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Description of Digital Rights Management

- With the explosive rise of digital media, computing devices and digital networks have allowed the ability for digital media to be distributed at a highly flexible and cost-efficient way. This has led to a change on how the media is being consumed, with more and more sales dropping for DVD’s and CD’s causing problems for many retailers, but on the other hand, digital media is rising in contrast. However, with the media being accessed digitally it also allows people to access, manipulate or even duplicate the media beyond the terms and conditions that was originally agreed upon....   [tags: piracy, digital media, digital rights]

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Storytelling Through Digital Media

- ‘The Matrix’ - A Non Linear Narrative The main focus of the first assessment was that of non linear multi narrative storytelling through digital media. The importance of structure in digital storytelling is emphasised by Miller (2004, pp 114) “In a work of digital storytelling, the structure not only supports the narrative and gaming elements but also helps determine the nature of the interactivity”. It was from this, that I realised how important it would be to structure my narrative effectively so that the user could enjoy the experience as much as possible....   [tags: Digital Media]

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The Dangers Of Digital Communication

- The Dangers of Digital Communication Today, almost everyone we know uses some sort of digital communication at some point in their day. There are many issues starting to arise as more people, young and old, get involved in the use of digital devices to communicate world-wide . Digital devices have become basically a necessity to us as a society. Most all of the information we receive comes to us through digital media. The news and current events we hear daily are easily streamed through our smart phones and computers....   [tags: Communication, Media, Digital media]

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Cinema and the Digital Age

- “Film has shaped the new media to accommodate it” -David Bordwell, Kirsten Thompson, p.730. Since the introduction of Digital Cinema in the late 90’s, it is fair to say that we are well and truly immersed in a new digital age for film. Despite some filmmaker’s objection to the introduction of digital cinema, and an overall wariness of the conversion from traditional films to digital, nowadays, the majority of films that we see in the cinema are digitally made. “The next ten years may witness the almost complete disappearance of celluloid film stock as a recording, distribution, and exhibition medium.” (Roderick....   [tags: Digital Cinema, Online Platforms]

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Oral Translation to the Digital Frontier

- We cannot escape human contact by hiding behind separate screens and keyboards, communicating via messages, emails, and status updates, as anchored in social media usage. Despite the fact that we’re hidden, true verbal communication and oral culture is not totally lost. As Walter Ong put it in the introduction of his book Orality and Literacy, “Our understanding of the differences between orality and literacy developed only in the electronic age, not earlier.” Social networks and the activity that occurs on them is an extension of orality, though many could argue that status updates and tweets are literary due to their written form....   [tags: cyberbullying, digital era, twitter]

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The Digital Divide

- People who use the internet regularly are exposed to a wide variety of subjects, news, and resources which are often taken for granted. People who cannot afford a computer, or internet access, as well as those who do not know why it is valuable, run the risk of being left behind in an age of information. This disparity is the driving force behind underdeveloped nations, under-achieving students, and an under-prepared workforce. The digital divide is one that must be bridged in order to allow the world to move forward on equal footing....   [tags: internet, information, digital literacy, Bowles]

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What is Digital Forensic?

- 1. Introduction The aim of this report is to theoretical cover data preservation, examination of digital evidence, tools and techniques for data capture, preservation and examination with a list of recommendations. In our modern society, computers and other digital devices are becoming ubiquitous. In the late 1970’s the number of crimes that involved digital devices and computers has been increasing rapidly. As a result of that, computer experts specified the need for permanently improving digital forensic tools and practices....   [tags: materials found in digital devices]

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Effective Digital Asset Management

- Introduction “According to Forrester Research, American workers spend $404 billion annually, or 11% of all U.S. wages, looking for the information they need to do their jobs. Giving employees the right tools to stay afloat in a data and knowledge-driven workplace is imperative across the board.”[1] With the world of digital data growing exponentially year on year, the above quote could just represent a mere drop in the ocean when accounting for the time workers spend looking for information....   [tags: Digital Asset Management]

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Impacts of Technology on Digital Learning

- Introduction Digital learning is defined as learning through digital devices such as computers, tablets, or smart phones over the Internet. It is also known by other names, such as virtual learning, online learning, e-learning, distance learning, or continuing education. Digital learning was first introduced as “Computer Assisted Learning Center” in 1982 [1]. The first online course was introduced by “Computer Assisted Learning Campus” in 1994, in which students can take courses over the web [1]....   [tags: Digital Devices, Computers, Tablets, Phones]

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Digital Steerable Line Array

- ... Renkus-Heinz has ICONYX. At a glance, the popular application of this particular family of digitally controlled column line array is to reinforce sound in public places such as airports, museums, stadiums, cathedrals, and even corporate lecture halls. ICONYX also boasts its specific design and ability to blend seamlessly within the architecture of the space it reinforces. The system is connected via Ethernet cables, and the software used is RHAON, or Renkus-Heinz-Audio-Operations-Network. The program consists of presets that describe the size and type of space ICONYX is being mounted in....   [tags: loudspeakers, digital, technology]

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Attack of the Digital Cinema

- While discussing the magic of movie-making, progressive film director Joel Schumacher once said, “The people who came before us gave the world new ways to dream, and I think it is our job to continue that and try to give people new ways to dream.” Since its invention in the late 19th century, film has enabled storytellers to create amazing pieces of art through a unique and visual medium. For more than a hundred years, filmmakers shot motion pictures exclusively on celluloid film stock. This lengthy photochemical process remained the gold standard in the cinema world well into the new millennium....   [tags: film, cinema, digital, cameras, technology]

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The Information Digital Era

- The world wide web has digitised information and converged the way we access information. We view newspapers online via a computer or on our mobile phones, and we look up information by searching a key word rather than flicking through an alphebetised encyclopedia. The internet provides us with a seemingly limitless source of information, and now, it also allows us to contribute to that information through blogs, wiki’s and other user-generated sites. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedic data-base with users world-wide, it offers millions of articles in hundreds of languages....   [tags: internet, digital media]

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Ethics In Digital Photojournalism

- The instant we pick up a camera, the image has already been edited and the credibility of the photojournalist is already on the line. The ability and practice of people to be able to edit what goes into the composition of a photograph begins when they pick up a camera and even possibly when they decide to take a photograph of something. The work of a photojournalist is to relay images to the public via news sources in a way that gives people as much information about a topic as possible in the most neutral way possible....   [tags: technology, digital photography]

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The Digital Era: The Development of Science and Technology

- ... All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Facebook, one of free site for anyone to join, is used by more than 500 million people in every country on the world. And that is why Facebook promotes agriculture to establish a great relationship with social. According to "using Facebook as a communication tool in agricultural-related social movements", the articles say, "the creation of the Facebook groups provided a communication channel for the promotion of the social movement." They know that many other organizations have been using it, and a lot of people have been involved in the social networking site....   [tags: digital products, activities, devices]

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Computer Forensics: Issues in Preserving Digital Evidence and Forensic Investigation

- Technology is constantly changing, and as the capabilities change, so do the issues in Forensic information technology (FIT). FIT is defined as the scientific use or application of information technology (IT) that is used to generate and present digital evidence to be used in courts, legal or other formal proceedings (Volonio). While the use of technology helps get things done faster, it also can present many issues if the proper procedures and tools are not used and followed. An existing issue in FIT is computer forensics, in regards to preserving digital evidence and effectively conducting a computer forensics investigation....   [tags: digital media, digital evidence]

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Privacy in the Age of Digital Social Media

- The usage of digital technology is always increasing, and the people are aware of it, and are aware of various benefits that technology brings to them. They are always connected, able to contact almost anyone from anywhere, and they have access to the biggest source of information in their pockets. But, people seem to forget one thing - how much data technology creates. Facebook statuses, photo albums, videos, tweets - when reminded, most of people will remember these. But they are not the only data created....   [tags: Digital Technology, Advancements]

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Digital Currencies: Bitcoin

- ... After the transaction goes through, it is added in the ledger (block) and attached to the public block chain (1) Even though Bitcoin is virtual based currency, just like M-Pesa and PayPal, it is vastly different. Yes transactions are done online, but that’s where it ends. E-money systems like PayPal are directly backed by a sole entity and a bank. The money being traded is real government money and is valued as such. On PayPal you pay in USD, Euros, etc. Your PayPal is directly linked to your bank account....   [tags: digital money, cryptocurrencies]

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Analog-to-Digital Conversion of Audio

- I. INTRODUCTION (HEADING 1) Digital signals have transformed the world today, and in few areas is it as prevalent as it is in the music industry. Today’s analog-to-digital converters allow us to accurately store the physical, analog phenomena of sound as digital data, with high fidelity and perfect reproduction quality [1]. Digital audio storage is far more practical than analog audio storage for both the consumer and the professional alike. Digital audio is not vulnerable to noise, unlike analog audio where noise is not only prevalent but machine-indistinguishable from the original message [NEED CITE]....   [tags: music, sound, digital data, technology, storing]

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Digital Forensic Tools And The Military Services

- ... This enables on-site collection of volatile data and the digital fingerprints of the mobile devices linking itself to the suspect. Secure View uses Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems at both 32 and 64 bits. Installation requires 550MB of disk space, with additional disk or external storage for data acquisition. Secure View offers many add-on modules and kit options, which gives you access to every smart phone manufacturer. A Mobile forensics professional training certification course is available for $995....   [tags: Mobile phone, Personal digital assistant]

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Digital Media's Positive Effects on Online Interviews

- Digital media is “a form of electronic media where data is stored in digital (as opposed to analog) form. It can refer to the technical aspect of storage and transmission (e.g. hard disk drives or computer networking) of information or to the "end product", such as digital video, augmented reality or digital art. Florida's digital media industry association, Digital Media Alliance Florida, defines digital media as "the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education"....   [tags: broadcasting, digital interview]

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Impact of Digital Marketing on Food Service Industry

- Statement of the Problem In the contemporary world, every type of business is going digital. Manufacturers, retail stores, and restaurants, to name just a few, are realizing unimaginable profit margins due to incorporating modern technology in their marketing strategies. Entrance of digital media and real-time marketing into the scene has resulted in a significant improvement in the traditional ways of marketing and carrying out business. Dissemination of information and media has been highly revolutionized....   [tags: Digital Marketing Essays]

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Adult Basic Education and Implications of Digital Literacy

- Adult basic education or ABE is a complicated area given that there are varying definitions of the words the title contain. Theorists, practitioners and learners can give differing accounts of what it means to be an adult learner, what constitutes basic education and how to facilitate said education. In practice, the area of ABE describes a whole range of programs that deliver a baseline or basic set of skills that all adults are expected to have acquired during compulsory education (ABE, 2013)....   [tags: technology, digital literacy]

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Digital Art: The Central Point Between Technology and Art

- The digital Art is the central point between Technology and Art with a great impact to new development on presentation and communication to viewers. This concern the application of digital technology and the use of article to give information through art work. The impact of technology within an arts context lies above all in the fact that the technology is used to beauty Viewers who see how technology is used, begin to realize that it can be used in creative and other ways than were intended. In addition, certain aspects of technology can be presented better and clearer within an arts context....   [tags: art, technology, digital, art, ]

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A Company Based on Digital Advertising: Big Spaceship

- Digital advertising is one of the fast expanding and fast evolving industry. Big Spaceship entered the digital marketing industry in the early stage of its development, and this shaped a strong advantage for the firm as one of the most creative leaders. Big Spaceship as one of the innovation-led digital marketing agency, it focuses on the practice of innovation-driven culture and following a distinctive model of engaging with client. Value proposition portrays by Big Spaceship is one of the key factor of it achievements, the differentiation, strengths and weaknesses of the value proposition by Big Spaceship will be discussed in the following essay....   [tags: Digital advertising, advertising,companies,]

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Digital Firms

- In these days of time, operating business firms through digital technology is essential to stay competitive in the business market. There are foundations when it comes to doing business within companies to survive. It is very important for companies to stay with their competitors or surpass them through information technology. There are strategic opportunities and advantages business organizations can strived for; if they implement the right steps within the organization. Just like anything in life, there are some issues or problems that can be address when dealing with digital technology through business firms....   [tags: digital technology, information management]

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The Impact Of Digital Technology On Youth Cultural Engagement

- ... With the anonymity provided by online communication young people can experiment with their identity, its flexibility, and authenticity. Moreover, communication technology today has the capacity to render the human body as temporarily suspended to the point where it can be irrelevant to the construction of identity and thus relations with youth culture (Mesch, 2009). Examples of these include Facebook, though which a person can select the elements of themselves they wish to display online, or manufacture new elements to create a ‘profile’ or virtual persona....   [tags: Sociology, Culture, Digital, Youth]

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Digital Savvy Equals Excessive Use of Technology

- ... Influenced by deep rooted cultures, traditional Asian parents are typically authoritative, strict and overprotecting, with unaffectionate and implicit communication styles. In addition, language and acculturation gaps, busy schedules, and economic necessities have also contributed to the various parent-children conflicts, family tensions and lack of communication that exist in Asian American families. In general, Asian immigrant and refugee families often face difficulties that relate to their migration experience and the ongoing adjustment to the American lifestyle and culture....   [tags: minorities, digital media, internet ]

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Digital Entertainment Piracy : The Big Debate

- Digital Entertainment Piracy: The Big Debate America thrives on entertainment. It has always been a big part of our culture. This love of music, movies, games etc. has gone to the next level now that we are in an age like no other in history. The digital age. The era of worldwide content at anyone’s fingertips has brought a wave of new entertainment companies and practices especially tailored to consumers. In a world where instant entertainment is found on devices that fit in pockets or even in someone’s ear, people are finding it difficult to wait for the traditional entertainment companies to catch up....   [tags: File sharing, Copyright, Digital rights management]

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Digital Technology

- , I read a column that I found to be most delusional. It was an article about the dumbing down of America due to our love of technology. It talked about how the decline of printed media as a result of digital media is eroding our nation’s intellectual levels in all age groups. Our attention span as a whole has been drastically shortened due to our thirst for a quick fix of information. It then goes on to have the audacity to say that because of our overuse of digital media, we just don’t care about our understanding of what is around us anymore....   [tags: internet, social media, digital media]

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Should Schools Switch Over to Digital Books?

- Long ago printed books were a technology in itself, people marveled at it that written scripts can be available in printed form and they can read and easily carry them instead of those baked tablet scripts or writing found on leaves and tree trunks. Books cultivated a culture, made discoveries, promoted imaginations and intellectual progress with their power to share and shape ideas. Printed books are a technology in itself and generations have learned and grown and is still growing with books in their hands....   [tags: intellectual progress, e-books, digital]

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How to Take Professional Quality Pictures with a Digital SLR Camera

- A former point-and-shoot photographer can take professional quality pictures with a digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera by learning about and experimenting with its complex operations. There are many advantages to making the transition from a point-and-shoot digital camera to a digital SLR camera. These include capturing images “more quickly, more flexibly, and with more creativity” (Busch, Digital 9). Furthermore, taking photos with a digital SLR camera reduces the amount of time that otherwise would be spent editing with photo-editing software to improve the quality of the photos....   [tags: Technology, Digital Camera]

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Is Digital Cash Something To Fear?

- Is Digital Cash Something To Fear. I. INTRODUCTION In today's society, cash is quickly becoming obsolete. The vast majority of transactions can now be completed without cash. If a person has direct deposit, they can directly deposit their paycheck into their bank account. Using their home computer, that person can pay their monthly bills electronically by using a third-party bill paying system authorized by their bank. Credit cards, once reserved for major purchases, are now accepted at grocery stores, fast food restaurants, pay phones, and coffee shops....   [tags: Digital Cash Money Essays]

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A Diet of Worms in the Digital Age

- A Diet of Worms in the Digital Age I can’t prove it, but there is no doubt in my mind that textual arguments have been raging in scholarly circles for as long as there has been text to debate. In my mind’s eye I can see them: ancient Sumerian scribes lecturing each other about clay types and wedge depth; early Semitic peoples voting “no” on the vowel; medieval European scribes boldly pushing forward with punctuation, spaces between words, and the lower-case alphabet, and having heated debates on the long-term viability of the capital letter....   [tags: Digital Technology Technological Papers]

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The Digital Conversion in Television

- The Digital Conversion in Television Introduction Television is now in the process of converting from analog to digital technology. The significance of this change is greater than the introduction of color TV in the 1960’s, but more complicated since conversion will require new equipment for all consumers. Unlike color TV, digital television (DTV) uses a new kind of signal that does not fit within the structure of the old signal. "DTV" refers to a specific standard being implemented in the United States to carry a television signal in digital form through all stages of its transmission, not just for digital equipment such as video tape recorders and satellite receivers that have already be...   [tags: TV Digital Technology DTV]

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Government Surveillance in the Digital Age

- Government Surveillance in the Digital Age Imagine walking along a busy street in the middle of a sunny day. Also imagine that someone is following you around, videotaping everything you do. Disturbing thought. Even more disturbing is the fact that the United States government is already doing this, and it's perfectly legal. According to Robert Trigaux, a reporter for the St. Petersburg times, until August of 2014, in Ybor City, Florida, the Tampa Police Department used fourty-six surveillance cameras that scanned faces of all people walking around the entertainment district....   [tags: Privacy in the Digital Age]

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Digital Distribution And Music Industry

- There are six key new market disruptions concerning the digital distribution of music: the creation of a new and broad customer base, the possibility of an annuity versus a per-unit revenue model, the gatekeeper advantage for a record company having proprietary access to a new digital distribution infrastructure, understanding of a technology that could be applied to other digital content, need for balance between physical and digital distribution strategies, the strategy the incumbent should adopt with respect to the evolving war over digital distribution standards....   [tags: Music Industry Digital Technology]

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News From The Digital Eyes Of Ordinary People

- Extraordinary News from the Digital Eyes of Ordinary People We live in a digital world full of social media and instant gratification, which is why a citizen journalist is so critical. A citizen journalist is defined as “The collection, dissemination, and analysis of news by the general public, especially by means of the internet” (Oxford Dictionaries). Everyone wants to be up-to-date with significant events happening, and we rely on the media to provide that for us. For years, the media have relied on eyewitnesses verbal accounts of events happening; the only difference now is most everyone has a cell phone with a camera....   [tags: Mass media, Journalism, Digital camera, Camera]

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A Look into Digital Broadcasting

- A Look into Digital Broadcasting Digital Broadcasting will have a fundamental effect on viewing patterns, popular culture and audience identity. This will be done firstly by looking at the history of the BBC and the original intention of Public Service Broadcasting. It will discuss how by John Reith’s successful approach to broadcasting, the BBC became a National Institution creating popular culture and a National Identity. It will examine how these first steps and ideas have major role in the introduction of Digital Broadcasting today and whether the initial ‘Reithian’ values have any meaning in today’s society....   [tags: Digital Broadcasting Technology Television Essays]

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The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and The Digital Signature Act 1997

- We will be discussing two the Cyber-laws the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and the Digital Signature Act 1997 and how they apply to this case study. “The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 applies to any person who processes and any person who has control over or authorizes the processing of any personal data in respect of commercial transactions. It also provides protection on the rights of data subject/data users” (Mohamed, D., & Abdul Jalil, J. 2010). “The Digital Signature Act 1997 aims to provide security protection to on-line transactions....   [tags: Cyber-laws, digital comunication tecnology]

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Input/Output-to-State Stability and Output-to-State Stability of Direct-Form Digital Filters with Finite Wordlength Nonlinearity

- This paper proposes a new criterion for the input/output-to-state stability (IOSS) of interfered direct-form digital filters with finite wordlength nonlinearity based on an augmented Lyapunov function. Without external interference, the output-to-state stability (OSS) and asymptotic stability of direct-form digital filters with finite wordlength nonlinearity are also guaranteed under the proposed criterion. This criterion is expressed by linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). A numerical example demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed criterion....   [tags: digital, filters, criterion]

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Digital Vs Traditional : Reading The Paperback Magic Treehouse Book

- ... Each one of these people may have a different feature or use that benefits them over another feature, however they all can use the e-books and the advantages that come with them. Let’s say I’m your average businessman in New York City that takes the subway to and from work for an hour each way, and I like to catch up on my favorite book or magazine. Well all I have to do is take my phone or tablet out choose what I want to read and start reading, this form of technology now just become convenient to use....   [tags: E-book, Book, Education, Digital media]

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Consumer Behaviour: The Needs And Motivation Of Digital Camera

- Term of reference Back ground People always want to keep the prefect moments in their lives. So they invented cameras that the earliest invention which can help people to do that. Nowadays cameras have become a part of people¡¯s lives. Most of families own at least one camera. Wherever there is a party, a picnic, a wedding or something else, we use a camera to save the memories. With the development of technology, there is a new kind of camera which becomes a fashion all over the word. It named digital camera which is short for DC....   [tags: Product Market Digital Camera]

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The Major Catalysts in the Formation of the Internet and Digital World

- The Major Catalysts in the Formation of the Internet and Digital World Introduction There exisits two schools of thought concerning which components have been the major catalysts in the forming of the internet and digital world as we know it today. Both entertain stimulating and valid arguments. Manovich stipulates that the visual format of the internet is purely based on the visual reasoning that erupted out of the late nineteenth century as a result of constructivist principles and the tremendous introduction of the cinema, while Cook provides a good argument that although the assertions made by Manovich are true, Manovich overlooks an important component to the aesthetics and organiza...   [tags: Internet Digital Essays]

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The Future of Emerging Digital Media and Its Impact on Marketing

- The Future of Emerging Digital Media and Its Impact on Marketing Innovation in information technologies has thrust humankind into an era of democratic media in which almost everyone can have immediate access to news and information, and become creators and contributors in the journalistic enterprise. As a result, news now moves in unconventional ways with unpredictable consequences. In the dawn of Web 2.0, viral marketing is presenting a new medium for brand exposure and a new definition of marketing....   [tags: Digital Media Technology]

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Comparing Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH with Sony DSC-P10

- Comparing Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH with Sony DSC-P10 There are many good digital cameras spread around the global market, and inevitably this will make many costumers confused since they don’t know which digital camera to have. Canon, Casio, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Sony are the examples of well-known digital camera manufacturers and they have some really good products such as Canon PowerShot S400, Casio Exilim EX-Z3, Kodak Professional DCS Pro 14n, etc. Since I have Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH and my friend has the Sony DSC-P10, I decide to compare these two worth-to-buy cameras....   [tags: Digital Cameras Compare Contrast Essays]

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Digital Angel

- Digital Angel What is Digital Angel. Digital Angel is a location and condition system that can alert you of the exact location or people, pets, or objects in real time. When you purchase the system, it comes with a clip-on system monitor and a ThermAlert watch. It will alert you when if the person wearing is in trouble, and since the monitor is accompanied with a Global Positioning System (GPS), you can pinpoint the person's location to 75 feet. You can also check the status of the person at any time of the day through a hotline, or visiting the website....   [tags: Digital Angel Technology Human Chips Essays]

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Suguru Ishizaki's Improvisational Design: Continuous Responsive Digital Communication

- Suguru Ishizaki's Improvisational Design: Continuous Responsive Digital Communication Digital communication is interactive, dynamic and continuous. People working with digital communication (visual designers, human-computer interaction professionals, and software engineers) need a unique set of communicative methods that equal this dynamic flow of digital communication expressions. Ishizaki explores the development of a theoretical framework of an iterative process that meets this need and suggests how designers might use the framework....   [tags: Digital Communication Essays]

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Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism

- Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism are crimes that are of high relevance to the roles and responses of law enforcement that involve offenses committed by way of, and aid of computers and other technology advanced devices that includes but is not limited to: identify theft, fraud, computer hackers, inside and outside espionage, white collar crimes, and virus and malicious code writers; in conjunction with digital terrorism in terms of concepts of information warfare and cyber terrorism. All of these crimes are of heightened relevance that requires the immediate assistance of law enforcement personnel of local, state, and federal agencies because of anonymity and how quickly these crimes can...   [tags: Crime ]

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Can We Legislate Digital Image Manipulation?

- Presentation of the Issue Photo manipulation has become very common now days, especially in magazines. “EVERYTHING is photoshopped. Every image you see on a magazine cover is not real” (F,Jim, 2010) Where editors edit photos by enhancing certain aspects or erasing “flaws” in order to achieve what has always been sought by humans: “perfection”. Or in realistic words: to achieve the stereotypic image of beauty from society’s perspective. In order to achieve this, a particular software is used in order to manipulate images.Photoshop is the most common photo manipulation software used....   [tags: Digital Photo Manipulation]

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The Digital and the Humanities

- 1. Introduction: the Digital and the Humanities Computers, digital tools and the Internet have been radically changing the way scholars work, collaborate and publish their research and supported the creation, the storage, the analysis and the dissemination of data and information. While many areas of study within the natural, medical, and social sciences have a long tradition with these technologies, most of the humanities disciplines have been more reluctant and have found it more difficult or inappropriate to integrate computational tools that are generally built to perform quantitative analysis....   [tags: technology, scholors, data]

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The Effects Of Digital Media On The Digital Age

- ... Media Sources and Affects The inevitable occurrence of persuasion when existing in an online public sphere personally means my learning being altered about topics related to health such as nutrition, bodily functions, living holistically, topics related to fitness such as bodybuilding, physique and strength, and topics pertaining to profound ethical lifestyles such as veganism and Christianity. Each domain of messages received are persuaded by media in different manners. To begin, watching videos on YouTube and learning about food metabolism, proper forms of training, how to live a holistic healthy lifestyle and maintaining and understanding the positive affects of veganism, greatly pe...   [tags: Regulatory Focus Theory, Persuasion]

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The Digital Era

- INTRODUCTION At just a quarter of a century in governing regulations, listening to complains and making recommendations, while maintaining the standards of the laws of Jamaica as it is concerned with the media. There is one inevitable aspect the Broadcasting Commission has to continuously keep abreast with, and that is change. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin As Jamaica and the rest of the world gradually moves into the future, an ever so rapidly revolving future that is more technologically advanced than it was, 25 years ago....   [tags: Revolution, Future, Life]

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The Digital Revolution

- The digital revolution has firmly impressed itself upon us and is inextricably linked to the future of healthcare. The application of connected technology and big data in general practice is long overdue and it signifies a move towards granting greater control over personal health. Going digital has a plethora of potential benefits to patients and clinicians alike. Enabling a more joined-up care system, by connecting care givers and sharing clinical information, digital care can streamline processes, improve clinical decision-making, reduce errors with an aim to improving patient outcomes and increasing efficiency in care....   [tags: Health care, Patient, Health care provider]

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Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives: Myth or Reality?

- Introduction Firstly recorded in the report of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) survey in 1995, (Servon, 2002), the term Digital Divide presents an interesting quandary of information and communication technologies (ICT) disparities among countries in the world, especially between developed and developing countries. Many reports even showed that access to ICT in these information “have” and “have-nots” countries was unequally even (Bridges.org, 2001; Fuchs & Horak, 2008; Norris, 2001 ; Van Dijk, 2009)....   [tags: Technology ]

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Digital Networks: Thte Digital Subscriber Line

- Introduction: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) has started its origin from a telephone company desires to offer an end to end digital network as a service and named it as "integrated services digital network (ISDN)". Being a low speed in the communication is one of the major defect in ISDN. The low speed is due to the “crosstalk” between telephone lines, crosstalk is nothing but the electromagnetic coupling between lines. The crosstalk from all other telephone lines result in large noise which reduces the data rates....   [tags: crosstalk, data transmission, telephone]

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Importance of Bridging the Digital Divide

- Children today are not born with an umbilical cord, but a computer cord. Kids aren’t the way they use to be. How many times have you caught yourself thinking or saying this. Theories today believe that children form these generations are actually different, meaning their brains are different from when we were children. What can we do about it, or should we do anything at all. This paper will examine children today and the difference between the generations. Secondly, due to the difference in generations, the importance of maintaining social interaction, critical thinking and problem solving skills, which, are just as important as technical fluencies for the 21st century....   [tags: Technology Society]

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A Comparison of Digital and Analog Radiology

- The debate over the best type of radiology, analog or digital, is ongoing as new improvements along with new problems and concerns continue to fuel the fire. Analog and Digital, both have their own share of positive and negative aspects. Here, we will look at the three types of radiology that can be used in modern vet clinics, and describe the “pros” and “cons” of each type. The three types are: Digital Radiology, Computed Radiology, and Analog Radiology. Digital radiology, or DR, refers to a computer-based form of X-ray technology that uses digital imaging instead of traditional X-ray film to create medical images....   [tags: vet clinics, computed radiology,x-rays]

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A Digital Badge For Civility At Work

- A Digital Badge for Civility at Work In a traditional sense, certificates of achievement signified completion of a skill learned and accomplished that was received by a student or employee from a teacher or instructor. For example, an employee may receive recognition for perfect attendance or a piano student for memorizing piano scales. Digital badges serve as a technically updated version of paper certificates. Raish and Rimland (2016) informed that “Digital badges are an educational innovation used to measure learning of specific skills, such as information literacy” (p....   [tags: Employment, Learning, Skills, Skill]

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The Impact of Digital Signal Processing

- There are a great number of applications for Digital Signal Processing and in order to better understand why DSP has such a large impact on multiple aspects of society, it helps to better understand the wide variety of applications it can be used for. Here we will briefly look into the following applications of Digital Signal Processing and their uses; speech and audio compression, communications, biomedical signal processing and applications in the automobile manufacturing industry. Li Tan [1] goes into detail with each of these applications in his book, Digital Signal Processing, and explains how each are used on a daily basis....   [tags: Economic Impact of Wireless Technology]

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Is the Future of Art Digital?

- The basis of this essay is to address the question of the future of art, is it digital. There will be considerations into the development of technology, how it impacts art, how it affects society in terms of how people interact with the world and comparisons with the findings of renowned practitioners on the subject. Art itself consists of various techniques and mediums utilised by practitioners in a visual form to portray an event, idea or communicative purpose. In this contemporary era, art has diverged in to varied styles and movements, majority between the traditional arts and digital arts....   [tags: art tools and techniques]

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A Interview On Digital Media And Communities

- ... Part of the survey being conducted with my dissertation considers legal concerns amongst community news editors about online publication of user-generated content. This material is not expected to appear in my dissertation, but will be part of a future project. I also have extensive teaching experience. Prior to beginning the Scripps program I spent several years as an adjunct teaching a large number of classes and advising a student newspaper. I have taught multiplatform reporting, design and editing, opinion and editorial writing, and online journalism....   [tags: Newspaper, Journalism, Mass media, Social media]

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Film Analysis : The Digital Age

- discrete moments in time so as to create iconic moments. Those black and white photographs are more closely affiliated with memory than with immediate experience. Pedro simulates the metaphorical memory with the fusion of moments into a single representation. According to Pedro, people get unsure about an image produced digitally for the documentary. The digital age has opened a whole new world of alterations. He finds any such alteration no different than what ordinary film was editing. One can create a documentary story by creating a stronger image by organizing and adding pics of information to complete a picture....   [tags: Photography, Image, Camera, Photograph]

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Digital And Its Impact On Education

- In higher education, traditional students are characterized as 18-22 in age, majority Caucasian, full-time and interested extra-curricular activities (Falk & Blaylock, 2010). Today’s undergraduate students are classified as “digital natives,” because of their advanced exposure to the Internet, social media and other technology since birth (Liang 2010). The digital natives who started their undergraduate education in fall 2013 grew up when PCs, email, text messages, DVDs, smartphones, and the Internet already existed (Levine & Dean, 2013)....   [tags: Higher education, University]

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The Disparity Of The Digital Divide

- ... On the other hand, developing nations would not be able to expand their Internet access because they do not have as many telephone lines or the means to invest in them. In essence, limited access to basic infrastructure will affect the Internet access underdeveloped nations are able to provide their citizens. To further support the claim, one can examine a study conducted by the International Telecommunications Union and the World Bank in which results proved that the level of economic stability is positively correlated with Internet access....   [tags: Technology, Internet, Developed country]

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The Segregation of Gender: Digital Divide

- In today's society, the factor of segregation is no longer based on the discrimination of race, but rather the knowledge of digital capabilities. The development of technology and its advancement separates many individuals through its availability. The term “digital divide” represents the increase in the gap between those who have technology readily available to them and those who do not have access to computers and Internet usage. The lack of access to these technologies and the lack of understanding the digital capabilities that change daily, reflects this growth....   [tags: Gender Studies ]

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The Growing Popularity of Digital Currencies

- Digital currency is a kind of electronic money, which has boosted in popularity and grabbed the attention of many enterpreneurs. It is distinguished from another electronic money,because it is a cryptocurrency. That means that no one can track the transaction. The most wide-spread cryptocurrency is a Bitcoin. Being a new product on the market, digital currency became a sharply arguable topic. Indeed,it is difficult to decide if it is a successful venture or not. Currently the product has more disadvantages,than advantages....   [tags: cryptocurrency, bitcoins, regulations]

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Influence of Digital Social Networks

- Influence Of Digital Social Networks Social networks have immensely shaped as well as changed the contemporary society. Human interactions, in various settings, such as the workplace and social spaces have been extremely re-designed that a person can communicate, interact, and share his or her daily life experiences with whomever he or she pleases with just a few clicks of the button. Digital social networking has influenced all age groups and aspects of human life. Therefore, if implemented in the correct manner, it stands exceedingly useful in helping individuals and entities, such as businesses flourish and become prosperous (1)....   [tags: Social Networks, Technology]

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The Invention of Digital Photography

- The Invention of Digital Photography Photography has been around since the 19th century, although it was not as advanced as it is today. It is an incredibly unique art form; it has the potential to capture a moment in time unlike any other medium. What makes it even more unique is that photography has only existed for a few decades which is unlike any other medium. It has made incredible advances since the day it was discovered. In the words of Gordon Baldwin and Martin Jürgens in their book Looking At Photographs, “Cameras have undergone nearly infinite permutations, from the tiny wooden boxes built and used in the mid-1830s by William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877), and which her referred to...   [tags: evolution of picture technology]

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The History of Digital Cinema

- ... 2K Resolution is related to digital cinema; it is a primary method of storing video as an electronic copy contained inside a storage device. Computer severs and hard drives are used to store the contents of the video. Digital cinema creates an electronic projection onto a large screen instead of projecting hard light like in traditional cinema projection. Although digital cameras are not exactly new, along with post production houses that have used digital technology for many years, there has been a big push for all-digital distribution which will eventually lead to the fall of motion picture film production by the end of 2015....   [tags: film, television, HDTV]

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Psychological Aspects Of Digital Forensics

- M7A1 Essay: Psychological Aspects of Digital Forensics This paper will briefly identify and explain the psychological aspects of digital forensics. It will further examine the role of psychological profiling in digital forensic investigations. Lastly, it will examine the various stresses that digital crime investigations places on the digital forensics investigator. Digital forensics is almost like observing someone’s complete psyche, you see that person’s likes and dislikes. You are viewing their hates and loves; you are finding things they don’t want to share with anyone else in the entire world....   [tags: Forensic science, Computer forensics]

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The Creation of Digital Media for Adolescents

- ... The application of the Piagetian theory, in regards to the creation of children’s digital media, primarily focuses on the cognitive limitations of preoperational thinking in children under the age of five. Children in the preoperational stage have difficulty understanding the content of television (Marzzarella 66). When media producers develop a show for an audience of toddlers and preschoolers, they must take into account the child’s inability to comprehend complex story lines, differentiate fiction from reality, and understand violence....   [tags: child, context, content, choice, application]

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Digital Literacy : Is It Necessary For Schools?

- ... While parents focus their money on books on reading, writing, and math, they think that technology would only be a distraction. But, these parents may not realize that using technology, especially in school could not only help access online material, but it can also help them improve their education. For example, people can use technology to help them with reading. If a student read from a book and didn’t have technology, they would probably need a dictionary in order to figure what some words mean....   [tags: Writing, Education, Reading, Microsoft Word]

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The Social Effects of Digital Technology

- Introduction: Digital technology was introduced thanks to numerous technological improvements, which have developed and changed society. As expected Postman (1992), “a new technology does not add or subtract something. It changes everything.” Digital technology is basically any software using or based on the binary code, a coding system using the binary digits 0 and 1 to represent a letter, digit, or character in a computer or any other electronic device. Both households and businesses use this technology for various purposes, such as entertainment, productivity, communication, etc....   [tags: Technology ]

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The Impact Of Digital Technology On Education

- ... Similarly, Rushkoff (2013) states physical interaction, such as physical touch, eye contact, gestures and facial expressions, cannot be simulated through the use of digital medium. Digital encounters should have a clear purpose to engage the child with others and the world, so that learning is meaningful, however it is important that children do not become obsessed with the digital toys and exclude real world engagement (Sosa, 2016). Children at this age have not developed the skills to self regulate (Rowen, 2010)....   [tags: Childhood, Educational psychology, Technology]

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The Future Of Digital Textbooks

- “Ripe for digital destruction,” (A Textbook) were words of the late Steve Jobs referring to the enormous potential for the textbooks industry. He believed the textbook market to be worth an estimated 8 billion dollars in the U.S. alone. His vision was to lessen the burden of carrying heavy textbooks around, while also offering them as a free feature with the iPad. He wanted to change the culture of textbooks forever. The essay “What are the Enablers and Barriers to Successful Adoption and Commercialization of Digital Textbooks,” discusses the many benefits and drawback of transitioning to digital textbooks....   [tags: Education, technology]

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Digital Technology And The Internet

- ... According to a research conducted by Vodafone Digital Parenting guide, which “sheds light on the role of digital technology in modern family life,” “most parents and children believe their family lives have been enriched by technology, and more than nine out of 10 kids feel they have more opportunities thanks to technology.” Digital technology, if used appropriately, can help create more interactive and educational fun time in family. Digital technology and the internet have helped advancement in the health sector....   [tags: Social network service, MySpace, Internet]

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The Rise of Digital Music

- The rise of digital music In 1997, the world music industry belonged to the Big-Four (including four record labels: Sony-BMG, Warner, EMI and Universal) achieved 45 billion dollar in revenue, a figure unprecedented in history. However, since the two software sharing P2P (peer-to-peer network) Kazaa and Napster launched in 1999 and 2004, the label has started witnessing their heyday down slope. Since 2000, global music sales have dropped to levels 25-30 billion per year. With this rate of decline, by 2009, global music sales are only from 21-23 billion....   [tags: Music]

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The Social Impact of Digital Media

- In the past decade, the rise in internet usage has become exponential. It has paved the way for an amalgamated globalized media network working towards bringing people together and exposing them to a wealth of information at the same time. Digital in nature, the internet is like a global village allowing everyone unlimited access to anything, anytime and anywhere. It transcends physical boundaries allowing connections on an individual, personal and professional level. More importantly, the beauty of the internet lies in the fact that it is interactive and encourages participation as well as a sense of community when compared to traditional forms of media....   [tags: Transformations in Human Communication]

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Marketing Analysis : Digital Marketing

- Digital marketing is a growing field that “promotes products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.” Examples of “advertising mediums that might be used as part of the digital marketing strategy of a business could include promotional efforts made via the Internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboards, as well as via digital and television and radio channels” (businessdictionary.com) This method of advertisement makes a digital marketing analyst necessary to help navigate a company through the proper marketing channels....   [tags: Marketing, Advertising, Marketing research]

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Digital Technology And Law And Ethics

- Digital Technology and Law and Ethics This essay will discuss the legal and ethical issues and debates associated with the use of creative digital technology in the production, manipulation, distribution, circulation, and consumption of creative media products. YouTube has allowed people to express their creativity circumventing established media outlets. However unlike established media outlets most people are unaware of the laws protecting other peoples work and this has led to an increase in copyright infringement (Warren, 2012)....   [tags: Copyright, Copyright infringement, Internet]

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