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- Reflexes Reflexes are the newborns most obvious organized patterns of behavior. A reflex is an unlearned, inborn, automatic response to a particular form of stimulation. A wide variety of reflexes are seen in the normal newborn. Here are a few examples of some common reflexes observed in the newborn. Babinski- When the soles of the newborns foot is stroked the toes fan out. Moro- When the crib is jared or the infant is startled the arms flare out and inward in response. Rooting- When a babies heel is stroked it turns its head toward the cheek that was stroked and opens its mouth....   [tags: Papers]

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Neonatal Followup Clinic Report on Infant Patient

- Michael was seen in the Neonatal Followup Clinic on November 14, 2013 at 4 months 11 days corrected age. As you may recall, Michael was born at 32 + 2 weeks gestational age with a birth weight of 1600 grams. His neonatal course was complicated by respiratory distress and CPAP for 8 days. He had some hyperbilirubinemia and rule out sepsis. There were issues with IV access and he was on TPN for 12 days and required a PICC line. He had cellulitis and excoriation of the right arm which resolved quickly....   [tags: hospital, diet, physical, infant, growth]

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Newborn Babies : Children With Other Babies

- ... They learn how to lift their heads up, they learn how to roll over, they learn how to reach for objects, sit and crawl and then they learn how to walk (McDevitt, 2013). Since infants cannot talk and tell what their physical needs are, there are observation guidelines assessing physical development in infancy. These guidelines are eating habits, mobility, resting patterns and health issues (McDevitt, 2013). Most infants have a different cry whenever they are hungry from whenever they want something else, such as sleeping....   [tags: Infant, Infant mortality, Toddler]

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The Role of Nature and Nurture on Infant Development

- Even though there are several theories on what a newborn infant is capable of, and not capable of, one thing is for sure-they are dependent on their environment for nourishment (food and love). There is a bevy of evidence to support both nature and nurture play equally critical roles in infant development. Unit five exhibits this with the use of an analogy in which it states: “To use a construction analogy, nature provides the materials to build a house, but if the construction crew doesn't arrive, the house doesn't get built, and the materials lie about in disarray.” (Michael S....   [tags: born in traits, quality nurturing environment]

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Baby : A Very Content Baby

- Brianna came home as a very content baby. She was not colicky, but instead easygoing, laidback, and relaxed. The newborn was held often by her mother and father. When her parents were at work, Brianna’s babysitter, Norma, watched her at the house. Angie breast fed for the first three weeks of motherhood, however, she was no longer able to produce milk after one month. This was due to the sudden death of Brian’s dad. His loss took a toll on the new parents. Dewey (2001) suggested that, “acute physical and mental stress can impair the milk ejection reflex by reducing the release of oxytocin during a feed” (p....   [tags: Infant, Breastfeeding, Developmental psychology]

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Height And Weight

- All babies come in different shapes and sizes, and all of them grow at different rates, in the text from Chapter Three under the topic of height and weight, it states that ninety-five percent of full term babies weigh between five and a half to ten pounds and are eighteen to twenty-two inches long. I was eight pounds, seven ounces and twenty-one inches long, which would make me fit into the ranges of an average baby. By four months, I doubled my weight weighing fourteen pounds, two ounces, and almost tripled my weight by my first birthday weighing seventeen pounds, fourteen ounces....   [tags: Infant, Breastfeeding, Mass, Child development]

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Art Child Development Center At The Charlotte Community Center

- Introductory Paragraph: City council members, I would like to thank you for your consideration of my expert opinion on creating a state of the art child development center at The Charlotte Community Center here in North Carolina. I have created activities as well as room set up and teacher implements for the Infant, Toddler, Early childhood, Middle/late childhood and Adolescent classrooms. My main goal is to create age appropriate areas and a program that focuses on cognitive, psychosocial, physical and emotional development with each of my planned activities....   [tags: Infant, Child development]

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The Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Children

- Introduction The use of drugs and alcohol has seen a dramatic increase within the United States in the last decade. Drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol have become a norm in today’s society. Even more devastating,, is that there is evidence that drug and alcohol use are becoming more popular in the pregnant population. Drugs and alcohol can result with some severe effects in the normal population let alone that of the pregnant population. This paper will further investigate the kind of effects that methamphetamine, cocaine, and alcohol have on a baby prenatally and postnatal....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infant, Fetus]

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I Tested Stretch Reflexes And Cutaneous Reflexes Of A Healthy Individual

- Introduction In this experiment, I tested stretch reflexes and cutaneous reflexes of a healthy individual. Reflexes are involuntary responses to a sensory stimulus to a specific location. The stimulus triggers a response from the body’s nervous system. The level of neuron processing can be either spinal, where the highest level of processing occurs in the spinal cord, or cranial, involving the brain. This experiment tested both spinal reflexes, which included muscle spindle stretch reflexes, and cranial reflexes, which includes the pupillary reflex....   [tags: Reflexes, Reflex, Central nervous system]

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Marketing Toys That Deal With Enhancing Child Development

- ... It also has an easy handle that helps with gripping, as well as “fun” textures that delight the sense of touch. NogginStik is recommended for ages from birth to 12 months. The package comes with the developmental rattle and a parent guide to infant milestones book to keep track of developmental stages in the infant. Now all this might seem too good to be true, but there have been studies that deal with cognitive development in infants and toys. Learning cognitive skills at a young age is important because it allows the infant to process information, remember things and show emotion....   [tags: Child development, Jean Piaget, Infant]

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The Birth Of The Mothers

- In a 1977 survey conducted by Jones and Belsey on mothers of 12-week old infants in London Borough of Lambeth, out of the 265 respondents, 62% of the mothers were depicted to have attempted to breastfeed. (Helman, 2007) There were different rates of breastfeeding in different communities that could mostly be attributed to the ethnic background of the mothers. British had 58% breastfeeding, African 86%, West Indian 84%, Asian 77%, European 59% and Irish 64%. (Helman, 2007) Many communities, however, considered breastfeeding as the typical way of feeding infants....   [tags: Breastfeeding, Infant, Breast milk, Baby bottle]

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William Blake's Infant Joy and Infant Sorrow

- “Infant Joy” from “Songs of Innocence” by William Blake is a simple song that highlights the joy of childbirth from a mother’s perspective. The mother asks the child what she should name the newborn child. The newborn names itself Joy, because that is all it knows. In contrast “Infant Sorrow” from “Songs of Experience” by William Blake is a simple song that focuses on childbirth from the infants perspective. It is a much less pleasant experience compared to that of the mother’s. The newborn struggles as it leaves the comfort of its mothers womb and enters the world....   [tags: infant joy, william blake]

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The, Infant, And Child Health

- ... Moreover, children born to early childbearing mothers have a higher tendency of not pursuing higher educational attainment. Early childbearing mothers and their infants are prone to lower health outcomes. Early childbearing mothers below the age of 20 were less likely to receive prenatal care and were less likely to participate in healthy behaviors. Due to early childbearing age pregnancies, low socioeconomic status, low educational attainment, and multiple factors; maternal, infant and child health should be a main priority....   [tags: Infant, Childbirth, Demography, Infant mortality]

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Infant Mortality And Its Effect On Children

- ... The poor countries struggle with malnutrition, which is reflected in the unequal distribution of food, as well as in the quality and measure of food. The lack of proper nutrition for babies or a diet low in calories, proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals is a sign of malnutrition. Moreover, as Kara Rogers presents in “The Science of Nutrition”, in some parts of Africa, “the practice of weaning breast-fed infants to a diet consisting chiefly of one kind of starchy food, such as cassava, may lead to protein deficiency” (94)....   [tags: Infant, Infant mortality, Breastfeeding]

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The Emotional Aspect Of Infant Mortality

- ... The woman’s response was that God is God and “if we didn’t have a mighty faith in him, we would put a rope around our neck and kill ourselves” (1992: 369). The role of God and religion seem to play a very big role in the lives of the Alto women. Another one of Scheper-Hughes interviews revolved around how a baby who has been selected to become an angel baby is treated after birth. There is a kind of tea that is given to healthy babies to help them flourish. This woman expresses that the ill baby does not get the tea because “in some cases it is better if it dies....   [tags: Infant, Infant mortality, Maternal bond, Mother]

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The Nurse Should Explain What The Apgar Score Is

- First the nurse should explain what the Apgar score is. The Apgar score evaluates the physical condition of the newborn at one min after birth and again at five minutes after birth. The newborn receives a total score that ranges from 0 to 10 based on rating color, heart rate, respiratory effort, muscle tone, and reflex irritability. To break it down a little further there are five factors that are considered in the evaluation of the newborn. The mnemonic is used and it spells out Apgar. The breakdown is as follows: A is for activity (or muscle tone); P is for pulse; G is for grimace (or reflexes to stimuli); A is appearance (or color), and R is for respiration....   [tags: Infant, Childbirth, Pediatrics, Milk]

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A Research Study On Infant / Toddler

- ... Social domain helps interact with other classmates. There are many activities that promote the social skills. According to Berger (2015), Social learning theory is the behaviorism that emphasizes the influence that other people have over a person’s behavior. The individuals learn without an enforcement. The individual learns through observation and imitation of other people. This theory is also called observational learning. Children model their behavior from their parents, peers, and famous people....   [tags: Learning, Infant, Observational learning]

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Infant Mortality Rate Is A Global Dilemma

- ... Hypoxemia is a drop in the oxygen saturation of the blood cells. Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy is described as a brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain. The body of the newborn can provide oxygen compensation temporarily, but prolonged asphyxia will lead to the obliteration of the tissue located within the brain. Respiratory failure is a condition caused by insufficient exchange of gas by the respiratory system as a result of the failure of the arterial oxygen and/or carbon dioxide not being able to maintain normal levels....   [tags: Infant mortality, Infant, Pediatrics, Infancy]

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The Implications Of Infant Neglect

- The immeasurable ramifications of infant neglect stem from other than just the neglect itself. Although, society finds neglect inexcusable, they do link infant neglect to a history of maternal maltreatment, and luckily most mothers break this intergenerational cycle (Bartlett, Raskin, Kotake, Nearing, & Easterbrooks, 2014). There are risk factors that contribute to the neglect that is put upon infants, putting them at greater risk, disparities can start before birth and others are historical predisposition, learning disorders, socio-economic status and lack of knowledge (Bartlett, Raskin, Kotake, Nearing, & Eaterbrooks, 2014)....   [tags: Pregnancy, Mother, Disability, Infant]

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Breastfeeding Vs. Infant Formula

- ... However, even though each formula is enriched with nutrients, it still does not measure up to the same nutritional benefits provided by breast milk. Studies also show that formula fed babies have an eighty percent increased risk of developing diarrheal disease, and it can also lead to intestinal bleeding and malnutrition as the newborn’s intestine is not properly prepared to digest non-human milk (Begum, 2014). Moreover, the financial effects of selecting the option to breastfeed or to use infant formula also differ....   [tags: Breastfeeding, Infant, Maternal bond]

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The Infant Mortality Rate Of A Country

- ... In this graph, infant mortality rate is shown as a dependant variable to the female unemployment rate. It can be seen that there is little to no correlation between the two variables, as proven by the low R2 value of 0.0004. The line of best fit can be modelled by the equation Y= -0.0779x + 27.968. Analysis By using a scatter plot to graph infant mortality rate in relation to female unemployment for 151 countries over the course of 6 years, it was found that their is no linear correlation. The majority of data plots were situated in the range of 0% to 15% female unemployment and below 30 deaths per thousand live births for the infant mortality rate variable....   [tags: Infant mortality, United States, Sierra Leone]

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Infant and Toddler Neglect

- Infant and Toddler Neglect Out of all different forms of abuse, infants and toddlers are more likely to suffer from neglect (Connell and Scannapieco, 2006). Severe consequences to children are the after effect of them suffering from neglect (Connell and Scannapieco, 2006). 71 % of children that are reported endure neglect based on CPS findings (Nicklas and Mackenzie, 2012) and one fourth of the children abused are less than 4 years old (Malik, Lederman, Crowson, and Osofsky, 2002). Neglect, a passive form of abuse, can cause detrimental effects physically, emotionally, mentally, behaviorally, and relationally to both infants and toddlers....   [tags: Infant, Toddler, Development, Suffer, Neglect]

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Child Development: Ealry Infant Attachment

- (Early infant attachment is an important phenomena to study as it is connected to later child development). Early infant attachment is linked to cognitive, social, and emotional development (Pallini, Baiocco, Schneider, Madigan, & Atkinson, 2014). These three developmental aspects are significant in one’s later mental process capabilities, the relationships formed later in life, as well as their psychological stability. The attachments formed with caregivers in infancy are vital. Bowlby stated, “It is our first relationship, usually with our mother, that much of our future well-being is determined” (O’Gorman, 2012)....   [tags: maternal-infant attachment]

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Infant Sensory Development

- Have you ever wondered exactly how infants perceive the world around them. If infants are exposed to certain foods in their prenatal development and are exposed to the food through their mother during breastfeeding after birth, will they remember that particular food later on in their life and prefer its taste to other foods. Is their sense of smell acute after birth or is it acquired over time. How do infants use the sense of touch to form relationships and learn about the fascinating world around them....   [tags: infant's experiment, linguistic communication]

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Will Use of Stimulants While Pregnant Affect the Infant?

- Stimulants are considered as a drug and are commonly used today. The question is will use of stimulants while pregnant affect the infant. A pregnant woman can be prescribed stimulants (Antidepressants) because of them being depressed and stressed out about everything that is occurring in their life while pregnant, but what many people do not see is it going to affect the infant long-term. Most mothers want what is best for their child and they want to make sure that their child is going to have a healthy life as much as possible....   [tags: Antidepressants, Infant, Pregnancy]

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Adolescent And Infant Poverty : Child Development, School Life, And Home Life

- Adolescent and Infant Poverty Imagine living in a community where every minute of every day where somebody is hungry, under clothed, and at risk of death because that person is poor. Now imagine waking up and the biggest problem of the day is which sweater to wear with which jeans. Wealthy people around the world are not aware of how immense an issue poverty is and are sometimes hesitant to believe the scale that poverty has risen to. Without the upper classes understanding poverty families who are disadvantaged cannot be adequately helped....   [tags: Infant, Infant mortality, Pregnancy, Poverty]

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The Infant Death Syndrome : Why Does Society Not Encourage Mothers?

- ... The Surgeon General estimates that ideal breastfeeding conditions could save parents more than $1,500 in the babies first year of life. That, combined with the health care associated with formula fed infants, could even save the American citizens money. Woman who are on a welfare program such as WIC may use their funds to purchase formula when in fact they have the cheapest and healthiest option at their constant disposal. If pushed not to publicly breastfeed, these women along with all other mothers could miss out on the savings....   [tags: Breastfeeding, Infant formula, Infant, Breast]

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Infant Feeding and Weaning in Three Countries

- Evolution has insured that most women are biologically equipped to give birth and then nourish their offspring for a period of time by producing milk. At some point, young humans stop receiving food from their mothers’ bodies and learn to consume plants and/or animals found in their environments in order to meet their nutritional needs. Within most other species of mammals, this transition happens at roughly the same age and to roughly the same range of foodstuffs for all individuals (Dettwyler 1999)....   [tags: Infant Feeding]

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Early Infant Mortality Has Become A Topic Of Interest For Scheper Hughes

- ... Mothering in the Alto “can require an almost superhuman effect” (1992: 361). In the Alto, it is easy for almost anyone to die at any time because there are so many environmental issues. For example the “polluted and overly treated public faucet water, the gritty dirt under little bare feet, the insects in the air, the sluggish and insidious snails along the muddy banks of the river” (1992: 361). Something else that played into the higher infant mortality rate was the fact that babies were labeled as thrivers or keepers versus being labeled as waiting to die....   [tags: Infant, Infant mortality, Mother, Maternal bond]

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Infant Observation Report On Childhood Span Development Class At Dordt College

- Infant Observation Report On February eighteenth our Life-Span Development class at Dordt College had five visitors, two of which were mothers, a two month old, a five month old and a three year old child. These mothers kindly volunteered their time to lets us observe the physical, cognitive, and social development of Cooper and Mariah. The observation went well and it lasted about an hour, my classmates and I were able to observe and take note of the development of the infants. The first infant that we observed was Cooper, he is a white two month old baby boy, and his mother kindly brought him in and consented the observation....   [tags: Infant, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Child development]

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Infant And Infant Is Created Helpless

- An infant is created helpless, the infant depend on their mother for nine months for every need that they have. One day before the infant realizes what is going on they are being introduced to a new, loud, bright, big scary world. Right from birth the infant is poked and prodded and passed from person to person then the infant is placed in their mother’s arms. As the infant lays down on their mother’s chest the infant feels the warmth of their mother’s body. The infant hears a familiar sound of their mother’s voice as the infant on their mother’s chest then starts to cry....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Erik Erikson]

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A Infant 's Brain Experiences Rapid Growth During The First Two Years Following Birth

- Response #1, Question [C] According to the textbook, “An infant’s brain experiences rapid growth during the first two years following birth” (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2014, p.152). Parents play an important role in promoting brain development by interacting with the baby and providing the baby with experiences that stimulate brain development, such as holding the baby closely while speaking softly (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2014, p.152). A babies brain development is dependent on parents influence and opportunities for the baby to explore the world around them through their senses....   [tags: Family, Infant, Culture, Breastfeeding]

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Rhythmical Patterns in William Blake's Infant Sorrow

- Rhythmical Patterns of "Infant Sorrow" in William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience In Songs of Innocence and of Experience, by William Blake, we come to the realization that although innocence and experience are dichotomies it’s common for a reader of songs to detect experience in a poem about innocence and vice versa. To fully understand "Infant Sorrow" a look at the definition of innocence and its relationship to experience is needed. According to the American Heritage Dictionary innocence is defined as uncorrupted by evil, malice, without wrongdoing, sinless, and not experienced....   [tags: William Blake Infant Sorrow]

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Understanding The Baptism Of The Infant Of Baptist

- HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE BAPTISM OF INFANT OF BAPTIST Intro During the long times, the baptism of an infant is a huge argument in the world. Many Christian people would have thought that should Infants be baptized at least once. According to Samuel, “A large section of Protestant Christendom, especially in the United States, dissents from the practice of infant baptism”. The argument still gives a lot of insight to understand Baptist’s infant baptism with much and deep knowledge. But many people who are Christians still have curious about the issue of infant baptism because denominations have a difference of definition of infant baptism....   [tags: Christianity, Baptist, Christian terms, Baptism]

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the importance of mother-infant attachment

- Dr. Sigmund Freud thought the experiences in the first five years were the most critical for the development of personality. It is where it all begins. We all go through stresses in life but it is the well-developed adult that is able to handle stress and how they handle it. It all starts with attachment between the caregiver and the infant. The emotional bond that forms between an infant and a primary caregiver is called attachment. Bonding is a continuation of the relationship that began during pregnancy....   [tags: Child Development, Emotional Health]

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Heartbreaking Infant Morality in Ohio

- ... If mothers were better educated on these topics the rate of compliance would increase and the risks that come along with them can be decreased as suggested by The Ohio Collaborative to Prevent Infant Mortality (OCPIM). Poverty has also been shown to play a role in infant mortality. Living in poverty has been linked to significant rises in stress levels due to lack of money, poor living conditions, and high crime rates. Women who live in poverty stricken areas are also less likely to have access to quality healthcare, and these everyday stresses cause an increase in stress hormones....   [tags: death, healthcare, premature]

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The Death Of The Infant Death Syndrome

- ... Fetal alcohol syndrome causes brain damage and growth problems. The problems caused by fetal alcohol syndrome vary from child to child, but defects caused by fetal alcohol syndrome are irreversible. When you are pregnant, it is important that you watch what you put into your body. Consumption of illegal drugs is not safe for the unborn baby or for the mother. Using illegal drugs may cause underweight babies, birth defects or withdrawal symptoms after birth. While earlier predictions that many cocaine-exposed babies would be severely brain damaged have not come true, these babies still face many health problems, ranging from subtle to life-threatening....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fetal alcohol syndrome]

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The Psychoanalytic Perspective on Infant Development

- ... However, critics of Jung’s theory argue that the emerging field of epigenetics puts a damper in Jung’s belief in a biological predisposition for certain behaviors. “Epigenetics… describes the functioning of genes as a complex interaction of genetic information and environmental factors”, or in other words, certain genes only become active due to the influence of the environment or emotions (Roesler, 2012, p. 231). One psychoanalyst whose theory reflects societal influences is Erik Erikson. Erik Erikson expanded Freud’s stages of development with his 8 psycho-social stages....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, sexual energy, adulthood]

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The Infant Of A Drug Dependent Mother

- The infant of a drug dependent mother be merely a day old, but already 9 months an addict. The lucky few will only have to experience excruciating diarrhea, vomiting, constant high pitched crying, tremors, and violent convulsions for a couple of months without any hope of consolation until they are no longer dependent on drugs. The others will have to live with the repercussions of their mother’s substance abuse for the rest of their lives as they will face facial and limb malformations, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and congenital heart defects (Stern, 2013.) Project Prevention is a nonprofit organization which aims to end this issue by paying drug addicts to use long term contr...   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Substance abuse]

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Gastrointestinal in an Infant: Case Study

- In order to come up with a list of appropriate differential diagnoses, essentially I needed to carry out a good consultation, in the form of history taking and physical examination, with the purpose of obtaining as much relevant information and significant findings as possible. To do so, it was necessary that I communicated effectively with HG’s parents and obtained their consent prior to examining their child, as the patient, being an infant, understandably was unable to talk. In terms of medical informatics, I acquired additional information with regards to HG’s medical history from his medical records....   [tags: Healthcare, Testing]

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Emotion Of An Infant Is Not From Their Experience

- Introduction All of us have emotion since we were born. Although the emotion of an infant is not from their experience, but an involuntary neurological activity, they still can sense the things around them, such as identifying who is more comfortable to stay with (Dr. Cole, n.d., as cited in Finello, 2015). Emotion had always been defined as a complicated state of feeling which can affect our thoughts and behaviour after resulting in physical and psychological changes (Myers, 2004, as cited in Cherry, 2015)....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Psychology]

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The Infant / Toddler Program

- ... The area that the children will be spending most of their time in should not be too overwhelming. This means that the area should be a calming and enjoyable place for the child. An infant and toddler program should have adequate space for a toddler to be able to explore around his or her surroundings. With a safe, child accessible environment the child should be allowed to play around the area without constant assistance from an adult which leads to a child learning independence. An appropriate environment for a program should include areas that will help develop the children’s cognitive skills through manipulatives; which also helps their development of fine motor skills, gross motor sk...   [tags: Learning, Childhood, Education, Socialization]

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The Issue Of Infant Circumcision

- Infant circumcision is one of the most controversial bioethical issues during this time. On one hand some researchers try and justify the practice of circumcision with arguments of hygienic issues, ideology, parental rights, cultural identity, and freedom of religion. On the other hand some researchers argue that circumcision violates morality, making the point that an infant being circumcised is absolutely unable to give consent, calling circumcision a form of abuse. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the tissue covering the head (glans) of the penis....   [tags: Circumcision, Penis, Foreskin, Phimosis]

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The Concept of Infant-Mother Attachment

- ... Plus, it will lead to a life-long disability as a struggling adult. The emotional development (or lack of) alone can be very detrimental when the adult child is seeking friends and eventually an intimate relationship. For a child that has developed a secure infant-mother attachment the child is confident, less aggressive, more interested in exploration and able to problem solve (Diessner, 2008). The Ainsworth article refers that if several caregivers are involved, and the attachment to the mother is weak or strained, the child may show favoritism towards one, but there is still a special type of bond with the birth mother....   [tags: exploration, confidence, relationship, anxiety]

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Maternal, Infant And Child Health

- The most important indicators of a community’s overall health are maternal, infant and child health. It deals with the health of women of childbearing age from pre-pregnancy, labor, delivery and the postpartum period and the health of the child prior to birth up the adolescence (McKenzie & Pinger, 2015, p.192). The health data that is collected towards maternal, infant and child health are used to see the effectiveness of disease prevention and health promotion services in a community. Prenatal health care is one of the fundamentals of a safe pregnancy....   [tags: Public health, Medicine, Health care]

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The Debate on Infant Circumcision

- According to a published report in the August 16th 2010 edition of the New York Time’s parents are choosing less and less to circumcise their new born sons. The article states instances of circumcision have declined “to just 32.5 percent in 2009 from 56 percent in 2006. The numbers are based on calculations by SDI Health, a company in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. that analyzes health care data”. Why are so many deciding to not have the elective procedure even though the rate of complication is extraordinarily low....   [tags: Medical Research]

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The Mozart Effect and Infant Intelligence

- In modern society intelligence is highly competitive and subject to scrutiny; therefore, it is understandable that a child’s intelligence is a primary concern for many parents. The Mozart effect, popularised in the 1990s, resulted in many parents believing that simply exposing their child to music composed by Mozart would improve their intelligence (Campbell, 1997). The claim was founded by research published in the journal Nature, which suggested that spatial reasoning could be temporarily enhanced by listening to one of Mozart’s compositions for ten minutes (Rauscher, Shaw & Ky, 1993)....   [tags: modern society, music, intelligence]

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The Rate Of Infant Mortality

- ... There were also 57 deaths in 2015 due to workplace injury in Hennepin County. The statistics for Minnetonka are unclear, but it is safe to assume that the percentage of workplace injury related deaths are low in Minnetonka due to the lower rates of industrialized factories or severe physically demanding occupations. The highest rates of occupation in Minnetonka include management, business, and finance. Incidence of the Following In Hennepin County, the HIV/Aids infection rate 13 cases per 100,000 population....   [tags: Demography, Population, Minnesota]

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Benefits Of Having Infant Immunisation

- The last five decades have seen a remarked development in medical treatments. Perhaps the advance of antibiotics has been mentioned as one of these successes in the fight against injection. The progress, which is as important as the presence of antibiotics however, has been the introduction of vaccination programs. Results indicate that immunisation has contributed to the dramatic elimination of serious epidemic diseases (Bigham & Hoefer, 2001, p. 73). The emergence of vaccines therefore, has lessened significantly the spread of certain infectious diseases and saved many lives....   [tags: Vaccination, Immune system, Infectious disease]

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Teenage Parent With Temperament Infant

- Adenike Adio Professor Amundsen Psychology 2314 15 March 2016 Teenage Parent with Temperament Infant Most teens crush their dreams of great future, most of the teenage parents don’t plan to get pregnant, but it happens anyways. Teenage pregnancy is a problem for all involved. It puts a great strain on the parents, especially the mother, who is more likely to struggle to deal with parenthood. Teen mother may face complications such as premature labor, medical complication during the pregnancy period, at childbirth or after childbirth and are likely to drop out of school....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Adolescence, Mother]

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Infant And Pediatric Mortality Rates

- Infant and Pediatric Mortality Rates Mortality rates of pediatric and neonatal patients have improved over the past few decades though, some countries still lack the improvement that has been witness elsewhere. The issue lies within the simple precautions that can be taken to prevent multiple deaths of infants and children. Nurses are also effect by the deaths of their patients. Future implications need to be set fourth to not only benefit the patients but the nurses as well....   [tags: Death, Mortality rate, Demography]

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

- Imagine one night you are putting your baby to sleep like you always do, when you wake up in the morning to find that your infant has all of the sudden passed away in their sleep. This phenomenon has become a parent’s worst fear. Their baby has passed away from sudden infant death syndrome and there is nothing they can do or could have done about it. SIDS is a real thing and has occurred all throughout history. It is very important to understand variables that can increase your chance of losing a baby to SIDS, looking for signs in their cry that could hint towards SIDS and taking every step you can to avoid sudden infant death syndrome from striking your family....   [tags: Alcohol, Smoking, Sleeping Environment]

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Infant Learning: Brain Development

- ... It has been proven in adults that sleep within 12 hours can initiate permanent changes in memory and cognitive function related to the learned stimuli. Therefore, the rapidly developing cognitive functions of infants necessitate even more rapid and consistent sleep cycles to foster their learning. Sleep plays a role in the memory consolidation process when the baby is awake. It has not yet been determined if infants can learn while asleep (Tarullo, Balsam & Fifer, 2011). Environmental Factors Among the many environmental factors that can affect infant learning, prenatal cigarette exposure has proven to be a topic of interest in behavioral teratology due to the large number of health eff...   [tags: social development, cognitive]

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The Primate Mother-Infant Bond

- The mother-infant bond is the familiarity and attachment a mother forms with her offspring. These helpless babies are reliant on their mother’s nurture for survival. This dependence reaches farther than a physiological need. Infants rely on their mothers for a wide variety of demands. The mother-infant bond is critical to maximizing the fitness of each individual, as well as the growth of the species. In 1976 Marshall H. Klaus and John H. Kennell came out with a book called “Parent Infant Bonding”....   [tags: Early Emotional Ties]

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Baptism, Believer Or Infant?

- ... Repent and believe the good news. (NVI Bible for all future citations).” In Across the Spectrum, this verse was followed by the statement of “What made a person a participant in the kingdom of God was his or her willingness to repent, believe, and obey the gospel (Boyd & Eddy, 2002). This verse and statement both back up my position on baptism. To repent, believe, and obey you have to make a choice, and you can’t make a choice like this as an infant. Jesus’ disciples only baptized people old enough to become disciples themselves....   [tags: Jesus, Baptism, Christianity, John the Baptist]

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Infant With Respiratory Difficulties

- Name of Body System and Developmental Age: Infant Respiratory Patient Presentation: Include historical information including family history and genetic considerations, background as well as symptomology and tentative diagnosis. Maria is a six month old infant girl who was born at 40 weeks weighing 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 21 inches long. She is developmentally on track and up to date on all immunizations. Maria currently weighs 15 lbs. and 5 oz. and is 24 inches. She is breast feed and eats baby cereal in the morning....   [tags: nursing diagnosis with rationale]

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Infant Development

- During the first year of the infant’s life the most noticeable thing is physical growth. The infants weight is doubled in six months and tripled in a year. During the time of growth not only does the weight and height increase but as well the head and the chest that causes development of the heart, brain, lung and several organs used for survival. The bones of the infant start to harden as well as the skull. By the end of the second year of the infant’s life his/her brain has developed 75% of its adult weight....   [tags: The Human Body]

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Infant Trauma

- There are many types of trauma that people experience everyday in our world. People can do awful things to each other, including violence, abuse, and neglect. Accidents happen that leave us feeling distressed. Some threaten our sense of safety and connection. These are all experiences that take time to heal and recover from. We must find a way to reconcile the life we had before it happened and the life as we know it after a tragic event. The pain of the memories alone can be devastating. It takes time and support to find a sense of self again, to feel safe in the world again....   [tags: Psychology, Health, Social Issues]

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Research On Preterm Babies And Preterm Infants

- Research on Preterm Infants Giving birth can be a stressful situation for some parents, especially if the infant is coming earlier than expected. Most parents will worry if this situation will affect their child’s development now and in the future. Researchers have also pondered this question giving them the idea to perform tests on young infants to see if there really is any true effect of having a late preterm baby. Summary The article, Development of exploratory behavior in late preterm infants, explores the idea of late preterm infants developing differently from that of a term infant....   [tags: Childbirth, Preterm birth, Infant]

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Reaction From Western New England University

- WESTERN NEW ENGLAND UNIVERSITY SPRINGFIELD, MA BME 206 Biomedical Engineering Sophomore Laboratory Spring 2015 Nina Konyreva Reaction Times I. Introduction & Background The experiment, entitled “Reaction Times,” prompted one to investigate the response periods of human subjects under multiple conditions. The reaction times were measured through various harmless visual and sound cues, such as an unpredictable, random, erratic visual cue, a visual cue with a declared warning, a predictable, anticipated cue, a visual cue while getting distracted, and finally, an auditory cue....   [tags: Arithmetic mean, Mean, Reflexes]

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Infant Attachment

- Introduction Infant attachment is the first relationship a child experiences and is crucial to the child’s survival (BOOK). A mother’s response to her child will yield either a secure bond or insecurity with the infant. Parents who respond “more sensitively and responsively to the child’s distress” establish a secure bond faster than “parents of insecure children”. (Attachment and Emotion, page 475) The quality of the attachment has “profound implications for the child’s feelings of security and capacity to form trusting relationships” (Book)....   [tags: Child Development]

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How Infants Learn Language and Where?

- Throughout the first two years of an infant’s life, the infant’s mind, body, and self develops tremendously. Just within the first few “days of life, babies attend to words and expressions, responding as well as their limited abilities allow” (Berger, 2008, p. 175). Infants begin to learn “language before birth, via brain organization and auditory experiences during the final prenatal months” (Berger, 2008, p. 168). Babies actually begin their language learning process before birth; this happens during the fetal period where they are able to hear noises outside of the womb....   [tags: parents, babies, infant's mind ]

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Pathophysiology of Guillian-Barré Syndrome (GBS)

- Guillian-Barré Syndrome (GBS) derives from a disorder associated with a Campylobacter jejuni infection. Campylobacter is known with multiple pathologic forms of GBS, including the demyelinating and axonal forms. GBS can cause weakness in the limbs and an absence of reflexes. There is a weakness in proximal and distal, and often, respiratory cases are involved. GBS can lead to paralysis, depending on the virulence. If virulent enough, GBS will affect the respiratory system, which often leads to patients in ventilating machines due to difficulty in breathing....   [tags: axon degeneration, nerves, reflexes]

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Wic Is A Program For Women, Infants, And Children

- W.I.C. WIC is a program geared towards benefiting women, infants, and children. Where does WIC originate from and what is the history of WIC. Who qualifies for WIC and what are the eligibility requirements. How is WIC funded. What are they benefits of qualifying for WIC. What is WIC. Where does WIC originate from. WIC originally started as Special Supplemental Nutritional Program to protect the health of low-income woman, infants, and children up to the age of 5 who are at risk for poor nutrition....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infant, Breastfeeding]

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Overpopulation: Infant Mortality and Life Expectancy

- Due to over population infant mortality and low life expectancy are problems all around the world with rising numbers, they are becoming bigger issues. For both there are some solutions but not all the solutions work. Infant mortality is the death of children under the age of one year. Life expectancy is the average period of time a person may be expected to live. Life expectancy and high infant mortality have some big and small averages of babies dying all over, which can be a problem. Some of these problems have solutions and some don’t....   [tags: resources, consequences, pollution]

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Premature Infants Presents Multiple Abnormalities

- Premature infants presents multiple abnormalities, one of the most common is retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). This condition is considered a major cause of blindness in children throughout the world. According to researches “this diseases is the major cause of blindness in infants; and up to 7000 cases of blindness due to ROP…” (Gilbert, 2008). This condition can also lead to short or long-term vision impairments that can be detrimental to the infant. Luckily, with new advances in software technology to diagnose and newer devices that monitored oxygen saturations are becoming more valuable tools in the treatment and prevention of retinopathy of prematurity....   [tags: Infant, Pediatrics, Retina, Childbirth]

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Infant Formula: Good, Bad or Innocuous

- ... By the 1920's, parents were advised to add orange juice to their baby's formula to decrease the risk of scurvy. The 1950’s found over half of all infants being fed formula. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, most of the prepared infant formulas fell into one of two classes. There were formulas similar to home-prepared evaporated milk formulas but with added vitamins and formulas that were lower in protein and contained vegetable and oleo oils with added vitamins and minerals. The lower protein formulas gradually took over in popularity due to the unpleasant smell of regurgitated butterfat and the idea that the formulas similar to home-made evaporated milk formulas caused constipation...   [tags: mother's milk versus baby formula]

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Infant Mortality in the Philippine Healthcare System

- Health is a fundamental human right. A person’s employment, social or income status should not be the binding force in order to receive average healthcare at a relative cost. Unlike the United States, the Philippines is consumed by a majority of its people’s poverty. Especially in rural regions of the country, this poverty epidemic has led to malnutrition, homelessness and disease. Subsequently, when healthcare is needed, these individuals do not have the means or finances to seek assistance. This cycle of disparity has not only led to the loss of a person’s basic human right, but has also affected the livelihood of their children....   [tags: fundamental human rights]

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Child and Infant Mortality Rate in Afghanistan

- Afghanistan is a country in war and a country in devastation. Afghanistan has one of the world’s highest infant mortality rates and the world’s highest birth rates. Because of the high infant mortality rates, they also have many problems in health, sanitation, and a lack of food they have. Because of poor health and sanitation in the country of Afghanistan, the Afghanis have many sicknesses and diseases. Sickness causes high infant mortality rates. The diseases that cause high death rates are bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, and rabies (Demographics 2013)....   [tags: Demographic Transition, Medical Service]

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Infant Language Development

- Language is a communicative system of words and symbols unique to humans. The origins of language are still a mystery as fossil remains cannot speak. However, the rudiments of language can be inferred through studying linguistic development in children and the cognitive and communicative abilities of primates as discussed by Bridgeman (2003). This essay illustrates the skills infants have that will eventually help them to acquire language. The topics covered are firstly, the biological aspects, the contribution of the human brain to language development....   [tags: Language ]

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Family Dynamics And The Infant And Primary Caregiver

- The most significant bond in life is established between the infant and primary caregiver. John Bowlby, the eminent authority, describes attachment as the natural connection between baby and mother (as cited in Alexander, 1992, p. 1). Family dynamics have changed since Bowlby’s time, for this reason, it is the relationship of the infant and primary caregiver to be analyzed. Bowlby’s attachment theory infers that the path of these bonds lay the groundwork for future behavior, view of one’s self, and relationship with others (Colonnesi et al., 2011)....   [tags: Attachment theory, Mary Ainsworth, John Bowlby]

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The Effects Of Daycare On Infant And Toddler Development

- ... Daycare has also been found to affect children’s personalities and temperaments. “New research indicates that children who are in day care from an early age are more likely to be uncooperative and unpopular by the third grade” (Evans, 1988). Depending on how long a child is in daycare, their academics and self esteem may suffer. “‘Children who were in full-time care (regardless of age of entry) performed more poorly than children who were in part-time care (regardless of age of entry) in terms of teachers’ and parents’ ratings of peer relationships and work study skills, the children’s self-ratings, and the children 's first-, second- and third-grade academic and conduct marks’” (Evans,...   [tags: Childcare, Day care, Babysitting]

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Language And Communication And Emotional Development Of Toddlers And Infants

-   INTRODUCTION This paper will examine the language and communication and emotional development of toddlers and infants. The first topic, language and communication is defined as how children grow in motor, and communication by develop thinking skills. A child’s early development of speech should be expected to grow between 6-24 months, when the language areas of the brain develop most rapidly (Bruce, 2010). Language and communication is inspired by the baby’s social learning, the influence of people on the baby’s life....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Infant, Emotion]

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The Dilemma Of Impaired Infants

- Treating or Terminating: The Dilemma of Impaired Infants. Should we as a society require treatment, and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to save a new life that may or may not have any real quality. Or should we require that a person terminate an infant that is guaranteed to suffer impairments and guaranteed to struggle in many inhumane ways throughout their life. Rather than terminating could society maybe choose to allow nature to take its course, instead of using every medical treatment available to prolong a life that may not be meant to live....   [tags: Infant, Childbirth, Down syndrome, Pediatrics]

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Spinal Cord And Its Effects On The Body

- ... Reflexes oblige incitement they are not unconstrained activities but rather reactions to tactile info. They are fast and for the most part include few interneurons, or none and least synaptic deferral. Reflexes are automatic and happen without plan frequently without mindfulness, and they are hard to smother. At the point when a muscle is abruptly extended, it battle back it contracts, expands tone, and feels stiffer than an upstretched muscles. This methodology is called stretch reflex serves to keep up harmony and carriage....   [tags: Spinal cord, Muscle, Reflexes, Reflex]

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Infants and Toddlers Development

- ... There are many types of reflexes, such as, Babinski, moro, palmar hand grasp, placing, plantar, rooting and sucking, stepping and walking, and tonic neck response (UMM, 2013). Babinski reflex occurs when the baby toes fan outward when sole of foot is stroked. Moro reflex happens when an infant is startled, which is often triggered by loud sounds or sudden movements. Palmar hand grasp is when a baby closes their and grips your finger. The placing reflex is when a baby extends his or her legs when the sole of the foot is touched....   [tags: preschooler, school age, teen]

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Breastfeeding The Ideal Nutrition For Infants, By The American Academy Of Pediatrics And The World Health Organization

- Breastfeeding has been the preferred method of nourishing a child since the dawn of time. As mammals we are equipped to create life and then sustain said life through a mother’s breast. However, the act of feeding a child in public has become a controversy, pitting mothers against mothers, men against women and breast against breast. We have heard the slogan breast is best, yet as mothers we are faced with hard decisions every day that may interfere with this preferred method of nourishment. The balance of a family, work and play become even more of a struggle, when as a society, we have sexualized breasts so much, thus requiring laws that support breastfeeding mothers, and which ultimately...   [tags: Breastfeeding, Indecent exposure, Infant]

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What Is Better For Infants With Breast Feeding Or Formula Feeding?

- ... Within the research, four articles were chosen based on their accreditation, study size and sample, and the methods used within each study. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of breastfeeding verses formula feeding on children from the neonatal stage to 2 years of age. The study and research was done to determine the best method of providing adequate nutrition in the first 2 years of life and ensuring healthy growth and development. The articles researched studied and analyzed four different articles to determine the effects that breast milk has on an infant when compared to infants who were formula feed....   [tags: Breastfeeding, Breast milk, Infant formula]

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Infant Mortality Rates Is A Major Health Issue

- ... Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH, 2011) reported that the infant mortality rate in 2010 consisted of 6.4 for White women while for Black women the rate soared to 13.8. To assist in reducing the numbers of infant mortality and improving the health of both mother and child Mississippi has established a Strong Start for Mothers and Newborn Initiative and the Maternal and Infant Health (MIH) Initiative. Strong Start for Mothers and Newborn Initiative Strong Start for Mothers and Newborn Initiative focuses on the health of the infant and mother....   [tags: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, United States]

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Infant Attachment Styles And The Resounding Effect On Adult Relationships

- There is much debate surrounding the subject of infant attachment styles and the resounding effect they have on adult relationships. Attachment theory highlights the influence of early experience on shaping children’s conceptualization of responsiveness and trustworthiness of a significant other (Frayley, Roisman Booth-LaForce, Owen & Holland, 2013). The theory also suggests that an individual that is cared for consistently and responsively will assume that others will be supportive and available when necessary (Ainsworth Blehar, Waters & Wall, 1978)....   [tags: Attachment theory, Mary Ainsworth, John Bowlby]

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