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Kiko Writing: Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa Nikki

- In 936, Ki no Tsurayuki completed the Tosa Nikki, a work of prose written from a female attendant’s perspective that detailed his return to the capital from the Tosa Province. Although Tosa Nikki is the first “diary” of literary value that contributed to the development of nikki bungaku, the tradition of intimate diary-writing that became prominent among woman, Tsurayuki’s work is actually more of a journal (kikō) modeled after Chinese court diaries. In 1694, over 700 years later, this practice of record-keeping during one’s travels was still being perpetuated by another celebrated writer, Matsuo Bashō, in his Oku no Hosomichi, in which he recalls his epic journey into Japan’s deep North....   [tags: nikki bungaku, japanese literature]

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Kiko Literature, The Difference Between Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa Nikki

- Nikki bungaku is a traditional Japanese literary genre in the form of diaries. These diaries were traditionally written in Chinese characters due to the fact that they were originally modeled after the diaries of Chinese government officials; it is also important to note that diaries were written by men, until Ki no Tsurayuki in his Tosa Nikki, which was written in 935 and the first diary of literary value, took on the persona of a woman to escape the limitations his position entailed. Through using the point of view of a woman, Ki no Tsurayuki was able to write the diary using kana rather than the kanji that he would have had to use otherwise....   [tags: kana, kanji, nikki bungaku, diary]

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Black and White People's Contrasting Ideas About Wealth and Happiness Depicted in the Poem Nikki-Rosa

- In the poem “Nikki-Rosa” by Nikki Giovanni, the poet communicates through her childhood memories her belief that white people and black people have fundamentally different ideas about wealth and happiness. Along with her words, she uses structure, tone and imagery to convey her belief that white people and black people see their personal life-experiences differently. Wealth for black people is love, family, and togetherness, not tangible items. A sense of community and acceptance of one another are more valuable than having even a private toilet....   [tags: Nikki-Rosa, poetry]

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Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa Nikki, An Example of Nikki Bungaku

- Written six hundred and fifty years apart from each other, Matsuo Basho’s Oku no Hosomichi and Ki no Tsurayuki’s Tosa Nikki are both examples of nikki bungaku or “diary literature.” Both of these travel diaries reflect the ideas and values of their respective time periods. Tosa Nikki or the Tosa Diary was written in AD 936 by Ki no Tsurayuki. Told from a woman’s point of view, it chronicles the journey from Tosa on the island of Shikoku to the capital of Kyoto in Honshu. Previous to this, men wrote diaries chronicling their political duties and the entries were written in classical Chinese characters....   [tags: diary literature, travel diaries, poetry]

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Childhood Memories in Nikki-rosa by Nikki Giovanni

- The poem, “Nikki-rosa” written by Nikki Giovanni, an African American poet, who was born in 1943. During the sixties, she emerged as a black poet whose militancy during the civil rights movement made her immensely popular. In 1968, she published the poem “Nikki-rosa”. In the poem “Nikki-rosa”, she uses her childhood as the basis of this story. Nikki-rosa communicates through her childhood memories, the belief that white people and black people have fundamentally different ideas about wealth and happiness....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa nikki

- Comparing Oku no hosomichi and Tosa nikki reveals similarities that make one think if they are the same story, and many differences that make it seem they’re just in different formats. They both have similarities in that they both are travel diaries and they both tell of farewells before their journey. Along with the similarities came many differences. The styles of writing of both diaries were different. Also Oku no hosomichi had two characteristics in writing that Tosa nikki did not, and was a philosophy when Tosa nikki was not....   [tags: Comparative, Travel Diaries ]

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Tosa nikki and Oku no hosomichi

- Two travel dairies or nikki stand out in Japanese traditional literature; both share the same literary designation, but they come from drastically different time periods. The first journal Tosa nikki was written in 936, the second journal Oku no hosomuchi was written starting in 1689 and finally finished in 1702. Both authors had a purpose for their writing, and shared their thoughts with the Japanese people; but how different could two men of the same culture be. Ki no Tsurayuki wrote his travel diary the Tosa Nikki during the Heian period while preparing and journeying from the Tosa Province (modern day Kochi Prefecture) to the capital city of Kyoto....   [tags: Japanese Traditional Literature]

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Tosa nikki and Oku no hososmichi

- Although written over 600 years apart from each other, Ki no Tsurayuki’s fictionalized depiction of his rough voyage to Kyoto, Tosa Nikki, has many similar qualities to Matsuo Bashō’s Oku no Hosomichi. Their focus on nature and a general journey, whether or not there is a set goal, creates a similar progression in both accounts based on actual events. One main difference between these two accounts are the medium in which they travel: one by foot, the other by boat. In Tosa Nikki, the narrator, along with the rest of her crew, are contained on a ship, only able to make observations about the world from afar....   [tags: Compare and Contrast, Analysis]

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Tosa Nikki as an Instruction Manual

- The Tosa nikki, or The Tosa Diary as it is referred to in English, was the first diary of literary value. The Tosa nikki was composed in kana by Ki no Tsurayuki, who was a government official and well respected poet. During the Heian period, the proper convention was for men to compose their works in Chinese, as this practice was considered more masculine and elegant. Kana was used mainly by women, so it was considered more feminine, and was less valued than Chinese. Ki no Tsurayuki wrote under the guise of a woman when composing the Tosa nikki in order to avoid criticism for writing in kana, although it was still obvious that he had written it due to the masculinity of the jokes that appear...   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Tosa Nikki and Oku no hosomichi

- Ki no Tusrayuki’s Tosa Nikki and Matsuo Bashō’s Oku no Hosomichi are both detailed traveling diaries. The writers used a combination of poetry and prose to create their literary work and used their own experiences as the groundwork for their material. However, Oku no Hosomichi has different conventions that reflect the current age, and is more modernized than Tosa Nikki. Bashō enjoys the earlier works of famous poets, such as Saigyō, but some the poems he makes would seem inelegant to readers from the Heian period....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Poem, Woman, by Nikki Giovanni

- The poem “Woman”, written by Nikki Giovanni, uses several metaphors to describe the journey of a woman and what she feels the man should do but will not do. She describes in many different ways how she wants support from the man, but he is unwilling to give it. In the first stanza, she starts the poem with the woman being a simple, insignificant thing. “She wanted to be a blade of grass amid the fields” (lines 1-2). Grass grows under your feet. Blades of grass are plentiful and ordinary. She just wanted to be just like every other woman....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Comparing Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa Nikki

- “The one I knew – If only she had been an ageless pine. What need then of these grievous farewells?” -Tosa nikki(935) In Japan, the pine tree(matsu) is an important symbol of longevity as well as a symbol that appears very often in Japanese poetry(waka) and Japanese literature as a double meaning, one being the literal meaning of a pine tree, and the other meaning to wait or to long for, as the word matsu written in different kanji can mean 'to wait'. Like a pine tree, Japanese travel journals are eternal, providing amazingly well-detailed glimpses into the travel and life experiences of the writers of these diaries to modern readers long after these authors have passed on....   [tags: Ki noTsurayuki, Matsuo Basho]

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The Poetry of Tosa Nikki and Oku No Hosomichi

- The origins of kiko, or travel literature, in Japan spans to well over 1000 years ago. One of the earliest examples of kiko is Ki no Tsurayuki’s Tosa nikki, a diary which Tsurayuki wrote most likely in 935 during the Heian period of Japan. Another important example of kiko, which is similar in ways yet also very dissimilar to Ki no Tsurayuki’s Tosa nikki, due in part to the many years that the two are separated by in terms of when they were composed, is Matsuo Basho’s Oku no hosomichi, or Narrow Road to the Interior/Narrow Road to the Deep North, which was written in the late 17th century during the Edo period of Japan....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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The Poetry of Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa nikki

- Two of Japanese most famous poets and authors of their time, Ki no Tsurayuki and Matsuo Bashou, are still important today for those same achievements. Both men wrote two well-known travel journals, and although they are labeled with the same title as “travel journal”, the two are very different. Ki no Tsurayuki wrote “Tosa Nikki,” around 936 in the Heian Period, and Matsuo Bashou, or simply Bashou, wrote “Oku no Hosomichi,” in 1689 in the Edo Period. The Heian Period seems more traditional whereas the Edo Period is the opening of modernization in Japan....   [tags: Biography ]

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Comparing Tosa Nikki and Oku No Hososmichi

- A habit found in travelers is that when documenting the journeys taken, there will be the use of many poems in the travel journals. While nearly 800 years separated the time between when Tosa Nikki was written by Ki no Tsurayuki and Oku no Hosomichi by Matsuo Bashō, they both are very detailed in their accounts of their travels. One similar aspect that should be noted about the journals is that Tosa Nikki was written in 936, following Ki no Tsurayuki’s finishing in his duties as the governor of the Tosa province (Keane, 82) and that Matsuo Bashō wrote Oku no Hosomichi almost five years prior to his death....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Nikki Giovanni: The Princess of Black Poetry

- In the twentieth-century, when Contemporary Literature was emerging from 1960 to present time, it was seen as a product of the post-Second World War situation. Yolande Cornelia “Nikki” Giovanni was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and raised in Lincoln Heights, an all-black suburb in Cincinnati. Giovanni is one of the most commonly read American poets; her frankness in her writing has brought her a lot of recognition and prominence. Giovanni became the voice of many African Americans, her contribution to the literary period reflects the struggle for equality, and the power one has to make a difference in oneself and in other’s life....   [tags: Biography ]

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Izumi Shikibu Nikki, by Izumi Shikibu

- Poetry plays a vital role in the Heian period narrative prose, Izumi Shikibu Nikki, written by Izumi Shikibu. This is evident not only by the large number of poems written, but also through the context of the poems, which characterize and reveal the feelings and desires of the two main characters. The poems are very private exchanges between the Prince and the lady, who is believed to be Izumi Shikibu herself. Because they are so personal, readers may connect to the diary on a deeper level. Without poetry, this piece of literature would be incomplete and probably not nearly as valuable as it is considered to be today....   [tags: Heian Period]

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Head Off And Split By Nikki Finney

- When one hears the title “Head off and Split,” it has pragmatic meanings. Nikki Finney fills the book with facts on womanhood, identity, and growth. Finney explains her life, sexual orientation, and more in Head off & Split. The title “Head Off & Split” is a phrase used when one goes to the fish market. When the fisherman cleans the fish; he then ask, “Head Off & Split.” Finney explains. Finney is from the South, therefore, every Friday was Fish Friday. The book opens up as whole fish, then it splits into three sections....   [tags: Poetry, Love, Condoleezza Rice, Woman]

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Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa Nikki: Compare and Contrast

- Comparing Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa Nikki within reason is very difficult because of the many factors that must be taken into account. The authors were from different time periods, the writing style is different, the subject is different, and many other things all contribute to its difficulty. While there are many differences there are perhaps an equal number of similarities between the two works, which offers a converse view of the relationship between them. In regards to the authors of Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa Nikki, Matsuo Bashō and Ki no Tsurayuki respectively, there are several points of interest when comparing them....   [tags: imagery, Matsuo Basho, Ki no Tsurayuki]

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Tosa Nikki and Oku no Hoso Michi: Japanese Literature

- With many forms of literary work, there is bound to be similarities among them. The Japanese in particular are no exception. For example, they honor past literary works by commissioning literary pieces in their name. To the Japanese, imitation is regarded as a form of flattery. In particular, it is no surprise that Matsuo Basho’s traveling diary, Oku no Hoso Michi, shows any resemblance to Ki no Tsurayuki’s Tosa Nikki. Unlike any other works of its time, Tosa Nikki is a fictional travel diary written by Ki no Tsurayuki’s point of view as a woman....   [tags: Japanese Literature]

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Poetry in the Heian Period: Monogatari and Nikki Bungaku

- During the Heian period, waka (Japanese poetry) was very prominent in society especially among women of the court. Most were written in kana (language used by women). Waka during this period often used the tanka style which is 5-7-5-7-7 syllables per line totaling 31 syllables for the whole poem. The tanka form was popular for people of every social class but it was especially popular among aristocrats and people of the court. In the courts, poems were used politically to increase one’s status or in competition with a rival from court....   [tags: Love and Unhappiness]

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Key Differences in Tosa Nikki and Oku no Hosomichi

- These two journals or kiko have basically the same ideology of telling the readers of their journey from one place to the other. The details within every stop they made, every scenery that they come across and the literature that were involved through their experiences. Both encountered ups and downs during their journey and saw much beautiful scenery as well. However, the key difference in the two journeys is that, in Oku no Hosomichi, seemed to have no particular destination of where to go, where as Tosa Nikki, and had a set destination for their journey to Kyoto....   [tags: kiko, journals, China, Japan, Matsuo Basho]

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Nikki Giovanni 's Influence On The Civil Rights Movement

- ... On a deeper level it portrays the need for the community to become whole once more, but there is constant tug away form that realization that almost feels as if it is a stage of denial of that fact. The line in this poem that brings this conclusion to the light is where Nikki Giovanni states, “I 'm not lonely sleeping all alone you think I’m scared but I’m a big girl I don 't cry or anything.” The power of this phrase holds a significant amount of weight for it depicts the African American Community to be in distress and not sure what path to embark on....   [tags: African American, Racial segregation]

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Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa Nikki, Reflection of Their Time Period

- Tosa Nikki is a diary likely written by Ki no Tsurayuki in the year 936 during the Heian period. Oku no Hosomichi is a diary written by Matsuo Bashō during the late 17th century. These two diaries have many similarities and differences that stem from the different time periods they were written in, as well as the difference in styles of the authors. The poetry in the two diaries have vast differences yet they reflect the time period very well. Tosa Nikki has many aspects that distinguish it from other Japanese diaries....   [tags: japanese literature, Heian period, 17th century]

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Facing Reality : By Nikki Rossa And Future Connected By

- ... He tells him that because he wants his son to have a better life than he had. Short Stories The short stories included in this section is On Going Home and Young Wish. The short stories include, an American novelist and journalist who grew up in California and focus on fiction and nonfiction. Also a Chinese American who talks about her life in China. On Going Home During the short story “On Going Home” one can face the reality that she will have never have a “stable” home or a normal family....   [tags: Short story, Fiction, Nathaniel Hawthorne]

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Japanese Literature: Forms of Waka, Tosa Nikki and Oku no Hosomichi

- Literature, whether oral or written, reflects the society in which it is produced. The history of literature in Japan, in particular of poetry is quite extensive. If we begin with Manyoushuu, compiled in 770, until the present day, the history of waka is over one thousand two hundred years long. Such a vast collection of literature enables us to take a look Japanese history through its poetry and prose. The development of waka and the changes it underwent over time are not solely the reflection of an art form, but also of its authors....   [tags: Japan, waka, poetry, japanese poetry, kikou]

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Role of Poetry in Narrative Prose of the Heian period: The Ise Monogatari and The Tosa Nikki

- During the Heian period the use of poetry in writing was diverse. Knowledge of poetry was an important aspect of everyday life and though poets were not particularly highly ranked, good poets attained a very high level of respect. Just as the subjects of poetry were varied, so were the poets who wrote them. The monogatari and the nikki were both regarded as important literary works of the time. Two of these in particular were the Ise Monogatari and the Tosa Nikki. The Ise Monogatari contained many poems each preluded by a verse of prose detailing a little bit about the circumstances that the poem was written in....   [tags: Ariwara No Narihira]

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Nikki Giovanni : A Famous African American Activist, Writer, And Educator

- Nikki Giovanni is a famous African American activist, writer, and educator. Her writing, which made her name known, is known for the controversial, straightforward and rebellious content it contains. It is celebrated for its lyrical feel, and how easy it is for anyone to read. Her poems cannot be even be categorized, she has her own style that is so unique that anyone who has read her work before can go, oh yeah, this is Giovanni. Her earlier writings were about the Civil Rights Movement in the nineteen sixties....   [tags: White people, Black people, African American, Race]

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Camparison of Tsurayuki´s Tosa Nikki and Basho´s Oku no Hosomichi

- Within the traditional Japanese literature of kiko, or traveling journal, there are many similarities due to being a part of the same category. But, even though they may be a part of the same genre, there is a great increase in differences that come with the time period that they are written in. The two kiko that I will be comparing are Tosa Nikki, written by Ki no Tsurayuki, and Oku no Hosomichi, written by Matsuo Basho, both involve traveling away from the capital. In the case of Tosa Nikki, which was written in the Heian period, it was looked down upon for men to write about emotions so he wrote it in the perspective of women to make it look fictional....   [tags: japanese literature, kiko, Heian period]

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Tsurayuki´s Tosa Nikki and Matsuo Basho´s Oku no Hosomichi

- “Appropriateness” and “standards” has always been a subjective topic through history. What in one era may be considered a fatal flaw may be considered the norm a few centuries later; sewing a scarlet “A” on the chest of every unmarried woman with child in America would have political and human rights groups up in arms. With literature, one only needs to look at the list of “Banned Books Throughout History” to see how attitudes shift over the years towards literature. Because of this often gradual shift, a pieces of literature that fall under the same genre may be drastically different from each other, such as Matsuo Bashō’s Oku no Hosomichi and Ki no Tsurayuki’s Tosa Nikki....   [tags: kiko writing, Heian period, Japanese literary]

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Ki no Tsurayuki and Matsuo Basho

- Even though these two authors, Ki no Turayuki and Matsuo Bashō lived in different times, they made a great travel diaries. Tosa Nikki was the first well-written travel diary in Japan and showed how to write a diary. Oku no Hosomichi was developed from the diary style of the first Tosa Nikki. In this essay, I would like to discuss about the lives of Ki no Tsurayuki and Matsuo Bashō. Then, I will show how their diaries were different. Finally, I will discuss how these diaries are similar, and although these diaries are very different, they were both written to help the people of Japan....   [tags: Oku no Hosimichi, Tosa Nikki, kiko]

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Role of Poetry in Narrative Prose of the Heian period (monogatari, nikki)

- In the Heian period, Japanese literature and prose was beginning to take shape, starting with things like the Man’yōshū and Kokinshū leading the way to taking poetry to the level of art. Ki no Tsurayuki said that he wanted to make Japanese poetry or waka a higher cultural thing to be enjoyed by the whole country and he succeeded. Poetry became wildly popular with people reciting and creating on the spot, whenever something struck their fancy or they felt that a poem would do the situation well. To consider yourself cultured, it was almost necessary to dabble in poetry as well....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Analysis Of Nikki Giovanni 's ' Patience, And I Wrote A Good Omelet '

- Nikki Giovanni is an American writer, commentator, activist, and educator. One of the worlds most well known African American poets during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Still, few readers seem to have realized that two of Giovanni’s poems “Patience,” and “I Wrote a Good Omelet” share the same topic and develop similar themes. In fact, Giovanni illustrates her common topic between the two poems through the two characters that are portrayed as lovers in her poems. Both women are madly in love and enslaved to their companions by the love they feel....   [tags: Poetry, Love, Academy Award for Best Actress]

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My Philosophy Of Education : Nikki Ash The Creative ( I Love Any Activities That Will Bring Out Students

- My Philosophy of Education Nikki Ash the creative( I love any activities that will bring out students’ creativity.)               Every student has a diverse learning style. I believe that students should learn in a safe, caring, and understanding environment. As professional educators, we should provide this safe and open-minded environment.The ways to ensure this environment is to make sure students are actively involved in their education, to make sure teachers are providing the best materials for students to learn, and to make sure parents and the community are involved in students education....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Need]

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A Frame Is A Lens Through Which The Individuals Perceive, Interpret, And Respond

- ... On the other hand, Nikki does have the power to make the final decision, but she has to be careful not to create a hostile working environment with the rest of her problem employees. Nonetheless, both parties will have to frame the problem in terms of interests, because they both are likely to see their dispute as a mutual problem that must be work out together to solve it (Maiese, 2004). Therefore, Nikki is going to prepare a list for her strategy for the negotiation meeting using the seven elements for effective negotiation strategies and preparation....   [tags: Contract, Negotiation, Problem solving, Need]

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The Role of Poetry in Narrative Prose of the Heian Period

- From 794 C.E. to 1184 C.E., the Heian era was widely known for its ground breaking art, poetry, prose, and other forms of literature; most of which was contributed by the imperial court. Of the different types of literature that came from the Heian era, nikki, monogatari, and setsuwa are used as prime examples today of traditional Japanese literature. Despite being different forms of literature, different subjects, and of different lengths, most authors applied applied poetry within nikki, monogatari, and setsuwa and used poetry as a means to embellish the pieces....   [tags: japanese literature essay]

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Hunter's Magical Valentine's Dance

- Prologue The curse on Hunter had just been broken, and he discovered that he in fact did have magical powers. He also had super strength. He could read into the future and teleport with his mind. He also could find Nikki and Ally anywhere, since they were the ones to help him break the curse. He had not told them yet, but he had heard that a Valentine’s Dance was coming, so he decided to wait until after to tell them. He knew who he wanted to go with. Chapter One: Big News Ally had just gotten into class when she heard the news....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Role of Poetry in Narrative Prose of the Heian Period

- Japanese literature in the Heian period was most popular for its domination of women’s culture (Hooker, Richard). During this time, a new writing technique was implemented called hiragana. This was especially accepted as a woman’s way of writing since a woman knowing Chinese characters was considered unladylike. For many years Chinese characters was the only accepted way of writing, thus the birth of a new writing technique was like a revelation. This incorporation made a huge impact on Japanese literature, since long before it existed, most techniques were adopted from the Chinese....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Eating Disorders in America

- There are many things that people think of when the words eating disorders are said. Many people do not know what an eating disorder actually is and what actually happenes when you have an eating disorder or how to detect a eating disorder. There are many types of eating disorders but they all have one thing in common, phsycological disorders. The main types of eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, and Bindge eating but are not limited to these. The main focus in theses eating disorders are food....   [tags: confidence, anorexia, bulimia, bindge eating]

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Silver Linings Playbook Is One Of My Favorite Movies

- Silver Linings Playbook is one of my favorite movies. At first, I did not consider it for this project because I was thinking of all the cliché happily ever after love movies. Suddenly, I remembered this movie does have an important relationship in the story line and thought it would be interesting to examine further. Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, is the main character in the movie. Pat had a rough past as he walked in on his wife cheating on him with a co-worker that began a downhill slope. Caught in the moment, Pat nearly beat his wife’s new lover to death....   [tags: Love, Triangular theory of love, Heart rate]

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Role of Poetry in Heian Period Prose

- For centuries the waka, or Japanese poem, was by far the predominant form of literary art in medieval Japan. Collections of poetry such as the Manyoshu and Kokinshu contain poems written in the 5th century. (Man’yoshu, Encyclopedia of Japan) The development of waka in its various forms such as the haiku, tanka, and choka reached a point of high sophistication in the Heian period in an exquisitely refined culture. (Heian Period, Encyclopedia of Japan) The older collections of works contained in Manyoshu and Kokinshu provided examples and writing manuals for Heian court poets, thereby establishing poetic guidelines and vocabulary to be used in writing traditional Japanese waka....   [tags: Waka, Japanese Poem]

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The Role of Poetry in Narrative Prose of the Heian Period

- The Heian period in Japan represents the period of time that began in 794 and ended in 1185. During the Heian period, literary styles were flourishing and poetry played a crucial role in society. Two of the most important styles during this period were Monogatari and Nikki Bungaku. Monogatari is a narrative story, similar to an epic of the western world. Nikki bungaku is a form of Japanese diary literature, often offering a chronological order of actual events. The monogatari I will be analyzing is Taketori monogatari and the nikki I will analyze is Kagerō Nikki....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Never Like Life Just Keeps Beating You Down?

- Ever felt like life just keeps beating you down. Well, I do. I woke up on December 13, twelve days before Christmas, to go to the worst thing you can--a funeral of a loved one. I got dressed in my best clothes, got in the car and went to the church. As soon as I saw her I had to look away to keep from balling, she looked so peaceful lying there, so serene so calm. Let me go back to before this all happened. On a dark All Hallows’ Eve, I was taking my brother around house to house trick-or-treating, it was his first time trick-or-treating with me because I had moved up here to Mississippi that Summer, he was having a blast, but when his mom Nikki my step-mom came to pick us up I had a bad fe...   [tags: English-language films, Emotion, Apartment]

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House And Filed Restraining Order Against Him

- house and filed a restraining order against him. Pat is adamant that his ex-wife is still in love with him and becomes agitated and irritated when his parents dissuade him from contacting her and told him to move on with his life. He believes that if he gets his old teaching job and deals with his disorder without taking any medication, his ex-wife Nikki will take him back. He is determined to win back the affections of his ex-wife, which could be mistaken for positivity if it was not the fact that he is unable to entertain the idea that his ex-wife Nikki may never get back with him; he also gets extremely emotional when the people around him tell him that she may not want him back....   [tags: Bipolar disorder, Major depressive disorder, Mania]

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Postmodernism in US Television Show Lost

- Postmodernism can be defined as a rejection of the idea that there are certain unequivocal truths or grand narratives (such as capitalism, faith or science) and as a belief that there are multiple ways of understanding anything, whether it be it culture, philosophy, art, literature, films, etc, or even television... Television reflects the mass-produced society we live in and certain shows exhibit many of the archetypes of postmodernism that have become prevalent in other art forms. Postmodernism can be useful for understanding contemporary television it can help us to relate to the ever-changing world we live in....   [tags: TV Show Analysis]

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The 's Triangle Of Love Theory

- ... 389). It is later revealed that Pat’s mother helped Tiffany know when he was going to jog, and she told Pat that she also liked running. Tiffany was trying to establish similarities between them, which is the other major factor along with proximity (Aronson, p.390). She also later starts to research football despite hating the sport, another way she can be similar to Pat, but also a way she can show commitment by investing her time in things Pat likes. Despite these factors, their relationship is initially unstable, and it appears as if Pat is not interested and that Tiffany was very interested in further pursuing a steady romantic relationship....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Romance]

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Poetry of the Heian Period

- Poetry had a very large role in narrative prose of the Heian period. During the Heian period poetry was a way that people showed their worth or status. Men and women would write poems to one another in order to attract the other and win their love. Poetry was mixed in with prose to add to the stories and display the overwhelming value of poetry in Japanese society. With the shift from poetry to prose, long tales and stories were able to be passed down in Japan helping to shape the Japanese culture....   [tags: Japanese Literature, Culture]

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The Role of Poetry in Narrative Prose of the Heian Period

- Prose is often used as a source of entertainment that can include elements of fiction and nonfiction. They are used in myths and legends that tell stories, of why things are and how they were meant to be. Meanwhile, poetry is largely used as a medium to express the writer’s innermost feelings. Inspirations for such poems can range from the poet’s past experiences, breath-taking scenery, or the passage of time. Poetry is often used in prose as a mechanic to show a character’s own thoughts and feelings; most of the characters’ poems never coincide with the writer’s own thoughts, except for rare cases....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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The Role of Poetry in Narrative Prose of the Heian Period

- The role of poetry in narrative prose of the Heian Period (794-1185) has impacted Japan`s culture by the improvement and blossoming of Japanese arts and literature. Japan was greatly influenced by the Chinese during the Heian Period due to imported things from China; example include Buddhism, poetry, art techniques, methods of organizing government, even the plan for the city of Heian-kyô itself.“The Heian period was named after this city, the country really was at peace, and the aristocrats of the Imperial Court spent much of their time creating a classical culture that still lives today”( The Heian Period: 794-1185)....   [tags: Literature]

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Role of poetry of the Heian Period

- The Heian period in Japan was from 794 to 1185. During this time, the imperial court was believed to be at its peak, when literature and poetry flourished. China was thought to be an exemplary model of culture and civilization, and Japan desired to break away to become its own powerful entity. Due to the steady decline of Chinese influence, Japan was able to establish its own native identity. Through literature, the Japanese elevated their status to challenge China. The first imperial anthology was the Kokinshū that consisted of over 1000 poems, most of them in tanka form....   [tags: Japanese Literature]

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I Am the Screw Up

- I sat silently in the center of my bed, thinking. My fingernails had not survived my anxious habbits, being bit off and spit aside; Just like I always did when something was bothering me. I was surprised I didn't have a headache by now, with all the thinking that I'd been doing over the past few hours. I was trying to think of reasons not to throw on my boots right now and run out that front door, willing to shearch the entire forest looking for him, but so far I had been unsusessful. Alex wasn't here yet....   [tags: short story]

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A Short Note On Trust Issues : Women Crush Wednesday ( Mcm ) And $ Or Wce Who Is Yours

- Trust Issues Women crush Wednesday (WCW). Man crush Monday (MCM) and MCE or WCE who is yours. In the 21st century a lot of things took a turn, social media got very popular. Everybody’s mom and they grandma wants or have Facebook and other popular networks. I know most men cheat or have an affair with another women and then the girl gets sad, mad, crazy, upset about the situation break up or leave the man or get even. That is the typical life I knew about growing up. It even happened to me, friends, family and so on....   [tags: Social network service, Social network aggregation]

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Understanding Life Is So Far From The Average Humans Reach

- ... Some people are like Renée. Some people are far from being stuck inside a fish bowl, and that is how Paloma wants to be. Nikki Jumpei is highly guilty of the fishbowl life. At first glance he might seem like he is adventurous, and does not have a closed off life, but his state of mind is what is caught inside the fishbowl. He is a teacher who loves bugs and his life goal is to discover a new bug, therefore his name when be left behind when he left the earth. Although this does seem like a fascinating goal to work towards, it is probably not he best end goal to an entire life....   [tags: Meaning of life, Absurdism, Life, Suicide]

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Lack of Health Care in the United States

- Even after all the debate conserning ObamaCare, the United States still lacks a health care system that provides insurance for all citizens. With an economy that is weak, and a high rate of unemployment, this represents a serious problem. In other countries, where insurance is mandatory, medical bill are rarely paid by the average citizen. Healthcare in the United States is must be given to everyone, but it’s the matter of affording to pay the medical bills, and being accepted by an insurance company that is the main issue....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Michelle 's Role Models : A Role Model

- Michelle’s Role Models A role model is someone you look up to, someone you admire. Whether it be a family member, an actor or actress, a friend, or an athlete -- these people who you see as a role model are people you look up to to inspire and influence who you are as a person. They help to better who you are because they care for you. I proudly call my sister, my father, and my grandmother my role models. Throughout my childhood, my sister, Nikki Tam, contributed to my confident demeanor. In my days of early adolescence, my father, Alan Tam, influenced my mindset to establish and follow strong morals....   [tags: Family, Life, Father, Parent]

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Episode 2 : Autism Versus The Blackout

- ... Spencer points upward. All eyes follow his finger to the ceiling. Then, he goes back to eating his ice cream sandwich. Now they all hear it. A strange creaking in the ceiling. They take out their glow sticks and point them at the ceiling. The creature in question seems to freeze in place. Spencer looks back up and points his ice cream sandwich at the ceiling as though it were a glow stick. The teams do a double-take and then seem to look to Evan for guidance.) Evan (deadpan face): You guys going to listen to me now....   [tags: 2005 singles, 2008 singles, Ceiling, Debut albums]

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The Police Won 't Give Up

- ... How does that make you come out a winner?” “Who said anything about winning the war. I’m just following history by keeping the battles alive even after the war is decided.” “Why should Nikki be a part of this,” Dee fearfully asked. “Give her to Gregg.” “I’ll make you a deal; I’ll let your precious Nikki live if you tell me where the newsletter is. If you lie, I promise, you won’t like what I do.” Maynard spat tobacco juice and tossed the small container to Edgar. “Give Nikki a pinch or two....   [tags: 2007 singles, Debut albums, Pop ballads, Tell Me]

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The Day I Chipped My Tooth

- ... Nikki wanted us to wait for her and the daycare kids, but they were taking too long to get ready, so we just left. On the way there, we listened to a song that had recently came out by the rap artist Kanye West called “Amazing”. We walked because it was only a couple of blocks from the house. It felt like we were walking in the Sahara Desert outside. There was sweat bullets were oozing out of me every step that I took. Halfway there, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a green Suburban pass us while laughing....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Sahara]

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Family Relations : The Other Wes Moore

- ... Conversely, the Other Wes Moore’s mother failed to accept her children weren’t perfect. The most prominent instance of this denial reveals itself when Wes mysteriously obtains large sums of money. Wes claims he earned the money DJ-ing, though the drugs hidden in his room dispute his claim. Wes’s mother, however, states she believes Wes wholeheartedly. While arguing with Wes’s brother, Tony, about the situation she simply replies, “Well that’s what he told me, and I believe him” (71). The crucial differences between the mothers create a clear divide in the outcome of their children....   [tags: Family, Parent, Sibling, Mother]

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Poetry of the Heian Period

- The role of poetry in narrative prose of the Heian period was shaped through history under Chinese influence. This led to its importance in Japanese society and use not only as stand-alone works, but as significant parts of narrative prose, like monogatari and nikki. The poetry greatly reflected its use in societal activities, especially in the lives of the aristocrats. As the society developed, so did the style of Japanese narrative prose. In other words, poetry worked as a record of Japanese society that assimilated Chinese ideals about literature in creating their own form of narrative prose....   [tags: Japanese Literature]

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Back in Time to Pinkalicous

- ... It was a good day to be in class because we learned about controlling our powers under certain situations like in a fight or something. I really need to work on that. After class, Mrs. Eve called me to her desk to talk about something. She said “ I think you need to lay off of you powers for a few days, because you are not making any progress. You are just making everything worse.” I just stood there for a minute and realized I was making everything worse. I had to get out of there, Toga was waiting on me outside on Elis....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Organ Donation And Tissue Donation

- 18 year old, Domonique Smith, also called Nikki, was lying in an ICU hospital bed fighting her last battle. Before Nikki knew she wasn’t going to live much longer, she had a conversation with her mom, telling her she wanted to be an organ and tissue donor. Once Nikki passed away, her heart was transplanted into her life-long friend, Tanisha Basham, through a process called directed donation. Along with Tanisha, Nikki helped three other people, so she saved four people’s lives (Marketwire). According to Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network, 2015 was a better year than any other for saving lives through organ and tissue donation....   [tags: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Heart, Organ]

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Families Values in Knoxville, Tennessee, Those Winter Sundays, and Two Kinds

- Family. What do you think of when you hear that word. Some people think of relatives or the people that they live with. Maybe a stepfather, stepmother, brothers, or sisters. To me, family is love, devotion, and caring. People of a family want to be together and love to do things for each other, such as do the dishes or wash the car for them. The poems that most represent my family values are “Knoxville, Tennessee” by Nikki Giovanni and “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden. The one that does not represent my family as much as the others is “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan....   [tags: Two Kinds, Amy Tan]

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Ancient Japanese Poetry

- While reading early Japanese literature, it is apparent that poetry embedded within the prose is a significant part of the overall experience of the storylines. There are times at which, in the case of Ise Monogatari, it is apparent that the story, written in prose, is not the main focus of the entry. The poetry is a delicate form of self-expression that was the only form of expression in the time before fiction and journal entries. “The seeds of Japanese poetry lie in the human heart and grow into leaves of ten thousand words....   [tags: Man'yōshū, Romance, Heian-Era]

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The Ideal of a Man, the Ideal of a Woman of the Heian Court Based on the Tale of Genji

- Seen from descriptions in the most prominent literature works in Heian era, such as Ise Monotagari, Kagerō Nikki, Izumi Shikibu Nikki, Makura-no-Shōshi, and Genji Monogatari, gender roles during the period were implicitly or explicitly defined, and I assume, because of this climate, they were considered as major parts of the society, and vice versa. There are many characters appearing in Genji Monogatari. I think each of them is a representation of people whom Murasaki Shikibu had observed around her in her time, and that reviews of those characters are the key to a glimpse into ideal manliness and ideal femininity and manliness in the Heian era....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Role of Poetry in Heian Narrative Prose

- The Heian Period (794—1185 A.D.) is remembered as a period of great creativity and literary innovation by the Japanese court—waka, true Japanese poetry, became established as an art form of its own, independent of Chinese poetry, and Ki no Tsurayuki compiled Japanese poems written by the aristocracy into the famous Kokinwakashū in 905 A.D. Although literature continued to thrive and new forms that were written mainly in prose developed under the court as well, poetry was never forgotten and was constantly included in these narratives....   [tags: writiting, poetry]

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Silver Linings Playbooks by David O. Russell

- Synopsis Silver Linings Playbooks tells the story of Pat Solitano Jr. (played by Bradley Cooper), a high school teacher diagnosed with bipolar disorder who is trying to get his life back together. The movie opens as Pat is released from a psychiatric hospital after eight months of treatment and moves back in with his parents. He is determined to get back together with his wife, Nikki, despite all the signs that say she does not want to be with him - such as the restraining order she filed against him....   [tags: bipolar disorder, pat solitano, brain]

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Gender Stereotypes And Its Effects On Women

- ... They want to be like them so people will like them. Watching someone pick apart their very own body, because they don 't have what people with money have; is very depressing. When I think of celebrity women I can only think of a few that don 't have the quote on quote perfect bodies, and they are in the movies and on Tv. Even the women that are on Tv without the perfect bodies get passed up because they lack what others have, trim waists with; of course plastic watermelons on their chests. Women in film are just like the women in the music industry; fake....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Star, Marilyn Monroe]

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The Doctrine Of Self Identity

- The doctrine of self identity is one that has throughout history been a way for people to identify who they were in relation to other individuals and society as a whole. To take into account how an individual’s identity is shaped, it is imperative to know it through the context of oneself and of society. This will not only provide a more holistic approach to understanding how self identity is shaped, but also how it relates to race. Nikki Giovanni’s poem “Nikki-Rosa” and Zora Neale Hurston’s “How It Feels to Be Colored Me,” reflect on the idea of racial self identity through harsh critiques from societal and internal pressures seeking to label and categorize people on the basis of race....   [tags: Race, Black people, Race, African American]

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Japanese Literature

- The Japanese medieval age consists of the Kamakura and Muromachi periods (from approximately 1185 to 1600). During this time, the political power was switching from the imperial family to a militaristic government. In addition, civil wars (from 1156 to 1568) were increasing throughout Japan. This change of centrality in society’s focus from court to warriors shifted the perception and style of Japanese literature. As we learned during the first half of the course, the Heian period focused their attentions on elegance, aesthetics (of actions or objects), and relationships (specifically the feelings of love, longing, and waiting)....   [tags: Medieval Japan, Heian Period]

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Interracial Dating Explored in Save the Last Dance

- Interracial Dating Explored in Save the Last Dance The movie, Save the Last Dance, goes along with all of our discussions and conversations about the visual difference between the black and white cultures and the stereotyping that Hollywood does of the two cultures. The movie shows the difference in the two cultures, according to Hollywood.you have your typical white middle-class suburban girl (Sarah) and your typical low-class black boy (Derrick). Save the Last Dance is a love story about the pros and cons that comes along with interracial dating....   [tags: Films Movies Analysis Relationships Essays]

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Book Assesment Essay on You Can't Take My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please

- ... What I thought about this novel is that it is humorous, well-written, and had some science references in the story as I read along. Aliens, robots, rockets, shrunken heads that talk, and planets being sold, are some sort of science. It also adds in science references and terms dealing with space, like the word intergalactic. And the imagery made reading the story fun. Because when they described the aliens features I could imagine how they looked like. The society of aliens is pretty weird, and they have weird ways of adapting and using things on Earth....   [tags: charcter, family, plot]

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Japanese Poetry: The Roles of Poetry in Narrative Prose of the Heian Period

- The ninth century was one of major turning points of Japanese literature history, in which the kana syllabary was developed, along with abolishment of the legation to China (Handout 8). Moreover, the invention of the Japanese native writing systems served as a stimulus to the creation of a prose literature, as well as the births of prominent female writers (Handout 8). Two types of the prose went mainstream in the Heian literature: monogatari (tale) and nikki (diary) (Handout 8). Murasaki Shikibu’s Genji Monogatari (Tale of Genji) is probably the most famous work from the era and therefore I will focus on it as an example in the monogatari genre in this paper; as for the second genre, I will...   [tags: japanese studies, japanese history]

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Should The Demand For Prostitution During The 2014 World Cup?

- In fact, strong evidence even suggests that the demand for prostitution during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil actually decreased. A research group associated with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro wrote, “The Observatory of Prostitution,” and conducted over 2,000 hours of field research. They reported, “Among 279 sex venue addresses mapped in the city of Rio de Janeiro before the World Cup, only 16 have demonstrated an increase in sex workers and tourists. All of the other points in the city are practically empty, with women complaining about the loss of clients and income during World Cup.” There is a nearly universal rebuttal by activists from these organizations after they are pres...   [tags: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Slavery]

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Ideal Man and Woman in The Tale of Genji

- Genji monogatari has been called to be the world’s finest and first novel, completed in the early Heian period in 1008. Many people doubted if Murasaki Shikibu was the true authorship, but evidences from Murasaki Shikibu nikki and Sarashina nikki have proven that she is the author of this masterpiece. I personally think that it is important to talk about some of the important events happened in Murasaki’s life before examining the ideal woman and man of the Heian court. “Shikibu was born into the Fujiwara family, daughter of the governor of a province, who also was a well known scholar....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Education System: Brown Vs. Board of Education

- Even though most people only know of the famous Brown v. Board of Education case, many other cases also took a major part in overturning the harsh laws that African Americans faced for a long period of time in this country. Brown v. Board of Education was the most important Supreme Court decision of the 20th century (National Park). Without this case, the education system and other segregated facilities might not have ever changed through the course of history (Kirk). Not only was this one person fighting the Board of Education, but it consisted of multiple cases put together to take to the Supreme Court....   [tags: two races, supreme court, african americans]

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Men and Women of the Heian Court

- During the Heian period, which lasted from 794 to 1185, literature is characterized as being in the forms of monogatari (tale) and nikki (diary). Many of the monogatari and nikki that were written were created by women, who wrote using kana syllabry. One of the most distinguished pieces of monogatari is Murasaki Shikibu’s Genji Monogatari or also known as The Tale of Genji. According to Nancy Hume, “most literary men of the Heian period avoided using the Japanese language or creating resembling fiction....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Tales of Ise and The Tosa Diary

- As seen in examples of monogatari such as Tales of Ise or nikki with The Tosa Diary, poetry is a very much used tool in the writings. While other examples of the two writing styles use poetry, these two examples best demonstrate the breaks in the writing style changes from a narrative and turns into something that takes on a more personal voice when it clearly goes into its poetic style. These poems are made to compliment the setting, such as in a poem credited to the former governor in The Tosa Diary where there is a description of the waves as they illustrate the governor’s sadness as he leaves Kyoto (83)....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Effects Of Drug Use By Celebrities

- ... At first I’d use only sterilized spring water to dissolve the stuff in, but now I’d just pull the back off a toilet or look for a lawn sprinkler or even a puddle.” Kiedis admits, “When you’re doing a lot of alcohol or cocaine, your thinking becomes skewed and you’re willing to do a lot of things you normally wouldn’t.” Actor Robert Downey, Jr. has also shown a pattern of poor thinking. In 1996, police found several drugs, including: heroin, cocaine, and crack cocaine, as well as an unloaded .357 Magnum in Downey’s car when he was stopped for speeding, and Downey was found by his neighbors passed out in their 11-year-old son’s bed....   [tags: Drug addiction, Heroin, Addiction]

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My Initial Reaction Of Wear Hair Extensions

- ... African women who had relaxed hair felt that their hair did not hold much importance as to who they were as a person. On the other hand, African American women seen their relaxed hair as something that is tamed and added to the authenticity of their personality. At this point, I speculated that this is due to African American women being more exposed to the westernized culture than African women. However, African women and African American women who were natural both experienced pressures from their family to relax their hair....   [tags: African American, Black people, Black Power, Afro]

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