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Date Rape : Rape And Rape

- ... It 's extremely scary to me that they do not know what the legal definition of date rape is. The Australian......states, the legal definition of date rape is non-consensual sexual intercourse by a friend or acquaintance. You are saying no and they do not stop and they typically use force to continue. Even if you 've passed out, they are still using force to penetrate, especially for the female who was a virgin at that time. Date rape is not about love, it 's about power and control . It happens involving some sort of power and control by the perpetrator....   [tags: Rape, Date rape drug, Sexual intercourse]

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Rape Culture : Rape And Rape

- ... The effects of rape vary from being psychologically damaged, to being harassed and bullied; this is called victim shaming. Most would think that it’s ridiculous to be judged for being raped, however it is a very common occurrence. For example, CNN and Fox News both have articles on a college student, a woman identified as “Jackie”, who was brutally gang-raped at a college frat party. After the tragic event, Jackie said to have told a friend after waking up covered in bruises the next morning....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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The Rape Of College Rape Incidents

- ... Some mental problems rape survivors may acquire are depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Lastly, they are “more prone to develop an eating disorder” (“Rape and Sexual Assault”). There are three different types of rapists that put those survivors through mental and physical pain. The three categories are the anger rapist, power rapist, and the sadistic rapist. The anger rapist is very abusive and leaves physical injuries behind on the victim. Also, their attack on the victim is spontaneous....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, War rape]

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Rape As A Rape Victim

- ... The woman was pregnant and claimed if he put up a fight he would hurt the baby. She then preyed on him once again. He was raped. Ayesha 's family coerced her into marriage. After running away from home to escape their traditional views, their constant threats finally brought her back. A visit to her grandparents house in Pakistan took a turn for the worse when she met her new suitor. Trapped in a different country where no one even spoke English, she had to accept her fate. She married her suitor....   [tags: Rape, War rape, Rape culture, Sexual slavery]

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Rape As A Victim Of Rape

- Rape is an issue that usually occurs to females and is more likely executed by males than females. Nonetheless, a female’s position in rape can and does go further than being the victim. Considering that women can be the perpetrator in this sexual assault, who are their victims. Rape can occur to anyone by anyone. In the same way a female can be a victim of rape, so can a male. According to RAINN, an anti-sexual assault organization, “About 3% of American men have experienced attempted or completed rape as of 1998, an estimated 4.5 million as of 2010” (Who Are the Victims?)....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Abuse]

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Rape And Sexual Assault And Rape

- ... Traditionally, men are socialized to be sexually dominant and women to be submissive. This clear sexual double standard suggests that certain dress and /or actions of women increase the risk of sexual assault, but this same belief is not held for men and perpetuates the idea that women are responsible for men’s thoughts and actions, contributing to the trivialization of sexual violence. Furthermore, Niemi and Young (2014) report that this double standard also supports the myth that once sexually stimulated men cannot control themselves while women are more often expected to control themselves and to guard one’s purity....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Violence]

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Rape : Rape On College Campuses

- ... The first basic question simply asks what is going on in terms of sexual assault on college campuses. What type of sexual assaults are most common, how frequent are they, and what procedures are taken to discipline perpetrators and prevent more instances of sexual assault. After getting the information, the next question asks why things are the way they are. Why are sexual assaults and a rape-supportive culture so extensive on college campuses, and why are so few people, especially those in power, trying to change things....   [tags: Rape, Sexual assault, Sexual intercourse]

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Rape Is An Act Of Rape

- ... Anger rape is usually committed from hostility build up and is usually not done for sexual satisfaction and according to cmos.org, power rapist are motivated by the power of being able to control the victim and typically they rape because they feel more masculine. (http://www.csom.org/train/etiology/4/4_1.html) The last type of rapist is classified as a sadistic rapist; these rapists feel pleasure from seeing their victims in pain. Sadistic rapist unlike anger and power rapist, rape for pleasure....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Rape And Prevention Programs For Rape

- ... The RPE feels if people are better educated about sexual abuse that it will be less likely to happen. The Rape Prevention Program is in over 50 states and four provinces owned by the united states(CDC,2014). RPE wants to reduce risk factors in rape and enhance factors of protection(CDC,2014). RPE wants to change how people see rape through social factors(CDC,2014). This means they want people to get educated on sexual assault and to help protect victims from sexual assault. It is a good thing what the CDC is doing....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Abuse, Sexual assault]

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Sexual Assault, Rape, And Rape

- What is sexual assault. Sexual assault is, “any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape” (Sexual Assault). Sexual assault is something very serious and dangerous and can mess a person’s life up both physically and mentally. Females are feeling unsafe on the grounds of places were they are going to get an education to make a dream come true....   [tags: Rape, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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The Rape Of The Lock

- Throughout the years women have struggled with discrimination against what they can and cannot do and how they can do or not do something. Women are looked at as being pretty and being housewives. Many people today follow the same sexest guidelines are in the past old years. These types of women are supposed to obey their husbands all the time and they were not allowed to work. Alexander Pope, the author of The Rape of the Lock, writes this poem of a woman, Belinda, who he criticizes upon his heroic-comical ways....   [tags: Woman, Poetry, Female, The Rape of the Lock]

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Rape And Rape Culture On American Society

- Rape and rape culture have been a longstanding issue in American society. Looking at modern influences such as the media, our nation’s history, and the way our Consider the following: How has rape culture evolved through our history. What role does the media play in rape culture. And most importantly, how has rape become institutionalized in American society. First things first, it is important to understand what the terms rape and rape culture truly mean. Many people see the two terms and interchangeable....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Violence against women]

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A Brief Note On Rape And Rape Crimes

- ... Rape kits are a very intrusive process that women have to go through in the same body regions where they were abused (Alter). Charlotte Alter from Time magazine writes that rape kits can take up to four hours long and included being prodded, poked, and photographed in very intimate areas. A lot of rape kits are sadly forgotten or mishandled by the police, which is why many cases will go cold, but luckily legislation passed that pushes for the investigation into cold rape cases from forgotten or mishandled rape kits (Alter)....   [tags: Rape, Abuse, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Rape And Its Effects On Women

- Rape is something that has been taken very seriously in the United States, or may I say in the world. There are many victims that play apart of this problem. Schools are taking charge and making sure that the safety of this issue is being set. What many don’t know is that Marital Rape is also a big that can happen to girls. There are people that pay no attention to this factor because there is a marital relationship between the two. Marital Rape is affecting many women physically and emotionally because of the lack of interest people have for it....   [tags: Rape, Marriage, Spousal rape, Woman]

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Rape Should Never Be Considered

- The answer to this question seems quite obvious at first: rape should never be considered ‘okay,’ but too often in our society it is allowable. Excuses are made, victims are blamed and the perpetrators face little to no punishment. In our society it often feels like raping someone breaks only a folkway instead of a mores. The perpetrators rarely face legal or social consequences for their actions while the victims often find themselves further violated by society. Very few people would answer the above question as it is affirmatively, but how would people, in this case Pennsbury High school students, respond to this question when it is phrased in such a way as to not provoke such a knee-jer...   [tags: Rape, War rape, Victim, Question]

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The Stranger Rape Scenario Analysis

- ... This also related to Study 2 in which those with higher benevolence sexists views promoted less sentences to perpetrators that had committed sexual assault. The following article was review of two films done by Leisenring, where she discusses the concept of sexual consent and how they are presented in each film. The first film she discusses about is an autobiographical documentary called, The Line, by Nancy Schwartzman, where this women describes her experience after being date raped by a coworker....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Statutory rape]

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Rape Culture: How Society Reacts to Rape

- What do you think and feel when you hear the word rape. Do you feel uncomfortable. Maybe even angry. Your certain feelings and emotions towards this word is a result of rape culture. Rape culture, essentially, is how a society as a whole sees and reacts towards rape or instances of rape. In 2013 rape was defined by the FBI as, “Penetration… of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” (Division’s Crime Statistics Management Unit 1)....   [tags: controversial rape cases]

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Is Rape A Crime?

- As long as human existed, there was always rape. In Greek mythology (religion), there were rape occurring constantly, gods, especially Zeus, rape other gods, creatures, and humans. In the late Roman Republic, there was a legal law called Raptus ad stuprum, “abduction for the purpose of committing a sex crime.” Although rape was a crime in Roman Republic, rape was a popular theme in their religion, myths, and legends. Not every force sex is deemed to be seen as rape, such that slave rape is not considered a crime, but more of a property damaged to the owner....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Police, Sexual assault]

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Victims of Rape

- Rape is a form of victimization that is highly underreported. The crime of rape has been denied throughout the ages. Women were believed to secretly desire the prospect of being raped. In addition, there was even the belief that rape was not possible (Pilkington, 2011, Lecture Unit 4). In some ways, this denial of rape has continued within our society. Denial about victimization has only added to the negative feelings rape victims have and why they choose to let their victimization go unreported....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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The Rape of Nanking

- Nikolina Jovanovic Global Lit Accel Dudek April 4, 2014 Rape of Nanking In late 1937, the Japanese army brutally murdered and assaulted civilians in Nanking, China over a period of six weeks. This event in history was one of the most horrendous and also an event that is rarely talked about or taught in school. This part of history was known as the Second Sino- Japanese war. The Japanese had a contempt for the Chinese people, thinking that they were the lowest race on the planet. China had a benefit by being a larger country and because of that Japan always had something to fear....   [tags: Second Sino-Japanese War, mass rape]

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Alcohol and Rape

- Exposure and Outcome Rape can ruin lives. The sexually violent act is associated with a long list of public health concerns, including disease, unwanted pregnancy, physical trauma, mental and emotional suffering, and death. While rape can be simply defined as sex without consent, the impact rape has on society is complex. Victims are often stigmatized. They feel ashamed, weak and at fault. An estimated 18 percent of women in the US reported being raped at least once in their lifetimes, according to a 2007 study cited by the Center for Research on Violence Against Women....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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The Rape Epidemic

- Rape causes depression, loss of self-esteem, self-incrimination, and suicide. Therefore the consequences of rape should be life in prison or put in a mental institution. Rape should be banned nationally because you don’t know who could be raped next. Victims fear personal and family safety after a tragic incident like being raped. Narration The trauma of rape can lead to depression and can put victims in a horrible mental state of mind. Symptoms of depression can go unnoticed for long periods of time especially if the victims doesn’t speak out and tell someone....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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Rape As A Weapon Of War

- ... By the time the attacks ended, over 200,000 women and children were raped. Not only is rape a traumatic event to go through but often the victims are blamed by their communities for what happened to them and many women would prefer to have been killed. ‘“At least with a bullet, you die. But if you have been raped, you appear to the community like someone who is cursed. After rape, no one will talk to you; no man will see you. It’s a living death”’ . Women are abandoned by their husbands and if a husband stays he usually take out his anger and hurt at the woman who was the victim to start with....   [tags: Rape, War rape, Pregnancy, Sexual slavery]

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The Myth of Rape Culture in America

- “Rape is as American as apple pie,” says blogger Jessica Valenti. She and other feminists describe our society as a “rape culture” where violence against women is almost invisible. According to feminists, films, magazines, fashion, books, music, and humor cooperate in conveying the message that women are there to be used, abused and exploited.(Kitchens, 2015) Rape culture, which was coined as a culture during the second wave of feminism during the early 1970’s and was, according to the encyclopedia of rape, “often used by feminists to describe contemporary American culture as a whole.” Rape culture, by definition though, is “a culture in which rape and other sexual violence (usually against...   [tags: Rape Culture Essays]

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The Harmful Effects of Rape

- The concept behind the word, action and idea of rape is a scary thought. Rape is defined as a type of sexual assault, usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent (Kelland, 2011). Rape is a demoralizing crime that can leave the victim with lasting negative psychological affects. This paper will discuss the different types of rape, the cause and effects with rape and the harm rape can cause to its victims. When most people hear the word “rape”, they automatically think of the attacker being a stranger forcing themselves upon another and doing unwanted sexual things to the victim....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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Date Rape: How Will Be Next?

- “The sexes are at war” according to Camille Paglia, author of “Rape: A Bigger Danger Then Feminists Know” (2). The number of date rape cases is on the rise, especially among college students. Paglia claims that the cause for this is women not being careful around men. However, feminist like Susan Jacoby, author of “Common Decency”, claims that is more of a social cause. According to research the causes are women not being self aware, the media and the leading cause being alcohol and drug use....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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A Closer Look at Date Rape

- “Feminism has not prepared them for this,” states Camille Paglia in her essay “Rape: A Bigger Danger than Feminists Know.” The “them” in Paglia’s statement is referring to women, and she is discussing the topic of date rape. Susan Jacoby, on the other hand, writes in her article “Common Decency,” that feminism is not responsible for the rising cases of date rape, but that it is the men who are at fault. Paglia’s argument is insightful and accurate, but Jacoby’s writing is flawed and not well-researched....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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Medical Center : A Victim Of Rape

- ... Lobehan said she was able to turn her head around and she saw Brown on top of her. Lobehan said she looked right at Brown 's face and was 100 percent sure it was him. Lobehan said brown was holding his T-shirt up with his teeth, and buttoning his pants. Lobehan said she was shocked by what had just happened, pulled a blanket over her, closed her eyes, and laid back down. Lobehan said she heard Brown said "I think someone is out there", as if he was startled, and Brown got off the couch. Lobehan said she fell back asleep and did not wake up until about Cynthia came in the trailer to check on her....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Police]

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Rape And The Civilian Society

- Despoil in the military occurs more often than many civilians believe. It is very important to address situations that are entirely intolerable. Rape in the civilian society is seen with disgust and dishonor. When women or men are raped many, don’t report it since they are ashamed that they have endured such an atrocity. Rape is not just an action against an individual, but a violent crime that can scar a life permanently. Rape transpires in all parts of the world, including the United States....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Assault]

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Rohypnol: The Date Rape Drug

- Rohypnol is a very strong benzodiazepine. It is ten times more powerful then any other benzodiazepine valium, the effects are felt very fast by any user. The drug usually works on the body for up to eighteen hours or (sometimes longer). Also during that time the user will feel many symptoms and some are: Drowsiness, disoriented, and they can loss consciousness. Most people when they take Rohypnol will suffer from a form of amnesia that prohibits memory formation for as long as they have the drug in the body....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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Intoxicated Sex is Not Rape

- Is intoxicated sex not consensual sex. It is clear that most people would quickly respond with various signs of affirmation which all center around the statement: “of course, intoxicated sex is not consensual sex.” This is the reigning viewpoint among many ethicists, who take up a huge percentage of our society, who argue that alcohol use impairs a person’s judgment. Because of this, the decisions one makes while intoxicated are decisions that have not been adequately contemplated. Consequently when a person agrees to engage in sexual intercourse while under the influence of alcohol, one is unable to give full consent to such a big decision....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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Rape And The Highest Unreported Crime

- ... Date rape tend to be a classmate, co-worker, boyfriend, neighbor, and even someone you went on a date with. The reason why women fail to report date rape is because society influence them to believe that they asked for it by what she was wearing, how she flirted, or simply her body language allowed the perpetrator to assume and take action. It is never the victim’s fault, regardless of how she acted or what she did to manipulate the situation. Marital rape is the force of sex without consent from a spouse....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Date Rape and Acquaintance Rape

- Date rape is not a rare incident. Surveys indicate that in 84% of rape cases, the victim knows the attacker, and 57% of rapes occur on dates (Warshaw 11). However, what is even more surprising than these high statistics is that most incidents of date rape go unreported. Several theories exist that try to explain this phenomenon. For example, many women may refuse to believe that their “friend” raped them. In fact, they could eventually convince themselves that it never happened. Additionally, there is confusion following the attack in which memory and emotions become mixed up....   [tags: The Tragedy of Date Rape]

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Club Drugs and Date Rape

- Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is a club drug that is extremely popular amongst high school and college students. Because club drugs can enhance enjoyment from touch they are used to increase intimacy and, worse, in rape situations. They are also used to stimulate psychedelic effects and to energize the user for the night. These designer drugs lead to the deaths of multiple people each year. Club drugs are created to induce a stimulant and psychedelic effect; however, these sensations are definitely not worth the addictive and disabling effects they may cause....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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Rape : An Example Of A Social System

- ... The Indian Penal Code of 1860 stated that a man has committed rape when he has had sexual relations: "against her will, without her consent under false promise, consent by coercion, with her consent when she has unsound mind or intoxication and is unable to understand the nature and consequences of that to which she gives consent, or with or without her consent when she was under 16 years of age" (Madan and Sinha, pg.3). Section 375 considers that rape in marriage is a crime when the wife is under 15 years old, which means that if you’re older than 15 years old marital rape is not a criminal offense (Hamilton, pg.396)....   [tags: Rape, Sexual assault, Police, Assault]

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Rape Culture: Are Women Asking for It?

- Merril Smith’s Encycolpedia of Rape defines the term “rape culture” as “one in which rape and other sexual violence against women . . . [is] both prevalent and considered the norm” (174). Rape is not a new subject in today’s society, its origins reaching far back into history. What causes rape, though. Is it the primal drive of men to exhibit dominance over all women, or do the women share the blame because of the way they dress, act, or do their makeup. Modern American culture would place the blame on the woman who “provoked” the attack; however, a woman should not have to park closer to the building she is entering, nor should she have to carry protection just in case a sexual predator dec...   [tags: Rape Culture, Sexual Violence, Women]

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The Legal Definition Of Rape

- ... However, many rape cases were not reported. Germany – According to Wikipedia, in 2009, 7,314 rape cases were reported in Germany. Rate of rape was 13 percent. Fortunately, rate of rape in Germany has fallen for 10 years. However, from http://www.wonderslist.com/10-countries-highest-rape-crime, “Germany is the number six in the highest rape crime with the figures of 6,507,394.” Saudi Arabia – According to Wikipedia, sexual violence including rape stood at 2.19 per 100,000 populations. South Korea – According to http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Crime/Rape- rate, 6321 rape cases were reported, and rate of rape was 13.5 percent....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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The Second Rape

- ... Many times in the mass media women will fake that she does not want to have intercourse, but in reality she is hoping the man will force her into having some kind of sexual act. “A high percentage of non-incarcerated rapists and child molesters have said that they have been incited by pornography to commit crimes” (Frey). This scenario can easily be misleading and is a common excuse rapist may use. People also believe that rape can occur only to women who live the “wrong way”, those who are believed to be sexually active, uneducated, lower class or mentally ill....   [tags: rape victim, rapist, crime, sexual assault, blame]

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The Rape Of The United States

- ... This story never ran in the media because the girl was neither drunk nor out alone late at night. A Fear Culture is created by the ways in which marketers, politicians, tech designers, and the media employ fear to regulate the public. If this story had made top news, fear would consume women’s lives and the regulation of the public would be destroyed. Rape lies in the pretense of the fear of doing something wrong. The sadistic desire to punish women can be identified as one form of motivation for committing rape....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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The Discourse Of Rape Culture

- ... Research Questions This paper attempts to answer the question of how portrayals of rape and gender inequalities by the media have greater impact in developing views on rape, and enforced by conversations following the same discourse. It will also explore how ideas about rape may be changing over time as the technologies we use to consume media change, we discuss the issues via different platforms, and more recently may have entered a “call-out culture”, which enables the public to emerge from passive citizenship to social activism (Thelandersson, 2014)....   [tags: Feminism, Third-wave feminism, Rape]

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The Violence Of Rape Culture

- Rape Culture is defined as “… a culture in which dominant cultural ideologies, media images, social practices, and societal institutions support and condone sexual abuse by normalizing, trivializing and eroticizing male violence against women and blaming victims for their own abuse (Phillips cited in Kacmarek).” In today’s society, rape culture is prevalent in essentially every person’s life. While there are many different ways rape culture can present itself, all aspects of the culture are disturbing and in most cases, quite harmful – whether physically or emotionally....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Abuse, Bullying]

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The Problem Of Rape Violence

- imagine that you live in a world that you couldn 't just say no. Where you were forced to do things that you didn 't want to do. Imagine that just because you said no, that wasn 't enough. That you were worthless, that what you say not matter. This is how 293,066 Americans feel per year(“How often does sexual assault occur?”).They are victims of sexual assaults, there refusal wasn 't enough for someone to stop. No one can truly understand how these people felt until they realize what the problem is, why it 's happening and some solutions to the problem....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Rape Culture Within The United States

- As discussed in my exploratory paper over the possibility of a rape culture existing in the U.S., the conversations surrounding this idea often splits feminists (and other advocates) over the label’s legitimacy. The general consensus of the debate surrounding rape culture seems to rest on two sides: some feminists believe we have aspects of society that normalize sexual violence, particularly rape, while other advocates and feminists believe that while the U.S. has barriers to overcome in decreasing sexual violence, rape culture is an exaggerated way to label those barriers....   [tags: Rape, War rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Rape Is A Serious Form Of Violence

- Forcible rape is a serious form of violence. There are two types of rape and three major theories of explaining why rape is caused. The FBI has a specific definition of rape, but rape is a complex phenomenon that needs more in depth explanation to fully understand it. This research defines the types of rape and gives an in depth explanation of the theories of why rape is caused. Rape is a form of violence which is defined as a “carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will,” by the FBI....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault, Assault]

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Rape Culture And Its Effect On Women

- A woman claiming to have a boyfriend is the easiest way to get a man to leave her alone because he respects another man more than he respects the woman. This is just the beginning of the newly coined term “rape culture.” Over the past few years, the term has risen in popularity in society, encompassing all aspects of gender discrimination toward women, primarily focusing on the rape epidemic in America. Shown in a recent study, one in five women survives rape or attempted rape (Maxwell). Not only is that a startling statistic, it represents real women who are faced with the difficulties of rape culture every day....   [tags: Rape, War rape, Sexual assault, Victimisation]

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The Marital Rape Exemption And The Fourteenth Amendment

- ... Men usually have a bigger range of power over women and the whole topic of marital rape is wrapped around equality. With that said without unbalanced equality between men and women marital rape would not be an issue. At the end of the article the author finally states its position clearly over marital rape and women. The author argues that marital rape exemption violates women’s equal protection rights because in the outcome of marital rape women do suffer physically as emotionally. Small, Mark A., and Pat A....   [tags: Marriage, Rape, Domestic violence]

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A Peak Under the Skirt of Rape Culture

- "Did you see what she was wearing; no wonder he assumed she wanted it." Does this sound familiar to anyone. It does to me. This is just a glimpse of some words, and actions, that are only the tip of the ice-berg; we call 'rape culture'. A lot of people are unaware this sort of language, or behavior, even goes on. Even more people are aware of these types of things, yet they don’t find them inappropriate, or see anything wrong with a little harmless joking. The fact is rape culture affects our life, whether we acknowledge it or not....   [tags: grey rape, forceful violence]

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Rape As A Form Of Violence

- ... The legal definition, in the United Kingdom, describes rape as the intentional penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth of another person who does not give consent, and the perpetrator does not reasonably believe that the victim gives consent (Sexual Offences Act 2003, s1 (1)). In the UK, the law on rape can be seen as gender specific in that it only refers to penile penetration (Gannon et al 2008), as a male, legally, cannot be raped under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (McLean 2013). In an attempt to make criminal convictions for sexual offences more gender neutral (Gavin 2014), a female can instead be convicted of assault by penetration (Sexual Offences Act 2003, s2 (1))....   [tags: Rape, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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Rape and Women's Position

- "If you can't prevent rape, you enjoy it,” an Indian police officer. He was forced to apologies and had to resign for commenting this way about rape. It is impossible for a woman to enjoy rape. Women in today’s world have become more active and better contributor to national and international fields, but the fear of sexual assault and being raped limit their freedom. A lot of social workers, human right activists, and feminists are trying hard to ensure women right regarding sexual violence and rape....   [tags: Rape Culture, Women, Abuse, Violence]

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Rape Culture And Its Effect On Society

- Rape can be defined as the act of forceful penetration of private body organs without the permission of the victim. It is the act of forcing a person to have sexual relations without their consent. Rape culture can be defined as the culture in which it is normal for women to be raped and are blamed for their own assault because it is assumed that they provoked it in one way or the other. Rape is a way for a person to get what they want from the victim with power and force. Since men are the ones who are in pursuit of power, they are mostly the ones who are involved in rape....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Woman]

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The Rape Trauma Syndrome : Rts

- This paper illustrates the “Nursing Care Management” of a patient suffering from a “Rape Trauma” or more precisely called “Rape Trauma Syndrome - RTS” which is a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In 1974, it was described by psychiatrist Ann Wolbert Burgess and sociologist Lynda Lytle Holmstrom that it is the psychological trauma felt by a victim of rape that includes changes in emotional and cognitive behavior, as well as interruptions to normal physical and interpersonal behavior.[4] 2- Pathophysiology: ‘Pathophysiology’ or ‘physiopathology’ is a conjunction of pathology with physiology....   [tags: Rape, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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The Prevalence Of Rape On College Campuses

- The Prevalence of Rape on College Campuses Have you ever been encountered in a circumstance of being raped or knew an individual that was a victim of rape. Every one-hundred and seven seconds an American is sexually assaulted (RAINN). Rape has become a continuous problem causing controversy due to the way colleges cover up or simply hide incidents of rape throughout campus. More college students are also being raped by their own acquaintances rather than random strangers. Students, parents, and politicians question the way schools protect students and how their campuses can become more effective and efficient in preventing further occurrences of rape....   [tags: Rape, Sexual assault, Sexual intercourse, Victim]

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The Issues Posed by Blaming Victims of Rape

- In contemporary North America, if one were to ask almost any member of society what were the most heinous crimes a human being could commit, almost assuredly rape would be listed amongst every top five. Maybe it would even be competing for the number one spot. It is highly unlikely, absurd even, to think that any reasonable being would not find rape (or the broader term of sexual assault used in Canada) to be an abhorrent act becoming of no real human being. However, knowing this: that is, that the vast majority of citizens in North American society are in agreement on the nature of such a crime, it is all the more puzzling that many continue to harbour a mindset that gives th...   [tags: Rape, victims, crime]

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Rape Culture And Sexual Violence

- What is rape culture. When society normalizes sexual violence a culture of rape is created. In a rape culture, women perceive a continuum of threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself. A rape culture condones physical and emotional terrorism against women as the norm. In a rape culture both men and women assume that sexual violence is a fact of life. Do we live in a rape culture. Of course we do. No it’s not every day that you hear of a new rape case, but there are examples all around us that clearly identify that we are without a doubt living in a rape culture....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Sexual Assault And Rape Myths

- Sexual violence is a national issue that permeates every aspect society. Sexual assault and rape is an ongoing problem, evident by the troubling statistic that roughly 20 million out of 112 million women (18.0%) in the United States have been raped during their lifetime (Kilpatrick, Resnick, Ruggiero, Conoscenti, McCauley, 2007). Despite the continuous push for gender equality, the current culture of society perpetuates victim-blaming tendencies towards innate cognitive processes and media influences....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Rape Culture : Sexual Violence Is Considered The Norm

- Rape culture: “a culture in which sexual violence is considered the norm” (buzzfeed.com). In today’s society, rape has been occurring more and more. This is largely because rape culture is a “thing”. Today, we are teaching people to prevent themselves from getting raped instead of teaching them not to rape. Rape culture has made a habit of blaming rape victims rather than rapists, why is that. Why should victims of rape be held responsible for being raped. We shouldn’t have to adjust ourselves in order to not be “asking for it”....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, War rape]

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Is Rape A Victim Of Sexual Assault?

- ... In this example, the guy is fine with it leading to sex whereas the girl would like to take her time. The two start fooling around, and all of a sudden she hesitates… perhaps she moves his hand so it doesn’t move where she doesn’t want it to. The guy tries again, and this time she just says ‘not yet’. Does that mean the guy just needs to work for it. Is that what she’s implying. They keep kissing, and after things start to get a little heated again… he gives it another go. If she gives in the third time around, without saying anything… is that consent....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Blaming Rape Victims in the United States

- Victim blaming occurs when a victim of a crime is held responsible, partly if not entirely, for the wrongful act committed against them. In the United States, victim blaming is most prevalent in circumstances of rape and other sexual assaults towards women. This stems from being a society that views women as lesser beings, as evidenced by unequal pay, under representation in the media, and an inadequate presence in government. When women are viewed as lesser beings and are not respected, violence against women prevails....   [tags: Victim Blaming, Rape Essays]

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The Rape Of Campus Sexual Assaults

- ... It is sad, that as a society we diminish the value of our sexuality and strip us of ourselves. Surviving any kind of sexual assault is very life traumatic and each survivor deals and responds differently after the assault. Besides the physical effects, survivors also experience mental and emotional effects. Effects can consist of physical injury from the attack, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, substance abuse, self harm, Stockholm syndrome, or rape trauma disorder consisting of depression, sleeping disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Why Do Women Not Report Rape?

- ... Also, the use of pornography in the military is prominent, specifically the kind that degrades women and their bodies. Despite the official ban of pornography, it is still easily accessible through mail and civilian distribution. Pornography increases the male soldier’s lust for women, who are conveniently located on the base camp. There are rules that prohibit drill instructors from using racial slurs and curses because the military means to connect the soldiers through a bond of “brotherhood”....   [tags: Rape, Abuse, Military, Soldier]

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Rape And Sexual Assault Against Women Act

- ... Some mental problems, rape survivors may acquire are depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Lastly, they are “more prone to develop an eating disorder” (“Rape and Sexual Assault”). There are three different types of rapists that put those survivors through mental and physical pain. The three categories are the anger rapist, power rapist, and the sadistic rapist. The anger rapist is very abusive and leaves physical injuries behind on the victim. Also, their attack on the victim is spontaneous....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, War rape]

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Rape- An Unwanted Sexual Violence

- Rape – An Unwanted Sexual Violence Sexual violence, especially rape, is a major emerging health related issue in the United States of America. According to the NISVS survey conducted by the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 20 percent of the women and 1.5 percent of the men (in the U.S.) have been involved in rape cases at some times in the past, while about 50 percent of the women and 20 percent of the men have been victims of sexual violence (other than rape) at some point in their lifetime (this may include coercive sexual intercourse, unwanted and un-consented sexual contact as well as experiences)....   [tags: Sexual Violence, Health Related Issue, Rape]

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Rape Laws Should Be Implemented

- Despite the laws that have been established to deal with rape cases, the evident injustices still lurk within our system. Any form of sexual assault is a serious case for the reason that it is a clear human rights violation. When it comes to the topic of rape, most of us will readily agree that it is a sensitive subject. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of the validity of the court decision on such cases. Whereas some are convinced that sentences for rape are inconsistent with the law, others maintain that the court decisions are always reasonable....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Sexual Assault And Sexual Rape

- ... Another type of sexual assault is acquaintance/ date rape. Date rape is committed by a person the victim knows. This person could be a friend, relative, date, employer, or a recent acquaintance. It is one of the most under-reported violent criminal acts because of the fact that many survivors do not realize that they have been sexually assaulted. Date rape is a problem in all communities (“Types of Sexual Assault”, 2011). Stranger assault is an act of sexual assault outside of the victim’s normal relationships....   [tags: Rape, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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Blurred Lines: The Date Rape Song

- For twelve weeks Blurred Lines was at the top of the Billboard 100 charts and could be heard thumping from speakers everywhere. Sung by Robin Thicke and featuring prominent rappers T.I. Harris and Pharrell, this track was proclaimed the anthem for summer 2013 . At the surface the song is seemingly harmless with a cheery rhythmic beat and catchy lyrics, but when examining the song and accompanying music video, Blurred Lines is anything but harmless. Dubbed “that rape song” by many discerning listeners, Blurred Lines is a song about the blurred lines of consent....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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The Effects of Rape Culture in Modern Society

- Even though the first amendment states freedom of expression, statistics show rape and sexual assault numbers have risen due to the presence of rape culture in modern society. Rape culture promotes more assaults and violent acts, not only towards women but also towards men. Some evidence rape culture is present in today’s society are rising statistics showing that only three out of a hundred rapists see jail time and that over 17 million American women are victims of sexual assault every year. Rape culture is seen in every aspect of daily American life, even if people do not realize it....   [tags: rape culture, femisim, sexual assault]

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The Effects Of Rape Culture On Silencing Women

- ... In Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ariel does not have a voice, leading to women being silenced as they have been taught that their voices do not matter (Jordan, 2012). Meanwhile Ursula, the only woman who does have a voice is a liar, illustrating how women are seen as deceptive when they do speak out (Jordan, 2012). This shows that a man’s truth is worth more than a woman’s, and women are silenced (Jordan, 2004). Furthermore, the idea that violence and power are normal parts of intimate relationships is another expression of rape culture (Gavey, 2005)....   [tags: Rape, Human sexual behavior, Victim]

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Date Rape Drugs

- The newest and frightening form of drug induced rapes often involves date rape drugs. Date rape drugs makes the victims pass out and this makes them unable to resist what is happening to them and they cannot recall what happened to them during an assault. Date rape drugs also known as predator drugs are any drugs that are used in assisting in the execution of drug facilitated sexual assault. A drug facilitated sexual assault is date rape or acquaintance rape that a person does not agree to. Date rape drugs are used to assist sexual assault which includes sexual intercourse, rape, and attempted rape, touching inappropriately and putting something in the vagina since the victims do not under...   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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Rape And Rape : Is It A Real And Present Problems With Our Post Secondary System?

- Rape and rape culture are very real and present problems with our post-secondary system. Not a day goes by without a new revelation, number or statistic coming to light. Not a day goes by without feminists screaming to “take back the night” and men’s rights advocates crying for sex. There probably isn’t a person in existence who doesn’t have an opinion on the issue. There is so much focus on it, millions of dollars going into solving it. So, now there is a question we must ask ourselves - why is none of it working....   [tags: Rape, Sexual assault, Sexual intercourse]

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Rape Culture And Sexual Assault Culture

- Eighteen million women and three million men. These are the numbers of women and men that have been raped at some point in their lives. (Tjaden & Thoennes, 2006.) Many advocates would say this is proof that we are living in a “rape culture”. A label coined by second wave feminists in the 1970’s, in response to the on-going prevalence of rape in the United Sates. Over the years, there have been many definitions of rape culture, but for the sake of the research paper, rape culture will be defined as a society where sexual violence is normalized....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Rape Is It Committed By Strangers Most Of The Time

- One of the most common misconceptions about rape is that is it committed by strangers most of the time. However, this is not the case. Date rape is an epidemic affecting tens of thousands of people across the world at staggering rates. The rape stereotype in our culture today is a jumping out of the shadows type of rape. Most people think that when someone is raped either their house is broken into and they are attacked, they are kidnapped, or something along those lines. Actually, 84% of women know their attacker (Hammond)....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Informed consent]

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Rape And Sexual Assault Of The United States

- Rape in the United States is defined by the Department of Justice as “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” The previous definition was severely lacking was only updated by the Federal Bureau of Instigation in 2012. It left out an entire section of rape that can be committed which is man rape. It defined raped as “The carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.” This lead to misclassification of rape of males for years....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Rape And Sexual Assault Of The United States

- Rape until 2012 was defined as “The carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.” It was severely lacking was only updated by the Federal Bureau of Instigation in 2012. It left out an entire section of rape that can be committed which is man being the rape victim. This lead to misclassification of rape of males for years. So even the statistics used till 2014 were underwhelming and inaccurate when it was related to male rape or sexual assault. Rape in the United States is now defined by the Department of Justice as “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of...   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Sex Rape And Its Effects On Society

- Thanh Nguyen C0211_3061 Nina Chapman Sociology 100 Nov 1 2014 Marital Rape Historically rape has been defined forced sexual intercourse (vaginally, orally or anally) with violence, the threat of violence or without the consent of the partner. This has traditionally excepted married individuals and included only victims who are relatively unknown to each other. Rape in general is found to be more common in patriarchal societies and the sexism that arises from it. Patriarchy is defined as: “a family, group or government controlled by a man or a group of men” (Merriam-Webster)....   [tags: Marriage, Rape, Sexual intercourse, Violence]

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Marital Rape

- Society’s view of rape is that it only occurs at night to women in dark alleys by men they have never seen or met before. In reality there are two types of rape in which the victim knows the attacker. One of these is known as Acquaintance rape and the other being marital rape. All forms of rape have long term impacts on the victims, for a victim of acquaintance rape they can feel especially shameful if the attacker was a relative or superior at school or work. For victims of marital rape the assaults can be violent including verbal and physical abuse....   [tags: acquaintance rape, sexual intercourse]

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Date Rape

- Rape defined is forcing sexual intercourse upon someone without his or her consent. This isn’t just a girls’ problem, boys have to deal with this too. According to the American Psychological Association, nearly one in ten girls and one in twenty boys say they have been raped or experienced some form of sexual assault (Atlanta Journal, 1). Almost more than half of rape victims know their attacker; they don’t report it or tell anybody. In most date rape cases, the attacker and victim have known each other for at least a year or even longer....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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Date Rape

- Date rape happens a lot when people are in college, more women than men but it’s still something that happens more than it should and I ask what are the colleges doing on campus to prevent this from happening to more college students. I think that colleges are trying to stop date rape from happening as best as they can but I also believe there is a lot more they could be doing to try and stop date rape. College students shouldn’t have to worry about going out on a date, party, or just to a bar for drinks with their friends....   [tags: Date Rape Essays]

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The Rape Culture Seminar It Really Got Me Thinking

- ... But to still operate based so instinctually as a society is extremely archaic. With so many contraception methods there is no reason we should view the sexes any differently. The Transgender/Transexual panel impacted me in the best way possible. Going into this i was completely oblivious into what the difference between a transgender, and transexual is. Now of course i know that a transexual is someone who goes from male to female, or vice versa via operation. A transgender is someone who is one sex, but identifies as the other....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, War rape, Criminal law]

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The Rape of the Lock

- The Rape of the Lock Pope's portrayal of Belinda and her society in 'The Rape of the Lock' This Lock, the Muse shall consecrate to Fame, And mid'st the Stars inscribe Belinda's Name. In 'The Rape of the Lock' Alexander Pope (1688-1744) employs a mock-epic style to satirise the 'beau-monde' (fashionable world, society of the elite) of eighteenth century England. The richness of the poem, however, reveals more than a straightforward satirical attack. Alongside the criticism we can detect Pope's fascination with, and perhaps admiration for, Belinda and the society in which she moves....   [tags: The Rape of the Lock Alexander Pope Essays]

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Rape Culture And Its Effect On Society

- Ninety-eight percent of rapist will never spend a single day in jail. This has become the normal in the United States as we have been introduced to a rape culture that has persistently continued for decades. In our media today rape culture is promoted and ignored as a problem. For example, in the rapper Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.” song, fellow rapper Rick Ross rapped the following lyrics, “ Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain 't even know it”....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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