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Clothing and the Culture of Fashion

- Clothing has always been an important part of society, with evidence from the earliest human civilizations. In history, climate, religion and political factors played a role in the fabrication, styling and even color of the garments that people wore. Today, the fashion industry is multi-faceted, and while climate and religion are still some factors in how we dress, there are many more influences in what we choose to wear. Time and time again, designers reference historical styles and push them into modern trends....   [tags: Fashion]

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Culture and Fashion

- Many pop stars, such as Selena Gomez, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, and more, have been pictured wearing a bindi. Most people see this as a unique fashion choice, an accessory that adds depth to an outfit. However, this is a situation where someone has pushed cultural appreciation too far. In modern society, people blur the line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation; which produces negative side effects such as the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes and degradation of a sacred tradition....   [tags: Pop Stars, Celebrities, Fashion, Style]

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Difference Between Historic And Contemporary Fashion

- Introduction fashion is the world of up-to-date words, so some people often hang in the mouth and it frequently appear in newspapers and media. Many people have different understanding of fashion, so some think fashion is simple, but it is sometimes costly waste and sometimes fashion just do unconventional or unorthodox something to give a person the refreshing sense of fashion style (Marie and Sophie, 2013, 76). Because fashion is relative, it has its scope of application. It is fashionable for some people, but it can not be for others....   [tags: Clothing, Fashion, Culture, Popular culture]

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Analysis of the Fashion Industry

- The fashion industry creates all the clothes that one is wearing at any moment of the day, from hats and hair accessories to undergarments to buttons to shoes. One could pursue either a creative or business career in the fashion industry. The fashion industry affects society both positively and negatively, especially negatively, in ways like eating disorders, providing sizes for plus-size consumers, and representation of plus-size models and ethnically diverse models. There are also problems within the fashion world, like counterfeiting of luxury brands, fast fashion, and working conditions in factories....   [tags: size zero culture, fashion, clothes]

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French Culture from Guillotines to Fashion

- Did you know that the guillotine was still being used when the movie Star Wars (1977) was released. Perhaps you were unaware that the French celebrate almost a dozen national holidays every year. Maybe you were uniformed that about a third to a half of basic English words are derived from French words, including but not limited to: surf, view, strive, challenge, pride, and war. As you can see from the above information, the country of France has has a long and convoluted history, during which their advanced military, culture, and holidays have developed greatly....   [tags: military, traditions, holidays]

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Culture during the 20s-40s: Great Gatsby

- History has shown that music, dance and fashion have a great affect on society and culture. Iconic artists and performers, and particular events during these decades influenced many rebellious outbreaks going against societal norms. The “Roaring 20s” (1920-30), had a major impact on adolescent behavior in America, starting in New Orleans, moving into Chicago and later, New York City. Throughout the 1930s-1940s a new adolescent culture emerged, influenced by early upheavals during the 1920s. The twenties were years of prodigious changes and prosperity in many areas of society; for example, revolutionary changes in music and attitude of the people....   [tags: Hisotry, Culture, Music, Dance, Fashion]

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Exploring Social Patterns in the Renaissance Through Fashion

- Exploring Social Patterns in the Renaissance Through Fashion Fashion reflects the attitudes of a society more than any other art form. Like art, fashion is a material record of the ideals that swayed the nations at the time of their creation. Through examining the styles, and tastes of a particular era, we can realize where the interests and priorities of a time lie. As Frank Parsons wrote in his 1920 study, The Psychology of Dress, "There is surly no better field in which to trace the devious paths of human thought than in that of clothes, where man has ever given free play to self expression, in a way which, thought not always a credit to his intelligence, is yet quite true to his innerm...   [tags: Social Culture Clothes Fashion Essays]

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The World’s Unlikeliest Fashionistas

- In the Congo, there is a group of people who have “chosen to exalt in the pleasure of extravagant clothes they have absolutely no practical reason to wear” (Downey). They are known as Sapeurs, or members of the Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes (Society of Atmosphere-makers and Elegant People). Because they are “positioned at the epicenter of chaos, poverty and civil war,” it seems illogical for them to dress in such a refined manner (Downey). Despite typically working menial jobs, these gentlemen wear expensive European brands, but they aren’t rich....   [tags: Congo, Sapeurs, fashion, culture, clothing]

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The Undeniable Influence of Kanye West

- The Undeniable Influence of Kanye West Kanye Omari West, an icon of hip-hop, pop culture, fashion and music in general. Kanye Omari West, a person belittled against and a person subjected to a life of racism and hate. Born on June 8th, 1977, Donda West, West’s mother, always knew he was destined for greatness, but did she know her son would turn out to be the Kanye West, a man lacking the respect he deserves for transforming a big part of the music we listen to on this very day. West came onto the scene in the late nineties but didn’t release The College Dropout until 2004, an album that took everybody by surprise....   [tags: Hip Hop Icon, Pop Culture, Fashion, Music]

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The Jewelry We Wear

- The Jewelry We Wear Our tastes in jewelry are often fostered by our heritage, cultural background and ethnicity. Many of the unique pieces we see people wearing today steam from old cultural and ethnic roots. African and Asian influences are two prominent styles that often float in and out of popular culture and fashion as trends and style change. Usually found in silver jewelry, Celtic design is beautiful for its simple elegance. Basic lines come together to form elaborate designs. Celtic designs are also found in a lot of modern jewelry....   [tags: Culture Fashion Papers]

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Fashion as Fashion Photography

- Fashion is an evolving subject. Fashion Photography, as Fashion itself has transformed too. The way Fashion Photography has changed a lot to what it was and what it is now. And yes it would have changed as a lot has transformed through the years of fashion. Fashion Photography’s meaning and representation has changed in a way that the image represents something that sometimes is not realistic, Photography as an illusion. Fashion Photography has changed in the way we look at it know, it has changed gender issues, sexuality, ethnicity and the way the body has been portrayed....   [tags: Fashion, Fashion Photography, ]

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The Advancement of the Australian Fashion Industry

- Executive Summary The Australian Fashion industry has advanced drastically over the past 50 years, through style changes and technological advancements. The underlying system has stayed the same within the fashion industry, aside from all the changes. This fashion system, built up of the components of the internal system within the fashion industry and the factors affecting them, is the base guidelines to what the fashion industry is about. The Australian fashion industry developed it individual identity in the past 20 years, before which it adapted the looks that evolved mainly from Europe....   [tags: culture, style, design]

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The Many Changes of Fashion

- What is Fashion. Fashion is a general term used to describe a style of clothing or practice used by people around the world. Fashion refers to anything that is a trend. Self-presentation is the most direct noticeable marker of fashion. Throughout history we have seen many changes in clothing, from the color, to the material used to make it. We have also seen the style in which clothing is made change drastically. Fashion communicates meanings that have individual and social significance. Society, cultures, gender and even political authority have impacted fashion over the years....   [tags: Fashion ]

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The Significance of Clothing and Fashion in Both Ancient and Modern World

- 4.0 Different Aesthetic Concept 4.1 British Simile Culture: Personality and Comfortable of Clothing Unlike the Chinese clothing design worn during the Warring State Period, the Elizabethan period clothing was worn more for fashion than for comfort. This is an interesting observation given that even the under garments worn next to the skin were modified to help improve the appearance of the wearers. Members of the society endowed with great wealth (mostly members of the royal family and upper class) wore shirts as their inner garments, the women version of the shirt referred to as “smock” (La Mar, 1958)....   [tags: Culture ]

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Exploring the Relationship Between Fashion and Dance

- Having been a dancer for several years and a budding fashion designer, it has always eluded me why there is rarely a clear direct link between the two. Occassionally, dance dabbles in fashion, seeping in through sportswear and some flashy television commercials, but it’s rare to find any more depth in it. Fashion appears to found in dance, but most of this comes in the form of costumes for shows. My own experience of semi-professional urban dance styles only touches the surface of dance as a whole, and by no means is a fair representation of it, but it’s enough to have intrigued me to find out more....   [tags: Fashion]

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The Hippie Culture

- Culture, a concept created by Anthropologist, relates to the way human beings are taught to behave, feel, and think from the time they are born. (Eicher, Evenson & Lutz, 2008) Anthropologists suggest that large societies are composed of smaller groups, called subcultures. The people in each of these groups do not always agree with members of other groups about values, meaning and cultural forms. (Eicher, Evenson & Lutz, 2008) In society people dress themselves for varied reasons, including protection of the body, extension of the body’s abilities, beautification and nonverbal communication....   [tags: Fashion, Subculture]

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Models and Fashion Impact Young Women

- The majority of commercials for beauty supplies or a clothing line include a beautiful, thin young woman modeling the product. As a result, teenage girls start to believe that they have to be a toothpick to be beautiful or model like. However, this was not true in the 50s. The 50s hit sensation Marilyn Monroe was considered one of the most beautiful women in that time period, yet she did not try lose weight. Marilyn Monroe was definitely one of the most influential women of the 20th century because of her views on body image, her unique fashion statements, and her impact on pop culture....   [tags: culture, communication, transmission]

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Change in Women's Fashion throughout Australian History

- Popular culture is set of behaviours and values shared by a community in a certain time. This essay aims to examine the change of women’s fashion throughout Australian history and how Australia’s popular culture has helped change this. After reading this essay it will be clear that women’s fashion has evolved in response to the increased rights and independence of women. During the 1940’s there was a great depression due to the Second World War. Because most men were fighting in the war many women began taking on the men’s jobs....   [tags: popular culture]

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Fashion Project

- After I knew that what I should do for my programme of study, I set the objective to arrange the time line and research for gain the information of this project. Started from research about fashion and trends because I didn’t finish Bachelor’s degree in Fashion, so I need to know some information about to be useful for my project. The first research that I did in the first semester is about writing the diary to arrange the time and what I should do in the first fifteen weeks. Counting from the first week, I had plan to see the fashion show of London Fashion Weekend in London to get some experience about fashion, trends and some of exhibitions....   [tags: Fashion]

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Recent Changes to Popular Culture

- Popular Culture consisted of many rapid changes in terms of art and media. Art took form in music, fashion, film/television, pop art, photography, and sculpture, and other styles. Media took for also in film, television, and fashion, as mass consumerism rapidly expanded in western households. Media and art in the Pop Culture era established a non-stylistic approach to how the world is perceived (Whiteley 1985:45). “But pop did affect taste. It made us less conservative, less sure of our taste, more tolerant, and more open minded....   [tags: art, media, fashion]

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Nazism In Popular Culture

- Nazism In Popular Culture Nazism is alive and all around us. The Third Reich is arguably the most studied and talked about regime of the modern era yet most people don’t understand that we are virtually surrounded by Nazism in our pop culture. Everything from: bands, slang terms and fashion are influenced by the powerful images and branding of the Nazi party. Branding that was the face of terror and genocide. Every day we hear terms on the streets, film or television. Phrases like "Open Source Nazi", "Grammar Nazi", "ubergeek" and "Feminazi" are examples of those in use....   [tags: music, fashion, third reich, nazi]

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Cultural Events Of French Fashion

- France Then and Now Generally, when people think of ‘fashion’, they instantly think about the “glitz and glamour” however, they never give much thought into the sociological aspect behind it. Humans by nature, do not gravitate towards ‘trendy’ clothes, one does it out of influence, better yet, out of sociocultural needs, which brings me to my next point. French fashion now and for past centuries has been out of influence and a reflection of cultural events. French fashion in the 18th century was predominantly influenced by Louis XIV and, society itself....   [tags: Clothing, Fashion, Family, Paris]

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The Relationship Between Fashion and Lifestyle

- The relationship Between Fashion and Lifestyle To begin with, I shall look at what fashion is; it is a currently popular style or practice involving clothing, footwear or accessories. It mostly refers to the current trends in looks and dressing style of a person (Cumming 234). In most cases, fashion is confusedly related to costumes; when a person talks of fashion they are seen to mean fashion in terms of textile. Fashion is seen to originate from the Western world and it is copied by other places....   [tags: Sociology, Dressing Styles, Change of Fashion]

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Fashion Week’s Impact on American Society

- Question When I was young, I had a large appeal with fashion week. My friend and I would impersonate the runway models in my living room, dressing up in my mother’s clothes and laying stuffed animals out like attendees. This fascination carried into high school, I found it as an opportunity to demonstrate my style to a larger audience. Fashion week was intriguing to me because it provided a way to express myself in a unique way and show a side of my own creativity. I anticipated this project would give me a chance to learn more about the role fashion week plays in society....   [tags: Fashion Show]

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Fashion Is The Most Powerful Art

- ... One major way that fashion has an impact on society is how it helps to separate social classes. Throughout the upbringing of a fashionable society the leisure classes continually had to change what they were wearing, the fashion, in order to re-establish the differences between them and the classes below them. Once the classes below the leisure classes had started to wear what the leisure classes were wearing, they had to find something new to redefine their differences (Barnard 103). Some people believe that fashion affects only the upper class, and is something that only the upper class do....   [tags: Sociology, Social class, Fashion, Working class]

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Ladies Fashion Clothing Boutique

- Throughout this essay, a thorough analysis will be made in relation to specific research on cultures of work in a particular work place. The workplace that will be focused on throughout this essay is a ladies fashion boutique. The main argument will focus on discourses of management throughout the concepts of what is considered as work in the retail sector, how the working environment is managed throughout the fashion industry, commitment in the workplace and relationship of teamwork. All these aspects of work will be tied in together to form a research based argument in relation to the fashion boutique....   [tags: Research Analysis, Ladies Fashion Boutique]

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Fashion Trends Around The World

- London is the home of British fashion designers who have influenced fashion trend around the world. British fashion designers were believed by fashion designers around the world that British fashion designers stimulate the fashion trend. However they have one style which is more powerful than others and that is ‘street fashion’. Research shows that Street Fashion became popular between 1960 and 1970 (Tucker, Andrew, 1998). The style emerged from teenagers who lived during World War Two. This is because during the war, there were not many items to use and the government was forced to ration its citizens such as individuals had to divide some foods and clothes together....   [tags: World War II, British Empire, Fashion design]

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The Cycle of Fashion

- The Cycle of Fashion Fashion is fuelled by conversion. Designers continually persuade the public that their new ideas, however shocking they may seem, are in fact everything that a stylish wardrobe requires. Next season, the same designers convince everyone to give up their allegiance to such out-modish designs and embrace instead the innovative visual trends of the latest collections. The same garments are successively dubbed 'outlandish', 'in fashion' and 'out-dated' according to the apparent vagaries of prevailing fashionable sensibilities....   [tags: Fashion Style Mode Essays]

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The Role of Fashion Promotion Within the Fashion Industry

- The Role of Fashion Promotion Within the Fashion Industry I am going to write about what the role of fashion promotion is within the fashion industry and discuss how it might develop in the next five years. To do this I shall review what fashion promotion is by defining it and finding out how, when and where it started. To understand what fashion promotion really is in a contemporary context I shall broadly look at how it is used and what many forms it has taken since the beginning up until the present day....   [tags: Fashion Industry Style ]

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How Anna Cora Mowatt Fashioned Her Fashion

- ... Mowatt’s play Fashion opened in 1845 and has been crowned as the best American comedy of the 19th century. This play is also known as Fashion: or, Life in New York. It can be considered a representative play due to Mowatt’s usage of satire to reveal America’s obsession with “highbrow taste and cultural distinction”. The Industrial Revolution formed America into a developing nation which attracted citizens and foreign immigrants to the expanding industrial towns for job opportunities. Competition and trade relations increased between the American and European nations....   [tags: plays, comedy, culture]

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Fashion Trends in the Fifties

- Fashion Trends in the Fifties “It was different in the USA, where wartime restrictions had been quickly removed, and where the new ‘consumer society’ was forging ahead – helped by new developments such as the start of the credit card system in 1950. But these differing conditions produced a similar effect on fashion both in Europe and America – a tendency to prefer the safe and normal, a veering away from the radical and extreme. ‘Normal’ felt good, especially with the memory of the war still so fresh in many people’s minds” (Baker 6)....   [tags: Fashion Retail Merchandising Essays Style]

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How Marketing Strategy Has Changed Within Fast Fashion Industry

- An evaluation of how marketing strategy have changed within Fast Fashion industry —“a case study on Zara” Chapter1 Introduction This chapter introduces the research background of the present study. The first section is the statement of the problem containing the business environment, the developing trend and academic background of the study. Next, the specific research questions and hypothesis which are the basis of this study are presented. Last, the significance and limitations of the present research are followed....   [tags: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Fashion, Strategy]

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18th Century Fashion and It’s Influence on 21st Century Trends

- Have you ever noticed how fashion is constantly repeating itself. There are several trends that have come, gone, and come again. A few examples are bell bottoms, skinny jeans, leg warmers, and flannel shirts. But how far back do the repeating trends go. Styles from the 20th century repeat but some trends and styles you see today go back much further than that. Although 18th century clothing was a lot more elaborate then todays you can see its influence in fashion today. Although there are several examples of this two that will be discussed are the corset and the mens suit....   [tags: Fashion ]

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Popular Culture And High Culture

- ... Being African American means more than just having descendants from Africa or having distinct physical features. It is about a culture that has been resilient for hundreds of years in a country that devalued its people. The best word to describe African American or Black Culture is resourceful. There are aspects of this culture, such as the folk music and food that came about because slave used what they had available to them and made the best out of it. Now, it has grown to a culture that is not only valued by its people, but also is used by others that do not associate with being African American or Black....   [tags: Culture, Popular culture, High culture]

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How Did American Culture Change During the Jazz Age?

- ... Women also had the right to vote, but some women didn’t use that right because they had believed it was for men. Though other women saw this as a chance to get involved with politics. Women still didn’t have the same power as men, but women were involved with committees that were nation wide and focused on improving social issues. If a woman were to go to college after graduating high school, she would attend a private college or an all female college. In North Carolina, UNC allowed women graduate students housing opportunities in 1921....   [tags: dance, women, fashion]

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A True Culture Shock

- The United States is a continent with a diverse existing population today; this country is known as a melting pot of different cultures, each one unique in its own respect. Culture; differentiate one societal group from another by identification beliefs, behaviors, language, traditions, Art, fashion styles, food, religion, politics, and economic systems. Through lifelong and ever changing processes of learning, creativity, and sharing, culture shapes our patterns of behavior and thinking. A culture’s significance is so profound that it touches almost every aspect of who and what we are....   [tags: Culture]

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The, Fashion, By Stephen Fried, An Investigative Journalist

- ... It may resemble a game because the people involved are steadily competing to look the best. Due to the fact that style changes ever so quickly with society they must treat it like a job. In Hollywood, fashion has always been portrayed as money, luxury clothing and accessories. In many ways that is a fact, but it is not a requirement to wear Prada or Louboutin to be considered apart of the fashion universe. Typically high class vogue is represented by celebrities. In each class they have what they consider a fashionista....   [tags: Fashion, Haute couture, Clothing, Vogue]

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Culture And Its Impact On Society

- ... For instance, where there used to be one or two shows that people could watch and relate to, there are now hundreds. On almost every channel, there is a new reality show series targeted towards a variety of audiences. In all actuality, or perhaps just my opinion, these shows hold no value. For instance, watching grown women fight over men or watching dating shows in which women and men are pawned off or played with until the main character decides who he or she wants to be with, to me, adds no value to our culture....   [tags: Culture, Globalization, Popular culture]

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How Fashion Industry And The Media Manipulate And Take Girls

- ... Even though showing healthier models could help increasing women’s self-esteem and get rid of the expectations they are pressured to meet right now, there’s a crucial factor that keeps fashion industry from stopping this; the money factor. Marianne Thesander suggests that the fashion industry creates such unreal ideals of femininity to sell products; “ The fashion and beauty industries can always sell their products by fabricating new ideal images which also appeal to the more liberated woman, who rarely likes to admit that it is important to them to be attractive.” The idea that an unrealistic and unobtainable image of feminine beauty is necessary to sell fashion and beauty products is...   [tags: Clothing, Fashion, The Beauty Myth, Vogue]

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Having a Career in Fashion Design

- Having a Career in Fashion Design The fashion design career, has recently emerged as one of the most popular and competitive among young people. Those who actually succeed in design have a very individualistic personal style and don’t follow trends set by others. Having fashion design as your profession sometimes allows you to meet glamorous people. It can also put you in charge of what is in and out when it comes to clothing through ramp shows and fashion write-ups. Most designers have a great social status, and are accepted by everyone....   [tags: Fashion Employment Education Essays]

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Dress and Fashion

- Dress and fashion can be used not only to symbolize culture, religion or spirituality, but it can also be used as a tool of oppression as well as liberation. For many people, dress is an expression of personality, faith, choice and identity. It can also deeply affect one’s spiritual self and help connect the wearer to her inward self. Marco Pallis describes the significance and meaningfulness between dress and spiritual identity and how, according to him, clothing ranks among the most important but least analyzed sites of colonization....   [tags: Psychology, Expressions and Thoughts]

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The Fashion Industry : Zelda Wynn Valdes And Olivier Rousteing

- With African Americans being apart of the fashion industry, they faced many hardships. However, they created a distinctive voice in the history of fashion. Throughout the early twentieth century, Blacks designers influenced the fashion industry in America, having, “a system and structure for maintaining their particular type of fashion.” African American fashion was very popular and caught the attention from the media. Department stores held successful fashion shows, screened fashion movies, and staged fashion pageants....   [tags: Black people, African American, Fashion, Vogue]

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The Impacts of Fast Fashion and Technology on the Fashion Industry

- ... Prêt- à-Porter (Ready to Wear) ‘Due to technological advances, military uniforms were the first ready-to-wear garments to be mass-produced during the War of 1812.High-quality ready-to-wear garments for men became generally available soon thereafter, as the relatively simple, flattering cuts and muted tones of the contemporary fashion made proportionate sizing possible in mass production. As female fashion was, at the time, still highly ornate and dependent on a precise fit, ready-to-wear garments did not become widely available for women until much later’ (Hollander 1992, p27-33)....   [tags: couture, ready-to-wear, designers]

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A Brief Note On Religion And Popular Culture

- ... White envied that characteristic, which he himself imposed on the native people, and wishes to see that in his European people. White’s fascination with popular culture masks an underlying element of material component, which are the hidden economic and social influences. This same statement goes for German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder. Herder believed that geography alone has a large impact on the formation of the natural economy of people and shaping their customs and society. In the text, Reflections on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind, Herder states that the ways of life is sought and earn happiness meaning to have an active and striving for practical everyday needs....   [tags: Culture, High culture, Popular culture, Europe]

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Analysis : Personal Company Culture

- 1. Description of the Practice The article I have found is from Forbes.com and it focuses on the company Zappos. Zappos started out as an online shoe selling company that has expanded on more items (such as accessories ad clothing for both genders) and is also now a subsidiary of the widely known company, Amazon. The article describes of a unique employee-employer relationship where the employers empower the employees to influence the overall culture. This is done through the employees having the monthly chance to issue a bonus award to who they believe is a deserving coworker (Pontefract, 2015)....   [tags: Employment, Management, Structure, The Culture]

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Unavoidable Changes in Pop Culture

- Unavoidable Changes “Popular culture moves through our world at warp speed” (Aufses, Scanlon, Shea 707). For example, current events that take place by day are the main topics by night. Even videos posted on the internet can become the biggest trend overnight, but disappear just as quick. Without realizing it, everyday these trends of thought affect the way we dress, live and think. Whether we like it or not, these thoughts are manipulated by popular culture. It is undeniable that “we are creatures of outside influences; as a rule we do not think, we only imitate” (Source A)....   [tags: Popular Culture, Media]

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Culture Behind the Curtain

- ... They greatly influenced younger people who saw the world with more open eyes, and they kept infecting more and more people. Dissemination of Western culture into the USSR, as planned early in the Cold War, was affecting the Soviet public psyche. Cultural infiltration as a means of fracturing the confines of life under communism took hold; Soviet knowledge of the West was factually redefined, eschewing communist propaganda campaigns and begging the question of why Soviets had so much less than their foreign counterparts....   [tags: Soviet-American relations, culture]

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The Impact of Fashion in the 1920s

- Nothing would be the same today if society hadn’t experienced its most unprecedented transformation that transpired during the 1920’s. This famous decade later on came to be known as the roaring twenties. It got its name as a result of the epidemic that changed the country from a nation of conservancy into a nation of diversification. One of the reasons for this epidemic came through the use of fashion. This alteration occurred essentially in large cities towards the western side of the country, like New York....   [tags: unprecedented transformations]

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The Development and Changers of Fashion

- Fashion is usually put into the same category as clothes and/or accessories. But it really is more than that. It is all about how it was made and the actual work that goes into it. Sometimes, the type of clothes you wear can help you express your inner beauty and personality. A long time ago, when people wore nothing at all, the idea that you should put something on your body to cover it up was crazy. So basically, fashion was invented much as everything else. There is no easy way to determine when clothing was first esablished....   [tags: clothing, designers, chanel]

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- Cathy, a flagship of the intemperance, luxury and economic peculiarity rests on a point where the main emphasis is put on the materialistic, intellectual and moral issues (Cathy, 2003). Fashion is said to have an equal parallel to architecture judging from the sense of personal belonging and to the extent of detachment to it. Therefore, architecture puts itself in a position of social exclusion or inclusion to the ordinary social life of individuals. In normal ordinary life, people have moved an extra mile to use an extra cost to gain the right to feel that they can belong, personally identify, fit in elite and even acquire completeness through acquiring certain branded products irrespective...   [tags: Social Life, Consumerism]

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Clothes and Fashion of the Elizabethan Era

- ... It was a long lasting fabric that took dye very well. Fulled wool was more tough and durable. Both wool and linen were in finer weaves that were more for the upper class. Lawn was probably the finest weave out of all of them. Most of the upper class wore clothes made of silk, satin, and velvet, in addition to wool and linen. Most of the Elizabethan artwork reflected the clothing worn by royalty, the nobility, and the elite. More expensive linens were bleached in the sun or block printed. Most of the embellishments included braiding, borders, ribbon trim, lace, embroidery, gems and pearls that got sewed onto the clothing....   [tags: nobility, costume, fabric]

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Racism And The Fashion Industry

- ... This shows that diversity in the fashion industry needs to improve a lot more. Furthermore, modeling agencies cast the same common black models in their shows even though there are a bunch of fresh new faces. It is very good for those models of color who are booking haute couture fashion shows. Naomi Campbell, the world’s most famous African American model, is an example of one of those models who often get casted to walk more often than other girls. She is a British supermodel from the 1980’s who is still modeling today....   [tags: African American, Race, Black people]

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Fine Art, Fashion and Design

- My essay is going to be a discussion on whether fine art, fashion and designers are linked with each other. On starting my essay I looked up the definition of Fine art, the term is used to distinguish the variation of creative art forms, developed by humans. Some of the many concepts which fall under this category are painting, drawing, calligraphy, sculpture etc. I agree that fine art uses lots of visually appealing methods which seem graceful, like calligraphy the work produced is quite delicate and pretty....   [tags: Art]

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Culture May Shape The Interpretation of the World

- Imagine two different people who went to Vancouver Fashion show at the same time. They went to the same places, participated in the same activities and observed the same show. However, their understandings and interpretations of the fashion show should not be the same because their understandings of the event are shaped and influenced by their own culture and traditions. Culture can be regarded as a shared system of meaning and value, which are usually variable, that influences and shapes our interpretations of the world....   [tags: Culture and traditions, women, style]

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How Culture Has A Significant Influence On Human Development

- ... Japanese are expected to conform to certain societal norms which embrace collectivism. Any Japanese is a member of a group, and thus ideologies, practices and behavior ought to adhere to interests of the society. Individualism is considered a taboo and punishable by seclusion. Therefore, Japanese people tend to consult widely before reacting to any new situation and their actions are conformed by traditional beliefs hence rendering them appear primitive when compared to the western culture....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Japan, Western culture]

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Exposing Muslim Youth to American Culture

- Every second of every day, the Muslim American youth is exposed to fashion, music, and entertainment. The American culture glorifies Hollywood and all of this special kingdom’s “stars”; immersed in this environment, Muslim Americans intuitively start to follow these trends as they yearn for popularity and acceptance. When one walks toward Hollywood, Hollywood runs toward this individual, sucking him or her into the utopian paradise through magazines, reality shows, and celebrity news like a high-powered vacuum....   [tags: culture, entertainment, social networking]

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Teodor Adorno 's Critique on Mass Culture

- Teodor Adorno 's Critique on Mass Culture “ When I was, later, confronted to the problematic of measuring culture, I understood that culture had to be precisely this condition that exclude any mindset able to measure it” - Teodor Adorno - Before the development of education and mass communication techniques, the production and diffusion of culture followed a simple logic: only a cast of privileged – aristocrats and bourgeois - had access to a “high culture” (Curran, 1997). Only since the XXth century and the change of the political landscape as well as the evolution of technology and the liberalisation of the economy has this trend started to change....   [tags: aristocrats, bourgeois, culture]

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Culture : It 's More Than Food & Music

- ... In addition, this understanding of the Japanese social culture will assist Snap’s management team in avoiding the cultural pitfalls which adversely affect staff performance and overall business success. Equally important, a thorough understanding of Japanese organizational culture will greatly improve the organization’s probability of success in the host country. A strong organizational culture is one of the most sustainable competitive advantages a company can have because it is difficult to copy (Kokemuller)....   [tags: Culture, Cross-cultural communication]

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Marketing Analysis : Fashion Range Co

- ... As a company we believe that with the right amount resources, we can bring out the best qualities out of anything. A fashion which everyone will enjoy, while knowing that they are helping to protect the Earth with each helping hand. Striving to protect the world, we operate responsibility, economically, and sustainability for a beautiful, fashionable future for the next generation Five-year Recruitment Strategy To establish and expand a diverse team that helps encourage sustainable environment in different culture, and languages with a high sense of fashion in the industry....   [tags: Sustainability, Social responsibility]

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Hegemony and Youth Culture

- Hegemony is a concept that involves uses of power. It was created by Antonio Gramsci in order to understand the difference between dominant groups in society that have power and that use “intellectual and moral leadership” in an attempt to win over the less powerful submissive groups (Storey 8). In this way, hegemony will be demonstrated in youth culture. Willard states that the cultural authority of the dominant society must be questioned as to its legitimacy in the dominant role as the authority plays an important role in its production (739)....   [tags: Culture]

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What Defines Culture Is Important Aspect Of My Life

- What defines culture. Is it how we picture our selves in a society, our daily practices or even how we interact within our community. The answer to that question is hard to come across as almost every experienced anthropologist will proclaim, culture is strictly personal. It is what makes us who we are our beliefs and opinions on the world. As reference in the Mariam Webster Dictionary, culture is “ the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time” “Culture." Merriam-Webster....   [tags: Culture, Education, Sociology, High school]

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The Effects Social and Political Changes Had on Fashion in the 1980’s

- ... The interview also confirmed the research that men also grew their hair long in styles typically seen as feminine. When the style of the new romantics went mainstream many changed their look for sharper suits. In addition to this both genders wore similar clothing and cosmetics such as eyeliner and lipstick-something that could have partly been inspired by the punks. This “gender bending” is visibly obvious in the appearance for new romantic bands such as Boy George of Culture Club and Marilyn....   [tags: romantic fashions, punks]

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Hip Hop Culture

- Hip Hop culture has come from a inner city expression of life to a multi-billion dollar business. At the beginning of the new millennium it was the top selling genre in the pop charts. It had influences not only on music, but on fashion, film, television, and print. In 2004 Hip Hop celebrated its 30th year anniversary. It wasn’t big for the fact that it was still kicking. It was big because the once Black/Brown inner city culture had grown into a multi-billion dollar global phenomenon (Reeves). Hip Hop culture has provided a platform for all walks of life to speak their mind....   [tags: Culture ]

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The Culture Of A New Country

- ... This shows that the Pueblo that I visited was not economically advanced as people where still using animals as a form of transportation. Moreover, there was a few people in the Pueblo who owned and used vehicles as a mean of transportation, but not as many compared to the United States. In addition, the Pueblo did not have a great variety of big grocery stores to buy food, in contrast people bought food from six of the very small stores that were located in the Pueblo. If a person wanted to buy clothes they were required to travel to the nearest city and go to shopping centers....   [tags: Family, Culture, Mexico, The Culture]

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The, The Fashion Industry

- Berry, Hannah. “The Fashion Industry: Free to Be an Individual.” The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings and Handbook. 3rd ed. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2013. 52-57. Print. In the article, “The Fashion Industry: Free to Be an Individual” by Hanna Berry, Berry discusses how for decades women have been told to use certain products and that if they used those products they would be beautiful. Women over the years have believed this idea and would purchase items that promised to make them prettier, thinner, smarter and even more loved....   [tags: Kidney, Chronic kidney disease, Nephrology]

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Culture of Critique

- Americans have embraced debate since before we were a country. The idea that we would provide reasoned support for any position that we took is what made us different from the English king. Our love of debate came from the old country, and embedded itself in our culture as a defining value. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that the affinity for debate is still strong, and finds itself as a regular feature of the mainstream media. However, if Deborah Tannen of the New York Times is correct, our understanding of what it means to argue may be very different from what it once was; a “culture of critique” has developed within our media, and it relies on the exclusive opposition of two confl...   [tags: American Culture]

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Fast Fashion Industry: Growth of Zara and Inditex

- Fast fashion Fast fashion is merely more than a one hit wonder. The fast fashion industry has grown and has ultimately proven itself to be profitable industry in the clothing market. The retailer most distinguished for a fast fashion approach is Zara (Hayes & Jones, 2006). Zara is a child company of the parent company Inditex. Zara stores have established the stride for merchants around the globe in creating and shipping fashionable clothing (“Case 3-4. Continued Growth for Zara and Inditex”, 2013)....   [tags: marketing strategy, marketing mix, diversity]

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Pop Culture And Its Influence On Society

- ... It took a couple years for me to actually get my phone but when I did it gave me many opportunities to stay connected online and through text. Nowadays not only has technology improved but we have quick access to what’s “in” or what’s “hot” because of the 4G Internet. Not only do we have the internet, but the advancement in smart phones grew tremendously. Now it is even easier to gain access what is going on in our world. I started getting into social media when I was a freshmen in high school....   [tags: Popular culture, Culture, High culture]

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Pop Culture Has A Lasting Effect

- ... 6) Rock and roll music helped to re-shape music and influence the fashion of youth and satisfied the appetites of youth and adults who didn’t fit in. Between the 1970s and 1990s punk and disco came into play. This also helped to satisfy the appetite of those who were ready to make fun of old ways through satire. Danesi says, “punk was parody culture; confronting the hypocrisy of traditional moralism and the commercialism of society” (Danesi 14). With the help of punk music people were able to move past the conservative view from before....   [tags: Popular culture, Culture, High culture]

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Contemporary Aspects Of Pop Culture

- Our society today is extremely different than it was a hundred years ago. People don’t just dress differently; they act differently and see things from new perspectives. Life will never go back to the way it used to be. But how did our culture change so much. What happened in our past that brought society to this point. The answer lies in the 1960s. Various aspects in pop culture during this time period caused American society to become what it is today. The definition of pop culture is a combination of books, music, and other daily activities that make up the identity of a society....   [tags: Culture, Popular culture, 1960s, Subculture]

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Project Runway

- The main lights dim, the runway lights flash on and the audience grows excited. The models backstage grow nervous as the audience starts to cheer. The models are about to show off a new line of clothing from a designer that will become the newest trend in fashion. But what is fashion. Many people think about models, the runway, New York and expensive clothing when they hear the word fashion. But fashion is much more than that. Fashion is clothing that defines who a person is, their likes and dislikes, their personality and most importantly their culture....   [tags: Fashion]

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History of Fashion Trends

- Malcolm Barnard says in his book Fashion as Communication, "Fashion and clothing have always been explained as forms of communication" (39). American teenagers use fashion to communicate their feelings and beliefs. Throughout most decades teen fashion has proven to be a way of rebelling out how they feel and think about certain situations. They used fashion as a way of social contact with reference to scrutiny for all sorts of people. Fashion is a communication to use to convey with the world what their personality really says....   [tags: Clothing Clothes]

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The Relationship Between Gender And Popular Culture

- ... 113). The hegemonic ideals for gender varies between cultures and over time, and therefore must not be innate but rather a “condition that is actively under construction” (Connell 2002, p. 4). Stuart Hall put forth that media are the primary way that hegemonic ideology is maintained, and that whether aware of it or not, media discourse almost always upholds the “underlying, unquestioned frameworks and assumptions that serve dominant interests” (Hall 1982 cited in Hodkinson 2011, p. 113). Working off of Hall’s theory it can be concluded that popular culture, even more so than any other form of media as it is designed for mass appeal, reflects what are considered gender norms in our societ...   [tags: Popular culture, Culture, Mainstream]

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Fashion and Reflexive Advertising

- Ads are ubiquitous. Contemporary media-literate audiences know that one-third of a half-hour sitcom will be commercials, that magazines will contain more ads than articles, and that they will be bombarded with advertisements on the internet. The pervasiveness of ads has created spectators who are: "increasingly media-literate, cynical, and alienated...and because the number of ads continues to increase (clutter), advertising has undermined its own effectiveness by unintentionally negating the ability and the desire of viewers to respond" (Goldman and Papson, 83)....   [tags: Alienation Advertisements Ads Media]

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How Modern Fashion And Costume Designs Reflect The True Meaning And Beauty Of Women 's Fashion

- ... The Qing Dynasty The Qing dynasty (also known as the Manchu Dynasty) was founded by the Manchu clan Aisin Gioro as the last Imperial Dynasty of China. As a dynasty, it prospered in various ways. The most significant would be that the population nearly doubled during the 18th century (mid- Qing rule). This is a concrete example of the countries expansion and geographical mobility. The Machus were then officially established as the rulers. By the mid 18th century, the Qing dynasty also fully recovered economically from the wars that led to the overthrown Ming Dynasty....   [tags: Qing Dynasty, China, Han Chinese, Manchu]

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Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising College Degrees

- Fashion major students are often told that those interested in the field of fashion, cannot build real careers without design and merchandising qualifications. The fashion industry is a creative world of its own with many opportunities available. Fashion design involves artistic construction of clothing; whereas, fashion merchandizing is focused on the business aspect of fashion products. Based on the construction, business, and styling of clothing, fashion design and fashion merchandising are two different fields of study....   [tags: students, careers]

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Hip Hop's Effect on American Culture

- Hip hop has permeated popular culture in an unprecedented fashion. Because of its crossover appeal, it is a great unifier of diverse populations. Although created by black youth on the streets, hip hop's influence has become well received by a number of different races in this country. A large number of the rap and hip hop audience is non-black. It has gone from the fringes, to the suburbs, and into the corporate boardrooms. Because it has become the fastest growing music genre in the U.S., companies and corporate giants have used its appeal to capitalize on it....   [tags: Rap Music and Pop Culture Essays]

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The Myth of Rape Culture in America

- “Rape is as American as apple pie,” says blogger Jessica Valenti. She and other feminists describe our society as a “rape culture” where violence against women is almost invisible. According to feminists, films, magazines, fashion, books, music, and humor cooperate in conveying the message that women are there to be used, abused and exploited.(Kitchens, 2015) Rape culture, which was coined as a culture during the second wave of feminism during the early 1970’s and was, according to the encyclopedia of rape, “often used by feminists to describe contemporary American culture as a whole.” Rape culture, by definition though, is “a culture in which rape and other sexual violence (usually against...   [tags: Rape Culture Essays]

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Cultural Appropriation And The Appropriation Of A Culture

- ... Unfortunately, it is during this time that the diminishing of a culture to something that can be used as one’s own without permission most often appears. This can include unapproved use of another cultures’s music, dance, dialect, apparel, religious symbols, etc. In America, cultural appropriation for the most part takes place when the dominant culture “borrows” from the culture of a minority group. African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians generally tend to surface as the groups targeted for cultural appropriation....   [tags: Black people, United Kingdom, Culture]

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Fashion in the 1960's and 1970' s

- Fashion in the 1960's and 1970' s The sixties were a time of growing youth culture and youth fashions, which had already begun in the late fifties. In the west, young people were benefiting from the postwar industrial boom, and had no problem finding work. With extra cash in their pockets, they were able to spend more and had begun to refashion themselves accordingly. This higher demand in the fashion business brought out a new generation of designers. The freedom of extra cash meant room for more imagination and creativity, bringing out new and provocative fashion ideas....   [tags: Papers]

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