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Should Prison Be Prison?

- If you were to take a look at our prisons today, you would see that they are severely overcrowded. If there was a way that we could reduce the number of people that return to jail would you support this idea. Or would you say that it is a waste of time and money. One way of doing this would be start rehabilitating prisons so when they get out of jail, they can start contributing to society in a positive way. Currently there is more than 2.2 million people that are in prison in United States. Also the United States was one of the highest prison rates in the world....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Recidivism]

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Prison Vs. Prison System

- There are many different forms of punishment in the prison system; privileges are revoked, a change in cell may take effect, a prisoner may be transferred to a different floor or maybe even a different prison altogether. However, the punishment that is feared the most by prisoners is referred to as solitary confinement, also referred to by inmates as “the hole”, or “the box”. Solitary confinement is the practice of isolating prisoners in closed cells for 22-24 hours a day, free of human contact, for periods of time ranging from days to months....   [tags: Psychiatry, Mental disorder, Mental health, Prison]

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The Incarceration Of The Prison

- The cycle of unfair treatment also continues outside the prison walls as well. The rights of the released prisoners are few and the released are not even treated as citizens of their own country. After convicted, the incarcerated are stripped of their rights as citizens and in seven states 1/4 of the black male population is not even eligible to vote.In areas across the country, some ex convicts are not allowed welfare, student loans, public housing, or even something as simple as food stamps. The denial of basic rights contribute to very high rates of homelessness and suicide among released convicts....   [tags: Prison, Torture, Recidivism, Penology]

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The Punishment Of A Prison

- It is often said “prison works”. It is less often said what it means for a prison to “work”. Traditionally prisons have been argued to serve at least one of three functions: to punish the prisoner, to protect the public, and to rehabilitate the offender to prevent them committing another crime. However, on closer inspection, the reasons given seem to have secondary important to the need for society to feel like something is being done, that justice is being served, that law and order is being kept, with near-total disregard for those who find themselves shut out of society with no hope of redemption....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice, Sentence]

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The Treatment Of Prison Reform

- Prison Reform “…regarded it among their earliest practical necessities to allot a portion of the virgin soil as a cemetery, and another portion as the site of a prison” (Hawthorne). This quote from The Scarlet Letter is actually true. Prisons were among the first buildings built among colonization. The prisons were not for punishment- that was usually done publicly. Punishments fell into the four categories of fines, public shame, physical chastisement, and death. These prisons were usually just holding places for those awaiting trial or awaiting punishment....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Prison reform]

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Comparing Life Inside A Prison And Life On The Outside Of Prison

- The Difference and Similarities between Life inside a Prison and Life on the Outside for the Convict and Ex-convict certainly has its ups, downs, highs, and lows. Convicts that have been incarcerated for quite some time continue to live life on the outside of prison as if they were still behind those walls. From going to bed early, waking up early, and even eating some of the same foods they ate while being in prison. One man made it through his entire jail sentence by committing himself to exercising every day and was released and kept his exact exercise routine....   [tags: Prison, Convict, Crime, Sentence]

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The Use Of Prison As A Corporal Punishment

- For the past hundreds of years, the living conditions of our society have changed dramatically. With the help of many activists, U.S. citizens have become liberated and powerful enough to stop and revise unfair and cruel institutions. For example, about a 150 years ago the puritans used flogging as method of punishment. It was a quick and painful punishment that instilled fear among the people. As people became more privileged with the freedom of speech many complaints had been sent to congress that it was inhumane and cruel....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Punishment]

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The Growing Problems of the Prison System

- Mr. Governor, there are many ways to reduce the current problem of prison overcrowding; unfortunately many of them are not popular as they are seen as being soft on crime and as we both know that is not favorably looked upon. Some of the options would provide a temporary decongestion of the prisons while others would be a more long term reduction in inmate populations. After reviewing I believe that there are a few that we could possibly accomplish and still portray an acceptable persona to the public....   [tags: Prison Overcrowding, Education Opportunities]

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The Treatment Of Pregnant At Prison

- Pregnant While in Prison A topic I would like to write about would be the treatment that women who are pregnant while in prison receive. Although they are in prison there is still proper care that they need to ensure that they and the baby are healthy. There were things like they would be chained to the beds during doctor visits, they are not given proper vitamins or food. They make them wear belly chains which are something that is chained to their wrist, around their stomach and then to their feet....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Penology, Childbirth]

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The Female Prison in the United States

- The female prison population in the United States is growing at an disturbing rate. According to Ajinkya (2013) from 2000 to 2009, the number of females incarcerated in state or federal prison rose by 21.6%. A high percentage of prison inmates, who tend to be poor, ethnic or racial minorities and young, will eventually be released to rejoin society and either return to their criminal lifestyles or adopt new, socially responsible patterns of behavior (Erisman & Contardo, 2005). According to Justice Center (2012), 19% of females released from prison will recidivate in the first three years post-release....   [tags: justice, incarceration, federal prison]

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The Cultural Aspects Of The Prison

- Prisons are currently being run by private owners so Team C has taken on the task of consulting with a private facility that houses those offenders who have been sentenced to active time in the Department of Corrections. Private prisons are no longer ran by the state so the prison can offer programs and training that can help with the rehabilitation of offenders. Team C believes that rehabilitating offenders will cause them to better transition back into society after their sentence is served. Team C will discuss policies and procedures of the prison, budgets, projected revenue sources, communication and technology....   [tags: Prison, Security, Penology, The Prisoner]

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The Us Prison Industrial Complex

- The US Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) is used to attribute the rapid expansion of the US inmate population to the political influence of private prison companies and businesses that supply goods and services to government prison agencies. The prison industry complex is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States and its investors are on Wall Street. After spending $5.2 billion on prison construction over the past fifteen years, California now has not only the largest but also the most overcrowded prison system in the United States....   [tags: Prison, United States, Penology]

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The Death Of The Prison System

- Like birds with clipped wings, hundreds of thousands of people are not only summarily plucked from their lives and thrown into a cage, they are also shouldered with numerous burdens that prevent them from flying away from a lifetime of captivity. Normally, people would expect the prison system to prevail and deliver heroic justice to all whom done wrong. However, in reality, millions in America each year are pulled off of streets and forced to enter a never ending cycle called “incarceration”. Even if they manage to escape the physical bars of prison, they never truly gain freedom from the bird cage, because of the after-effects of being incarcerated....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Plea]

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Is Prison Life Really Like For Inmates?

- Some people have no idea what it feels like to be in prison, according to statistics simply one out of every five people really knows what the prison life is like. Nearly 1.4 million people out of the U.S.’s 280 million people that remain in prison. (Thomas, 2). One of the main reasons people know about prisons is because of the movies. The things that contribute to people stereotyping the prison life is news, movies, and books. Prisoners do receive three meals a day, workout facilities, a library, as well as other things....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Homosexuality, Prison gang]

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Prison Life in the UK

- In the world we live in today there is, has been, and always will be an infinite amount of controversies throughout society. Perhaps one of the most important, being that it could jeopardize our existence, is the debate of how to deal with what most everyone would consider unwanted. The members of the prison population can range from petty thieves to cold hearted serial killers; so the conflict arises on how they can all be dealt with the most efficient way. The sides can result in a wide range of opinions such as simply thinking a slap on the wrist is sufficient; to even thinking that death is the only way such a lesson can be learned....   [tags: changing the prison system]

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The Queer Prison Abolitionist Movement

- It would be misguided to discuss queer prison abolitionist movements without first thoroughly examining the place of the prison system in the neoliberal imperial project of enemy production (both inside and outside the boundaries of the state). The contemporaneous production of exterior and interior enemies (terrorists and criminals respectively), movement toward and legislation for ostensible (and, importantly, homonormative) queer “equality,” the criminalization of radical activism through increased surveillance, torture, disappearance, and imprisonment, and the exponential growth in the transnationally funded prison system is symptomatic of what, in the article “Intimate Investments,” Ann...   [tags: Prison Abolitionist, Inhumane Treatment]

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The Benefits of Prison Animal Training Programs

- A litter of puppies gets dropped off down a dirt road, they soon will go to an animal shelter, and eventually, prison. More than 15 million animals face possible death in shelters and are being rescued by a surprising group of people: prisoners (Rhoades). Animals in shelters die every day because of limited amount of space, injuries, and behavior problems that cause them not to be adopted. They shouldn’t have to suffer from lack of attention since they have done nothing wrong. Instead, the animals could be sent to prisons for training by inmates, which would increase the animal’s chances of being adopted....   [tags: Prison Essays]

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Why The Prison Reform Movement

- Weldon Angelo was a 22 year old music producer, whose music career was bringing him a lot of nationwide recognition. He was the organizer of the Utah-based rap mark, Extravagant Record. While at Extravagant Record he composed and created tunes with well- known artist. Angelo sold weed to a childhood friend who ended up being a police source. Today, Angelo sits in government jail 10 years into a 55 year sentence. Since the required sentence was excessively brutal the sentencing judge called Angelo 's sentence cruel and chose to compose a paper to the president to commute the sentence; however, this never happened (Glazer 24)....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Life imprisonment]

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Very Brief History of Alacatraz, the Prison

- With shackles on hands and feet, you face the floor and walk in a shuffle off the island ferry with the others following close behind. You look up to catch a glimpse of the substantial structure ahead with a correctional officer standing before it. You put your head back down and continue to walk. The correctional officer flashes a smile you do not see, but you can hear his simple but chilling words – “Welcome home.” Known to be stone cold and unforgiving, miles away from the mainland on a 22 acre mass of rock lies a prison where the most uncontrollable prisoners in America were controlled with strict daily routines and un-sympathizing punishments… Discovery Before Alcatraz was used by A...   [tags: Prison, Island]

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The United States Prison System

- Thesis The United States prison systems exists as a means to incarcerate those who have been found guilty of a crime. Over the history of the penal system, there has been much debate about the purpose of prison, whether it should be to punish or rehabilitate the offender. In the mid 1970 's the penal system took a punitive turn towards punishment, rather than rehabilitation of prisoners, and continues to punish those found guilty, rather than rehabilitate (Benson, 2003). This becomes a major problem since the United States has the highest number of inmates in the world, housing over 2 million offenders under federal and state jurisdictions, and at least 5 million more under supervision of p...   [tags: Prison, Penology, Recidivism, Crime]

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Prison And The United States

- When someone in the United States is found guilty of a crime, they are sentenced to jail time, and they give up all their benefits that they previously had as a free American citizens. They went against the laws and thus should have to pay for their crimes committed. With the current prison population around 1.5 million (J.F., 2014), and climbing, many debates have arose. There is one question in particular that constantly emerges, “Does this mean these 1.5 million people incarcerated in a prison cell should give up their rights as citizens to vote as well?” While held in prison or jail, inmates should not have the right to vote....   [tags: Prison, Law, Democracy, Elections]

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The Incarceration Of The Prison System

- In the U.S, five percent of the population is behind bars (Collier). State spending on corrections is estimated at $52 billion a year with most spent on prisons (“The Potential of Community…”). The reason for the U.S. prison population increase is because the courts are sending people to prison for more time and also because of the focus on drugs and mandatory sentencing for drug dealing and drug possession (Neyfakh). The U.S. Justice System imprisons a lot of people who could have been held accountable in the community like people with addictions or mental illnesses who do not have access to treatment in their community (“For Immediate Release: How to…”)....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Mental disorder, Heroin]

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The Crime Of The Uk Prison Population

- In history, crimes have been dealt with by the justice system according to its severity as well as the offender: if the crime committed was not very serious and the offender was deemed “non-delinquent”, or “free of any real criminal disposition”, they would be cautioned or fined. However, were the crime a more serious one and the offender appeared to have a “criminal character”, they would receive more severe and more deterrent punishment (Garland, 2001: 42). In more recent years, numbers of the UK prison population have been on the rise – less serious crimes have been more severely punished - whereas the number of financial penalties issued to offenders have been falling (Cavadino & Dignan,...   [tags: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice, Sentence]

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A Interview On The Video Prison Moms

- The video Prison Moms was eye opening to the plight of women while pregnant as members of a correctional institution. This documentary focused on Pennsylvania based programs at Riverside correctional facility. The 2009 sentencing project study found that one out of every forty-three kids has a parent in prison and that sixty-five thousand and six hundred mothers were incarcerated as of 2007. The program offers a full-time staff Monday through Friday that work specifically with pregnant inmates and mother within the prison population with children under the age of three....   [tags: Human rights, Prison, Penology, Childbirth]

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The Problems Of The American Prison System

- The American Prison System is flawed to say the least. The conditions for prisoners are getting worse by the year and the media romanticizes the life of inmates, this list goes on. However, the problem that has the most consequences is the overpopulation of prisons. American leads the world prison population, earning the title of “World’s Largest Jailer” (Waldman). Overpopulation is not only a problem in itself, but has a myriad of effects that negatively impact the country. Starting in the 1980’s new laws were put in place in hopes of preventing drug-related crimes....   [tags: Prison, Mandatory sentencing, Life imprisonment]

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Prison Systems And The United States

- Prisons throughout the world work to punish lawbreakers, isolate them, and rehabilitate them for the reintroduction to society. However, different prison systems approach these actions in different ways. The United States uses a more punitive tactic when rehabilitating criminals while Norway uses a more relaxed method. The United States justice system is not efficient in treating and helping the criminals for reintroduction into society. The prisons offer extensive sentences that focus more on punishing than rehabilitating the inmates....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Criminal justice, Recidivism]

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The Incarceration Of The Prison Boom

- I would define the prison boom as what it sounds like, the sudden incarceration of many people into our penal system in a period of time. It is like the baby boom, which is defined as a period marked by a great increase in birth rates. In the book, Punishment and Inequality in America by Western, Western brings to light many reasons to which the prison boom can be attributed to. Which would be the “mass imprisonment in comparative and historical perspective”, the growth of crime, increased incarceration of young minority men, and racial/class inequality (Western, 7)....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Crime, Criminal justice]

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The Incarceration Of The Prison System

- The Prison system can help juveniles turn their lives around; rehabilitation gives juveniles a second chance. Successful rehabilitation, many argue, is better for society in the long run than releasing someone who 's spent their entire young adult life in general Prison population. A young person released from juvenile Prison is far less likely to commit a crime than someone coming out of an adult facility. Children do not have the intellectual or moral capacity to understand the consequences of their actions; similarly, they lack the same capacity to be trial defendants....   [tags: Crime, Criminal justice, Law, Prison]

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The Solution For Prison Overcrowding

- The Solution to Prison Overcrowding in the United States In the 1980 's the media sensationalized crime and the only way to contain this threat was to imprison criminals for as long as possible. In turn, the United States began to fight a metaphorical "War on Drugs". This "tough on crime" mentality began to lead to a system of mass incarceration. Mass incarceration is the vast system of laws, customs, and policies that makes up the justice system that is responsible for the enormous amount of people that occupy prisons in the United States....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Violent crime]

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The Prison Litigation Reform Act

- Prison litigation is a form of lawsuit process with which prisoners seek relief from prison. The Prison litigation Reform Act clearly outlines an increase in the litigation of prison cases that was enacted in 1996. Through such litigations, inmates are able to fight for their rights and fair treatment in prison. For instance among the prison ligations, we have prospective relieve where one can file a lawsuit to request the prison to change some of their policies to let one for example pray amongst groups....   [tags: Criminal justice, Prison, Punishment, Crime]

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The Incarceration Of The Prison System

- Even though there have been many ex-cons that have left the prison system many times when they are released they are merely better-educated and skilled criminals, it does not matter how much money you have, your race, color, background, religion, sex everyone is affected because we are all a part of this problem. If you vote, if you pay taxes, if you are afraid to walk alone at night, you are already involved. More than half of all US prisoners that are serving time for non-violent offenses, and most nonviolent offenders do in fact learn a lesson while in prison: how to be violent....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice, Criminology]

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The Death Of The Prison System

- Solitary Madness History has shown many ways that criminals were punished for committing a crime. Some crimes in the past were punished with torturous techniques that were deemed suitable at certain points in human history. However, as time passed, many of those punishment techniques were viewed, by many, as cruel and demeaning, which sparked change in the way crime was punished. Legislation was created to protect the inmate from being punished too severely. However, as many of these institutions began to change and reform prison sentences, many still viewed punishment techniques as “coercive forms of control” (Wright, N/D, p 318)....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Corrections, Punishment]

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Should Juveniles Be Prison For Life?

- Should juveniles be sentenced to prison for life. Should juveniles be trial as an adult after committing a heinous crime and sentenced to life. As a teenager, this question if far complicated to answer due that I am a teenager yet in my opinion, I believe that the juvenile should not be sentenced to life. I believe that there 's other way to punish them for their crimes. The last execution was in 2006 in California. On June 2012, the supreme court of justice ruled that juveniles cannot be sentenced to life in prison....   [tags: Murder, Life imprisonment, Prison, Bullying]

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Prison Is The New Black

- Across the country the ratio of male inmates to women is huge. According to “Criminal Justice a brief introduction” by Frank Schmalleger It states that the ratio that for every 15 male inmates there is only one female. But that doesn’t mean that the number of female inmates aren’t rapidly increasing. Even though there are similarities within both men and women’s prisons they are still in ways different. The next big show that everyone seems to be talking about nowadays is “Orange is the new black.” A show that is centered on what citizens think a day in the life in a women’s prison is....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Sentence, Violent crime]

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The Pelican Bay State Prison

-   Introduction Pelican Bay State Prison, a place where gang leaders and other gang member are sent to keep off the streets and causing havoc in communities like drug trafficking and other numerous offenses that gets them landed there. But to them, as stated in the “Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone”, it’s a place where they earn more respect, they learn more tricks of the trade and become worse with the other gang members and leaders they cohabitate with. In the video is show that career criminals are able to conduct their business even from, the same crimes that got them in jail in the first place....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Sociology, Prison gang]

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Prison Life Is Becoming Worse

- In the United States of America today, prison life is becoming worse as the years pass by. Offenders are steady re committing crimes even after initial release from prison. This has become a huge problem for the government of The United States of America and all of it’s residents. We must take different approaches to the way we imprison our inmates so that after their sentence is done, they are less likely to become a repeat offender. Different countries around the world, like China and the Phillipines, use different tactics to make sure that their prisoners are less likely to return....   [tags: Prison, United States, Punishment, Penology]

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The Incarceration Of Prison Incarceration

- Over the last few years, Nebraska’s prisons have become overcrowded by 150 percent (Mastre). The lack of housing for the state’s criminals has forced legislators to pass a bill that will lower several felonies to misdemeanors and shorten the maximum prison sentences. (Nebraska Legislature) This leniency could backfire and lead to higher crime rates, among many other issues. Overcrowding in the Nebraska system has become a major problem, but rather than “cure” the problem with clemency, there are other options to alleviate this problem, such as temporary prisons or better yet, stronger rehabilitation programs....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice, Recidivism]

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The Debate Over Prison System

- Stanford Prison Experiment The debate over prison systems in the United States has been a long controversy. The question as to; if stuffing a facility full with convicted criminals to be guarded by a flock of civilian employees will foster progress. But a main factor that contributes, is the line between guard and civilian. A guard, while trained, is not a military personal. The power given to them over the lives of others when they are simply a citizen is not normal for everyday citizens. This is one of the things Dr....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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Prison Sentences For Nonviolent Crimes

- As previously stated, the US contributes to more than a quarter of the global population of incarcerated people. European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands have decreased their incarceration rate to 79 and 82 people per 100,000 compared to the United States rate which is 716 per 100,000. A report created by the Vera Institute of Justice claims that Germany and the Netherlands were successful in reducing incarceration rates because they are focused on resocialization and rehabilitation rather than America prisons which focus on punishment and isolation....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Recidivism, Penology]

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Proposal For End Prison Overcrowding

- Angola to Afghanistan: Proposal to End Prison Overcrowding After 3 months in solitary confinement, Alvin was ready to get out of that six by eight foot cell. He was tired of his maggot infested lunch. He only sees daylight for the thirty seconds that the guard opens his door to deliver him his lunch. He kept track of the days he has been in solitary by counting the times that the guard delivered his lunch. Today was the thirtieth visit. Officer Thomas knocked on Alvin’s cell. “Get up Boy!” said Officer Thomas....   [tags: Prison, Solitary confinement, Penology, Crime]

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Prison System : Solitary Confinement

- Throughout life we all live through moments that change who we are; mentally, physically and psychologically. These moments can be, huge and defining or something as small as whether we leave our house or just stay home on a certain day. For some, we find ourselves looking back, and not even realizing the power of the decision we made and how it brought us to who we are now. For others, the decisions we made lead to obvious outcomes. A prime example of this is a criminal. Though, he or she might not have known or thought they would get caught, the acts they voluntarily proceeded in, are illegal and the one and only future they ultimately have is jail or prison....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Punishment, Thought]

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Rehabilitation Of The Prison System

- Rehabilitation in Our Prison System Doug Strickland was a drug addict and now for the first time in his life, he is clean. He was sentenced to drug rehabilitation instead of prison and successfully turned his life around. Since completing the program, Strickland has not been arrested and is now trying to help others who are also suffering from drug addiction. His life was filled with utter disappointment but he has made great strides and is now benefiting society. Prisoners that are held in the U.S prison system face punitive measures rather than a more rehabilitative stance on how they spend their time incarcerated....   [tags: Prison, Punishment, Penology, Criminal justice]

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The Yuma Territorial Prison As A Beacon Of Civilization

- The Yuma Territorial Prison is one of the main pillars in the growth of Arizona as the wild west was tamed. Its existence served not only as a beacon of civilization but that of consequence for those who resisted human expansion’s natural progression. As it existed many thought of it as a joke giving those inside the easy life or the likes of a concentration camp but in the middle of civilian held war, the prison stood toward the future. From near modern advances to holding those refusing to be held and even continueing on helping those of Yuma for years to come....   [tags: Prison, Yuma Territorial Prison, American Old West]

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The Ethics of the Stanford Prison Experiment

- When put into the position of complete authority over others people will show their true colors. I think that most people would like to think that they would be fair, ethical superiors. I know I would, but learning about the Stanford Prison Experiment has made me question what would really happen if I was there. Would I be the submissive prisoner, the sadistic guard, or would I stay true to myself. As Phillip Zimbardo gave the guards their whistles and billy clubs they drastically changed without even realizing it....   [tags: Stanford Prison Experiment, psychology, criminal j]

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The Overpopulation Of The Prison System

- The overpopulation in the prison system in America has been an on going problem in the United States for the past two decades. Not only does it effect the American people who are also the tax payers to fund all of the convicts in prisons and jails, but it also effects the prisoners themselves. Family members of the prisoners also come into effect. Overpopulation in prison cause a horrible chain reaction that causes nothing but suffering and problems for a whole bunch people. Yet through all the problems that lye with the overpopulation in prisons, there are some solutions to fix this ongoing huge problem in America....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice, Criminal law]

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The Stanford Prison Experiment : Experiment

- The name of the experiment was the Stanford Prison Experiment, a study that was supposed to be for two weeks, lasting only six days. This study was conducted by Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist that taught at the university. Professor Zimbardo wanted to examine how volunteers would react in a simulated prison. Zimbardo and his colleagues put an advertisement in the local paper asking for participants. Then on Sunday, August 17, 1971 twenty-four applicants were placed in a mock prison, set up in the basement of the Stanford psychology building....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Philip Zimbardo, Abuse]

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Taking a Closer Look at Prison Gangs

- Prison Gangs Ever since the creation of the first prison gang the ‘Gypsy Jokers’, gangs in prisons have been a handful for officials trying to provide safety and security not only for corrections workers but for inmates as well. Prison gangs have been responsible for carrying out any number of illicit activites behind bars, these include but may not be limited to: gambling, drugs, protection, and prostitution (Knox, 2012). Over the years research for prison gangs proves difficult because of the secretive nature behind these organizations, but there is new evidence being brought to light that is helping combat these illusive and lucrative criminal organizations....   [tags: permanent part of prison life]

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The Nature of the Modern American Prison System

- The nature of the modern American prison system is explored, especially with regard to the evolution of safety measures and the birth of prison privatization. Covered are Bentham's revolutionary Panopticon concept, as well as the driving forces behind prison labor practices and prisoner rights. Factors such as investor confidence, taxation, and public policy are all examined to determine how they influence the state of the prison system (both public and private). The rights of inmates in terms of overcrowding, medical care, and privacy are all considered and weighed against the greater good....   [tags: prison privatization, history]

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Improvement Necessary For The Us Prison System

- Improvement Necessary for the US Prison System. If you knew how much of your tax money is going towards locking people behind bars, would you be satisfied with the current prison system. Many think that there is nothing wrong with the American prison system, or have no interest in finding out if it is or not. But the topic is also barely talked about, so it makes sense for people not to know, but I believe that the current prison system in the USA is defective and needs improvement to be beneficial to the community....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Criminology, Crime]

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Prison Overcrowding Is A Major Concern

- Systematically, jail overcrowding is a major concern that has been going on for decades. Agencies have implemented new policies, revised old ones, and added new ones. Correctional Services goal is to make every member a rehabilitator, but jail overcrowding will first need to be reduced (Van der Westhuizen, 2005, p.1). Jail crowding is a broad topic and many researchers discuss it from different approaches, but little is known about how judges view their responsibilities. Collectively, a variety of criminal justice officials and agencies play a vital role in jail overcrowding....   [tags: Criminal justice, Prison, Crime, House arrest]

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The School Of Prison Pipeline

- The school to prison pipeline is an under discussed topic in the field of education. The statistics and research that support the reality of the school to prison pipeline are petrifying. The intention of the education system should be to set all learners up for success, not place learners on a fast track to the local penitentiary. Throughout this course, I developed a greater understanding via research and class discussions that allowed me to uncover the causes, effects and methods of prevention the school-to-prison pipeline....   [tags: Prison, Education, Criminal justice, High school]

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Prison Reforms And Its Effects On Society

- The purpose of incarceration is to allow crime-convicted individuals to perform a simple procedure: repent on their mistake, reform for the better, and regress into society. Punishment through years of solitude is said to be the key to a prisoner’s improvement, but what positive repercussion will result from constant beating if their wounds are not mended first-that is through treatment. Treatment is expected to provide an assurance of permanent change, however with higher rates of readmission to prison, those aren’t the effects we are seeing....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Incarceration, Penology]

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America 's Prison System Is Ineffective

- America’s prison system is ineffectual. This stems from a series of issues. There is an absence of focus on the purpose of a prisons. In her essay, “Teaching Literature at the County Jail”, Christina Boufis is exposed to many of these problems firsthand. Because inmates are considered less than human by many, not much money goes towards care or rehabilitation. Resultantly, many people released from prison end up being arrested again, sometimes for the same crime. The paper “Prison’s Dilemma: Do Education and Jobs Programmes Affect Recidivism?” was published in the Academic Journal Economica by Norman H....   [tags: Recidivism, Prison, Penology, Incarceration]

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The Stanford Prison Experiment: Phillip Zimbardo

- The experimental study that I chose to write about is the Stanford Prison Experiment, which was run by Phillip Zimbardo. More than seventy applicants answered an ad looking for volunteers to participate in a study that tested the physiological effects of prison life. The volunteers were all given interviews and personality tests. The study was left with twenty-four male college students. For the experiment, eighteen volunteers took part, with the other volunteers being on call. The volunteers were then divided into two groups, guards and prisoners, randomly assigned by coin flips....   [tags: volunteers, degradation, prison]

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The Prison System Works Right Now

- But there are people who also disagree with changing the way the prison system works right now. As I found in the article called: "Our Money to Educate Minds behind Bars Is a Terrible Thing to Waste" which appeared in the Chicago Now, the author, Masaki Araya, points to reasons why prisons shouldn 't offer educational programs to inmates. "Why should any money, private and public, be wasted on ‘free’ education to those confined behind bars when we already have law abiding citizens, especially families, struggling and barely getting by trying to pay to attend college?" is one of the points Masaki brings up....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Penology, Crime]

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The Death Penalty Versus Prison

- Title: Death penalty versus Life in Prison The purpose of this project will aim to discuss the different methods utilised in death sentences throughout the world. This literature based review will analyse the effectiveness of using the death penalty, whether it acts as a deterrent against crime or simply violates the rights to human life. With 98 countries that have abolished the death penalty, life imprisonment has been imposed as a replacement. This project will compare and contrast the imprisonment of an individual for a life sentence, including sentence length and the natural life of an individual against the use of death penalty....   [tags: Prison, Murder, Human rights, Capital punishment]

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Prison Terms Ineffective as Deterrent to Crime

- ... However, as the time passed the pillars of the criminal justice were modified in order to deter crime. Over the past generation, the landscape of sentencing prisoners has changed dramatically. Over this same period, United States of America has made a number of modifications in one of the basis of American criminal justice policy, Prison Term. Prison Terms has taken the place of public flogging, death penalty and torture. Stastics has shows that many states has abolished death penalty. Today in order to deter the crime, Nowadays, only few states in the United States of America such as Texas, practices Death Penalty....   [tags: justice, system, criminal, prison, term]

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Prison And Crime : The United States Of America

- Introduction The United States of America has approximately five percent of the world’s population yet 25% of its prisoners. Prison is a way to remove rule breakers from society and, in a perfect world, reform them so they can be a positive force in our society. However, the prison system in America does more than provide a place to put the unruly. The prison industrial complex is a business which is absurdly lucrative for those involved. In spite of the falling crime rate more and more American citizens are finding themselves with a new home in the form of a prison....   [tags: Prison, United States, Racism, Recidivism]

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The American Prison System Of The United States

- Brittany Weinstein Today, with only 5% of the world’s population, the U.S. has more than 20% of the world’s prison population; that makes it the world’s largest jailer. One in one hundred ten adults are incarcerated in a prison or local jail in the U.S. One in thirty-five adults are under some form of correctional control, counting prison, jail, parole and probation populations. This marks the highest rate of imprisonment in American history. (American Civil Liberties Union) As much as one would like to think so, the United States no longer has a correctional system that rehabilitates....   [tags: Prison, United States, Crime, Recidivism]

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Prison Overcrowding : A Common Social Phenomenon

- Overcrowding in prisons across the United States has been a controversial issue that needs to be more of a concern for the criminal justice system. In essence, prison overcrowding is a common social phenomenon in modern times- a phenomenon that occurs if and when the demand for prisoner space in prisons in a particular jurisdiction exceeds the capacity that the jurisdiction can provide to hold the prisoners. Prison overcrowding is felt more when the number of prisoners being incarcerated and admitted into prisons exceeds the number of prisoners being released or die- this would free up some prison space to cater for incoming prisoners....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Crime, Recidivism]

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Prison Labor And Work Release Programs

- Review of Subject Governor Wilma James’ state is facing severe budget cuts due to economic struggles and drops in tax revenues. The Department of Revenue had informed the governor that she must find ways to reduce the budget by $6 billion. There are several key areas which the governor acknowledged as fixed, and cannot be touched such as health care and pension payments. Several proposals were brought to the governor’s attention and the one that sheds most light were the prison system. After conversing with the correctional commissioner, the governor decided to order an early release of inmates whose been charged with drug related crimes....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Corrections, Penology]

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The Inside Out Prison Exchange Program

- The Inside-Out Prison Exchange program is an educational cooperative between universities and prisons in the United States. It operates on a national level organizing university courses held at prisons in which half the students are incarcerated and half are not. Each individual pairing of a school and a penal system operates their own courses with the professors receiving training from the program headquarters. It has been reported that “the United States incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than any other country” (Wing 2013), and many find this statistic troubling....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Elkhart County, Indiana]

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Alcatraz Prison

- Alcatraz Prison, in the San Francisco Bay, is surrounded by freezing waters and razor sharp rocks, making it the most inescapable prison in America. In 1775, a Spanish explorer Juan Manuel De Ayla named the small island La Isla De Los Alcatraces. It translates to “Island of the Pelicans” (Welcome to Alcatraz). This island is a twelve acre rock in the San Francisco Bay, the largest natural harbor in the world (Fuller,8). Because Alcatraz is surrounded by ice cold waters and dangerous currents, it was soon to be considered a perfect location for holding prisoners (Welcome to Alcatraz)....   [tags: Federal Prison, The Rock]

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Prison Simulation Experiment

- Social Psychology: Dr. Zimbardo Chalea Devotie Psych 620 Dr. Joyce Willis April 14, 2014 Dr. Zimbardo’s research study was intended to show how healthy participants quickly changed their psychological and physical behaviors once they were placed in a prison-like environment. The participants were all “good” people who were put into a very bad situation where they had to choose to stay good or conform with the environment and do what they felt was rational behavior. This study was intended to last two weeks, however, after six days Dr....   [tags: cognitive dissonance theory, prison systems]

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Prison Have Better Retribution Than Capital Punishment

- Introduction I believe that life in prison have better retribution than capital punishment. Whomever should serve the term of life in prison, the punishment should be swift, severe, and certain. Someone that is on death row delivers less information on the circumstances of the crime and cost more. Life in prison provides more information and allows more resources to be invested into solving and preventing other crimes. People that are on death row gets a quick death without real benefits. “Sanctions for criminal behavior tended to be public events which were designed to shame the person and deter others” (History of the prison system, 2015)....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Capital punishment]

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The Disparity In Sentencing Amongst Minorities In Prison

- Although some say the high disparity of minority to white prison sentences is due to repeat offenses by second and third time offenders, the disparity in the population between black and white Americans in the U.S. doesn't support the fact there are more minorities than whites in American prisons. The make- up of judges, juries and law enforcement officials in the judicial system are a factor. The high disparity amongst minorities in prison is due to the societal issues such as racial discrimination, racial inequality of lawmakers in the court system, and presumptive sentencing guidelines....   [tags: Prison Sentences, Repeat Offenses, Jail Time]

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Reform Vs. Punishment : Should Prison Facilities Be A Place?

- Reform vs. Punishment For many years, there have been a huge debate on the ideal of reform versus punishment. Many of these debates consist of the treatment and conditioning of individuals serving time in prison. Should prison facilities be a place solely to derogate freewill and punish prisoners as a design ideology of deterrence. Should prison facilities be design for rehabilitation and conditioning, aim to educate prisoners to integrate back into society. Punishment is reserved to those who have committed a transgression, a dominant and common response to injustices upon a victim (Okimoto and Weznzel 2008 p.346)....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Recidivism, Punishment]

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Prison Reformation : Why Faith Does Not Matters

- Prison Reformation: Why Faith Does or Does Not Matters The United States of America is arguably the most successful and free nation since the beginning of time. This nation is blessed with so many riches that other countries cannot even begin to express their dire hatred that we are so successful as a nation. Yet, we have one of the worst and most terrifying statistics in the nation. An estimated 6.9 million individuals are being held in jails around America, that is nearly 25% of the world’s inmate population (Glaze, Kaeble, Minton, & Tsoutis, 2015)....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Recidivism, Incarceration]

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From Juvenile Justice School To Prison Pipeline

- In the most recent years, the relationship between educational institutions and the juvenile justice system, which was once created to protect children, has displayed an ultimatum for minors through “zero tolerance” policies that result in sending individuals from school to prison to pipeline. Studies have shown that these policies are not beneficial to students or the educational environment that should be guaranteed to children. Opponents argue that the policies promote safety, but through this research it can be concluded that the policies actually increase danger....   [tags: Prison, justice, youth]

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Capital Punishment Is The Process Of Putting A Prison Inmate

- Capital punishment is the process of putting a prison inmate to death. This process can be done by electrocution, firing squad, gas chamber, or lethal injection. In the state of Oklahoma, lethal injection, electrocution, and firing squad are all different ways inmates can be put to death; lethal injection being the main method (Method of Execution 2015). The process of lethal injection is very complex and intricate so many states have invested in computerized machines that inject the chemicals in specific quantities and intervals into the inmate....   [tags: Capital punishment, Prison, Murder]

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Juvenile Confinement And The United States Juvenile Prison System

- Juvenile solitary confinement is a way to punish poor behavior in the United States juvenile prison system. However after long term negative side effects that isolation can cause in teens, the General public has been in support of isolation alternatives. In this paper I will be discussing the state by state solitary confinement rules and regulations, how rehabilitation and therapeutic services can be a healthy option as an alternative to confinement and how our nation’s youth don’t always have to feel that segregation is the only form of discipline....   [tags: Prison, Corrections, Penology]

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Prison System

- In the prison system most of the prisoners are labeled as either “mad” or bad”. The implication here is that “mad” implies that the prisoner is mentally ill and “bad” implies that they are purposely acting out. The main difference is if the person has the ability to choose to act a specific way they are “bad” or if they cannot control their actions then they are “mad”. In this paper I will describe how the prison workers distinguish between the prisoners as “mad” or “bad” as well as discuss how the ideas and social practices inform the prison guards’ judgment....   [tags: judgement, prison guards, mad, bad, prisoners]

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The History of Alcatraz Prison

- In the 1920's and 1930's a new wave of crime had swept across the U.S. With the passage of the Volstead Act in 1920, producing and distributing alcohol became an extremely lucrative business. With this also came a sharp rise in organized crime in many of the big cities. Even worse, the crimes committed by members of these gangs became more violent. In July of 1933, J. Edgar Hoover was made the director of the newly formed FBI. Hoover decided that he was going to crack down on these criminals. Hoover chose to aim high and went after the heads of the crime gangs....   [tags: Alcatraz Prison]

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Andersonville Prison

- Andersonville, officially named Camp Sumter, was the most infamous Confederate prison during the Civil War (Davis 350; Reeder 140). The camp first opened in February 1864 close to the village of Andersonville in Sumter County, Georgia. Due to a food shortage at the compound in Richmond, Virginia, caused by an overflow of war prisoners, the Confederate officials decided to build a new prison in southwest Georgia (Turner 161, 162). The first prisoners arrived to an open expansion of sixteen acres, later increased to twenty-six acres, surrounded by a fifteen-foot tall fence (Davis 351)....   [tags: Camp Sumter, Confederate Prison, Civil War]

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Elderly : Should They Suffer Prison Or Simply Be Released?

- ELDERLY: SHOULD THEY SUFFER IN PRISON OR SIMPLY BE RELEASED. Karenna Cruz American Public University System This paper will explore the question of if the elderly imprisoned and in deteriorating health should reside in prison or be released. Should the government continue to house and pay the expenses of keeping the elderly incarcerated, or should they be released if they are simply near the end of their life and are unable to commit any further crimes. The Concerns of Keeping Imprisoned Elderly Offenders Today, there are prisons across the United States of which house elderly inmates who can barely walk, talk, and function within their daily life without the help of prison...   [tags: Prison, Penology, Corrections, Criminal justice]

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What is the Purpose of Prison and what Tries to Achieve

- Prisoners in portrayal of society are treated as outcast and are often forgotten- they need to be kept away from the society. It is vital to understand the purpose of prison and what they are trying to achieve and compare their actions to the re-offending rates as they are the perfect example to prove if the prison system works. However, studies about prisoners mainly focus on the effects prison has on them and how it affects society. There is luck of research actually looking at the prisoner experiences inside the prison and what issues they face....   [tags: human rights, prison system, prisoners]

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Why Are Prisoners For Live Outside The Prison System?

- Why are prisoners finding it hard to live outside the prison system. After inmates are released from prison, they need to learn how to re enter back into society, but some have no family support or anywhere to go, so they commit another crime and go right back to jail, a phenomenon called recidivism. “Studies show that many offenders tend to end up back in prison when they can’t find employment or if they have strained family” (Chamberlain). Having support is great after being released but not all support is the right support but there are many other options....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Parole, Criminal justice]

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Is Prison Privatization Really a Long Term Fix?

- Prison Privatization is a term used for which local, state and federal correction facilities hire companies from the private sector to run prisons and provide prison-related services. Some private companies are contracted only to provide things such as medical care, counseling, food services, and maintenance within publicly owned jails and prisons. Today, more and more private companies are being contracted to not only design and build, but also to operate new jails and prisons on both the state and federal level....   [tags: Prison Reform, criminal justice, informative]

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The Stanford Prison Experiment By Philip G. Zimbardo

- Introduction: This paper will discuss the bleak and disheartening realm of a prison setting, where personalities of both prisoners and staff are tried in the reoccurring cycle of abusive power inflicted upon helpless prisoners by their authority figures. Authority figures who brutally treat inmates, have negative psychological effects on the subjects of maltreatment (Zimbardo 315). To develop this concept further, I am first going to explore The Stanford Prison Experiment by Philip G. Zimbardo, where normal, healthy, educated young men can be radically transformed under the institutional pressures of a prison environment....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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The Application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Within a Prison Setting

- The current prison and criminal justice system has not proven to be helpful in rehabilitating offenders and preventing recidivism. To successfully alter this situation it is important to understand what steps and measures are available to assist those who find themselves imprisoned. The techniques used in cognitive behavioral therapy have proven to be effective in treating depression, anxiety and drug addictions among other things. Analyzing the techniques developed in cognitive behavioral theory and applying them to psychotherapy in prison environments can assist in making improvements in the prevention of criminal activity, rates of incarceration and safety and security of the general popu...   [tags: criminal justice, prison system, depression]

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