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Physical Abuse And Neglect Of Children

- Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect The Physical Abuse of Children Physical abuse is defined in accordance with the structure of society. Physical child abuse is a deliberate act of hurting a child, which as a result causes injuries such as bruises, broken bones, burns or cuts. Physical abuse is often from an excessive physical discipline. It is sometimes unaware by the abuser that he or she is using such magnitude of force upon striking the child. Physical abuse is becoming an increased epidemic and is needed to be taken seriously....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Abuse]

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Physical And Physical Effects Of Physical Abuse

- ... So they don 't need any kind of consent from vampire 's to drink their blood. I 'm pretty sure they could just lick it off the ground, but either way Elijah knew a few witches at that time anyways. Elijah also seems alright with inflicting pain on his brother. If he wasn 't then during their physical altercations he wouldn 't have fought back. He may not want to hurt him to the extreme, but if Elijah had the werewolf bite ability I 'm sure he would use it on Klaus if he were pissed enough, which is rare....   [tags: Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Physical And Physical Effects Of Physical Abuse

- ... Shaken baby syndrome destroys a child 's brain cells and prevents his or her brain from getting enough oxygen. Shaken baby syndrome is a form of child abuse that can result in permanent brain damage or death.(Mayo Clinic) Sexual abuse Child sexual abuse is a form of abuse in which an adult or older adolescent abuses a child for sexual stimulation. Sexual abuse refers to the participation of a child in a sexual act aimed toward the physical intercourse of the perpetrator. Forms of this particular abuse include asking or pressuring a child to engage in sexual activities, inappropriate exposure of the genitals to a child, actual sexual contact with a child, physical contact with the c...   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Effects Of Physical Abuse On Children

- ... Concurrently with the spread of these nongovernmental agencies, also came the development of the juvenile system. This system primarily focused on delinquent children however, they also had the authority to intervene in case of child abuse and neglect. With child protection being overseen and led by private agencies there was a need for government led child protection. Although the Children’s Bureau was created in 1912, it was not until the Social Security Act of 1935, when the bureau established protection and care for homeless, dependent, and neglected children....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Psychological abuse]

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The Effects Of Physical Abuse On Children

- ... Substance abuse and mental disorders also play a role because the abuser’s brain is altered and can result in physically abusing their children (Frey 5). Adolescent victims of physical abuse are forced to struggle for long periods of time with the mental effects that go along with physical abuse. In addition to physical abuse, sexual abuse is another form of abuse that has many obvious signs. A sexual act is considered abusive when there is an age difference of five or more years between the offender and the victim, or when the event occurs for the pleasure of the offender but not for the victim....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse, Neglect]

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A Definition Of Child Physical Abuse

- ... When Gabriel was announced dead, they also found BB pellets in his lungs and groin. Gabriel constant abuse by the hands of his caregivers leads to his tragic death. Pearl and Isauro was put on trial under the charges of capital murder and torturing a child. In the beginning of the trial, they both pleaded not guilty. A few months after the trial begins, they both pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty. They are currently serving life in prison with no chance of parole. Pearl and Isauro both waived their rights to appeal, knowing the outcomes would not have been in their favor....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse, Torture]

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Child Abuse Is Not Only Physical

- ... Also if the sexual abuser has HIV or any other sexual diseases the child has a risk of obtaining it also. All generations are at danger due to sexual abuse. Mental abuse is another form of abuse that takes place every day and is also very difficult to notice. There are many forms of mental and emotional abuse. Some forms of abuse include swearing at a child, ignoring them, denying them of their needs, and threatening them with words. Words hurt more than actions. Mental and emotional abuse may be more harmful than physical abuse....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Sexual abuse, Physical abuse]

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The Effects Of Physical Abuse On Children

- ... As a result of physical abuse, when in the classroom, students that come from abuse act different than students that come from nonviolent homes. Abused students may be more skittish around teachers, adults, supervisors, or their peers. This will cause a great barrier in communication not only in life, but in education as well. Abused students find it more difficult to trust their teachers as advisors and fellow classmates as group members with the fear of being targeted. In a student to teacher relationship, it is essential for the student to have trust in their teacher, but with walls built up and the fear of being abused, abused students have more difficulties and will seem more hostil...   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Bullying, Psychological abuse]

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A Report Of Physical Abuse

- ... This Investigator did observe several scratch marks on Elijah 's back, neck, and a mark on his face consistent with an open palm hand slap (see attached). On 08/07/2016 at approximately 12:00 AM, this Investigator arrived at the home of Janelle Gilley and Elijah Salazar located at 4725 W. Paradise Dr. Glendale, AZ and met with Janelle Gilley. Janelle agreed to discuss the incident that occurred between her and Elijah. As such, this Investigator interviewed Janelle at her home address. According to Janelle, she got home from work around 1 PM when Elijah was arguing with Leximonet and Jaylene over him being in Leximonet 's room....   [tags: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Abuse, Violence]

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Physical Abuse and Neglect on Children

- Physical Abuse and Neglect on Children Research has shown the relationship between the types of child abuse. According to some research, it has been stated that there are three major forms of child abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. Studies have also demonstrated reliable evidences to support how these forms of child abuse affects children and their adulthood relationship. According to some research performed by some authors, experts who work in the field of child-care are now able to identify and understand the psychological problems that abused victims are likely to develop later in their adulthood stage....   [tags: problems that will develop from child abuse]

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Physical Abuse when Dating

- Dating violence has been around for many years, but rarely spoken about in terms of prevention. However, over time it has become an important topic not only for adults but for youths due to the increase of incidents. Prevention programs have been enacted to engage youth in learning how to identify and react properly to such occurrences. Schools have begun to teach their educators how to identify the signs of abuse and to provide the necessary tools for students to leave unhealthy relationships. However, it does not end there as many communities are now becoming involved in programs that promote healthy relationships through peer groups and social media....   [tags: dating, physical violence, prevention programs]

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Corporal Punishment And Physical Abuse

- ... Finally, findings reported a decline in the rates for physical abuse from 1975 to 2002. Conclusion: All four surveys of self-reported discipline completed by parents demonstrated promising trends to reduce the administration of corporal punishment. Nevertheless, spanking remains normative, the rates of hitting with an object remain high, especially among preschooler children. In conclusion, this study found that corporal punishment is more common in the south, which have been associated with higher rates of religious conservatism....   [tags: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Violence]

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The Effects Of Physical Abuse On Nursing Homes

- ... Verbal emotional abuse includes yelling at the resident or humiliating them. The second type of emotional abuse is nonverbal. This type of abuse involves ignoring or isolating the resident. There are several signs that will show emotional abuse is occurring. The signs of emotional abuse mimic dementia. The resident will avoid eye contact, mumble to themselves, and may possibly rock back and forth. (Robinson Saisan Segal). Neglect is the failure to properly care for a resident. This type of abuse can be either unintentional or intentional (Dubble 39)....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Psychological abuse, Bullying]

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Breaking the Cycle of Physical Abuse

- Physical abuse is defined as “an act of another party involving contact intended to cause feelings of physical pain, injury or any other physical suffering or bodily harm.” (Wikipedia, 2014) Unfortunately, abuse is quite common. Studies show that women involved in intimate relationships are the most common to be abused. This type of physical abuse can also be defined as domestic violence. “An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2003) Abuse typically follows a cycle....   [tags: pain, injury, suffering]

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Counseling Childhood Physical Abuse

- To counsel a child who has come from an abusive home it is imperative for the counselor to know and recognize the signs and effect of abuse before assessment and eventual treatment can occur.  One of the greatest plights a child may face during their childhood is abuse.  Even afterward the effects of abuse can last a lifetime, but it has no control of how a child will act when they become an adult, though many blame past abuse on current actions.   Knowing the signs is the easiest ways to recognize abuse, especially physical abuse....   [tags: Signs, Effects, Abusive Homes, Abused Children]

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Bullying and Physical Abuse

- Many students enter school with the hopes of become our next president, a doctor, a lawyer, teacher or nurse. Although this is their goal, many students are not able to reach their full potential due to an ongoing issue that many students face in school. It is an issue that affects millions each year around the world. This issue not only affects children but also adults. This issue is bullying. Bullying can take many forms: physical abuse, verbal abuse, and/or cyber bullying. Physical abuse in bullying is pushing, hitting, slapping, pinching, kicking, biting, and hair pulling....   [tags: students, schools, cyber bullying]

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Preventing Physical Abuse

- Imagine being a three year old little boy and being attacked by your mother for going to the bathroom in your pants. A little boy named Noah was brutally beaten to death for doing something any three year old would accidently do. His mother and her boyfriend had spanked and punched him leading to his last breath. (Carlson) This is an example of physical abuse. Physical abuse is the infliction of physical injury to a person. (Martin 10) There is no leading cause to this type of abuse. Physical abuse takes up 22.4% of all types of abuse in the United States....   [tags: Ethical Issues]

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Psychological Effects of Physical Child Abuse

- Physical child abuse has grown dramatically in recent years. There are news stories about children being abused or neglected everyday. Physical abuse will cause the child to have many psychological effects throughout life. Although people might not realize, society can impact an abused child dramaticlly either positively or negatively. Even though there are many things wrong with child abuse, there are many controversies over how serious it is and how to prevent it from happening. Although there are so many controversies over child abuse, one thing for certain is that it can cause many problems psychologically either immediately or long term....   [tags: Long-Term Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect]

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Child Abuse And Sexual Abuse

- Review After the safeguarding concern had been raised, over the weekend the police had been called to P’s property as she had reported R for physically abuse. Children services (CS) attended her residence to conduct an assessment after they had been alerted by the police. She informed them that she had been physically and emotional abused by R in the past. Previously he had slapped her when they had an argument, and he used control to get her to do what he wanted. She informed CS that she normally retaliates to R, however on this occasion she locked herself in the bathroom and while B was in the house....   [tags: Abuse, Psychological abuse, Physical abuse]

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Physical and Emotional Abuse of an Elder

- The number of elders who are abused in this country and around the world each day is growing at an astonishing rate be it from individuals or institutions. As many as one in ten older adults and one in two people with dementia are victims of elder abuse. Unfortunately, for every case that gets reported there are 23 that go unreported. ("Get Info," 2014) as you can see from the statistics elder abuse is not uncommon in the United States. Any elder has the potential of being physically, emotionally, sexually, or financially abused by another individual....   [tags: self-neglect, inflicting mental pain]

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Childhood Physical Abuse, Homophobia, And Experiential, Avoidance Among Lesbians And Gay Men

- Hilda Gonzalez General Psychology RW Childhood Physical Abuse, Internalized Homophobia, and Experiential Avoidance Among Lesbians and Gay Men Sari D. Gold Brian A. Feinstein Christopher Skidmore Brian P. Marx Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy Vol 3(1), Fall 2015 Dr. Wiltshire Review Summary This study explores the lives of sexual minority individuals who have endured childhood physical abuse, and the long term psychological effects in which it creates....   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality, Abuse, Lesbian]

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Intimate Partner Violence and Substance Abuse in Women

- ... (Lewis, et al., 2012) For instance, lesbian woman report more intimate partner violence than do heterosexual women. Also, the prevalence of a substance use disorder is reportedly higher for lesbian women than heterosexual women. These researchers stress the importance of examining the specific drug being used when relating it to intimate partner violence. (Lewis, et al., 2012) They believe specific drugs have a higher correlation with intimate partner violence than others. In a study of 104 lesbians, thirty-seven percent admitted to currently being in an abusive relationship....   [tags: physical abuse]

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The Laws Regarding Child Abuse

- The laws regarding child abuse should be reformed by specifically defining what constitutes as “discipline” and what constitutes as “abuse”, by mandating that each child enrolled in a public school speak to a counselor about family matters at least once, and by requiring that seminars concerning child abuse are shown to children in public school. Because the word “discipline” can be interpreted in many different ways, many parents tend to discipline their children differently. The proper way to disciple children has always been a common debate with most parents....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Abuse]

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The impact of Sexual Abuse on Children

- It was not until recent that studies would present the impact sexual abuse has had on children. Little is known about adults who have been sexually abused. A sexually abused child has been an unspoken phrase dating as far back as the early 1970s (Finkelhor, 1984). Studies on those children who have been sexually abused are rare, although they are presented at a disproportionate rate to their counterparts. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is based on official statistics which concurs with the preceding statement (Briere & Runtz 1986)....   [tags: Child Abuse, Physical Abuse]

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Substance Abuse And Its Effects On The Family

- Substance abuse not only have emotional impact the abuser, but it also affects the family unit. Because the influence of substance hampers the parent ability of parenting can impact the family unit. Substance abuse and effect on the family is a problem that impacts society on multiple levels. Helping families with this issue, there was a need for policies, theoretical frameworks, interventions, and challenges was a reason development of Child Protection Sevices(CPS). CPS is a government agency that understands the issue while attempts to help families that are dealing with substances....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Abuse]

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Understanding Verbal And Emotional Abuse

- ... It was the first time I had ever blacked out like that. I started having repressed memories bubble up soon after. I had feelings that I hadn’t felt in years come bursting out at seemingly random times. My mom helped me understand and fill in the missing pieces of my memory. Things calmed down as I shoved all of those feeling back into the dark, dusty corners that they attempted to escape from. I had always known that my bio dad wasn’t the greatest guy in the world. One of my fears has always been that I would hurt the people I love just the same as he had hurt me....   [tags: Abuse, Physical abuse, Child abuse]

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Child Abuse Or Discipline?

- Child Abuse or Discipline When I was a child, I used to think that people made a big deal over nothing and child abuse was not a serious issue. I was wrong now I believe that not enough people are aware of the amount of people that are harmed by child abuse. You would think that after a while children would tell someone that they are being abused. Since only the child knows exactly what happened, the type of abuse, and now it is affecting them. If parents would just learn the when it is appropriate to discipline children this would not be as big of a deal....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Abuse]

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The Impact of Child Physical Abuse on Academic Achievement and Behavior

- The Impact of Child Physical Abuse on Academic Achievement and Behavior In modern society, a child’s performance in school is considered an indicator of their abilities to create a successful future. Most children receive the love and support from their parents which contributes to adequate school performance. However, for children who are physically abused, school can add an incredible amount of pressure to an already stressful life. In regards to this paper, the term child physical abuse refers to the intentional acts of injury or harm to a person under the age of 18 by a parent or caregiver....   [tags: performance, mental health, sucess]

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Corporal Punishment Is Physical Abuse

- Corporal Punishment Is Physical Abuse Corporal punishment is the execution of a judicially imposed sentence that inflicts a manner of physical pain upon the offenders body without killing him. In the past corporal punishment included flogging, whipping, branding and facial or bodily mutilation of all types. Corporal punishment also refers to the discipline of children at home and in schools but it was made illegal for punishing schoolchildren in 1986. Historically, corporal punishment was used in the ancient law codes of Hammurabi and Moses, in laws of Sparta and other Greek city states, in early Christian church teachings and in Anglo-Saxon common laws....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Teenage Relationship Abuse as a Nationwide Problem

- Abuse in teenage relationships has become a nationwide problem in the United States whether it is physical or mental. Teenage relationship abuse is getting closer to home even though many believe it doesn’t occur in their community. It has been found in a nationwide survey that 9.4 percent of high school students have been in a physical relationship.(Center for Disease Control and Prevention par.3) Since many teenagers believe it is okay to hit or mistreat one another the amount of abuse in relationships is getting higher thus affecting teenagers in various forms....   [tags: physical abuse, substance abuse, ]

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The Effects Of Abuse On The Child

- Too many children each year are touched by the harmful hands of their abusive parents or superiors. Most of us could hardly imagine what it would be like to have parents who do not love us dearly. Our parents are the people put in our lives who are supposed to keep us from harm, while often the opposite is the case. There are many circumstances that lead to child abuse; there are also many effects of abuse on the child. What is child abuse. “Child abuse or maltreatment includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, and general, medical, and educational neglect” (Gerdes 19)....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Physical abuse]

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Emotional Abuse Is The Most Common Form Of Abuse

- ... Healthy Place defines emotional abuse as, “any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, infantilization, or any other treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth.” This type of abuse affects anyone and it comes in many different forms. Examples of the forms of emotional abuse are, yelling, name calling, insulting, ignoring, and humiliating. The first reason why emotional abuse is typically more dangerous than physical abuse is that it often causes the same, if not worse effects....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Suffering, Physical abuse]

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A Case Of Chid Abuse

- "A case of chid abuse is reported every ten seconds,"("Child Abuse Statistics"). This data is shocking because it shows there a tons of child abuse incidents happing everyday. All the psychological disorders can be caused from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Kids all over the world suffer from abusive or neglected households which over a long or short period of time will cause behavioral problems, physical disorders, and emotional/physiological consequences. A child 's behavior can can altered if he/she was abused....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Domestic Abuse And Domestic Violence

- ... Next to the title of the infographic there is three statistics about women and domestic abuse. Each statistic is accompanied by an image that depicts the statistic. This image only uses four colors, lavender, maroon, yellow and black. A majority of the images are lavender but a few contain accents of maroon and black as well. The maroon and black are used to represent negative things such as a bad temper or a circle with an / through it. The color yellow is used exclusively for lightbulbs that are placed above each statistic at the top of the graphic....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Physical abuse]

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Child Abuse: A Hidden Epidemic

- How do we define “abuse” when we discuss child abuse. “Abuse” is defined as Treating a person or animal with cruelty or violence, especially when it occurs regularly and repeatedly.” When you add “child” it becomes “child abuse.” “Child Abuse” is defined as “physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child.”(Oxford Dictionary online) “Child abuse” may also be defined as “a crime of inflicted physical or emotional injury on a child....   [tags: Child Neglect, Physical Abuse]

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Child Abuse : A Problem Of Epic Proportions

- Child abuse continues to be a problem of epic proportions in the United States. Roughly 7000,000 cases are reported each year (Yang et al., 2013). The abuse may consist of neglect, emotional, sexual, or physical abuse which can threaten a child’s health and well-being. No matter what kind of abuse a child endures, there are consequences for the child, victim, and society. All states have laws against child abuse; however, every state’s definition of child abuse differs. In some states, child abuse can be the effects of a parent’s indirect actions, such as fighting in front of the child or using drugs in front of the child....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Domestic Abuse And Its Effects On Children

- ... Many children witness emotional abuse when their abuser belittles them. They may get cursed at or be given thoughts that their life is worthless. These thoughts that are drilled into their heads may lead them into thinking that they are a disgrace and should not be alive. There have been instances when the child feels so emotionally abused that they resort to suicide. The child has reached their breaking point whether they attempt suicide or actually go through with it. While some abusers go out of their way to physically, emotionally or sexually abuse a child, there are many who choose not to pay attention to the child at all....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Physical abuse]

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Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children

- ... It is very tumultuous to take a child out of a home without evidence of abuse, but how do you stop the abuse without evidence. Are their truly any effects to child abuse in the future. The answer is yes and no. For instance, while not all parents who had suffered child abuse go on to abuse their own children, some studies have shown that as many as 67% of abused parents do mistreat their children. Those who think that there are not as many effects of child abuse as they appear usually use the argument of overestimation....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

- There are multiple civic issues throughout the world; however, there’s not an issue bigger than child abuse. To many people, the word “child abuse” refers to a child being harmed by either physically or sexually. Domestic, sexual and malnutrition abuses are some of the cases that’s included in world of child abuse. Many parents are beyond scared when it comes to child abuse. In the past, child abuse cases were treated with little amount of care, but now its treated with the utmost care. Even though there’s so many cases that have been reported, there’s still a large amount of cases that are yet to be reported....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Domestic Abuse Is A Pattern Of Any Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Sexual Abuse

- Cindy Matute Mr. Florio P. 6th October 24th, 2014 American Gov’t Domestic abuse is a pattern of any physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse, which helps the abuser maintain power over another person. Organizations have been created, allowing the victim of domestic abuse to receive help and escape the abusive cycle. As the issue receives more attention, the federal government created laws to punish offenders. Domestic abuse and culture go hand in hand. Since the 19th century, views of what is acceptable have been deferred, and those beliefs are used to justify someone’s abusive behavior....   [tags: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Violence]

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The Problem Of Child Abuse

- Dealing with matters concerning the abuse of children has been one of the more complex issues that both police and policy makers have had to face in recent years. The reason for this is that by law it is quite difficult to prove that there is sufficient abuse to justify infringing on a parent’s rights and separate them from their own child. That being said, separating a child from an abuse parent in many instances is the right course of action; however, it becomes a complicated legal battle to justify taking the child and also find a way to implement legislation to eradicate the problem of child abuse that society faces as a whole....   [tags: Child abuse, Neglect, Physical abuse, Abuse]

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The Effects Of Abuse On The Workplace

- ... Nurses should not feel that this is part of the job. Many nurses were reported to leave their jobs for another, to get out of the ER and leave nursing altogether. No federal laws protect nurses from violence in the workplace, impose penalties on the offenders, or mandate violence prevention programs. Many states are picking up the slack to initiate their own policies. Policies need to gain ground as this issue will only get worse as our population gets more violent every day. Long term care facilities are also places of abuse toward nurses and their aids....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Physical abuse, Child abuse]

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Different Types of Child Abuse

- Shivering and trembling, she lay in fear curled up in a ball on the cold, hard ground, wondering what she had done to experience this sort of torture. Crying out for help, screaming stop, nothing seemed to work. Bluish purple bruises covered her arms, her face completely swollen, her legs full of welts; she lay thinking death would be a better option than what she had just been through. What is wrong with me. What did I do. No one wants to help me. They are my parents why do they not love me. Those are all some of the few thoughts that cross the minds of child abuse victims....   [tags: physical abuse, sexual abuse, negglect]

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The Effects Of Child Abuse On Our Society

- ... So how does this problem make our society dysfunctional. Simple, because nobody wants to hear about the horrible events a child went through, our general public turns their back on it and looks the other way or just plain out don’t care in the long run because it is not their child. Then we have mass media, court houses and lawyers, which finds ways to shame the victims, so that nobody wants to report the abuse that has occurred to them. In addition, our society has become desensitized to this problem, it’s no longer appalling and horrifying to everyone anymore....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse]

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A Report Of A Child Abuse Is Made Every Ten Seconds

- A report of a child abuse is made every ten seconds. Children are in danger the from the minute they’re born. Everyone is. As the years go by, it can transform into domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is when one person develops a pattern of behavior that involves violence or other abuse to another person. Not only can child abuse cause domestic abuse, but it can also cause animal abuse. 68% of women, affected by domestic abuse, reported that they have abused their pet in some way. Some people feel the need to take out their anger and violence on animals or other humans....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Does Sexual Abuse in Adolescents Lead to Homosexuality?

- This study is about whether there is a correlation between physical and sexual abuse in adolescents becoming homosexual. Throughout past research there has been no direct correlation in stating is does cause adolescents to become homosexual. The event of someone changing their sexual identity is when they gone through some traumatic situation in their life. The tests we ran for this study are The Life Experience Questionnaire, The Lesbian Internalized Homophobic Scale, and The Acceptance and Action Questionnaire....   [tags: Physical Abuse and Gays]

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Literature Review on Recognizing and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

- Literature Review In the article on “Recognizing and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse”, it brought out that how parents discipline their children was sometimes severe.  In my research, I found that when it comes to punishment that was physical and it’s an actual form of abuse whether it comes from a parents, teacher, and etc. Some of the states had restricted foster parents spanking their step children and that abuse is an act of commission.  The problem was that there were as “three million cases of suspected child abuse being reported in the United States each year (Gullatt and E.Stockton pg.20).” That is a lot of cases that had been reported and the victims of the child had gone through m...   [tags: punishment, physical, abuse, school]

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Physical Abuse, Physiological Abuse in The Color Purple by Alice Walker

- In Alice Walker’s book The Color Purple, she was portraying the life that African American women had to go through daily. The books tells a story about how black men would mistreat black women; sexual and physical abuse (Kauffmann). The Color Purple’s purpose is to recognize the heartaches, but by telling it in a story form; showing that by writing a story that can be learned from ones suffering (Fiske). According to Fiske, “The Color Purple is continually equated with suffering and pain… described as the color of "eggplant" (Fiske).The women went through physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse throughout the whole book....   [tags: altercation, celie, relationship]

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The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children

- Stop the Suffering There are around 7 billion people living on earth and every single person is different. They have different likes, dislikes, emotions, memories and experiences. However for some people their memories and past experiences are parts of their lives that they wished they could forget. Many of these children were affected by abuse. In fact “Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children” (“Child abuse and Statistics”)....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Bullying, Physical abuse]

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Effects Of Physical And Emotional On Child Development

- ... Over 170 children have been physically abused under the age of five years old. Glaser reveals in his article, “more than 86% of the population children have been physically injured, receiving soft tissue injuries, and then the remaining were considered to be at serious risk of injury or failure to thrive”. Parents do not realize that the outcome of physical abuse is significant. Some of the outcomes of physical abuse can lead to lack of physical growth, peer pressure, and fears or depression....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse, Psychology]

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The Horrible Abuse Of The United States

- Abuse is one of those things that does not discriminate. It can happen to the young or the old, the rich or the poor, male or female. It can happen suddenly or something that has always been a part of a relationship. The thing is abuse is something that should never happen, yet it does, and most times goes unreported. However, often times when it is reported it is because it is so severe that it is almost unimaginable. An example of the horrible abuse that gets reported is like the following case out of Madison Wisconsin....   [tags: Child abuse, Neglect, Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Child Abuse Is Not The Sole Form Of Abuse Experienced By Children

- Each year data is collected by many government agencies, both national and local, in an attempt to better understand and ultimately prevent cases of child abuse. A report published by the Children’s Bureau titled Child Maltreatment, in 2014 reflected that, children that had yet to experience their first birthday had the highest rate of victimization at 24.4 per 1,000 children of the same age in the national population (p 12). Abuse is never acceptable, but it is extremely alarming that an age group that relies so heavily on an adult for basic needs would be so greatly represented....   [tags: Child abuse, Human sexual behavior, Physical abuse]

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Physical Abuse : A Description Of The Possible Signs, Symptoms, Indicators And Behavior That May Cause Concern

- 4.1: A description of the possible signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviour that may cause concern in the context of safeguarding. There are four typed of abuse: • Physical Abuse • Emotional Abuse • Sexual Abuse • Neglect “Abuse is defined as any action that intentionally harms or injures another person” http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/abuse) Physical abuse is when injury is inflicted upon a child and young person or does not prevent the injury to a child; harm can also be caused when parents invents symptoms or deliberately cause ill health to children....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Childhood, Human behavior]

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Child Abuse And The United States

- Learning to regain one’s ability to communicate efficiently provides assistance to survivors, not only in regaining their place in society, but also rebuilding their self-esteem. The first item taken from a victim is their ability to communicate. They are told to keep quiet by the perpetrator, and in most cases the warnings are enforced with physical threats. “The United States has one of the worst records among Industrialized nations—losing on average between four and seven children every day to child abuse and neglect....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse, Neglect]

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Child Abuse Is A Serious Crime

- Approximately, four children die every day..." (National child abuse statistics) as a consequence of child abuse and neglect. There are many different kinds of child abuse, and all of them can cause life-long damage to its victims. The types of abuse in neglect, physical, medical, emotional, sexual, and even abandonment. Child abuse is a serious crime that plagues America 's youth and should be stopped. Regrettably child abuse has been happening all over the world to young and older chilren, many of these theings are kept hidden, because the children are too scared to speak on the issues at home....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Neglect, Physical abuse]

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Elder Abuse, Neglect, And Neglect

- ... That’s why the “Golden Rule” is so important, treating others the way you would have them treat you because you never know when you might be in need and need someone to assist you. While this rule has been around for a long time it seems as though some forget that its words are very important and true to live according to. It brings us to the question why do some caretakers abuse the elderly. Now no one can truly answer this question to the true reason why caretakers abuse the elderly but there are a few factors that can affect the way they interact with their patients or family members....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Gerontology, Physical abuse]

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Licensed Parents : Child Abuse, Neglect And Abandonment

- ... Such a world would hardly be desirable. Consequently, any activity that is potentially harmful to others and requires certain demonstrated competence for its safe performance is subject to regulation, it is theoretically desirable that we regulate it. If we also have a reliable procedure for determining whether someone has the requisite competence, then the action is not only subject to regulation but ought, all things considered, to be regulated. It is particularly significant that we license these hazardous activities, even though denying a license to someone can severely inconvenience and even harm that person....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Abuse, Regulation]

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The Article ' How Can Domestic Abuse Be Stopped?

- In the article “How can domestic abuse be stopped?” by Megan Twohey, the author examines the ways in which individuals experience grief along with hardships and how they can affect a person mentally which in turn leads to instability physically and emotionally. According to Megan Twohey, “ Research shows many abusers suffer from psychological problems and substance abuse” (Twohey 1). In other words, physical abuse usually occurs when one suffers from a psychological problem which may be caused by many things such as losing friends, hardships faced during and after war, or even growing up in a place that has a negative influence on a individual....   [tags: Physical abuse, Abuse, Middle East]

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Identifying Signs Of Abuse Is Not Simple Because Not All Children Express Themselves

- Usually identifying signs of abuse is not simple because not all children express themselves in the same way. According to helpguide.org, overall all types of abuse show signs of the child having relationship difficulties, feelings of worthlessness, and have trouble regulating emotions. Children suffering from emotional abuse typically are extremely withdrawn and also fearful or anxious about doing something wrong. They usually show extremes in behavior and are not attached to the parent or caregiver....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Taking a Look at Abuse in a Relationship

- Since women often appeared trapped by violence, researchers surveyed women, who were in an abusive relationship at one time, to figure out why they remained with their partners. They found that the women currently involved in an abusive relationship viewed their partner positively, while women who had left the relationship tended to see the negative effects. Although they were abused, the women still in the relationship also received affection from the man. Thus, these women appear to use coping strategies to mask the abuse inflicted and convince themselves to remain in the harmful situation....   [tags: violence, physical and emotional abuse]

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Child Abuse And Neglect Of Children

- Child abuse is a worldwide problem that is yet to be fixed. Child abuse or in other words maltreatment comes in all different forms, from emotional, sexual abuse, or neglect. Child maltreatment is a serious problem that can have long lasting harmful effects on its victim’s. More than one third of the country’s population, which is around 440 million children suffer from abuse each year, according to a study on child abuse by Ministry of Women and Children Development. Child abuse and neglect according to childwelfare.gov means “any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation; or an...   [tags: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Physical abuse]

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Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

- Four or more children lose their lives every day from some form of abuse or neglect just in the United States. Out of all of these children, over 70% are the age of three or younger. When it comes to the term “child abuse” many people do not understand exactly this term entails. Many individuals associate “child abuse” with the term “physical abuse,” however child abuse can be much more than just physical. Specifically, child abuse is defined as when the guardian of a child neglects to bestow suitable care, consciously exposes abuse, or abuses a child while telling them what or what not to do....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Neglect, Physical abuse]

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Domestic Animal Abuse Should Be Banned

- Domestic Animal Abuse Domestic animal abuse occurs all over the world and can occur at any given moment. There are many ways domestic animal abuse can be prevented. Laws are one of the many ways to prevent animal abuse. Abuse towards animals has many effects, emotional and p hysical. In today’s world there are many organizations that help prevent and try to stop domeistic animal abuse and other types of animal abuse. The signs of animal abuse are very plain and easy to spot if you look close enough....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Suffering, Physical abuse]

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Relationship Abuse : Being Aware That You Are Worthy

- Relationship Abuse: Be Aware That You Are Worthy We were so in love. He made me so happy and gave me everything I ever wanted. He told me I was beautiful, and he would love me forever; until I made him mad. Everything he had ever said to me was washed down the drain. He began to take all of his anger out on me. He started to abuse me; verbally, emotionally, and physically. I thought he loved me. I thought he cared about me. I thought he wanted the best for me. Soon after he made me feel so small, he apologized....   [tags: Abuse, Physical abuse, Bullying, Child abuse]

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Child Abuse : A Special Group Population

- Child Abuse Children are a special group population that has experienced enormous challenges. Child abuse has remained a significant problem yet to be conquered in the efforts to promote and protect their welfare. The non-governmental organizations have been at the forefront of safeguarding the children across the globe to offer equal opportunities to enhance their development. Such firms have written numerous reports regarding the abuse, promotion, and the legislation that ensures the wellbeing of the minors....   [tags: Physical abuse, Child abuse, Neglect]

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Child Abuse And Not Just A Scary Movie

- ... The author emphasis on the fact that “children who were abused or neglected as a child are most likely to be arrested as both juvenile or as adults.”Child abuse leads to many things, but what exactly is child abuse. Child abuse has many types of categories that people never really look in depth. Child abuse basically means any type of harm to a child 's health mentally or physically. There are many types of child maltreatment including sexual, neglect, emotionally, physically and many more, each kind can lead to different types of effects on a child....   [tags: Physical abuse, Abuse, Child abuse]

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Physical, Sexual, Emotional Abuse, and Poverty

- Introduction Poverty in America is not indicated by a specific income level, as most people think, but instead by a comparison of 48 possible poverty thresholds taking into account family size and composition without regard to geographic locations (Macartney, 2011). For example, the poverty threshold for a family of 5 with two children under the age of 18 would be $27,517 (census.gov 2013); an amount that would be difficult to live off of in major cities where the cost of living is much higher. According to the Current Population Survey, 2013 Annual Social and Economic Supplement for the year 2012, there are 46.5 million people in America who are living in poverty, including 21.8 percent of...   [tags: neglect, unsafe living conditions]

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Child Abuse : Being The Voice For Those Who Don 't Have Their Own

- ... This is another time for us to stop and consider whether abuse/neglect could be at the root of these behaviors.” (Officer.com, Recognizing child abuse and neglect) Officer.com’s article shows us one way of knowing when a child is abused. Because most children lash out when they are getting abused they go out and they want to harm others like they have been hurt, “about 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their children continuing this horrible cycle.” (Officer.com, Recognizing child abuse and neglect) A teacher should be the first one to know when a child is getting abused because the child is spending more time with a teacher....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Neglect]

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Child Abuse and Later Maladjustment in Adulthood

- In this paper, the researcher will address the adjustment issues often seen in individuals who were abused early in their childhood. Abuse can be traumatic for any individual but it is especially troubling when endured at one of the most vulnerable developmental stages of the person’s life. Although intervention has been known to help dramatically, children can be easily manipulated into keeping the abuse a secret. For this reason, an emphasis is placed on the importance of professionals constantly interacting with children, being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse, so that any suspicions can be immediately reported....   [tags: sexual abuse, physical abuse, saint lucia]

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Reducing Rates Of Child Abuse And Neglect

- The original goal of CAPTA was simply to reduce rates of Child Abuse and Neglect and raise awareness to the issue. Over the 40 years that CAPTA has been in place, the act has been amended and updated, each time with more specific goals, to better reach the population it serves. Because the definition of child abuse and neglect has changed over the years and expanded, it is easy to misinterpret the rise in the rate of abuse and neglect over the last ten years. In fact, this rise simply means that there are more children being treated for abuse and neglect, who were previously going under the radar....   [tags: Child abuse, Neglect, Physical abuse, Foster care]

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Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

- ... My mom, on the other hand, was in a situation where abuse was in her home. If her brother, Pete, did not do something right, then my mom would be taken out of the house while her biological father beat her brother. Her mom never did anything to stop it. To this day, Pete and my mom do not talk to their mother. I believe that that is one of the main reasons that this topic has been looked down upon in my house for as long as I can remember. Another form of child abuse is emotional. This meaning that the parent is not physically putting his or her hands on their child, but they are hurting them by saying rude things....   [tags: Child abuse, Neglect, Mother, Physical abuse]

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Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

- When dealing with victims, we often times overlook the how we should be healing our victims and finding ways to compensate them. When looking for the ideal victim, we might look past children. Understanding the way things work starts in childhood. From the first time we entered the world to the last breathe we take we are constantly learning. We as a nation must learn and discuss the importance of child abuse awareness and the effects it may have. Child abuse in this country is something that we must not overlook, and deal with at first hand....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Domestic violence]

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The Worse Types of Domestic Abuse

- Somewhere in the world at this very moment, people are being abused. They will be left with bruises, cuts, broken bones, and scars. There are many reasons why people need to speak out against domestic violence. One reason is that statistics show that most abusers will continue to abuse until they are arrested. Another reason is that domestic violence does not only physically harm a person; it also mentally harms the victim and any children involved. The third reason is that help is available. People of all races, education levels, and ages experience domestic abuse....   [tags: emotional abuse, physical, sexual]

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Child Abuse Is A Huge Problem Within The United States

- ... These kind of cases are also broadcasted so it will ruin your reputation as well as continuing to be watched by the child protective agency. In sexual abuse cases the offender will have to register himself/herself as a child sex offender. When they are registered as a sex offender it restricts the places they can live, go, and be around. Your trust around children is lost. In 2014 there were a total of 16,317 abuse and neglect cases found. Forty-seven percent of the cases were children between the ages 0 and 4....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Neglect, Physical abuse]

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Domestic Abuse : A Victim Of Two Abusive Relationships

- ... Eventually they got married because she truly thought he was the one. Later on she moved to Australia to be with him and when she started living with him, she started noticing how controlling and abusive he was. When he was stressed about work, he would throw household items at her, and take out all his anger on her physically. Also he would verbally abuse her if she tried talking to her friends or family on the phone. She states that “The more I stayed with him the more it destroyed my self esteem....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Child abuse, Physical abuse]

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Investigating the Long-Term Effects of Physical Child Abuse

- Everyday there are children being abused by someone who is supposed to protect them. An estimated 905,000 children were victims of child abuse or neglect in 2006(Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2008). In 1996, more than three million victims of suspected abuse were reported to child protective services agencies in the United States (Baker, 2002). The numbers have changed and still many cases of abuse go unreported. The number of incidences of child abuse rises when the family is under stress, such as being in our economy....   [tags: Violence Against Children]

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Women and Substance Abuse (Why?)

- ... Including domestic violence victimization than males that are in treatment. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, women with substance abuse issues are more likely than men to report greater dysfunction in the family of origin and with the lack of adequate role models for parenting. This goes back to the theory that most women turn to substances for self-medicating purposes due to unresolved traumas or events in their lives. Women’s addiction is also different because women not only self-medicate because of traumatic events, but also to function as a working mother/woman in a fast paced world....   [tags: emotional, physical abuse, mental health disorders]

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Freedom From The Sorrow Of Abuse

- ... . .”(Cisneros 344) In a journal from literature resource center presents, “She has come to Texas from Mexico as a new bride, spurred by hopes that are a mix of fairy tales, romance, novella and soap operas . . . .”(Fitts 22) Every woman wants to be treated like a lady or like a princess by their future husband. They want their husband Bimali 3 to love them and their children fully and take all the responsibility of the house....   [tags: Marriage, Woman, Patriarchy, Physical abuse]

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Emotional Abuse Leaves no Physical Marks

- Emotional abuse leaves no physical marks. It is invisible to the naked eye. No one is safe from emotional abuse, it can occur anywhere and anytime. I am a victim to emotional abuse, and the scars are still freshly present. Both good and bad came from the abuse, but I view myself as an educator raising awareness, not a victim seeking pity, justice, or tears. Emotional abuse can be anything that hinders a child’s growth: consistently putting someone down, or a parent that fails to show love or affection towards his or her child....   [tags: invisible scars]

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Child Physical Abuse: Types, Causes and Examples

- Child abuse is the intentional, unexplainable infliction of physical, moral, and sexual pain and suffering on a child. It is caused mainly by parents who were maltreated as children themselves. Causes also include stress, poverty, or unemployment. Child abuse consists of various different causes, types, and cases. There are many causes for child abuse, but some project over the rest. In some cases’ children are mistreated when parents or guardians have bad responses to stressful situations or feel powerless....   [tags: essays research papers]

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