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Henry David Thoreau and the Power of Non-Violent Resistance

- Thoreau contends that men have lost the free will to make individual decisions regarding war, slavery, and domestic issues because government imposes on its citizens only in its own self interests. (Thoreau 1706). He states government loses its integrity when willing to consider profit over the interests of its citizens, and basic human rights such as slavery and war. (Thoreau 1707). He considers slavery as a “hateful and stupid enterprise. (Eulau 119). Thoreau feels such deep disgrace being associated with a government who condones slavery, that he refuses to vote, pay taxes, and makes his only contact with this government the tax collector....   [tags: Non-Violent Resistance Essays]

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The History of Non-Violent Protests

- If something isn’t right, there is a way to fix it. Violence of course is never the answer therefore, non-violent protests were started. Non-Violent protesting had a slow start then it spread around the world when it hit media attention. Non-violent protest also had more effectiveness than violent protests. Non-Violent protests may have taken a while, but the results were successful. During 1960-1966, there was a committee of students that were wanting equality for whites and blacks, but they didn’t want to have violence involved....   [tags: civil rights, freedom]

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The Art of Non-Violent Protesting

- Mahatma Gandhi once said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” This quote represents the book very well because blacks in that time had no rights at all compared to the whites. The blacks would always have to do what the whites told them to do or they would get locked up or in trouble with the law. Blacks would use self-defense against white people and they black would get sent to jail because the judge would know to rule in the white guys favor. In this time period not only were the adults the ones who didn’t like integration and everyone is equal, but the parents would take their young children to KKK feasts and brainwash their kids into showin...   [tags: Mahatma Gandhi]

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Non-violent Protests and The Teachings of Ghandi

- The year was 1986 and the people of the Philippines were being oppressed by their elected president turned Dictator Ferdinand Marcos for twenty years. And a four-day series of non-violent mass demonstrations toppled Marcos dictatorship. It was a series of popular non violent revolutions and prayerful mass street demonstrations in the Philippines that occurred in 1986, which marked the restoration of the country's democracy. Non violent resistance is the best method to peacefully attain social change in times of political oppression....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Should A Non Violent Criminal Be Incarcerated?

- When we take a look at today’s society and how it has evolved over the years we notice a huge financial drain on humanity. We have come to notice that the world is not seen as a peaceful place for each unique person because of the many diverse religions, cultures, and beliefs that comprise us. Quoted by Gandhi himself “My religion is based on truth and nonviolence. Truth is my God. Non-violence is the meaning of realizing him”. Some people argue that the majority of people being incarcerated or better known as “Locked Up” are non-violence criminals....   [tags: Crime, Police, Criminal law, Law]

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Reducing Sentencing Of Non Violent Crimes

- America is often described as the land of the free, yet to the thousands of inmates that sit in prison this is a luxury they may never experience again. While common sense says that prisons are a necessary part of the world, America’s prison system has been neglected for far too long. Many prisons are on the brink collapsing and the living conditions of the inmate’s borderline on inhumane. In addition America has one of the largest prison systems in the world, and it shows as many prisons are bursting at the seams....   [tags: Prison, Capital punishment, Penology, Murder]

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Non-Violent Resistance: The Stoppable Ways

- Sitting down under the same sky, looking into the same outer space and participate the same environments have made us very curious about whom we are. It is true that we were born into different lifestyles yet we do not know much about ourselves, especially how we, oppressed people, can deal things in a non-violent resistance. According to Martin Luther King’s Three Ways of Meeting Oppression, he reveals how we can deal with our oppression in three characteristic ways – non-violent resistance, violent resistance and acquiescence....   [tags: Martin Luther King, Peaceful Movement]

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A Crime is A Crime: Violent and non-Violent Criminals

- Some people argue that non-violent criminals shouldn’t be incarcerated because it’s such a huge financial drain on society. Well in my opinion a non-violent criminal is still a criminal; the only difference is they weren’t violent at that particular time. Many crimes have been committed without any physical abuse. Who’s to say the next time they decide to break the law they won’t become violent or a threat to someone. Furthermore, I believe if you do the crime, you have to do the time. In today’s society majority of people incarcerated are non-violent criminals: such as drug abusers, drunk drivers, prostitutes, and people who refuse to pay child support....   [tags: criminals, violence, crimes, ]

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Gandhi : The Originator Of Non Violent Civil Disobedience

- Introduction Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869 to 1948), also known as the father of India, was an active politician who fought for the independence of the country from Britain. Commonly known as Mahatma (Great Soul), Gandhi stood for the rights of the poor. Being the leader of Indian National Congress, he was the main voice of all political campaigns. Gandhi introduced new techniques of non-violent civil disobediences. Even though the national freedom was one of his key achievements, his vision was primarily to help people achieve the ‘real freedom’ (Ramakrishna, 2013)....   [tags: Indian independence movement]

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Caning in Singapore Schools to Be Replaced by Non-Violent Disciplines

- Caning in Singapore Schools to Be Replaced by Non-Violent Disciplines A recent article in The Asian Parent Magazine reports that a student was publicly caned in a Singapore secondary school for repeatedly being late, and several Singaporean parents criticized the school policy on this issue (Chin, 2012, p.1). Such reports have been raising controversies on whether the Singapore Ministry of Education should continue allowing schools to administer such disciplinary action, a traditional corporal punishment since 1957 under the Schools Regulation Act....   [tags: pa rents, schools, caning]

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The War On Drugs And Non Violent Marijuana Related Crimes

- The War on Drugs; Non-Violent Marijuana Related Crimes “Do you mind if I smoke quickly. I’m in so much pain it hurts to speak, I cannot make it through this interview without it” exclaimed a medical marijuana patient suffering from sinus cancer during an interview with the American Civil Liberties Union. This is just one reason why millions of patients need marijuana, a plant which has been unfortunately stigmatized by outrageous government propaganda. Despite hundreds of studies proving marijuana’s medicinal qualities, the government continues to wage war against this plant....   [tags: Cannabis, Legality of cannabis by country, Hemp]

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Four Historical Occasions of Non Violent Protest

- The 20th Century saw many civil resistance movements that made change by implementing a system of education in their non-violent protest strategies. This paper will be looking at: Gandhi and the struggle for Indian Independence (specifically 1907-1947), African American U.S. Civil Rights Movement (specifically 1960-1967), South African Apartheid (specifically 1976-1994), and the Northern Ireland Republicans held at Long Kesh Prison (1976-1985). These four struggles demonstrate that knowledge is powerful, and can be to used to either endure, or better fight, or at best end violence and oppression....   [tags: Gandhi, India, Civil Rights Movement]

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Non-Violent Nationalism and Fundamental Change

- Nationalism as a concept is defined by the formation of a distinct identity for a certain population in terms of their religion, ethnicity or class differences. This term was used to describe the rise of movements along these distinct lines. Since then the connotations of the word may have changed over time but its essential meaning has remained unchanged. The term in essence refers to two varying sentiments. Broadly speaking, the first of these is a sense of identification with a certain nation based on ethnic, cultural or religious bounds....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Spiritual Guidance: Non-Violent Campaign

- In the early 1960s, a majority of persecuted African-American’s worshiped God. Many colored people were raised in the Baptist church, so faith was a seemly necessity during this era. With Christian beliefs, blacks learned to trust and believe that God had the upper hand, even through continued injustice. Spiritual guidance was especially important in order for peace to be maintained, but so was a leader: Martin Luther King was that leader. “The heart of King’s strategy was nonviolence” (Adwan). He used his nonviolent methods and strong faith to instill strength in others through the word of God; which, reminded the people that a change would come....   [tags: colored people, african american, christians]

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Non-Violent Non-Cooperation Peaceful Protests: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

- First and for most, King devoted himself to the idea of “non-violent non-cooperation,” peaceful protest and no violence toward law enforcement or any one. The most influential act that one single civil rights activist preformed was the famous march on Washington for jobs. The march took place on August 28, 1963. It claimed the title of the largest civil rights convention/rally in history. It attracted upwards of 200,000 people, and needed nearly 300,000 police to control the passionate crowed. It was here that King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech upon the steps of the Lincoln Memorial....   [tags: idelogies, I have a dream]

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A Force More Powerful, directed by Steve York

- A key argument expressed within “A Force More Powerful” is that non-violent protest is an effective method to motivate social and political change. The documentary provides three case studies as historical instances where non-violent protest met high levels of success. A main purpose of the filmmakers is to investigate the non-violent aspects of popular uprisings that had been previously underestimated in terms of their contribution to a larger conflict. The instances taken as case studies are all of groups marginalised due to racial, colonial, and economic reasons....   [tags: Non-Violent Protests]

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Soft Power Revolution: An Analysis of Social Media and Non-Violent Activism in the New Era

- Introduction: The film ‘Bringing down a Dictator’ in a inspiring documentary about the peaceful revolution in Serbia in 1999. The Bulldozer revolution in Serbia inspired the so-called ‘color revolutions’ of Easter Europe and Central Asia where massive street protest after disputed elections led to the overthrown of authoritarian leaders (Dudouet, 2008, p. 9). The strategies of activist in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus have many parallels to the current ‘Arab Spring.’ This paper will analyze York’s documentary, Bringing Down a Dictator in the terms of nonviolent theory and peaceful social revolution....   [tags: Facebook Twitter YouTube Essays]

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Mahatma Gandhi’s Role in India’s Fight for Independence

- Mahatma Gandhi’s Role in India’s Fight for Independence “The strongest physical force bends before moral force when used in the defense of truth.” - Mahatma Gandhi (Bondurant). Mahatma Gandhi was the main leader in helping India become independent through the principles of non violence, self-rule, and the unity of Hindus and Muslims. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, but he was given the name Mahatma later on in his life. He wanted to see an united India without the rule of the British Empire....   [tags: passive resistance, non violent, rebellion]

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Arab Spring: Helping Out the Middle East

- Arab spring, the domino effect in the Muslim countries in the Middle East leading to violent and non-violent movements either being successful or not, depending on the relative countries. It is difficult for one to understand this whole predicament in the broad aspect, therefore for this particular reason the focus will be on two countries where in one non-violent movements were successful and in the other violence had to be used for their to be positive peace. This paper will compare and contrast the role of violent versus non-violent tactics during the recent events of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’....   [tags: muslim, movements, violence, non-violent]

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Biography of Indian Independence Activist Mohandas Gandhi

- Indian independence activist Mohandas Gandhi was an agent for both political and social change. An advocate for Indian independence he faced persecution and imprisonment. Perhaps the most well-known promoter of non-violent civil disobedience he changed the way oppressed groups the world over viewed their struggle for equality. India gained its independence from Great Britain in 1947, in large part due to Gandhi’s peaceful perseverance. After living for 20 years in South Africa, practicing law and advocating for Indian equality there, he returned to India at the age of 45....   [tags: mass non-violent civil disobedience]

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Gandhi´s Teaching Changed the World

- Gandhi was a political and spiritual leader of India and one of the most extraordinary men of the 20th Century. In his early life he had a great deal of problems. “As a child he was so shy that the moment class was over he would run home so he would not have to talk to anyone” (Mohandas K. Gandhi). Gandhi is known as one of the ‘founding fathers of the modern Indian state’, as a hero, and as the man who gained India’s independence from the British Empire using peaceful methods. His actions were nonviolent protests, people living together in harmony; a world without war....   [tags: India, equality, non-violent protest]

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Malcolm X: The Civil Rights Movement and The Non Violent Pursue of Integration

- A majority of Americans are both influenced and motivated by various African American legends. Historical figures like, L. Douglas Wilder, Ella Fitzgerald or even the president of the United States, Barak Obama, are some of these people… Malcolm X in particular, was an individual who had a great impact on many Americans perception of our society throughout the United States. Malcolm X, the activist & outspoken public voice of the Black Muslim faith, challenged the mainstream civil rights movement and the nonviolent pursuit of integration championed by Martin Luther King Jr....   [tags: biography, Cassius X, ku klux klan]

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Gandhi as an Outlaw Leader and his non-violent Movements

- Outlaws. The word often haunts us, as we sit and ponder over it. Usually it brings with it, a sense of insecurity and fear. Sometimes after watching a movie or after reading a crime story, we are scared about going out alone, or sometimes, even in the house we have a feeling, as if someone is watching us. Why is all this. Why are we scared in our own house. Why are we scared to go out. It is because after watching so many movies, reading the papers and being aware about the crimes happening all around us, we just don’t want to take a chance with our lives....   [tags: Biography, Mohandas Gandhi Essays]

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The Dalai Lama

- I will focus on the life of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso, born sixth of July, 1937, now aged seventy-eight and the longest living incumbent of the Dalai Lama to date. Tenzin Gyatso was both a political leader and religious figurehead and thus was involved in many political activities that were non-violent in nature. The majority of his work was based upon the liberation of Tibet from Chinese rule and the formation of a self-governing democratic state. These activities were set up to be the prerequisite for an independent Tibet, but have ultimately failed....   [tags: holiness, tibet, non-violent diplomacy]

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Keeping Their Own Identity in Black Nationalism

- Black Nationalism is chiefly a US political and social movement that was prominent in the 1960’s. The movement sought to acquire economic power and political self-determination, as well as to infuse a sense of community among African Americans. As an alternative to being assimilated by a predominately white nation, black nationalists sought to maintain and promote their separate identity as a people of African ancestry. Hip-hop culture has been a global phenomenon for more than twenty years. When introduced into the American culture, the black culture felt that hip-hop had originated from the African American community....   [tags: social, hip-hop, non-violent]

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Dancehall: Bob Marley and The Wailers

- Dancehall In 1807, slavery was abolished; however, Jamaica did not gain its full independence until 1962; and the days of slavery had taken its toll on the inhabitants of the island, resulting in anger and resentment. Even today, the remnants of racial, economic and social inequalities still remain. Instead of a rebellion, the poor fought authority through music. Music was one outlet in which this anger and resentment was expressed. Through this very music dancehall emerged (Hebdige, 26). Dancehall has many pseudonyms depending upon who is describing or researching it....   [tags: non violent revolution, reggae music]

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The Children’s Crusade: Dr Martin Luther King Jr

- Remembering The Children’s Crusade, or known as one of the most stupefying events in history, could take anyone back in the days of segregation and great detriment to our own people. On May 2, 1963, a group of student protesters, in which were motivated by Martin Luther King Jr., partook in the 1963 campaign to desegregate Birmingham, Alabama. More than a thousand students skipped their classes and marched to downtown Birmingham using tactics of nonviolent direct action (Carson). The first day, hundreds were arrested and taken to jail in school buses and paddy wagons....   [tags: non violent direct action, punishment, rights]

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Ethnocentricity and Non-Aboriginal Australians

- History has shown that Non-Aboriginal Australia most defiantly was ethnocentric in regards to Aboriginal people. Looking at the obviously poor and unjust treatment of Aboriginal people early in the countries history and whether or not attitudes and policies have really changed. There have been changes in public opinion and in political opinion with the acceptance and the welfare of aboriginal people over the past one hundred years but has there been enough change to say that there is no longer any ethnocentrism....   [tags: Non-Aboriginal, Australia, ]

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Violent Video Games Cause Violence?

- Bloodshed and aggression is everywhere; in magazines, in the shops, on the TV, on websites like YouTube as well as in video games. Yet, why is it that those video games are assumed to be the biggest media source responsible for the violent outbursts of different individuals. Is this really the case. Every eight out of ten homes in the United Kingdom own a existing generation games console and video games have become a extraordinary source of education when helping kids to learn, such websites like or the VTech Learning System that teach kids literacy, numeracy and the sciences through their games....   [tags: video games, violent games, call of duty]

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Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior

- Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior Statistics have shown that the violence among young people is increasing every year. Many people blame musicians and other types of artists who portray negative actions as something positive. Others might blame the parents for not watching over their children. But many people fail to bring up technology as an issue. With the new DVD that shows sex and violence or computers that gives kids access to unauthorized sites, technology is something that many parents need to look out for....   [tags: Violent Video Games Youth Violence]

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Effective Use of Non-Violence by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela

- Throughout history, violent reformation movements were traditionally used, but non-violence has been proven just as effective. Non-violence is the clear distinguisher between right and wrong. When violence is followed by non-violence there is only so much fighting that can go on. Mohandas Gandhi was a known pacifist and a spiritual and political leader of India during the Indian Independence Movement. Gandhi studied law in England before returning to India to fight the caste system by doing chores an untouchable would do....   [tags: Essays on Non VIolence]

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Violent Video Games Lead to Violence

- In today’s day and age it has been suggested that teens are becoming more violent. Some worry that certain aspects of our technology, including the intenseness of violent video games, are affecting the violence among America’s youth, while others don’t see this as an issue at all. A study done in 2004, Factors Correlated with Violent Video Games Use by Adolescent Boys and Girls, reported that boys in grades seventh and eighth played violent video games to either release their anger or help them relax....   [tags: technology, youth, violent behavior, anger]

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Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?

- Should Violent Video Games Be Banned. In 2008, the computer and video game industry has made $1.7 billion in revenue. Of this, 16% was made through the sale of violent video games (FYI: Video Game Statistics by the Entertainment Software Association | Critical Gaming Project). Many parents are concerned about these violent games because of how they can affect their children. Many think that these games are dangerous and should be banned. Others believe that the sale of these games should go unregulated....   [tags: minors, violent, video games, ratings]

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Violent Crime And Its Effects On Society

- Violence in bars is a growing area of concern in modern day society, particularly in Australian culture where the consumption of alcohol is socially acceptable. Recently, the Australian media has been dominated by an alarming incidence of “king hit” attacks, suggesting that alcohol is a major cause for the increase in violence. By mapping the location of such crimes, studies have shown that they concentrate in particular places and at certain times. The fact that these crimes are thus non-random allows criminologists to predict where and when crime will happen, assisting in developing prevention strategies for these problems....   [tags: Crime, Violence, Violent crime, Criminology]

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Are Violent Videogames the Trigger to Extremely Violent Acts?

- ... Video games and killings have been connected and publicized by the media since the 90’s. In 1997, 16-year-old Evan Ramsey brought a shotgun to his Alaska high school and shot four people, killing two. He vehemently played the sci-fi horror game "Doom," in which you have to shoot an enemy many times before it dies. Ramsey later explained he was “surprised to find that the rule did not apply in real life”(Layton). In many ways, it's the same argument we've heard for years about violence on television....   [tags: behavioral issues, school shootings]

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Violent Revolution and Civil Disobedience

- Back in the days a lot of people suffered from being mistreated and having no freedom. Civil disobedience is the active professed refusal to obey certain laws, demand s or commands of a government or of an occupying international power. Some say violent revolution make for a more effective means of gaining liberty and equality. Other says civil disobedience makes for a more effective means of gaining liberty and equality. I believe that civil disobedience makes for a more effective means of gaining liberty and equality because it causes no war/violence and lets you gain liberty equally....   [tags: government, law, refusal to obey]

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Numbing Violent Video Games

- ... At the same time, some people say playing video games are not completely bad. Limiting how long the child plays the violent video game can have positive effects too. The child can decompress from daily stress that may be caused by social problems or school by playing his or her favorite video game. “Violent video games provide exactly that kind of escape, giving kids an arena where they can play with fantasies of danger, aggression and conflict, developing a feeling of mastery that can serve as an antidote, or at least a necessary break, from daily anxieties" (Winegarner)....   [tags: psychological influence and analysis]

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Violent Video Games and The Human Psyche

- According to Valadez and Fergusion (2012), “The effects of violent video game exposure, both positive and negative, on various behaviors are still highly contested within academia and the general public” (p. 608). Violence in video games is often wrongfully perused as a topic of extreme criticism pertaining to an individual’s act of violence in today society. Examples of such would include the shooting that occurred in April 2007 at Virginia Technical College; where Jack Thompson and Philip McGraw asserted that violent video games were the ultimate cause of the tragic incident, but further investigation suggested that Seung-Hui Cho had never played any such games (Valadez & Fergusion, 2012)....   [tags: Social Studies]

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Effect of Violent Video Games on Teenagers

- Introduction Violent video games are special games, which negatively influences to the attitude and behavior. These video games are popular between children and teenagers. Since 1980-s years violent games are in political discussion. Because when teenagers usually play violent video games, they are becoming aggressive and then they face with psychological problems. For this, some people claim that violent games are harmful for society and they affect to behavior and health. It was interested in investigate about teenagers from 13 year old to 18 year about their playing violent games in the USA....   [tags: Social Skills, Aggressive, Behavior]

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Violent Video Games Affect The Brain

- Regarding the argument on whether violent videogames are harmful to children, there is sufficient support for the side claiming “yes” including the ways in which violent video games affect the brain, including the decline in frontal lobe functioning; increases in aggression correlated with violent video game use, as proven by multiple studies not only done in the United States but also in Japan and Singapore; and the effect violent videogames in particular have socially, including the way in which they affect a user’s relationships....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy, Violence]

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Violent Video Games

- Did you know that the average amount of time an 8-18 American child spends on video games per week is 8 hours. That’s a more than a whole school day. Many kids today are spending more and more time on video games. Not only is it damaging to the brain and body, but it also can cause insanity and dementia. Many of the mass murderers of the past have been found to play violent video games. Teens should not be permitted to play violent video games to ensure that they will not become aggressive. The foundation of the first video games was the CRT....   [tags: teenagers, cathode ray tube, death race]

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Violent Video Games: They are Bad for You

- Violent Video Games: They are Bad for You Studies from around the world have proved and disproved the fact that the violent content in some games causes violent acts in people. The research and studies also show that this is not an issue of gender with almost as many girls playing video games as boys making them a large portion of people playing today. Boys though in this instance seemed to be more prone to violence than the females participating in the studies. Another problem I found in the gaming society is the fact that some parents were not abiding to the rating system put out by the ESRB....   [tags: shootings, crime]

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Violent Video Games Effects On Society

- Title Video games have had an effect on society since its humble beginnings. It also has a mixed reputation from its critics especially in regards to its content. Violent video games have a place where people can debate whether the violence has an effect on the people playing it. This research present the results of a content analysis study addressing the following research question: Are violent video games more/less competitive, difficult, or have a higher pace of action. The focus of the study is to see whether violent games have an effect on people playing it....   [tags: Video game, Aggression, Video game controversy]

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The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Teenagers

- As a character you are controlling walks through the bank, cops begin to swarm around you, and you are forced to kill them or be killed by them. After you kill the cops you rob a bank and gain around 2 million dollars. That is one of the very first missions in the popular game Grand Theft Auto 5. Grand Theft Auto 5 broke several records the first day it came out. Some of these records include best selling video game in 24 hours, fastest video game to gross $1 billion and it had the most viewed trailer for an action-adventure video game (Lynch)....   [tags: Violence, Video game controversy]

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Defending Violent Video Games in Adolescents

- Do parents know what violent video games their children are playing. Playing violent games is nontoxic, exciting fun, and no more harmful than watching something graphic on television. This is an arguable point, and people want to know if violence shown in video games cause aggression, violent actions, bullying, or weapon skills. The answer to this is a no-brainer; most parents go about their busy lives and leave their children unsupervised when these activities are taking place. If parents are worried about what their children are learning from this, then they should be under adult supervision during these activities or banned from them....   [tags: videogame violence, T.V. aggression]

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The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Children

- What started as a normal high school day at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999; the halls filled with laughter, gossip, tears, and cheers; ended in a blood-bath. Dozens were hurt, many dead, teachers, students, and some friends (or at least they thought) of the shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Klebold and Harris were teenagers themselves, in their senior year, when they set propane bombs at Columbine High School. When the bombs did not detonate, because of faulty wiring, the teens entered the school armed with automatic weapons and ammunition....   [tags: Columbine High School massacre]

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The Effects of Violent Video Games on Society

- Introduction On December 1, 1997, fourteen-year-old Michael Carneal entered school property in West Paducah, Kentucky and began shooting a pistol at a group of students participating in a youth prayer group, killing three students and injuring five others. On March 24, 1998, Mitchell Johnson (13) and Andrew Golden (11) opened fire on students at a high school in Craighead County, Arkansas as they exited the building for a fire alarm set off by the pair, killing five and wounding ten others. On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris (18) and Dylan Klebold (17) entered Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado and began a shooting rampage that left 13 dead and 21 others wounded....   [tags: videogames, violence, culture, youth]

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The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Children

- What were the main results/conclusions in the studies. On the classical study, Bandura et al. (1963) found that all three experimental groups (both boys and girls) imitated aggression viewed in models. Children in groups exposed to aggression by a film or cartoons, showed twice aggression than those in the control group. However, of the three experimental groups, the exposure of a human model in a film portraying aggression was the most imitated. Researchers concluded that the gender of the models, especially male models, had a significant effect on learning and executing aggression; additionally, male children tend to be more aggressive compared to girls, even in non-diverted children....   [tags: Violence, Video game controversy, Aggression]

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Peace and Conflict: Advocating the Use of Non-Violoent Means for Resolving Conflict

- When we are trying to attain world peace, we must first start with peace between individuals as these relationships are the building blocks of society and nations. Peace can be achieved by non-violent means or by the use of lethal force. This essay will explore notions of peace and conflict, advocating the use of non-violent means for resolving conflict. The environmental and social cost of lethal force is very high and unsustainable. Never the less, there are situations when justice requires the use of lethal force and examples of these will be discussed....   [tags: Conflict Resolution ]

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Critical Review on the Effets of Mass Media on Violent Behavior

- ‘CRITICAL REVIEW ON THE EFFECTS OF MASS MEDIA ON VIOLENT BEHAVIOUR’ TABLE OF CONTENT Cover Page Pg 1 Table of Content Pg 2 Introduction Pg 3 Definitions Studies Aimed at Validating the Existence of a Correlation The Social Learning Theory The Narrative Theory Studies Aimed at Refuting Correlation Reciprocal Determinism Case Studies 4.1 Norway Massacre 4.2 Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting 4.3 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Conclusion References INTRODUCTION With the invention of television sets (TV’s), came the invention of films and television programs to be shown on TV as well as the opportunity to broadcast live news stories....   [tags: psychology, behavioral analysis]

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The Effects of Violent Pornography on Male's Aggression towards Women

- ... Sampling Procedure: Before the experiment, all 120 participants will be given informed consent forms that fully go over the experiment’s procedure, goal, as well as the knowledge that they are free to leave at any time, for any reason, and without penalty during the experiment. After consent was given, the participants were asked to fill out a 300 question survey regarding the amount of pornography consumed weekly and their attitudes on violence against women. Participants were also asked what their likelihood to rape would be if they were guaranteed that they would not to be caught or punished....   [tags: promoting rape culture]

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Violent Video Games Are Numbing the Minds of Children

- ... Despite the total and overwhelming evidence, some against this claim affirm that violent video games reduces violence in youth, serving as a leeway for rough play as well as help express aggression and create a social status without real physical harm. However, these critics did not consider the fact that violent video games cause players to become more violent outside of the playing environment. According to a 2000 FBI report, violent video games was amongst one of the behaviors associated with school shootings, exposing the controversy to a more national level....   [tags: media, crime, health]

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Effects of Violent Video Games on Young Children and Teenagers

- During different periods of time, people used different types of entertainment. Nowadays, the adults are usually entertaining themselves with media, and children, who are not really impressed by television, usually are font of video games. In would be good, if the games were not violent. Would you like your young or teenage child to play games, where they kill each other, and get points for this. I consider it to be the rhetorical question, because the effect of violent video games on children is negative, and probably there are no parents in the world, who would appreciate their child’s resort to violence, even if this violence is virtual....   [tags: entertainment, teenage boys]

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Violent Video games cause violence? I Think Not.

- Violence is everywhere, in magazines in the shops, on the TV, on websites like YouTube as well as in video games. Yet, why is it that those video games are said to be the biggest media source responsible for the violent outbursts of different individuals. Is this really the case. Every eight out of ten homes in the United Kingdom own a current generation games console and video games have become a fantastic source of education when helping kids to learn, such websites like or the VTech Learning System that teach kids literacy, numeracy and the sciences through their games....   [tags: Video Games, Violence, Media Source]

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Should Violent Videogames Be Banned From Teens?

- Jon Bois said “Many of us find Chiliad Theft Auto 5’s wildness, torture, and crude misogyny or hate or disapproval of women rather revolting, but honestly, very few of us are going to point playing it. It’s just too much enjoyable, and if there is one idea more odious than 3 senses of lie awash in misanthropic dirt, it’s the idea of missing out on a video game that is really merriment to play.” I agree because when I had played a violent videogame as a teen I did not play it because of the violence....   [tags: torture, hate, zombies, killing]

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Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?

- Some people believe that violent video games cause some behavior problems. It is not true; it is only their opinion. Violent video games cause people to start having behavior problems, what was that cause. It is only people; it has no effect on them, only their own action and their weak health issue. The violent video games for computers and consoles’ sale rate went up but violent crime offense went down. Video games are for players to have fun without cause any harm while they playing. Why do they believe that behavior problems were caused by violent video games....   [tags: start, action, health, crime, fun, playing]

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Mental Illness and Violent Crime

- The stereotype that goes hand in hand with mental illness that though seems to have improved over the years is still pervasive. Teplin, Abram & McClelland (1994) state that people in general, believe that people with mental illness are more likely to commit violent crime with those without mental illness. In their study they seek to find evidence to that statement – to learn if having a mental illness increases the likeliness of violent crime and recidivism after release from prison. This author seeks to discover the same using similar data to learn if there is a connection between violent crime and mental illness....   [tags: mental disorders, types of crimes]

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Suicidal Behaviors And Non Suicidal Self Harm Behaviors

- Abstract Suicidal behaviors and non-suicidal self harm behaviors have a great deal in common, however, there are very important differences to be realized. Intention as well as level of violence have important roles in reaching a picture of differentiation. Keywords: suicide, self harm, non-suicidal self harm, suicidal behaviors Suicidal and Non Suicidal Self Harm Behaviors are both disorders, that while be closely related, also have distinguishing characteristics which important to take note of....   [tags: Suicide, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia]

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Terrorism As A Violent Act

- Our text book defines terrorism as a violent act to serve a political goal in which victims are arbitrarily selected with the intention of instilling fear in a larger audience. Terrorism is not only practiced by clandestine organizations, it is practiced by both state and non-state actors. There has been a lot of argument as to why the Nazis was out to eradicate the Jews. Some said Hitler has always had the plans to eradicate them, while others saw the Jews’ presence problematic and of great annoyance....   [tags: Terrorism, Violence, United Nations]

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Does Playing Violent Video Games Promote Aggressive Behavior?

- Introduction Violent video games are becoming more popular among children and adolescents of all ages since its debut approximately 30 years ago. This growing popularity is generating an increasing concern that these sometimes very graphic videos and life like characters can have a negative influence on the younger generation. Although never proven, there has been speculation that some of the high school shootings across the country were committed by students who were habitual players of violent video games....   [tags: Video Game Violence]

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The Violent War Without Bloodshed

- The violent war without bloodshed. The long drawn out period of substantial tension between the two most powerful nations that emerged out of World War II (WWII). The United States of America came out of the second world war as the savior of Europe, they gained many new allies and came strongly out of the depression to become an economic power. As well as economic power the US also gained many top global political positions. Behind the protective “Iron Curtain was the other great super power to come out of the Second World War, Russia, after relentlessly helping the US to end Japan’s power in the Pacific soon became bitter towards their new allie again....   [tags: united states, world war II, cold war]

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Relationship between Violent Video Game Playing and Social Interaction

- Introduction The playing of video games is often reported as a cause of negative behavior in children and young adults. When these video games are violent, the discussion of their negative impact becomes more serious. On the contrary, reports also exist that connect video game playing to positive achievement and worthwhile social skills. Studies of the connection between playing video games and their effects indicate a relationship between game play and “social interaction, achievement, immersion, emotional instability, and aggression” (Kneer)....   [tags: sociological/behavioral analysis]

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Evaluating the Perspectives on Relationship Between Violent Computer Games and Aggression

- The relationship between violent computer games and aggression has been put into heated discussions in recent years. Scholars suggest that vicious electronic games can have a negative influence on teenagers (Sageng, Fossheim & Larsen, 2012). These visual entertainments may lead to gun violence and associated with other crimes such as robberies and murders. Researchers who disagree with this statement explain the irrelevance of video games leading to belligerent action. For example, academics like Jayakanthan (2002) counter-argue that computer games have a positive impact on motivating the learners....   [tags: violence, behavior, video games, aggressiveness]

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The Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior in Children and Young Adults

- Society has evolved drastically within the last 50 years due to new and ever developing technology. Video games, which were developed in the late 1980’s early 1990’s, are a product of the new life changing technology. Video games, or to be more specific violent video games have been most popular among children and young adults. Parents do not tend to see the consequences that evolve around violent video games; especially kids who play more then ten hours a weeks worth of these games. Only recently has the videogame technology progressed and became more engaging using life like simulations of violence, igniting aggressive behavior in young adult and may in fact desensitize them to violence....   [tags: behavioral psychology analysis]

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Shopping for Non-violence

- Shopping for Non-violence Last quarter in my ethics and society class, I found myself in a personal dilemma: As we read and discussed non-violence, I found myself increasingly siding with those philosophers who say that non-violence is impractical in our society today, mostly because they had concrete evidence that non-violence doesn't work, and I didn't have any concrete evidence that it does. Indeed, non-violence looks good on paper, and seems like it would function well; there would be less blood in our world, and instead more conversations, more peace between people and nations....   [tags: Peace Essays]

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The Impact of the Violent African-American Stereotype in Rap Music

- This paper will show that the stereotype of the violent, criminal African-American portrayed in rap music lyrics can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for African-Americans. Repeated and long-term exposure to this stereotypical behavior in rap music lyrics can lead to increased aggression and this stereotype becoming accepted as a social norm by African-Americans. I intend to support my argument with examples and analysis of the violent African-American stereotype, and by explaining how the stereotype can become accepted as a social norm....   [tags: Rap Music Promotes Violence]

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Recent Studies Concerning Violent Tendencies and the Confusion that Arises

- Recent Studies Concerning Violent Tendencies and the Confusion that Arises "It was an urge. . . . . A strong urge, and the longer I let it go the stronger it got, to where I was taking risks to go out and kill people-risks that normally, according to my little rules of operation, I wouldn't take because they could lead to arrest." -Edmund Kemper (6) Ted Bundy. Charles Manson. Timothy McVeigh. Bundy murdered pretty women. Manson had followers who killed on his command. McVeigh is responsible for one of the most horrendous terrorist attacks on America, the Oklahoma State bombing....   [tags: Violence Murder Papers]

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Violent vs Nonviolent Protest in the Civil Rights Movement

- The Southern and Northern Blacks had very different views, aims and backgrounds. They had different views and aims because of their different experiences of segregation and their different perceptions of White Americans themselves. The Southern Blacks were mainly from small towns and rural areas. They were part of the small and almost non-existent middle class of Black Americans. Most of them came from professional or largely business backgrounds, the younger members were also lucky in the fact that most of them got the chance to go to college and gain good educations and therefore have the chance to progress on to the small percentage of good jobs that would a...   [tags: The Civil Rights Movement]

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Violent Video Games Raise Aggression

- Throughout history man kind has always searched for ways to entertain himself, each time developing new activities and games. Video games have become a very popular way to spend time and have fun from the 1970’s up to now. With new developments appeared different video game genres from adventure to racing, but the violent video games appear to be the most popular ones (Shin, 2003), for example: shooters, fighting and video games where you have to eliminate, destroy, or kill your enemies. Video games have become very influential on children and adults (Stafford, 1999)....   [tags: Gaming]

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The Common Violent Crime On College Campuses

- Do you know the most common violent crime on college campuses today. The answer is sexual assault or rape. “1 in 5 women will be a victim of sexual assault during her academic career.” The amount of sexual violence that happens on American college campuses is appalling and, the even more appalling fact is the number of assaults that go unreported. The issue has been brought up to college boards and administrators. While college rape prevention programs have been put into place, the programs are not working....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Promoting Violence: Video Games vs. Social Environment

- In the last two decades, video games have become popular, especially violent video games such as Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament, and Grand Theft Auto, among others. According to Anderson and Bushman, “[a]bout 10% of children aged 2 to 18 play console and computer video games more than 1 hour per day; among 8- to 13-year-old boys, the average is more than 7.5 hours per week” (354). Due to their explicit violent content, violent video games have been seen as a negative influence in society by promoting aggression in the real world, thus increasing violence in society....   [tags: violent games, unreal tournament]

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Reason why Convicts Should not be Allowed to Vote

- Murderers, rapists, and those convicted with aggravated assault, have obviously not made wise decisions in their lives, yet they are allowed to vote. According to, currently, in Michigan, individuals who have been convicted of a felon are allowed to vote after their term of incarceration. Some think that those who have a felony from a violent crime should not be able to vote, regardless if they have completed their sentence or not. However, other people think that even though an individual with a violent felony may vote after their incarceration period; although, in some states, the felon may have to wait a certain amount of years before they are able to vote....   [tags: felonies, violent crime, voting]

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Non State Vs Nation State : What 's The Difference?

- Non-state vs nation-state: What’s the difference. Throughout the recorded history of man there has always been good versus evil. Whether the type of ill will is towards a single person or entire nations, the purpose of causing fear, confusion or even death has been a significant reality. Terrorists whether domestic or abroad exist throughout the world with one or more ideologies. In some cases, these ideologies are the same for different people and groups. In other cases, they can be completely different from each other....   [tags: Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Osama bin Laden, Terrorism]

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The Gandhian Philosophy of Non-Violence

- Anthony Burgess, a late renowned English author, poet, playwright, and composer, once said, “It’s always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you’re going.” It is also said that one should know of their heritage, country, and background as well as the well-known and prominent figures of their country. Being an Indian, it is vital to me along with my family that I know why I am here as well as I know who I owe my respect to (besides God, of course)....   [tags: India]

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Comparsion of Christianity in The Scret of Kells and The Black Role

- ... You can see that he doesn’t like the encounters that they have with him and the natives because they both have distrust for one another but deal with it because they still want to have a beneficial ecmonic relationship. In the movie there is a seen where the shaman of the Montagnais tribe calls Father LaForgue the devil and the other tribes agree with him, but they don’t get rid of him because they know that they would hurt there agreement if they did. The encounters are different because of what the people of that era are dealing with, the people of Ireland are trying to protect something that is knew and raising in a time where outsiders are going to burn down your village with is why...   [tags: violent, economicc, survival, outsiders]

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School and Violence in America

- Each day millions of children across the United States go to school to learn, but instead they come face to face with violence generated by their peers, from minor things like trash talking to more major offenses such as dangerous situations involving weapons and bullying. School violence is a worldwide problem that is unpredictable, making it difficult for researchers to narrow down it's causes. The violence has become more of an epidemic as time continues to progress and it varies on the type of violent offenses that occurs depending on several factors....   [tags: violent behaviors, robbery, attacks]

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Felony Offenders Can Be Rehabilitation

- The rehabilitation of violent offenders is very rare but is possible to the offenders that actually want to be rehabilitated. Contrary to the public opinion, people convicted of felony offenses can be rehabilitated, but they must determine their future path for themselves and not rely on the prison system to do all the work for them. Rehabilitation is a process and a department that should take the lead (Africa News Service 1 of 3 pages). Also, People do not think that offenders will return to their criminal ways again, while after parole and the committee will observe all relevant aspects (Africa News Service 2 of 3)....   [tags: violent offenders, felonies, offenses]

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Absolutely Different, Sadly Non-existent in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

- If the world was black and white, ninety-eight percent of the population would be gray. Leaving only a handful as black & white; which in this case, is a synonym for complete opposites. It just so happens that in Harper Lee’s only novel: To Kill a Mockingbird, there exist a pair of opposites. Yes, Attics Finch and Bob Ewell represent the extreme opposites of Maycomb’s society; from their contrasting viewpoints to their thoughtfulness (or lack of) resulting in their vastly different impressions. To begin with, being opposites, they hold the two different viewpoints held Maycomb’s society....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays]

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Themes of The Holy Bible and Letter from Birmingham Jail

- Themes of The Holy Bible and Letter from Birmingham Jail Arguably, throughout history, the most influential book ever written has been “The Holy Bible.” Whether it is a historical document, a children’s story, a fable, a story of moral lessons, or a multitude of novels; “The Holy Bible” and its themes have been passed down through generations. If one were to look at “The Holy Bible” as a whole then one could say that the themes of the Bible are all about freedom and how one has a responsibility to keep that freedom....   [tags: Bible, Non-violence]

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Mahatma Gandhi’s Role in India’s Fight for Independence

- “The strongest physical force bends before moral force when used in the defense of truth.” - Mahatma Gandhi (Bondurant). Mahatma Gandhi was the main leader in helping India become independent through the principles of non violence, self-rule, and the unity of Hindus and Muslims. He wanted to see an united India without the rule of the British Empire. He accomplished this with passive resistance or resistance by non violence because he wanted to show that violence is not always the best answer. India has not been a free independent country for a long time....   [tags: non-violence, rebellion, prison]

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