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Christian Beliefs And Salvation For A Christian

- ... The Preacher played the emotion of fear as his primary tone throughout the sermons. The Reverend commanded attention on the fact that time was luring near for the unrepentant. Edwards advised the audience that the righteous wrath of God will come suddenly and without warning. For it is only the free choice of God that He extends the day of mercy and provides another opportunity to respond to His call. Jonathan Edwards uses biblical references to gain the congregation’s attention. The Pastor makes use his listeners’ faithfulness by exercising his own authority and the authority of the Bible....   [tags: Christianity, Bible, Christian terms, Jesus]

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Christian Discipleship : Christian Faith And Practice

- What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. While I’ve never really thought too much about it, I feel that it’s something that I learned subconsciously while growing up in church. After reading Lee Camp’s Mere Discipleship, I find that a lot of what I believe to be considered a part of being a disciple is in fact true, but I also find my knowledge about the topic to be greatly expanded and mostly cleared up from what I understood before. After reading through this book, I feel that my thoughts on what Christian discipleship should be have been reinforced and somehow cleared up....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Saint Peter, Christian terms]

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Becomming a Christian Teacher

- Introduction My first teaching experience was in a Christian school. In retrospect, I recognize that I taught in the same secular way as I had been taught when I was a public school student. What dictates the focus of the classroom is the degree to which the teacher reflects on their teaching and seeks to teach from a Christian world view. Van Brummelen (2009) notes that, "Christian teachers, in both public and Christian schools, often accept common approaches to curriculum without reviewing their world view roots....   [tags: A Christian Educator]

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The Role of Christian Ministry

- The pastor of the author’s church has revealed a concern about the direction of the church to the author on a number of times. He revealed that more time is spent devising programs and events than on true discipleship. That concern is on many pastors surrounding the globe. Some college students also voiced their lack of interest in continuing to attend church. The writer questioned some of the college students at his church and discovered that many were discouraged by what they called “reruns.” When pressed, they continued that the Sunday School materials and the sermons were the same....   [tags: christian ministry, church, worship]

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The New Testament : A Christian Church

- ... By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John). If love is shared with one another, then forgiveness can equally be given, “…for if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you; but if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses…” (Matthew). In agreeance, this last statement rids of hypocrisy within Christians. A Christian is taught that they could not ask to be forgiven for their sins if they condemn those of their neighbor, which once again supports the concept that there is no hierarchy when it comes to the love and forgiveness God offers to his people (Luke)....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Christian terms, Trinity]

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The Truth Of The Christian Faith

- What is sin. Why do the people of the Christians faith even fall to sin. These are questions that are present in many conversations of non- believers. Theologian Jean- Francois Collange defines sin as a fault (Er. original: faute) committed against the godhead. This fault concerns an action or a specific incident, which is thought to "hurt" or "offend" God 's holiness and his eminent dignity. Tradi- tionally, this offense is seen to express itself through the symbol of an act that renders a man unclean and hurts sainthood, and which can be ritually cleansed....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Christian terms, Heaven]

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Essential Qualities Of The Christian Apologist

- ... Later, Paul is brought before King Agrippa to defend himself in chapter 26. Paul denies that these accusations produce a verdict worthy of death and he begins his defense on the presupposition that he believes in a God that can raise the dead. As Paul continues, he recounts the events that led up to his salvation. At no point does Paul abandon the truths clearly laid out in the Bible (New International Version, 1989). Therefore, when Christian apologists defend the faith, they must state that they are beginning with the presupposition that they believe in the Gospel, just as Paul did....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christian apologetics]

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A Christian World Viewpoint

- Having never considered much about world views until after visiting a Christian world view camp, I wanted to know more about mine. As a Christian, naturally I would have a Christian world view, but I did not really know what that meant. I did not think much about the nature of God, or man, or even the cause of evil and suffering. Although I did not doubt my Christianity, I only doubted my knowledge of it, and ability to defend the Christian faith. I knew the root of all suffering came from sin, and that since Adam and Eve sinned, all man is burdened with sin....   [tags: christian, viewpoint, god]

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The Christian Teachings Of Jesus And Be Perfect

- ... I am going to argue that according to two ancient texts, The Gospel of Mary and the Didache, that perfection is not what really matters in following the Christian path but the effort is what really matters. From the Gospel of Mary, we can see that a person is not defined by their sin but by their ability to overcome, an effort to stick to the words of the Lord to overcome sin. Mary states that sin is a human creation which is created when human beings stray from the words of the Lord. Being that sin is created through the actions of people it is possible that people could live without sin if they could put aside their adulterous ways....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Baptism, Human]

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Bring America Back to its Christian Roots

- “The church needs to take back America!” is what many Christians say. The question is, should that really be what the church is focused on. According to John Stead in his chapter from the book Think Biblically. Recovering a Christian Worldview, that is not a proper purpose of the church. Speaking personally, this excerpt has truly started to make me think more deeply on how the church relates to government and the systems that have been in use before the political activism seen among professing Christians today....   [tags: church, christian roots, christians]

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Christian Theology And Religious Beliefs

- Everybody has some idea of theology. Sikhs, Muslims, Confucionists and Buddhists have a theological standpoint. Agnostics, Mystics, and Atheists have theological arguments for what they believe. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Christian Scientists have strong theological points for their beliefs. Webster’s definition of theology is “the study of religious faith, practice, and experience: the study of God and God’s relation to the world: a system of religious beliefs or ideas.” Everybody has a thought about theology....   [tags: Christianity, Theology, Christian terms, Bible]

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Salvation And The Christian Faith

- Salvation, in Christianity, is defined as the state of being saved from sin or evil (Merriam-Webster). The word salvation is mentioned in one hundred and fifty-eight different verses in the Bible (The Holy Bible: KJV). It is written in John 3:16 that “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” According to that verse, God loves us so much that he gave the life of his only Son so that we could obtain salvation from the sin and evil within the world....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Jesus, Sin]

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Universal Of Each Christian Denomination

- ... By this phrase we now that before there was anything, there was God. It is hard to explain a time before time but we know that there was God before anything else because of how it is described in the verse. The second important part that needs examined is “God created the heavens and the earth”. By this part of the verse we know that everything that came to be is because God willed it. Since there was God, then everything else was created by God means that the only thing that create creation is God....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Trinity, Jesus]

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Tthe Christian Virtue of Fortitude: Aeneas

- Aeneas during his “labor of love” (2.881) and “exile” (3.197) demonstrates the Christian virtue of fortitude. Virgil, even though he is a pagan, was called a “naturally Christian spirit”, by Tertullian. He was one of the great writers of the early Christian church. Even Dante, in his “Divine Comedy” has Virgil lead him through the spiritual realm. To be a good Christian, one must have virtues. A virtue helps one “do the good”, and by doing the good one gets closer to heaven. Aeneas is a virtuous person....   [tags: christian spirit, tertullian, troy]

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Christian Ideals and Hollywood

- The Hollywood Industry has already begun promoting Christian ideals. We see this through the recent epic of Christian Movies that have materialized in the theaters. Movies such as: Fireproof, Courageous, Fifth Quarter, The Grace Card, and Facing the Giants are a few examples of such films. In 2010 “The Grace Card” movie hit the cinemas only after 28 days of shooting the film. That is more than double the time it would normally take to make a movie. The fact that this is true, admittedly tells these Christian people that God was with them throughout the making of this film, and that He was quite pleased with their works....   [tags: christianity, The Grace Card, christian film]

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The Violence Of Christian Soldiers

- Thoughts run through every human beings mind constantly, and some of those thoughts can torment even the strongest of people. When someone is struggling with sin, they can have thoughts like, “I am ashamed and a disgrace to God.” “God cannot ever use me because I am a totally mess up.” When people fall into sin, they can believe God is going to punish them, and they willingly take abuse from others believing it is what they deserve. They are weak and vulnerable because they fell into sin, and into condemnation....   [tags: Jesus, Christian terms, New Testament, Love]

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Religion: Christian Science

- Christian Science is an idealistic and most radical form of transcendental religiosity. The study of Christian Science teaches a feeling of understanding of God's goodness and the differences between good and evil, life and death. The purpose of this paper is to address how the study of Christian Science helps us better understand the impact of globalization in America, as well as the impact of American on globalization. This paper is important because globalization features a dominant worldview....   [tags: christian science, globalization, healing]

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How Did You Become A Christian?

- ... e. What do you intend to learn during the course of an internship. There are several aspects of the internship interested in me. First, CHBC has a unique multi-elders’ governance system. It is very unusual in a Southern Baptist church. From the Scriptures, I know it is the biblical model. But how to carry out this biblical principle in an urban setting is what I really like to observe and learn. The members’ system is another feature of CHBC that I want to learn and study. Second, CHBC is a model for faithful servants of God in a secularized urban area....   [tags: Christianity, Holy Spirit, Christian terms]

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Analyze and explain the work of one Christian’s agency working for world development.

- Tearfund is a Christian aid organization, they work with various other churches to try and destroy poverty, transform unfortunate lives and bring integrity and equality in this world. It was unofficially started by numerous sympathetic Christians who decided to send funds to the Evangelical Alliance who sent gifts of money, clothing and food to refugees all around the world. Basically, The Evangelical Alliance was set up to manage the aid that needed to be given to refugees. Later on in 1968, the organization, Tearfund was officially started when they changed the name from The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund to Tearfund....   [tags: christian charity]

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Spiritual Growth And Maturity As A Christian And Reaching The Highest Potential

- Spiritual growth and maturity are essential to developing as a Christian and reaching the highest potential in Christ. As a novice cannot be expected to perform a task as a master, the same holds true for an infant in Christ. Paul in verse two of chapter three of his Letter to the Church of Corinth, states that he had to treat them as infants in Christ feeding them milk instead of solid food because they desired to please their flesh instead of the spirit. So understanding an individual’s spiritual maturity is important to ensure healthy growth....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Christian terms]

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Christian Truths in the Screwtape Lettters by C.S. Lewis

- The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is a book of thirty –one letters in which a retired, senior demon named Screwtape coaches his newly educated nephew, Wormwood. Wormwood is quite troubled when it comes to tempting his “patient.” Nevertheless, he need not fear because faithful uncle Screwtape has offered his services. A unique character featured in the letters is, “The Enemy.” This character refers to God, the natural enemy of Satan. Of course Satan is referred to as “Our Lord.” In the letters, and Wormwood and Screwtape try their very best to please Satan and bring him glory....   [tags: demonds, christian faith, wormwood]

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What Is Required To Be A Good Christian

- What is required to be a good Christian. Such strong language seems to indicate a rejection of the body, of human relationships, of human reason, or any good which is not God. Is such a rejection required if one is to be a true Christian. Human relationships, the body, and human reason are presupposed to be good in Ms. Kreis's statement. Although Saint Augustine, the author of Confessions, would not consider those to be of the highest good (God), he would be hard-pressed to deny that each does not maintain some degree of good....   [tags: Religion Christian]

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The Mysteries Of The Christian Church

- From the beginning of the establishment of the Christian church there have always been controversies about how the organization has been run. The Da Vinci code and The Secret Supper deal with an alternative interpretation of early Christianity and the gospels, far different from that of the orthodox Catholic Church, both novels also deal with mysteries behind some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous paintings. The Da Vinci code describes the attempts of Robert Langdon, Professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University, to solve the murder of renowned curator Jacques Saunière of the Louvre Museum in Paris....   [tags: Religion Christian]

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Christian Mission in the Carribean

- The Caribbean's Response to the Great Commission History and Models of Response Introduction The Caribbean has been greatly criticized for losing its vision for missions. Indeed, the Caribbean region has changed from being a mission field to being a mission force. With this change, the region has been challenged to become involved in cross – cultural missions and aid in fulfilling the Great commission. Author Las G. Newman examines this critical issue in his article – "The Caribbean's Response to the Great Commission - History and Models of Response, published in the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology, Issue #1....   [tags: Religion Christian]

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Christian Elements in Indonesian and Singapore Contemporary Art

-   The Art-Religion Symbiosis originated from the inceptive purpose of commemorating and exalting the divine through art-making. Christian elements in contemporary art are apparent from the previous influence of colonialism in South East Asia. This essay compares Indonesian Artist Ariadhitya Pramuhendra (Pramuhendra) with Singaporean Artist Boo Sze Yang in the use of Christian elements and its extent in their artworks and how this is affected by their individual societal backgrounds and distinct local influences....   [tags: religion, christian art, inner spirituality]

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Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality

- Gary Collins, a Christian counselor, helps individuals to comprehend their full potential using a God-centered way of coaching. He believes that, through coaching, an individual builds up a vision for their life and a desire for a good future. The book aids coaches to acquire skills that they require to help others, to emerge winners during difficult and challenging moments in their life. The book is also designed to develop Christian coaches’ in questioning, listening and responding. These can help Christian coaches to assess themselves and build up a strategy for their work....   [tags: Gary Collins, Christian Counselor, Counseling]

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Approval for Use of Feminist Christian Literature from Lectern

- Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing has happened. Sir Winston Churchill After much detective work and research, I have come to the conclusion that we should allow the Women’s Book group to present the readings proposed for March. I also feel that they should be allowed to read these texts from the lectern. While I do not believe that any of these readings should be labeled as scripture in the bulletin, I do believe that with the exception of the piece by Hildegard of Bingen (written probably in mid-1100) they could be labeled as ancient religious texts....   [tags: hildegard of bingen, christian texts, sirach]

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How to Navigate Pagan Parenting in a Christian Society

- Among American Pagans today, there are many opinions on raising their children in a predominately Christian society. While it is true that in general most Americans are more tolerant of other’s religious beliefs, there are, however, still those that are not so tolerant. It is because of those few less tolerant that many Pagan parents have a hard time in navigating between these two worlds. Even though, in general, Christians are concerned with how another religion may be raising their own children (out of misunderstanding of another religion) they need not fear....   [tags: pagan parents, paganism, christian society]

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Hans Christian Andersen 's The Little Mermaid

- ... Without thinking Ariel said that she loved the prince. King triton would not hear of this, so in Ariel 's moment of weakness she decides her only option is to see the sea witch. Once Ariel arrived, and asked the sea witch to turn her into the human Ursula was more than happy to oblige, but she had a few requirements. The sea witch gave Ariel 3 days for the prince to fall in love with her, and give her a kiss of true love. If this didn’t happen, Ariel would be turned into a wither. On top that Ariel also had to do it without her voice....   [tags: The Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen]

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We Need Less Christian Bands and More Christians Making Music for God and the Culture

- While driving in my car after church last week, I was listening to my favorite radio station. Once it started playing those annoying commercials, I decided to give my childhood go-to station -- 88.7 WAY-FM a try (I haven't listened to Christian music in years). The song "We Fall Down (At the Feet of Jesus)" by Chris Tomlin was playing. How long has this one been on the air. Since 1998 -- and that's a problem. Contemporary Christian music (CCM) is the genre of choice of most worship leaders for youth retreats, Christian camps, Sunday morning worship, and Wednesday night Bible groups....   [tags: contemporary christian music]

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How Do You Define Christian Fundamentalism? Prejudice, Discrimination, and Racism

- What comes to mind when you hear the term Christian fundamentalist. Many people immediately think it is someone who has ultra-conservative Christian based religious beliefs. There is a negative connotation associated as well; many think of Christian fundamentalists as closed-minded, prejudiced and discriminatory, and “right wing” when it comes to political matters. Christian fundamentalists themselves will tell you that the Bible is to be interpreted literally as it is the sacred word of God. They will also tell you that they have been “reborn” or converted, and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior....   [tags: Religion, Christian Fundamentalist, The Antichrist]

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A Christian View Of Suffering

- A consistent theme of mine is how critically important it is for us to have a foundational understanding about what Christianity is about. Most of us who have been in the church for a while know a few things: God loves us. Jesus forgives our sins. Unless you believe in Jesus you're going to Hell. We can have a relationship with God. We have these scattered bits of theological facts, but what we don't often have is an understanding of how it all fits together. I was wondering today what could be more important for the church than what I'm about to talk about....   [tags: Christian Religion Religious]

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Early Christian Communities - Student Task 2014

- Early Christian Communities – Student Task 2014 – Part B Taliah Kemp The day of Pentecost was, the day in which God sent the promised Holy Spirit. It is believed that Pentecost is the day in which the church started. From a spiritual view, this is when the spirit was bought into existence and enlivened the church and the people. The day of Pentecost is referred to as the church’s birthday. “Pentecost” is a Greek word, and means ‘fiftieth”, relating to the 50 days following the Passover. The people dwelling in Palestine at the time of Pentecost were mainly from agricultural society with a spring harvest of grains and fruits that was taking place....   [tags: Holy Spirit, Christianity, Christian terms, Jesus]

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The Three Facets of the Christian Walk

- The Three Facets of the Christian Walk As I begin this essay, I pray that I might be able to "rightly divide the word of truth", so that I need not be ashamed (2 Tim 2:15). This being my goal, I hope that you the reader might learn something from this essay. Remember though, to be as the Christians in Thessalonica, and examine all teachings based on their faithfulness to the scriptures (Acts 17:11). As Christians, we are to go through life in a certain way. In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus tells us that the proper path in life is narrow....   [tags: Biblical Bible Christian Religious Essays]

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The, Mere Christianity, And Christian Apologist : An Amazing Transformation From An Avid Atheist

- ... What on earth is He up to. The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of - throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself” (“Mere Christianity” p. 205). Lewis uses an analogy of God building someone a house in an unexpected way to explain that people may not understand why God lets some events happen, but He ultimately has a plan to better the person for a higher purpose....   [tags: Christianity, Bible, Jesus, Christian apologetics]

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The Gospels And Acts : The Gospel And Initiation Of The New Christian Church Era

- The Gospels and Acts provide a meaning connection to Christ ministry on earth, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the initiation of the new Christian church era. The Pentecostal experience was a great outpouring upon the believers with the ability to speak in other languages. However, this was not the overarching meaning of the Pentecost occurrence. The believers that were in the house during the experience were able to witness to other people because of the Holy Spirit. It was the witnessing that promoted Christ and the deeds of God’s power....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Baptism, Christian terms]

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Christian Discipleship

- Research Paper: Discipleship Because I became a Christian at an early age, there are many terms and ideas used in the church that I never pondered upon; I simply accepted them. For example, the term "disciple" I identify as one of Jesus' twelve closest followers, one of the paper characters placed on the felt board during Sunday school. Through my research, I have discovered that while accepting Christ through faith alone grants us salvation, to become a disciple of Christ, or practice discipleship, requires work and commitment from the believer....   [tags: Religion Christian]

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Christian Rhetoric in The History of Mary Prince and Second Class Citizen

- Christian Rhetoric in Mary Prince’s The History of Mary Prince, and Buchi Emecheta’s Second Class Citizen It is true, perhaps, that women are the subset of humanity whose rights had been the longest stripped of them, and who had been abused the worst and for the longest time. Even today, many people believe that women still do not have the equality that ought to be afforded them. Since women first started making steps to approach that ideal equality, they have used various means, including literature, to further their cause....   [tags: Christian Rhetoric in Black Women’s Literature]

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John Wesley: Living a Perfect Christian Life

- Perfection is what some people, and not necessarily just Christian people, strive for all their lives. I believe, along with Wesley, that a Christian can live a perfect life, but it does not happen right at salvation but that it is a continual work. I believe the order of a Christian's walk is salvation, justification (sanctification), the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and then perfection. I plan to prove that Christians can live a perfect life and that it can be achieved before death. A person goes to the alter in church and gives their life over to God....   [tags: A Perfect Life, Christian Perfection]

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The Differences Between Hans Christian Andersen And Walt Disney 's Tales Of The Little Mermaid

- The Difference Between Two Tails Often times people forget that Walt Disney got many of his ideas for movies from previous fairy-tales and folklore. Since I was young my personal favorite Disney movie has been The Little Mermaid.. However, it scarcely crossed my mind as I grew older that there was a different story contradicting almost everything in the film. Despite bearing some similarities, the striking differences between Hans Christian Andersen’s and Walt Disney’s tales of The Little Mermaid have just furthered my love for Disney’s version....   [tags: The Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen]

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Christian Persecution in Nigeria

- Since the beginning of the 21st century, the persecution of Christians has taken place in northern Nigeria. In the poverty-stricken nation, tension between Muslims and Christians runs high. The discrimination against Christians in the North along with violent attacks at the hands of the infamous Boko Haram violates several international laws and has led to the interference of the International Criminal Court and United States. Although the violence began in recent years, the conflict has been rising for centuries....   [tags: muslims, christians, horrific violence]

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The Effects of Political and Demographic Variables on Christian Coalition Scores

- The Effects of Political and Demographic Variables on Christian Coalition Scores One of the most interesting phenomena in American politics is the recent rise of the Christian right. First termed the "Moral Majority" by Jerry Falwell in the late 1970s, the Christian Right has undergone a name and a leader change. The Christian Coalition is currently led by Pat Robertson who seeks to continue much of the early work pioneered by the Moral Majority. The Moral Majority sought to reintroduce Christian principles into the political sphere....   [tags: Christianity Christian Religion Essays Research]

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A Christian Perspective On The Christian Vision

- ... He said:” if baptism is the sacrament of initiation into Christian life it should inform our understanding of individualism.” He tried to point out that the danger to let people received Jesus Christ as their personal savior and accepted by community of faith without let them know about their individuality. Even though we life in a community we must protected our own individuality as a human being otherwise we can get corrupted by the same community. The next section of this chapter talks about “freedom and finitude”....   [tags: Person, Individual, Jesus, Religion]

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Christian Monks And The Christian Teachings

- Monks are known to live in seclusion and to focus their mind on spirituality. Yet, there is more to their lives than just that. Early Christian monks strived to protect Christianity. Christians during this time were being persecuted for their religion. Many were in danger of pagans whose religion maintained a stronghold on theirs. In order to protect the faith, monks tried to get people to remain resilient in their faith. Monks wanted ideas like this to be passed down to other fellow Christians....   [tags: Christianity, Religion, New Testament, Jesus]

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Christian Is A True Christian

- True Christian The World has many annotations on what it means to be a true Christian. Some want you to believe the truth and some leads you towards the lie. The bible defines a true Christian as a person who accepts, Son of God, Jesus Christ as his lord and savior, and believes god sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and his resurrection on the third day. There is so many denomination of Christianity now days, people are left confused on who to believe. Being a Christian is not only believing in Jesus Christ but also having to obey and spread the gospel and being saved with baptize....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Bible, New Testament]

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Christian Moral And Of Christians

- ... In other words, God is the author of the Christian and Jewish scriptures, and one can easily find the similar linguistic attributes, that one will not find in any other holy scriptural texts. If Islam claims to speak about Jesus Christ, it does not mean that Muslims should or would consider Jesus the Messiah, the same Son of God that Judaism and Christianity believe in. If Islam claims to have the divine word of “Allah,” it does not become or prove itself to reveal God behind it. If Islam had believed in the Triune God, it would have had a similar language as found in The Bible....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Christianity, God]

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The Faith Of The As A Christian

- ... So if the Scriptures confirm the concept of assurance, they surly all Believers can know this assurance as well. The words Jesus spoke in the Gospels gives the Believer great confidence in their salvation. In John 3:36 Jesus says, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; . . .” This is the most basic statement, but it holds great truth. Guy P. Duffield and Nathaniel M. Van Cleave comment that “salvation is of and from God, and if He says I am saved, that should be enough.” Paul offers words of assurance when talking about salvation....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament, Trinity]

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The Life of a Christian

- In life we want to be the best, have the best of everything, and be surrounded by only the best people that can help us to achieve our desired goals. But as a Christian it takes more than just wanting the best, you have to put forward the effort, and follow the path that God has set forth. But unfortunately when you are a Christian, some things will get in your way, your faith can become tested, and your decision making can become clouded. But you probably ask your self why. You have love for your fellow Christians and have helped those that were less fortunate than you....   [tags: Description of Deontology ]

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The Identity Of A Christian

- For a Christian, the questions they may have on their identity is beyond that of just a mere psychological issue. If where a Christian finds their significance were to be an issue that was just merely psychological, the answer would be more so that of which one could gather from therapy or just a higher self-esteem. This is no answer to people that were indeed created by God and made into a new person by nothing less than that of the bloodshed of God’s own Son, Jesus Christ. The identity of a Christian is rooted in God, formed by Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit (Fisher 1996, 27)....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, New Testament, Holy Spirit]

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Jesus, And As A Christian

- ... The first is that war is just, and that killing is justifiable. The second position is exactly the opposite of the first, war is not alright, but mainly that killing is unjustifiable. The first position is most definitely correct for two main reasons. One, how could killing be unjustifiable if God himself killed people. Second, how could killing be unjustifiable if Jesus and God are both depicted as warriors. The Pacifists believe that these passages must be metaphorical, but they are mistaken....   [tags: Old Testament, New Testament, Christianity, Bible]

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Christian Churches Should Have Opposed the Nazi Holocaust

- "...and we say that the war will not end as the Jews imagine it will, namely with the uprooting of the Aryans, but the result of this war will be the complete annihilation of the Jews. (Adolf) Adolf Hitler said this in a speech in 1942. Obviously he by this point he was not being subtle about his plans to exterminate the Jews. The fact of the matter is that the German people knew about his plans and still didn’t do anything about them. One group in particular who did not do anything that probably should have more than any other group was the churches, specifically Christian churches (including the Catholic church)....   [tags: Christians Supported Hitler]

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Christian Teachings Concerning Racism

- Racism can be defined by the formula prejudice + power = racism. Racism is when racial prejudice is turned into action that harms others. Racism is the belief that one race of people is superior to another because of their colour or race. Racism is simply based on the colour of a person's skin. Racism is destructive and it disembowels people by shattering their identity. It destroys community cohesion and creates divisions in society. It is the opposite of the democratic principle of equality and the right of all people to be treated fairly....   [tags: Racism and Christians]

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Allah : A Christian Response, Writing As And For Christians

- In the book of Allah: A Christian response, writing as and for Christians, Miroslav Volf addresses what Christian perspective is regarding the God of Muslims in the Qur’an. In the majority of the book, he principally argues that called to love God and neighbors by the same God, Christians and Muslims believe in the same God, who is only one Creator. What Miroslav Volf has a contentious argument is that Muslims and Christians do worship the same God, revealing that God, who is love, commands that people love their neighbors....   [tags: Islam, Christianity, Trinity, God]

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The Christian Church Of The Jews ' Identity As Christians

- ... The book of Ephesians is Paul’s response to this identity crisis and through references to the Old Testament and secular culture Paul is able to relate to the Gentiles and as a result, affirm their identity in the Christian church. Scholar, Ella Mouton, explains in one of her journals that “It has become clear that the Ephesians perspective is in the first place christologically oriented, and aimed at the reorientation of the readers’ identity awareness and ethos” (Mouton 147). Paul demonstrates this reorientation from the beginning of Ephesians with verses aimed to show Gentile’s acceptance into Christianity....   [tags: New Testament, Christianity, Early Christianity]

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Christian Faith, Heaven Is Helpful For Christians

- Believing in heaven for Christians means more than just seeing a pretty blue sky with big radiant evaporated clouds around themselves. As that has been shown through many generations in numerous glamorous of ways. In Christian faith, heaven represents more than just a pretty picture. It relates to the four distortions; list of requirements, in group/out group, ignoring this world, and selfishness. Christians understand these four points when relating back to heaven. One aspect that believing in heaven is helpful for Christians is that they follow certain “rules” that they believe Jesus has sent them to do....   [tags: Christianity, Heaven, Jesus, Kingdom of God]

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A Christian Worldview

- ... 432). “God has endowed every Christian with special gifts to make a unique contribution to humanity’s task of reversing the effects of the Fall and extending the Lordship of Christ in the world” (Ayee, 2013). Humanity God created human begins to live in relationship with him. Humans can think, feel, and reason which differentiate them from the rest of God’s creation. The ability to reason enables human beings to think and reflect on their own nature and the nature of God. The bible teaches us that God created man in his image and likeness....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, God in Christianity, Trinity]

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The Christian Tradition

- ... The spreading of the word and the teaching of the gospel did not just discontinue after Athanasius completed his position as bishop but rather it thrived and spread even further. Athanasius remained in the bishop role in Alexandria for 45 years and out of these years he was exiled for 17 (Rearden 2005, p.33). He was known as the black dwarf from his enemies because he was short in stature and had darker skin (Notes, October 8th 2015). During the years he was exiled, he travelled to places where he discussed issues with other Christians about the doctrine and theology of the Christian tradition so that it could be passed on and spread throughout the nations (Rearden 2005, p.33)....   [tags: Christianity, Trinity, Holy Spirit, Christendom]

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The Christian Crusades

- The origin of the Crusades is rooted in political upheaval. The mid seventh century to the mid tenth century CE saw a gradual expansion of Islam (Riley-Smith 1). Half of the Christian world was conquered by Arab armies. This included countries in which Christianity had been established for centuries, such as Egypt, southern France, southern Italy, Sicily, Spain, Syria, and Turkey (Riley-Smith 2). By the late tenth century, Europe and the Middle East were divided into Christian and Muslim hemispheres of influence....   [tags: Religious History ]

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A Christian Worldview

- I am originally from Boston, MA and was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, as are most people from that area. I have completed all three of the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist), one of the Sacraments of Healing (Penance) and most recently, one of the Sacraments of Communion (Marriage). I also served as an altar server and sang in the youth choir. I was very active in my church and did as much as a child\kid could do. As I have grown older, I find more comfort in the Catholic Church; something about it just feels like home....   [tags: ]

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A Christian Worldview

- The Sovereignty of God in the Midst of the Chaos of Our World Recently we’ve seen a movement called “Black Lives Matter” sweep the front page headlines and appear on the news all the time. This movement is also featured prominently on social media. I’m not against people speaking out and articulating their various viewpoints. I think it’s very important that people have the ability to voice their opinions and to be heard. Every person is created by God in His image and likeness and therefore worthy of dignity and respect....   [tags: Islam, Jesus, God in Christianity, New Testament]

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The Christian Life

- The Christian Life Introduction The Book of Romans is what Martin Luther called the most important letter that Paul ever wrote. The theological arguments and implications of Romans are far-reaching and the many topics are interconnected and entirely consistent with one another in argumentation and style. Within this cogent and comprehensive theological statement of belief and faith, Paul writes extensively on what it means to live a Christian life. He combines his understanding of the fall of humankind, the Old Testament law, and the fulfillment of the law in Jesus Christ with the post-Pentecostal period where the Holy Spirit dwells in believers who have professed their faith in Jesus as the...   [tags: bible, book of romans, paul, god]

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The Christian Worldview

- Due to the "highly subjective nature of most scientific theorizing... [we should] let the Bible speak for itself and modify our scientific view of origins accordingly." (as cited in Downey, D., & Porter, S., 2009). God is an intelligent, creative, relational Being. God created all that exists (Gen 1-2) and right from the beginning God affirmed and blessed man’s participation in His creation (Gen 1:28-30, Gen 2:19-20). He created man in His image (Gen 1:26-27, 2:7) and for His fellowship (Gen 3:9)....   [tags: Christianity]

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A Brief Research of Christian Science

- ... Christian Science is a religion that mainly focuses on healing, that is what the practice and work on, their healing skills. People who are Christian Scientist work on their healing so they can be more like God, God is able to cure any illness, sin, illnesses and even death. Christian Science was founded by Mary Baker Eddy, Massachusetts USA 1879. In 1866 Mary Baker Eddy started studying and went on for many years. By 1875 Mary Baker Eddy published a book called, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures....   [tags: religious beliefs and expressions]

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The Composition of a True Christian

- In a world full of people who consider themselves Christians, people on the outside wonder what distinguishes Christians from everyone else. The hope for Christians is that others will see the differences in the behavior and attitudes. If not, one could question how Christian that person is. Conversely, viewing Christians who exemplify Christian qualities provides a strong example of Christian life is like. From an examination of consummate Christians such as William Wilberforce, Saint Augustine, and Mother Theresa, one can see the qualities that good Christians possess....   [tags: Christianity ]

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The Nature Of Man And The Christian Worldview

- The Nature of Man This student has distinguished the significant factors, which reinforces and supports his concepts of the Christian worldview of the nature of Man. Some individual components of the Christian worldview have an extensive assessment pertaining to the earth from a scriptural perspective originating with the Bible. As a result, this Christian’s understanding of the world is it is complete, encompassed with a sum of separate, scriptural components....   [tags: Jesus, God in Christianity, Christianity, Bible]

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Diversity of Christian Culture In India

- Finding common ground with Hindu culture and practices Christianity in Southern India tried to influence Indians to convert, which broken up with a Christian form vastly different from traditional Christian practices in Southern India. Christianity opened Indian door in 1813, when the abolition of the East Indian Company’s monopoly over Indian trade allowed the entry of commercial and religious trade. India was named as Hindustan, nation of Hinduism long way before during 18the century. Thus, when Christianity began to spread its roots into West India in the early 19th century, they were having minimum chances to spread Christianity widely due to the deep rooted believes and customs of Hindu...   [tags: Hindu culture, Christitanity practices]

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Kenya And Christian Persecution Of Kenya

- Kenya, of which main religion is Christianity, is ranked number nineteen on the World Watch List. “Homegrown radical Muslims and militants crossing the border from Somalia are severely persecuting Christians (“Kenya & Christian Persecution”). Somalia is the second worst country in the world for persecution, therefore, Kenya being next to Somalia puts them at high risk. “The future of Kenyan Christians will continue deteriorating as long as the underlying issues are not properly and adequately tackled” (“Kenya & Christian Persecution”)....   [tags: Islam, Islamic terrorism, Christianity, Jesus]

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Fasting in the Christian and Muslim Faiths

- Would one dare to go a day without food. Food in the twenty first century can be used as medicine, energy and center piece for social gatherings. However in many religions people take time to separate themselves from such consumption in an activity called fasting. The practice of fasting is incorporated in several denominations of Christianity, the Muslim faith, and Hinduism. Fasting can be personal and completed any time of year or seen specific times of year in forms of a holiday. In particular some denominations of Christianity people celebrate Lent whereas Muslims commemorate receiving the Quran by celebrating Ramadan....   [tags: Islam and Christianity]

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Christian Tradition: THe Importance of Baptism

- ... It marks the transition of the individual from one stage or state in life onto the next. In terms of the Christian community it marks the transition of a person from being outside of this community to becoming a fully initiated member. For most denominations it also has significance as a statement of a person's beliefs in the Christian tradition and is an integral part of our salvation and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Baptism also allows Christians to share in the death and resurrection of Christ and cleanses people from the stain of original sin....   [tags: church, god, gospel]

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The Christian Faith And A Reflection On God

- God spoke this world into existence and created man in his image. God had given us basic instructions for living within the pages of the bible. In God’s ultimate love for us he sent his Son in the flesh just die for our sins and through him give us eternal life. In this paper we will look at what is God like, humanity, who Jesus is, restoration, an analysis of the Christian faith and a reflection my belief in God. God God is like the ultimate parent who is loving, caring and corrects us when we need it....   [tags: Christianity, God, Jesus, Bible]

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A Case Study of Christian Influences

- Christianity is one of the major religions of the world. It is a global religion in which majority of the countries of the world partake in. Christians believe in God as the Supreme Being and the creator of the world. They also believe in his Son Jesus Christ and refer to him as the Messiah and the Savior of the World and the Messiah as they believe He died to save their sins. What makes Christianity different from other religions of the world is that it has more followers than other religions, it is more widely distributed around the world, and it is better documented with the start of the bible most especially (Hinnells 2005, p....   [tags: Comparison: Nigeria and Canada]

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The Importance of a Christian Education

- You can not put a value on a Christian education because it creates a setting of respect for God, His Word and His authority. It gives students a foundation of discipline, morality and a proper work ethic that can also be applied in other areas of life. Christians were actually the first to advocate universal education. The term university confirms this as it breaks down to “uni veritas” which literally means “one truth”. It was Christians in Europe who launched the first universities in France and the United Kingdom....   [tags: Importance of Education Essays]

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Two Secrets Of The Christian Life

- Time and time again we often come across questions like, “How does a Christian live a Christian life?” or “How should does God help us?” Should we work hard towards perfection or should we just let go and let God do the work He has planned. Reading Hodges there are some key facts he includes in His book Six Secrets of the Christian life. We can confirm these facts through biblical passages that are important to the Christian life. As Christians I believe that we are walking with a shallow meaning of what it is to be a true follower of Christ....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Holy Spirit]

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The Place of Scripture in Christian Faith

- As part of revivals in Christian faith during 18th century onward three practices evolved into their own interpretation on the place and authority of Scripture in the Christian faith. The first of these were the Liberals who “viewed themselves as the saviors of a defunct out of date Christianity” (Bingham 149). Their founder, Friedrich Schleiermacher an 18th century pastor, “did not view traditional, authoritative doctrines, creeds and biblical texts as the preeminent sources in theology (150). Instead the Liberal perspective of Christianity put more emphasis on the doctrines of sin and grace and less attention on the holiness of the trinity (Kerr 213)....   [tags: evangelism, neo-orthodox, theology, bible]

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The Christian Perspective On The Business World

- ... This passage is giving Gods people the instruction to not wrong or cheat someone while doing business with them but rather be fair and cooperative with which shows them the love of God. It speaks directly against wronging your neighbour which specifically calls us as Gods people to live a fair and honorable life. The Bible gives a clear message about living an honorable and just lifestyle as Gods people of the Christian faith in the business world. The central aspect of the Christian faith is to follow the example Christ Jesus gave us to live....   [tags: Christianity, Religion, Jesus, New Testament]

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- I would like to explore one of the questions posed to us by Professor which is “How can we make the positive aspects of postmodernism work in our favor?” Or even more specifically, the positive and neutral elements of postmodernism, work in the favor of the Christian worldview and thought. We will start by first exploring the basic tenants of postmodernism and a brief history of where it has been and where it is currently, revealing multiple advantages for the Christian worldview in the engagement of a postmodern....   [tags: Religious Pluralism, Ideal Community]

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Christian and Pagan Elements in Beowulf

- In eighth century Anglo-Saxon society, history was passed down as oral stories, as writing historical events was too troublesome as there were too many dialects. In addition, in eighth century Anglo-Saxon society, there was an important transition from the old pagan traditions to the new theology of Christianity. Thus, as new stories were being told, to make them apply to the audience, Christianity had to be incorporated. Coming out of this age of transition, Beowulf has various Christian colorings along with the pagan traditions of old....   [tags: Epic Poems, Grendel, Anglo-Saxon]

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The Roman Emperor Of The Christian People

- ... He initiated an ambitious plan to send officials to lost territories of the Roman Empire to reconquer them. For most of the 5th century Ravenna was under control of the Osthrogoths under an Arian Christian named Theodoric who held the formerly Roman city of Ravenna. Justinian sent his General, Belisarius, to Italy to both reconquer the land and reestablish the reach (and power) of the Byzantine church. In reestablishing the boundaries of the empire, Justinian needed to cement his power as the new leader of the Christian Orthodoxy somehow....   [tags: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Christianity]

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The Role of the Biblie in Christian Education

- In this paper I will discuss the Authority of Scripture and how it has a role in the way the Bible is taught in Christian Education. I will discuss and tell what the Bible is. I will discuss different interviews on what other people think the role of the Bible is in the Christian faith and what I believe the role of the Bible is in the Christian faith. I will also discuss how I will teach the Bible in Christian Faith after having listened to others and having completed this class. Authority of Scripture What is the authority of scriptures....   [tags: Christianity, God, Scripture]

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Christian Beliefs On The Toowoomba Community

- ... In Catholicism, the Catechism states an embryo should be considered a living being, “human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.” Therefore, the act of medical termination is disregarding the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not murder” (Exodus 20:13) as the foetus is believed to be human life. In Toowoomba, 75% of the population identifies with Christianity (Profile.id, 2011). When Galaxy Research polls surveyed 1, 200 people about their stance on termination, 36% of Toowoomba residents supported termination (O 'Rourke, 2016)....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Fetus, Christianity]

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