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How the Misuse of Norm-Referenced Tests can Impact the Assessment and Treatment of a Client

- In this article, the authors discuss how the misuse of norm-referenced tests can impact the assessment and treatment of a client. Norm-referenced tests provide a comparison between the skills and behaviors assessed of a client to the relevant norms of a similar age group. According to the article, a clinician must ensure to properly use a norm-referenced test in order to provide evidence as to whether a client may need more assessments or whether a certain treatment approach is more beneficial to the client....   [tags: norms, referenced tests, client]

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Analysis of The Client by John Grisham

- Analysis of The Client by John Grisham The Client by John Grisham takes place in Memphis, Tennessee. It starts out with a little boy, named Mark and his brother sneaking into the woods to try and smoke cigarettes. While in the woods, they witness a man kill himself. But before he does so, this man tells Mark some very important secrets, which ends up putting Mark and his entire family at risk of being hurt. This event ends up putting Mark's brother in a coma. There are lawyers who keep on pressuring Mark to tell these things that he is not supposed to know, except that the Mafia threatens to kill Mark and his family if they tell the truth....   [tags: The Client John Grisham Essays]

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The Client- John Grisham

- Biography John Grisham was born on February 8th in 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He was raised in a family of five children. During his youth he moved around a lot because his father was a construction worker. They lived in many different places, for example in Crenshaw, Mississippi. Finally the Grisham family settled in Southaven, a little town outside Memphis, when he was twelve and then he started studying at the Southaven High School. During his school years he was an athlete and he wanted to play either professio nal football or baseball....   [tags: Biography Analysis Grisham Client]

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The Client by John Grisham    

- The main character of my book was Mark Sway. Mark Sway is a bad little eleven year old boy with a huge burden on his hands. Mark smokes ciggaretes, uses foul language, and picks on his little brother, Ricky. Mark grew up in a trailer, with an abusive father, a mother who is hardly around, and his little brother Ricky who annoys him plenty. Mark was a very strong character who did not take anything from anyone. The trouble Mark ran into with Jerome Clifford only made him stronger. All he cared about was protecting his little brother, and his mother....   [tags: The Client John Grisham    ]

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The Client 's Client For Therapy

- On October 13, 2015, Popeye came in for intake with this therapist. The client’s parents referred the client for therapy. According to the client, she was brought to therapy because the client’s mother is worried that the client is getting skinny. The client reported that her mother is “crazy”, and her father “is getting in [her] business”. In client’s perspective, “only crazy people go to therapy… because they are depressed”. The client shared with the therapist that for a few years, she has not cared about her family or doing activities that she used to enjoy....   [tags: Family, Father, High school, Mother]

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Client Report : The Client

- ... Client reports a five-day stay at an in-patient facility for teens and was discharged 3 weeks ago. Client reports hospitalization due to weight loss, food restriction, and depression. Client also reports “cutting for over 2 years”. Client reports no prior counseling services or other forms of treatment. Client does not report any current or part substance use. However, client should be educated on the risk and impact substance use can have on her physical and mental health. Client’s parents should be informed about the potential risk of substance use as a way to manage symptoms, among individuals with mental and behavioral health disorders....   [tags: Psychology, Major depressive disorder, Sibling]

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The Responsibility Of The Client

- The responsibility to the client means making sure that the client knows that I am required to call the police or those involve if they hurt a child, someone else, or themselves. Clients rely on us to guide them as they make changes to their life. I need to make sure the client knows what they are getting involved in when they come to us for services; if there’s something they don’t understand I am there to break it down for them. We are responsible for giving the clients steps and tools to make their situation better in the long run....   [tags: Mental health, Mental disorder, Want, Psychology]

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Who Is The Client?

- D- Client was ten minutes late for his scheduled appointment. The client called the Clinician in advance about his tardy. When asked by the writer 's about his day thus far, he reported that his day is hectic because he has to pick his girlfriend after his session and prior to his day, he had to take his son to school. The writer acknowledged the client busy day and asked the client if he has concerns about his one hour appointment and his response was no. During the course of the session, the Clinician explained to the client about conducting/completing his initial treatment plan....   [tags: Family, Mother, Want, WANT]

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Who Is The Client?

- they may be upset, scared, or even unsure what to say at the time. We could offer prayer or even ask “what you thinking about right now. Would you like to share your thoughts with me?” The client may answer and may not, but we should respect. However, I think that topic should be revisited incase the client is able to elaborate on it at a later time or session. Sometimes these times are too hard for the client to discuss, but eventually they will come around and bring it up. I think saying things like I care about your feelings right now and how you are feeling is important to me....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Want, Need]

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The Client

- The Client A thriller is simply something that thrills you, but to do so in a movie the elements must be shown in such a way that you are intrigued from the first few minutes to the very last. In 'The Client', such factors are shown making this film a classified thriller. The first event of a good thriller must set off the plot, showing jeopardy and getting you interested in finding out what this movie is going to be about. At the very start of 'The Client' Mark Sway, a rebellious teenage boy, stumbles across a suicide, a situation that gives many conflicts to deal with and involves you in the movie at an early stage....   [tags: Papers]

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The Client

- I read the book The Client by John Grisham. This book was about a boy, named Mark Sway, and is younger brother who witnessed a horrible suicide. Before the suicide, he talked to the lawyer who was about to kill himself. This lawyer, Jerome Clifford, had a client in New Orleans who had murdered a United States Senator and hid the body at the lawyer?s house. Right before he shot himself, the lawyer told Mark everything about his Mafia connected client. When the lawyer took his life, the younger brother went into shock, but Mark realized that he had to tell the police something....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Client

- In writing the Crime novel ‘The Client’, John Grisham has quite effectively intertwined the plot, characters, themes and issues to create a dramatic and suspenseful story. To do this he creates strong interesting characters along with an in depth storyline to lure the reader in. John Grisham raises important themes and issues in all his novels, this story raises such issues as suicide and corruption. In ‘The Client’ we are faced with rather rough but also innocent young boy who is suddenly thrown into a complicated circle of lies, murder and revenge all because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Client

- The Client by John Grisham The story starts when Mark and his little brother are secretly smoking in the woods near their home. Suddenly they hear a car. The car stops and the driver gets out, fastens a hose to the exhaust pipe and gets back in his car: he wants to commit suicide. Mark removes the hose twice, but the third time the man notices him and grabs him into his car. The Man is named Jerome Clifford, but all his friends called him 'Romey'. Romey says that now Mark is in the car, they have to die both....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Client With a Voice - Establishing a Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship

- Today’s health care systems have called attention to the importance of therapeutic nurse-client relationship which needs to be reinstated back into the forefront of thoughts and dialogues about nursing pactice since it has been overpowered by a technology driven medical model. Kleiman (2009. p2). In clinical placement, I will meet with clients for the first time and interact with them in weeks to follow. This is one of the most important aspect for a nursing student like me, as it will further cement my practical and theory knowledge in the real world....   [tags: Nursing ]

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Communication as Key to Success for the Client-Trainer Relationship

- Communication is an integral part of a client-trainer relationship. Successful fitness trainers not only help their clients achieve health and fitness goals, they are also supposed to possess great communication skills to be the person of trust and support most clients usually look for. There are a lot of fitness professionals who excel in exercise science and implementing training principles but lack skills that are essential in building great communication relationships with their clients. Although knowledge is power for all fitness trainers, establishing positive and productive relationships with the help of communication is crucial....   [tags: personal trainer, clients]

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An Interview With A Client On Ethics

- How a professional should conduct themselves in an interview with a client on ethics because laws and policies are formed to protect the client and the professional. The crucial concern of a human relation professional is respecting the welfare, and dignity of the clients. The professional should present a genuineness, honesty, and promote self-determination when dealing with cultural diversity. The service that is offered to the client is to help and assist the client with positive goals, outcomes, and to enhance a better life style....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Decision making, Culture]

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The For The Client And The Therapist Alike

- ... The expectations of the group is the foundation of the treatment process, but it becomes important to discuss and record the treatment plan in order to set goals for client success. Cameron & Turtle-Song (2002) state that the treatment plan is stated as goals and objectives, written in behavioral terms in order to track the therapeutic progress, or lack thereof. One very popular method of tracking the progress of the individual client through the group process is done utilizing a Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan method known as SOAP....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Psychology]

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The Importance Of A Nurse Client Relationship

- ... She was admitted by her daughter (Marilyn); in Horizon hospital with Ischaemic stoke 5/7 ago. She had chronic otitis media and tonsillectomy a as a child, measles at 8 years and osteoporosis and hypercholesterolemia which was poorly managed (Unisa, 2016). As she is from indigenous nationality, she has her own beliefs, cultures, values, attitudes, language, patterns of thought and communication. By reading and analysing, the case of Aunty Mary, it is very important to build the therapeutic relation with her....   [tags: Health care, Nursing, Medicine, Healthcare]

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Client

- One of the most common approaches used today by social workers is the strengths based perspective. Often time when trying to solve a problem, the main focus is on the problem itself and by doing so, there is a focus on the negative aspects and what is wrong. The strengths perspective tries shifting the view of situations by focusing on what the client may bring to the current situation. It tries to focus on the present and what the future may hold rather than what has happened in the past (Miley, O’Melia, & DuBois, 2015, p....   [tags: Disability, Sociology, Present, Time]

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The Client Stan For Confidentiality Purposes

- ... As mentioned above client is a 35-year-old Black male currently residing with his biological mother in Northwest, DC. Although, the initial assessment took place due to a frantic phone call placed by mom; when the team arrived the client was calm, listening to his music, and cleaning his space. During the initial assessment client was groomed and appropriately dressed. The client was at times fidgety and became disoriented with his sentences. Stan has a history of using substances. Although it did not appear he was under any substance influence it could not concretely be determined if a substance had been used....   [tags: Family, Parent, Mother, Father]

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How The Client Has A Responsibility

- The client has a responsibility when it comes to what they need to prep before surgeries or outpatient testing. For example if a patient is going to have a colonoscopy the client must know all the rules and regulation from their provider to prep for this procedure days in advance. The client will be handed specific rules beforehand that will summarize what one must and must not complete to get ready for the procedure. The client must interpret and fulfill these directions. If the client does not follow the instructions as stated then the procedure will not be performed....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health care provider]

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Observation Of The Client ( S )

- ... In order for this researcher to analyze the results that they will be given, this research is hoping to that they will be able to then gain an understanding and to be able to point out how a crisis alters the function of an individual and its family. With this particular perspective, this researcher believes that it will help give them give reasons for any unanswered questions, in regards to observing any specific behaviors that might be questionable to the observer, and to others whom are in the surroundings of the individuals/families who are being observed....   [tags: Scientific method, Observation, Question]

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What Is The Mindset Of This Client Now?

- What is the mindset of this client now. Susan starts out very happy and glad that she met Ted, but this all changes after they get married due to she wants to be the perfect wife (Woodside & McClam, 2015). After marriage their relationship changes and Susan is worried about if she is being the perfect wife along with scared because of Ted’s drinking and aggressive behavior (Woodside & McClam, 2015). After Justin is born besides being scared Susan become worried about how they will pay for Justin’s medical bills since he needs constant medical care (Woodside & McClam, 2015)....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Disability]

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Nurse Caring For A Client

- ... The dose, dosage units, administration time, method of delivery, and expiration date should all match. If one item does not match, the nurse must stop and investigate the error. If everything does match between the MAR and medication label, then the nurse can continue to the next step of preparing the medication. While preparing, the nurse must preform the second check and compare the medication label against the MAR to make sure everything matches. The nurse has prepared the medication is ready to administer....   [tags: Medicine, Pharmacology, Health care, Illness]

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Working With Court Mandated Client

- ... In the state of Montana, they would want to get a good baseline of what was happening within the home. As the client has been court mandated to attend therapy, these can be helpful for not only assessing the client from the start, but also helpful for the court system as well. There are a few assessments I would look at doing with this client. The first one would be the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ-45.2). I would want to give the client this questionnaire to get a good baseline on not just what is going on in the home, but also what is going on with the client as well....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence, Assault, Child abuse]

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Continuum Of Care For A Client

- ... In order to begin planning their relapse prevention, they must regain control of these things and their judgement before proceeding (Gorski, 2003). The second step is the assessment process and involves going through the history of recovery and relapse. Through this system it can be examined what may have gone wrong in previous attempts at sobriety and what can be done differently this time to achieve long-term sobriety. As stated by Gorski and Miller in their book Staying Sober: A Guide for Relapse Prevention, “If you fail to learn from your past you are condemned to repeat it” (Gorski & Miller, 1986, p....   [tags: Addiction, Drug addiction, Twelve-step program]

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The Case of the Balding Client

- Exploratory Essay The Case of the Balding Client I have heard it all, from “ the last stylist fried it” to “The cat licks it out when I am sleeping.” I specialize in hair extensions and believe it or not these are the explanations I received from a client who brought me a handful of extension tips with tufts of her own hair dangling from the end, root bulb intact, to be reattached. I have been an extension specialist for 5 years and had never seen this....   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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The Behavior Intervention That Was Developed For The Client

- Throughout this paper it will discuss the behavior intervention that was developed for the client. The study discusses the evidence base that supports the intervention. The paper analysis the data that was collected the types of approaches that were used in the intervention plan. It also includes the important ethical issues involved in treatment plans. Healthier Intervention Plan After defining my operant behavior I would like to change it was necessary to conducting a functional assessment. After completing a functional analysis it was determined that a behavior intervention was needed to reduce my unhealthy consumption of daily carbohydrates....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Healthy diet, Hypertension]

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The Clinician Client Therapeutic Relationship

- ... Thus, to fine tune the self of the therapist, fine tunes the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship. The therapist’s improved mental health is conducive to enhanced self-awareness, empathy, warmth, and genuineness (Probst, 2015). The review therapists found five main themes during their personal therapy that they integrated into their therapeutic practices. The first theme relates to the skillful use of self, the take-a-ways under this theme included a promotion of a sense of timelessness, being present, flexible, and off-the-clock, establishing a shared clinician-client history, and therapist accountability of insufficiencies, (Probst, 2015)....   [tags: Therapy, Psychotherapy, Clinic, Mental health]

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Client And Therapist : The Root Of The Problem

- ... As a result a stressful situation causes an imbalance between the demands of the event and the resources an individual holds. Therefore, people become stressed when the demands of the situation exceed the resources and possible outcomes the individual is able to apply. As a result stress can be caused by the interpretation of an event, rather than the actual event occurring. Thus the transactional model uses the cognitive approach to explain stress. The model consists of several major concepts; the first of which consists of primary and secondary appraisal....   [tags: Psychology, Anxiety, Emotion, Nervous system]

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My Experience With My Client

- ... I already knew that, but I felt it while giving the presentation. The feedback felt very heavily solution focused. Yes, my client is struggling with choice and responsibility – looking for solutions seems like a natural way to go. He does not need for me to come up with solutions – he needs me to hear him. I learned that I truly enjoy working with people with developmental disabilities. This client and my group taught me that. I thought it might be too much given how deeply impacted I am with disability in my own life....   [tags: Disability, Developmental disability]

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The For Confidentiality Purposes The Client

- ... In 2011, AB expressed a desire to return home to live with his biological mother. In an effort to reunify the family unit, once again he was allowed to return home. In the 6 month adjustment period AB appeared to do well. CPS documentation revealed the CPS worker made bi-weekly home and school visits. AB made several allegations of physical abuse, identifying mom as the perpetrator. The allegations became difficult to prove and he remain in the care of his mother. AB became self-harming and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital....   [tags: Family, Foster care, Cybernetics, Child abuse]

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Understanding The Patient / Client Situation

- ... I found myself to be more sympathetic. To sympathize with someone you don’t need to feel what they are feeling but you need to have compassion for that person. I have been told multiple times this year that I really get involved with my patients care. I feel this is true and easy for me because I can empathize with them without even trying. I will explain a situation that I had this semester that resulted in me choosing empathy as my concept for this paper. I had a first time mom with a history of depression and anxiety, she was chosen for me because I had asked my classmates to choose a patient for me with a complex background involving depression as it applied to my learning plan....   [tags: Emotion, Empathy, Childbirth, Father]

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Personal Statement : My Client

- ... When I asked her how her family has supported her and if it impacted her decision to get the degree she received I noticed it was a very emotional and touchy subject for her. She had told me that originally she had thought of a major in either hospitality or business but she learned that it was for an ulterior motive. Growing up my client struggled with seeking approval from her My client voiced to me her concerns about being nervous about starting a job in the “real world” as she puts it because she hasn’t worked at all while in college....   [tags: High school, Personality psychology]

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Personal Statement : My Client

- My client which I will refer to as Martin, is a 12 year old Hispanic male that was referred by his mother for have problems controlling his anger, poor self-esteem, and poor social skills. The client when I did his assessment was very timid and shy with myself. The answers I was getting from him were very short and straight to the point. I had little knowledge of this age group but I did know a little about him before he came in from the conversation I had with his mother. Growing up his biological father verbally, mentally, and physically abused him....   [tags: Developmental psychology]

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The Step Father Molesting The Client

- ... (Ibid) Girls under the age of 18 reported a rate of sexual violence that was nearly 5 times higher than their male counterparts (337 young females per 100,000 compared to 72 young male victims) and substantially higher than that experienced by young adult females aged 18 to 24 (246) (Ibid) Further, “when a family member was accused of sexually abusing a child or youth (33% of incidents), the vast majority of these incidents were perpetrated by a male relative (97%).”(Ibid) “Over one third of family-related sexual incidents were perpetrated by male extended family members 10 (37%), followed by fathers 11 (35%) and brothers (27%).” (Ibid) It is clearly obvious that young girls are...   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Child abuse]

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Client Service Facts And Myths

- ... Your job is not to win an argument with your clients. Your job is to convince them that in good times and bad times you’re their friend on the inside. Remember, if you fight or argue with a customer and win, you still lose. Such losses are eventually reflected in your paycheck. 4. You are always right. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this one is false. If you consistently performed your job perfectly, no company would be able to afford you. My experience shows that in many instances you can be “wrong” as often as your customer....   [tags: Customer service, Customer, Good, Sales]

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The Symptoms The Client Is Reporting

- Some of the symptoms the client is reporting is she has become extremely alarmed and disturbed by certain stimuli like the city traffic and even dreads going outside, crossing the street and getting surgery on her knee. Just going outside, she would find herself “jumping back and running from cars as they zoomed past her,” even though she was in no immediate danger, but simply driven by this newfound fear of the outdoors (50). Because of this fear, she stopped taking the subway, the bus, and quit going outside entirely....   [tags: Anxiety, Fear, Anxiety disorder, Claustrophobia]

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My Client Is A Young Lady

- My client is a young lady age thirteen going to eighth grade. She is her mother’s only child; however, she has siblings on her dad side. She attends a non-denomination church. She is in the orchestra at school, usher at church, and prior praise dancer until she fractured her foot. She was in STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic, magnet program in elementary and SIDI, STEM Institute of Design and Innovation magnet program in middle school. She is experiencing loneliness, boredom, and feeling unloved....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Father, Mother]

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My Client : A Nurse

- My client is 49 years old, female, single, and her current occupation is as a Registered Nurse. Observing and interviewing my client, she is alert and responsive. Her skin color is good; her eyes are heavy and slightly sunken and her hair is thin and dry. As a nurse, my clients working schedule affects her sleeping pattern leading to few and not enough hours of sleep. She works in a nursing agency that gives her a mix of day and night shifts, making it difficult to maintain a sleeping pattern. My clients’ general health is good, no known illnesses and has a normal body mass index....   [tags: Nursing, Sleep, Nutrition, Health]

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Client with a Psychotic Disorder

- This case study will discuss a client with a Psychotic Disorder. The term psychosis is used to describe a group of severe mental health disorders characterised by the presence of delusions and hallucinations that disrupt a person's perception, thoughts, emotions and behaviour. The main forms of psychosis are schizophrenia (including schizoaffective disorder, schizophreniform disorder and delusional disorder), bipolar disorder or other affective psychosis (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Great Britain), British Psychological Society, National Library of Medicine, National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (Great Britain), & Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2011)....   [tags: Differential Diagnosis]

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Impact on Client: Diversity Interview

- ... I would offer warmth and genuineness along with empathy for their situation. In order to display warmth and genuineness, I will let Willie know I am interested and concerned with his situation, but I will be myself and not try to be fake. I will be respectful of him and value his opinions and feelings. I will disclose information that about myself that is pertinent to Willie’s situation in an effort to show my true genuineness to him. Empathy is something every social worker should display to their client’s no matter what the situation....   [tags: impact of poverty on the young]

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Identifying Information : The Client

- ... Partially made due to her age and the cumulative physical toll ballet had on her body the decision was a huge transition that included a significant shift in her identity. She cut all ties with the world of ballet and only retained one ballet-related friendship; a fellow performer she had met at 16. Shortly after leaving the ballet and as an attempt to alleviate feelings of depression Cheri’s alcohol intake increased. Working as an artist and with few responsibilities Cheri entered what she describes a “dark period” of her life....   [tags: Transgender, Sex reassignment surgery, Alcoholism]

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Theory and Client System Assessment

- For this client system assessment, I have chosen a client I engaged with while at work, my client’s name is Keith. Keith is 34 years old and has had many unfortunate circumstances surrounding his life, beginning with his birth. Keith’s family system consists of himself, his mother and two step siblings. Keith was unfortunately the product of a rape, witnessed repeated domestic abuse situations with his mother’s boyfriends and husbands, was abused himself and to this day, Keith continues to suffer in all domains: emotionally, mentally and physically....   [tags: psychology, stages of development, well being]

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Phone Calls And Client Appreciation

- ... 3. Be Accessible Use Multiple Contact Options for Easy Accessibility While the younger generation wants to e-mail their questions, older clients are more interested in using the phone or snail mail. If you are able to utilize every communication method, you will be able to get a wider range of customers. With each e-mail, add your phone number, e-mail address, cell phone number and office address. This will ensure that all of your clients can get in touch with you in whichever way they are most comfortable with....   [tags: Need, Want, E-mail, Search engine optimization]

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Brief Description Of The Client

- ... She is very helpful around the house as well as her big brothers; Jasmine helps her mom cook the meals, also loves to bake goodies for the family. Jasmine dreams that when she turns 15 she will have a Quinceanera; it is a girls dream to wearing a big puffy dress, surrounded with her family and friends. She knows that her party will not happen because her family needs the money for more important situations and making her the party will just make her family more unstable with money in the household....   [tags: Mother, Family, Father, Want]

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Case Analysis : Client History

- ... Kelso called a number (765)506-9086, that McCorkle recognized from another drug buy he had been involved with (Case SCI12714-0157). Kelso got out of the car and walked around the vehicle while talking on his phone. McCorkle said he was yelling on the phone, but he couldn’t tell what he was saying. McCorkle told the CI that he was going to spend $40, but the CI said that he/she had already told Kelso that he was going to spend $60. Kelso returned to the car and asked for the money because the supplier was almost there....   [tags: Automobile, Walking, Controlled Substances Act]

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The Client/Server Database Environment

- Over the last thirty plus years, in which computer software applications have been vital to business operations, the concept of client/server applications has evolved. In the early 1980’s the term, Client/Server, primarily referenced capabilities of new powerful centralized hardware. The computer world is different today and the concept is better defined as a system where the different logical components are separated from each other. The first of the three basic logical components is the Presentation Logic....   [tags: Information Technology]

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The Client 's Message

- ... This can help them overcome their fears in the future being brave and having a point of view of the people making sure this doesn’t happen again to another individual, who will be at risk. In procedure, getting my clients statement, doing a further investigation by interviewing individuals, who were at the scene on the crime such as bystanders, police officers, ambulances, and etc. William Burger states,” To interview means to confer, consult, hold a dialogue, ot talk. Interviews are usually considered to be face-to-face interactions that have a planned purpose, structure, and goals” (Burger 208)....   [tags: Writing, Communication]

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Occupational Therapy Client Analysis

- Occupational Therapy takes a client-centered approach to each individual and unique client. This client is Martha. She is 78. She was admitted to the hospital after suffering a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), or stroke. It began when she experienced a choking episode and weakness in her right side. The CVA resulted in right hemiplegia and aphasia. Martha has partial paralysis in the right half of her body and cannot verbally communicate. Her primary role is a homemaker. She graduated with a high school education but never pursued a profession....   [tags: Intervention Plan, Social Value]

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My Client Ms. Larson

- ... 819 (Fla. 1940)). Like in the majority of civil litigation cases, the burden of proof in nuisance cases is on the plaintiff. “[F]iling of a lawsuit and allegations of damages does not, of itself, prove or establish the liability of the persons sued. All of the facts and the circumstances must be shown before any decision can be reached as to liability for damages.” Nitram Chems., Inc. v. Parker, 200 So. 2d 220, 231 (Fla. 2d DCA 1967). In regards to the burden of proof needed by a plaintiff to recover in case of nuisance, Florida court have stated: “[T]o recover lost prospective business profits Ergas [plaintiff] was compelled to prove that ‘1) the defendant 's action caused the damage an...   [tags: Law, Property, Tort, Nuisance]

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Client Report On Client 's Relationship With Depression, Frustration And Anxiety

- ... Client reports feeling guilty that she cannot do a better job and afraid that people think she is a bad mother. Client reports that there has been increased relationship conflict with her partner in the last six months. Client reports that her partner was always a bit demanding about what the client referred to as “womanly duties” but recently their arguments have escalated to screaming matches since she has felt unable to do any housework or cooking at all. Client reports that their sex life has suffered some but is not non-existent....   [tags: Family, Parent, Marriage, Mother]

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Evaluation Of The Client Level And Stability Of Consciousness

- ... When her husband or women from the neighborhood would call her ugly, she would show feelings of sadness. Psychological and emotional patterns Defense mechanisms- The defense mechanisms used on the client, were things of having the client understand that she holds all the power on her destiny and that no one can control her actions. Also, showing the client that she is not alone, was another defense mechanism used. Along with using the love ones that really love and care about her as tools....   [tags: Family, Personal life, God, Psychology]

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Client Was Arrested On 11 / 30 / 2015

- Client was arrested on 11/30/2015. Client reported she was incarcerated at Riker’s Island. On 1/5/2016, Client walk in the Social Service Office to informed this worker that she re-entered the shelter on 1/5/2016. Client in the meeting had body odor. Client reported since 11am she being asking onsite RA for her personal belonging so that she can take a shower and changes her clothes. Client continues to report due to limited staff onsite she was told to wait until the RA return from lunch. . In the meeting client was dressed in slack black pants and sweat black hooded sweater....   [tags: Health care, Psychiatry, Medicine]

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The Attorney-Client Privilege

- “With liberty and justice for all.” Now this all too familiar clause is often forgotten like the toils of soldiers on the battlefield, repeated ad nauseum throughout the echoing literature left by our founding fathers and throughout the annals of history. America has been shown to persevere through the greatest of trials truly reflecting the American patriot’s desire to not only uphold freedom, equality, justice and humanity, but also to remember the faint yearning whispers of the oppressed crying out “Let freedom ring!” According to Michmerhuizen the Attorney-Client Privilege means “The concepts of lawyer confidentiality and Attorney-Client Privilege both concern information that the lawye...   [tags: U.S. Law]

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What Is Client 's Social And Health History While Interpreting Client Responses

- • Integrates knowledge learned in theory of normal aging changes with knowledge of a variety of acute and chronic diseases • Considers client’s social and health history while interpreting client responses • Plans interview and assessment and direct care delivery considering individual presentation of assigned clients • Every day I came in with a plan of what I wanted to do that day. For FF, I came in wanting to talk about religion one day. As it turned out she wasn’t religious so I couldn’t do the religious assessment....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Medicine]

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Client Centered Therapy

- It is inevitable that in psychotherapy there are numerous theories. Theories arise out of scholarly investigations of ideas on human behavior. Human behavior is an extraordinarily interesting subject and therefore produces a plethora of ideas from a variety of theorists. These theorists are influenced by their education, culture, and time period. One influential theorist is Carl Rogers. His contributions to human behavior have changed many of the theories that preceded him, and his theory contributed to many theories that followed....   [tags: Carl Rogers, Person Centered Therapy]

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Teaching the Client to Take a Radial Pulse

- I chose to write my teaching-learning paper on how to take a radial pulse. I knew “Nurses are involved in client education to promote wellness, prevent or diagnose illness early, restore optimal health & function if illness has occurred, and assist clients and families to cope with alterations in health status.” (Craven & Hirnle, 2008, p. 347) However, I had to come up with a reason for choosing how to take a radial pulse. I know in the field the client would already have the needs to learn, so I asked my client....   [tags: Teaching-Learning Paper]

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Helper Client Confidentiality

- Informed consent and confidentiality play a very important role in the helping profession. The helper needs to clearly communicate to the client that the information shared with them is confidential, meaning that it is not reused for any other purpose other than to assist the client with what they are there to work on (Hill, p.65). The professional must also communicate the three exceptions in which the information shared is not kept confidential. Those exceptions are: 1) When information regarding child, adult, or elder abuse is revealed....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Client/Therapist Relationship

- The therapist and client relationship is important in effective therapy. The therapeutic relationship must be built upon before any technique and theory will be effective. Communicating real empathy and showing a genuine interest in the client will begin a solid therapeutic foundation. However, the therapist must “have the ability to stay outside the system while maintaining some emotional attachment to its members” (Patterson, Williams, Edwards, Chamow, & Grauf-Grounds, 2009, p. 107). This paper reviews and critiques an interview I recorded of a couple that pertains to clutter building up around the house....   [tags: Therapy/Counseling]

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The Ethics Of The Assistant Supervisor Touched On The Client

- Although there was exploration of what it would mean to the client if the counselor was a lesbian it seems little information was provided to the client about the possible implications of the disclosure. The institute supervisor touched on the possibility of transference but it is unapparent whether this information was relayed to the client. Bringing this information into the dialog would have facilitated further exploration about the possibility of attraction to develop. If it did occur and the therapist was attuned to the client’s experience the attraction could have been processed openly....   [tags: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Gay, LGBT]

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The Client Is Diagnosed With Separation Anxiety Disorder

- The client is diagnosed with Separation Anxiety Disorder F93.0. She has developmentally inappropriate and excessive anxiety concerning separation from her mother as evidenced by recurrent excessive distress when anticipating or experiencing separation from her mother, persistent and excessive worry about losing her mother to possible harm or death while her mother is on a trip, reluctance to go to school, friend’s house, or in other settings, persistent refusal to sleep away from home, repeated complaints of headaches and stomachaches when separation from mother occurs and is anticipated....   [tags: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Anxiety]

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Appropriate Client/Clinician Relationship

- Suzie, a new clinician, really wants her clients to know that she cares about them. During therapy, she empathizes with her patients by telling them detailed stories about her personal life. Further, she gave each of them her cell phone number so they could contact her whenever they needed. Do Suzie’s actions represent an appropriate client/clinician relationship. Why. Suzie actions do not represent an appropriate client/clinician relationship. It is imperative that the clinician establish appropriate boundaries in the beginning stages of every therapy plan....   [tags: therapy, personal, behavior]

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Client Centered Theory

- Client Centered Theory Client centered theory was originated by Carl Rogers and is considered to be a humanistic theory of process or evolution (Coady & Lehman, 2008). Rogers developed 19 basic premises of personality in which an individual was held to grow through the processes of a reduction in defensive mechanisms and the self-directed development of internal cognizance (Corsini & Wedding, 2008/2011). The processes would occur when the theoretical constructs of congruence, acceptance and empathy were provided to an individual through interpersonal relationships (Coady & Lehman, 2008; Corsini & Wedding, 2008/2011)....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Therapeutic Alliance Between The Therapist And Client

- Throughout the course of our class Working With Families, we have discussed the importance of many different theories, models and concepts. The purpose of this paper is to examine that of the therapeutic alliance. Which is arguably one of the most important dynamics between the therapist and client. The outline for this assignment requests the answer to two questions, as well as supporting that answer with text and research documentation. To be able to fulfill that requirement, I had to revisit what we had already learned in reference to the therapeutic alliance....   [tags: Therapy, Psychotherapy, Clinical psychology]

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Counseling a Client from Another Culture

- America is the greatest melting pot. Everywhere you look we are surrounded by rich and diverse cultures. Immigrants arriving in this country today are struggling to assimilate and still maintain their own individual identity. For instance, Elizabeth, my mother, was born in Italy and came to the United States when she was 11 years of age. When it was time for my mom to start school, the guidance office recommended to her foster parents remove any clothing, jewelry, or personal items that were not congruent with the American culture at that time....   [tags: Multicultural Counseling and Development]

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What Is The Most Important Theory For The Client?

- ... These are global and refer to areas of functioning (e.g., family, work, social relationships, financial concerns, health, etc). Broad goals are closely tied to the therapist’s case conceptualization and the patient’s presenting problem. Once broad goals are identified collaboratively, the patient and therapist prioritize goals. This process involves determining the most central issues that cause concern and arranging them from most important to least important. Starting with the problem that has the best chance of being solved can help increase the patient’s commitment to therapy....   [tags: Psychology, Cognitive behavioral therapy]

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Helping a Client Accept Their Authentic Self

- Even though we have the power to heal our self, we also have the power to stop what wants to happen, from happening when we refuse to forgive, holding on to anger and resentment without healing. Being present with oneself in ways that honor and respect the divine within inspires greater awareness and maturity. When one chooses to live life as a victim, blaming others for their misfortune, not willing to forgive or trust their inner instinct urging them to do so, it is because they are out of touch, refusing to accept their authentic self....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Field Of Counseling And Client Centered Therapy

- ... He practiced actively listening by hearing what his client was expressing and then reiterating what she was saying to confirm that they were aligned with each other 's thoughts and feelings. By doing so he eliminated the opportunity for assumptions to be present. That was an innovative way to break any preconceived barriers that may have been in place. This was so essential because that 's something that a lot of conversations lack. Nowadays people assume instead of asking, they listen to respond instead of listening to comprehend and as a result nothing gets resolved because of a communication barrier....   [tags: Decision making, Communication]

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Counselor And Client Characteristics Of The American Indians

- ... The Ojibwe tribe, on the other hand have seven traditional values and they are: “love, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, and truth” (Gray and Rose, 2012, p. 83). Then a counselor has to look at the age of the Native American client that they are counseling, because even though they are a part of a tribe they still have individual differences. Native American’s perspective on things differ than perspectives of the Western Culture. For example, Native Americans considers cooperation as a personal orientation....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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Case Letter : A Client Complaint Letter

- ... My objective was have him reconsider his termination with our company. My conversation with Mr. Stewart did not start off so well. He was angry and felt that our company was clearly incompetent. He could not understand how we could make such a grave error. My response to him was very apologetic for the loss of his prized fish. In addition, I acknowledged that what happened was unacceptable. Offering Mr. Stewart full restitution for his prized fish, I stated “We are not offering this to deter from court proceedings, but because we want you to know how much we value you as a customer.” I assured Mr....   [tags: Human resources, Management, Employment]

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Evaluation Of Client System And Community Resources

- ... Sara has the power to hire, fire, and the ultimate say over operations in Career Connections. Seth Green Seth is a white heterosexual male in his mid 40 's, divorced with two children. He, like James, is a Career Specialist. Seth has conservative political views and has a college degree in political science. Chris Thompson Chris is a white heterosexual male in his late 30s, divorced with one child, but has a long time girlfriend. He is conservative and objectifies female coworkers based on their attractiveness....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Transgender, Gender role]

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Confidentiality Between the Professional and the Patient or Client

- Each person is born with their own identity and individuality. Identity having their own personality which distinguish that person from other individuals. Individuality is having their own autonomy. Autonomy referring to their own self-governance. Each person has their own autonomy decision making. People have the freedom to do what they want, but there are some restrictions according to the law. Having freedom is having the ability to do and say what they want freely without being criticized or embarrassed....   [tags: Certificate of Confidentiality]

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My Client 's Family History

- ... I also learned that factors such as background and culture also have an impact on family members. My observation with Helen’s family history is that she comes from a large family that is very traditional. From listening and drawing the genogram, I got the impression that my client’s family is traditional when it comes to the function of the family. It seems that men play a significant role in the wellbeing of the family. Most decisions are made by them. Women are subordinate to men, and they do not have a say in any decisions made by men, whether they approve of them or not....   [tags: Family, Father, Interpersonal relationship]

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Evaluation Of An Iep Team That Is Appointed For The Client

- ... (ASHA) Some of the questions I would ask to my client’s teacher/family during a background interview. (1) Does the child speak English, or Spanish or any other language. To find the first step of the problem, of what is contributing to the problem first, maybe the child doesn’t understand English, which is essential knowledge. (2) If the child does not communicate with teacher or in class, does the child communicate at home, or communicate at all with anyone. To find if the child has preference of environment or people he communicates with, and also knowing if this is an impairment or difference....   [tags: English language, Second language]

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Assessment and care of a Pediatric Client with Constipation

- Assessment and Care of a Pediatric Client with Constipation Hinds Community College, Nursing Allied Health Center Assessment and Care of a Pediatric Client with Constipation Constipation is a subject that many people might feel uncomfortable speaking about, but this abnormality could have undesirable side effects. Brunner and Suddarth defines constipation as, “an abnormal infrequency or irregularity of defecation, abnormal hardening of stools that make their passage difficult and sometimes painful, a decrease in stool volume, or retention of stool in the rectum for a prolonged period often with a sense of incomplete evacuation after defecation” (Smeltzer, Bare, Hinkle, & Cheever,...   [tags: Nursing, Health, Treatments]

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The Monitoring Project For A Health Care Client

- ... Personally, in a cross-cultural conflict my preferred solution would be creating cultural synergy, as mentioned before, Darius, came to the United Sates from Iran ten years ago, now he is a 32 years old man and Harpreet, came to the United States from India with her parents as a young child. Certainly, tensions between Hinduism and Islam are part of their history and it is important as a team leader to understand that there are some beliefs and core values that cannot be changed. Besides the history between Hindus and Muslims, this conflict also includes, ethnocentrism, prejudice and stereotyping....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Discrimination, United States]

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Michael Clayton: Attorney Client Privilege

- It is a plot line that seemed to come straight out of a John Grisham novel. After all it had all the major elements: a conspiracy, a corrupt corporation, but most importantly a lawyer examining his inner conscience only to decide to break with the status quo and expose his corporate masters. In fact, one could say that the film Michael Clayton (2007), was a modern day John Grisham film that never was. In all certainty, Michael Clayton is a typical Hollywood movie with a typical Hollywood ending where good defeats evil and where truth prevails over obfuscation.That does not mean that it should be dismissed so readily however....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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Client Development Manager, Rebakah Moore

- The core success of a business lies in its marketing strategy. Most aspects of your business depend on prosperous marketing techniques. The overall marketing includes advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers and the ability to keep a loyal customer base. Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it....   [tags: marketing strategy, advertising techniques]

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SOAP Note: Advanced Client Assessment

- Patient name: MR. SUBJECTIVE: CC: LUQ abdominal pain. HPI: MR is a 70 y.o. male patient who presents to ER with constant, dull and RUQ abdominal pain onset yesterday that irradiate to the back of right shoulder. Client also c/o nauseas, vomiting and black stool x2 this morning. He reports that currently resides in an ALF; they called the ambulance after his second episodes of black stool. Pt reports he drank Pepto-Bismol yesterday evening without relief. Pt states that he never experienced similar symptoms in the past....   [tags: Perforated peptic ulcer]

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