors and she ended up in molecular biology. The reason why Ehrenreich ended up in Reed college, was because she came from a blue collar family. Her father was a miner and through hard work he went to get his degree....   [tags: Working class, Blue-collar worker, Wage, Rhetoric]

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Summary Of Nickle And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreich

- Imagine waking up and regretting going to work not because you don’t love your job, but because you are facing injustices at your workplace. When we apply for a job we expect to get hired and when we do, we are always nervous and anxious on our first day because we don 't know what to expect. In “Nickle and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich, she is an undercover journalist that explores the impact of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act on the working poor in the United Sates. Ehrenreich explores the process of applications and the difficulties of being a low-wage worker in and outside the workplace....   [tags: Gender, White people, Racism, Employment]

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The History Of Barbie By Barbara Millicent Roberts

- ... Barbie is an eleven inch doll, with long blonde hair and bright pastel blue eyes. When Mattel started to produce barbie 300,000 dolls were sold. After barbie was released for awhile, parents started having controversy on if barbie was appropriate for their daughters, she was curvy and had all the characteristics of a woman. Ruth and her husband soon were thinking of ways to please everyone, and still have barbie in sales so they soon changed barbie to be more friendly with the teenage world....   [tags: Barbie, Mattel, Ruth Handler, Bild Lilli doll]

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Analysis Of Barbara Ehrenreich 's Article

- ... Her overall focal point happens to be the super rich inhabitants within the states, and she supports the main idea through four coherent details. Ehrenreich’s primary defense is stated as “A great deal of the wealth at the top is built on the low-wage labor of the poor”. Multiple examples are greatly utilized; one expressing how top-notch company owners’ companies are continuously kept alive by their minimum wage working employees. The author continues to adhere her main idea with another fact of how the financial industry makes money off of the average citizen effortlessly; not one bit of labor involved in the process....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Wealth, Poverty]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Holocaust ' By Barbara Sonek

- The poem “Holocaust” by Barbara Sonek is a very moving and emotional piece of literature. It perfectly describes how the Holocaust impacted the lives of millions of Jews by showing what it did to them through the point of view of Jewish children. It tells not only of the fear of not knowing whether they would die or not but also shows how it ruined the potential they had and what their lives would have been like had it never happened. During the Holocaust, over 6 million Jews were massacred. Sonek stated in lines 3 and 4 that, “We were ripped from the arms of our parents and thrown into the fire.” It could mean that they were literally thrown into a fire or it could be a metaphor for being...   [tags: Nazi Germany, Jews, The Holocaust, Antisemitism]

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Feeding The Buddha By Barbara O ' Brien

- ... Nirvana day is another ritual practiced in Buddhism. Nirvana is a remembrance to the day of the Buddha’s death and how he enters Nirvana and it means to extinguish or blow out (O’Brien). Schools of Buddhism explain Nirvana as a state of bliss or peace and that Nirvana can be entered in both life and death (O’Brien). O’Brien writes that the Buddha died at the age of 80. She explains that when he died, he was accompanied by monks. The Buddha told them that he did not keep any of his teaching from them and that he needed them to keep his teachings alive to help the people for the years and years to come....   [tags: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Mahayana, Nirvana]

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Barbara Ehrenreich 's Nickel And Dimed

- Barbara Ehrenreich takes a look into the daily struggles of the living poor in her book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. As income inequality gets more severe every decade, change must take place in American society. People working two full time jobs still living in poverty, light will be shed on the 1% by the 99%, In the book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich, Ehrenreich leaves a comfortable life to go undercover to investigate how the working poor survive on such low wages, she looks into income inequality The income disparity between the rich and the poor and even the rich and the middle class has grown significantly over the last cent...   [tags: Poverty, Economic inequality, United States]

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Analysis of Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickle and Dimed

- My views about Ehrenreich’s novel that it was filled with educational details of minimum wage job occurrences. The author captures concrete memories of her experiences of several job positions. Working in several jobs of hard manual labor is exhausting for the mind and body. The job experiments involving all these jobs to see what many struggling people endure on a daily basis. I thought the experiments resulted in average, and intolerable work environments. Working one or two jobs was needed to survive and pay for necessities....   [tags: discrimination, culture, ethnicity]

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Nickel And Dimed: Occupations by Barbara Ehrenreich

- Nickel And Dimed: Occupations Barbara Ehrenreich provides evidence in “Nickel and Dimed” that she’s an outstanding author with this book. Its engaging and compelling, no question about that. But it’s hard to get from side to side at times since of the authors attitudes. Her key summit is to carry concentration to the scrape of the working deprived, but she manages to be both abusive and divisive. Occupation on attacking our industrialist system, she fails to become aware of that the endurance of upper classes seems to be what motivates the poor, fairly than what dispirits them....   [tags: finances, taxes, budget]

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Marketing Analysis Of Gc3 - Barbara Williams

- ... Positioning Strategies Great Cups marketing goals should start with joining their three branches as one individual unit, then they can give them an exclusive brand. As a result of Great Cups looking at their brand with all three areas, they need to look at a variation in their agendas and a reformat of their stores, their goals of branding and targeting their individual audiences, this could turn out to be the start of Great Cups bouncing back as a worthwhile opponent in the coffee industry and a source of great quality of products to its customers (Great Cups of Coffee Company, 2012)....   [tags: Marketing, Product life cycle management]

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Barbara Ehrenreich 's Nickel And Dimed

- According to a 1997 report of the National Coalition for the Homeless, “nearly one-fifth of all homeless people are employed in full or part-time jobs”. In the book Nickel and Dimed, On Not Getting by in America, by Barbara Ehrenreich, the author goes undercover in order to investigate and experience first-hand how life is for America’s “working poor”. The “working poor” are defined as individuals who have a full-time job, sometimes more than one, but still cannot afford the basics of shelter, food and adequate healthcare....   [tags: Health care, Public health, Health insurance]

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Barbara Ehrenreich 's Nickel And Dimed

- ?). Drug use and abuse has become a widespread issue within the United States. One of its most troubling aspects being the abuse of pharmaceutical and prescription drugs, painkillers raising the most concern. Drugs such as Oxycontin, Ambien, and Xanax are being prescribed by doctors and given to the public and then being misused, causing more harm than good. ADD SOURCE THAT EXPLAINS THE MANIFESTATION OF THIS. Barbara Ehrenreich, an American author and sociologist explores this very problem in her book, Nickel and Dimed....   [tags: Pharmacology, Food and Drug Administration]

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Barbara Arredondo: I Am Here

- INTRODUCTION How far would you go to make a real change for your country. Or what’s the limit for you to start to do something. Barbara Arredondo in time of violence in Mexico (2011) "I decided to look out for the Mother Teresa’s, Einstein’s and Gandhi's from the XXI century, and I have found them". She was a journalist that worked in the hardest moments of violence in Monterrey, Arredondo said (2012) she was tired of watching and hearing always only violence in the news. The limit for her was when, Barbara Arredondo (2013), “The limit for me was when two blocks away from my office, there was a massacre, where a fire killed 52 people in casino....   [tags: social movement creators]

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Barbara Ehrenreich 's Bright Sided

- ... I can understand why she was thinking so negative while she was battling cancer, she was told by a cancer patient, “I know that if I get sad, or scared or upset, I am making my tumor grow faster and it will have shortened my life” (Ehrenreich 43). Ehrenreich sure did give the audience a way of understanding as to how people rely too much on positivity. She tells us that one will need to have some negativity in order to have positivity. I believe that you sometimes need to have something bad happened to one in order to understand the good in it....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Thought, Motivation]

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Barbara Gowdy’s White Bone

- Barbara Gowdy’s White Bone is a novel that is written about the perspective of a herd of elephants living in Africa. The main characters are Mud, Tall-Time, Date Bed, and Torrent. All of which develop immensely over the course of the beginning to the end of the first half of the book. The story revolves around their separate and combined journeys towards finding the white bone, a mythical bone which will lead any elephant to where they want to go in life. The story also is powered by the idea that elephants do not forget anything that happens to them in their lives, they remember everything and that if an elephant is not killed prematurely, and then in old age it will go insane and senile wi...   [tags: Literature Review]

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Barbara Huttmann's A Crime Of Compassion

- Who has the right to take one's life from them. The Supreme Court says that no man shall take the life of another man without punishment. The Bible says, "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13), yet humans are still the only species that kills their own kind. Murder is wrong. Murder is unlawful. But when does taking the pain and suffering away from a dying victim become murder. Barbara Huttmann believes that there is a time when living has just gone too far. Her essay "A Crime of Compassion" addresses these points and this very controversial question: When is it lawful and moral to take the life of another person....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of Barbara Ehrenreich 's Nickel And Dimed

- Walking a Mile in Another Persons Shoes Barbara Ehrenreich goes undercover as a struggling and minumum wage payed American Waitress. Barbara Ehrenreich is the author of “Nickel-And-Dimed” an essay about an average minimum wage worker and how they live their lives on a low wage job. She disguises herself and tries to prove that it is impossible or possible to be financially stable. Barbara meets other minimum wage workers, uses mathematical statics and personal experience to prove that it is very difficult or even impossible to live off a minimum wage paid job and using all of these facts make this article effective and strong....   [tags: Minimum wage, Wage, Employment, Living wage]

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Analysis Of Barbara Ehrenreich 's ' Nickel And Dimed '

- ... In spite of being privileged to work as a waitress rather than a housekeeper, she soon discovered that her wages were not enough to cover her rent and came to the realization that unless she was able to find a second job, she would have to start living in her car. The next stop on Barbara’s journey was Maine. Barbara easily infiltrated the world of minimum wage earners where even the maids are predominantly White. She obtained double employment as a housecleaner and a dietary aide, a lesson learned as an experienced low wage earner....   [tags: Employment, Minimum wage, Wage, Pharmacology]

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The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman

- The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman Barbara Tuchman's "Guns of August" is about World War 1. Her book has a unique way of telling this story. Her books gives explanations for each country's involvement in the war. It describes the opinions of the Czar and reasons for all of his crucial decisions during this time. It also explains how Germany was in a tight spot and prepared for war a few years before it actually began. England was not to worried about the war in Europe because it had it's own problems....   [tags: Papers]

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George Bernard Shaw 's Major Barbara

- ... This act of caring for the interests of the working class is clear within the Undershaft factory as Undershaft provides different conveniences and benefits for his workers, which make up the working, suffering class. Next is the topic of class antagonism, which does not seem to be an issue within the factory setting. The Communist Manifesto reads, “...all these proposals point solely to the disappearance of class antagonisms...These proposals, therefore are of purely utopian character” (The Communist Manifesto 107)....   [tags: Socialism, Karl Marx, Marxism]

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Bait And Switch By Barbara Ehrenreich

- Bait and Switch by Barbara Ehrenreich takes a comical look at the troubles that plague "white collar" unemployed. This book offers an in-depth view of the Barbara Ehrenreich's struggle to get a "good job," which she defined as a job that would provide health care and an income of $50,000 a year.(6) This book was written in 2005 and is still up to date with the current unemployment problems. She uses her own experiences and observations for the reader to get an accurate picture of how hard it is for people who "did the right things" like going to college and are still unemployed for various reasons....   [tags: upper class unemployment]

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Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed

- Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed In the novel Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehnreich, there are many hurtles she must overcome to experience the life of a low income worker. She sets some ground rules for herself, such as always having a car, and starting out with a certain amount of money for her down payment on an apartment. Although the rules are doable, she admits that she broke all of the rules at least once. Even though Barbara didn't hold to her original plan, she was still able to reveal her appeals clearly....   [tags: Ehrenreich Nickel Dimed]

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Barbara Brown Taylor 's Intentions Here Are Admirable

- Although I wish to assume Barbara Brown Taylor’s intentions here are admirable, I find A Tale of Two Heretics adds to the anti-Jewish negativity rather than detracts from it. Throughout the rest of her sermon, she seemingly presents the Pharisees as legalizers who are incapable of witnessing God’s covenantal plan. Firstly, she does so by presenting the Pharisees as callous individuals who are less concerned with the healing of the blind man and more concerned with the blind man’s potential sin. Taylor juxtaposes the Pharisees inquisition with the blind man’s miraculous healings with the result being the blind man’s expulsion from the community....   [tags: Judaism, Jews, Jesus, Gospel of John]

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The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

- Running Head: THE BEAN TREES Abstract This book report deal with the Native American culture and how a girl named Taylor got away from what was expected of her as a part of her rural town in Pittman, Kentucky. She struggles along the way with her old beat up car and gets as far west as she can. Along the way she take care of an abandoned child which she found in the backseat of her car and decides to take care of her. She end up in a town outside Tucson and soon makes friends which she will consider family in the end....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis of Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America by Barbara Ehrenreich

- 1.) Rhetorical Analysis – pages 1 – 19 (Introduction and part of Chapter 1) Barbara Ehrenreich’s use of logos in order to gain the reader’s support and approval was prevalent throughout this section. She clearly outlines her credibility and aptitude in the introduction of her novel - she mentions her education as well as statistical facts about hourly wages in the United States and how they will relate to her experiment. She points out her “…PhD in biology, (which she) didn’t get by sitting at a desk and fiddling with numbers” and how “According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, in 1998 it took an hourly wage of $8.89 to afford a one-bedroom apartment…the odds against a typical wel...   [tags: Wages, Poor]

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Nickel and Dimed: Not Getting By In America by Barbara Ehrenreich

- In Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By In America, Barbara Ehrenreich gives an accurate and inside view of how the very bottom of the social strata lives, those who scrape a living from working minimum wage jobs. While there are a few discrepancies that will be discussed, Barbara gives an untold view of the individuals that live at, or below the poverty line. This paper will critically analyze Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America, discuss two major themes in the book, and ultimately relate it to a few points to Political Science 204....   [tags: social strata lives]

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Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, by Barbara Ehrenreich

- The author Barbara Ehrenreich is a journalist, who decided to write an article on how it was to live on minimum wage. She stopped her life and began a series of trips across country to gain information for her article, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. Barbara Ehrenreich, started her socioeconomic experiment in Key West, Florida. Her initial effort is to secure a place to live and a job that will support her. In the beginning, Ehrenreich finds that applying for low wage jobs can be a daunting task....   [tags: article review and analysis]

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Appropriate Humor in Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

- ... Who are these nutcases who would volunteer for an artificially daunting situation in order to entertain millions of strangers with their half-assed efforts to survive. Then I remember where I am and why I am here." The last sentence adds a little cohesiveness to the situation. This humor tied loose-ends that the reader might now have fully grasped without it. Ehrenreich knew that most audiences most easily connect with humor; therefore, she used it very frequently. This sarcasm not only keeps readers involved, but it also makes certain connections that they would not normally put together....   [tags: tragedy, hopelessness]

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The Cult of True Womanhood 1820-1860, by Barbara Welter

- The conditions of the women in the United States during the nineteenth century, woman were basically expected to obey their husbands and pressure the role of housewife. "The Cult of True Womanhood" by Barbara Welter allows a person to understand the life for a woman during this time. Most women write about fighting for women’s right in the nations, where Welter decided to take a different approach. The purpose of “The Cult of True Womanhood” was to educate people about the life of a woman in the 19th century....   [tags: The Cult of True Womanhood Essays]

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A Rationalist 's Mystical Moment By Barbara Ehrenreich

- The article entitled “A rationalist 's Mystical Moment” by Barbara Ehrenreich recants a “mystical” moment endured by the author who, a self-described rationalist descends from a long line of “hardcore atheists”. The author’s background is colorful as described by her biography in Wikipedia “… American writer and political activist who describes herself as "a myth buster by trade", and has been called "a veteran muckraker" by The New Yorker. During the 1980s and early 1990s she was a prominent figure in the Democratic Socialists of America....   [tags: Religion, God, Mysticism, Mind]

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Use of Rhetoric in Nickel and Dime by Barbara Ehrenreich

- Use of Rhetoric in Nickel and Dime by Barbara Ehrenreich In her expose, Nickel and Dime, Barbara Ehrenreich shares her experience of what it is like for unskilled women to be forced to be put into the labor market after the welfare reform that was going on in 1998. Ehrenreich wanted to capture her experience by retelling her method of “uncover journalism” in a chronological order type of presentation of events that took place during her endeavor. Her methodologies and actions were some what not orthodox in practice....   [tags: Nickel Dime Ehrenreich]

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The University of California Santa Barbara as a Rationalist Organization

- The University of California Santa Barbara is an organization that revolves around students and faculty alike. Organizations, as a whole, can reflect two contrasting perspectives, Naturalist or Rationalist, that underlines and questions the ideas of structure and formality. A Naturalist organizations highlights informality because it is based on the flow of the members’ behavior and relationships among others. However, a Rationalist organization is formal because the organization’s fluidity is based on the members’ limits and structure....   [tags: informative essay]

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Barbara Ascher's On Compassion and David Wallace's This Is Water

- The two essays “On Compassion” and “This is Water” by Barbara Ascher and David Wallace argue their different viewpoints on both compassion and empathy. While Ascher simply argues that compassion is not a simple character trait but more so a skill acquired overtime; Wallace tries to convince his audience that humans are preprogramed to be motivated by their own selfish desires and must reprogram themselves to think out of sympathy and concern for others. Barbara Ascher’s, essay, “On Compassion,” compels the audience to interpret the compassion and empathy with their underlying definitions....   [tags: compassion, empathy]

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