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Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar

- Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar was born in Rome on November 16, 42 BC. Four years after his birth his mother divorced his father and married Octavian. Tiberius was a descendant of the Claudian family who moved to Rome shortly after the foundation of the city. The Claudians did not respect others who were not of noble ancestry. After Tiberius was four he was raised to be a loyal servant of Augustus. Tiberius is associated with Augustus for 22 years. Augustus had Tiberius carefully educated....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Legacy Of Gaius Caesar Germanicus

- ... Fortunately, Calugula was of an age young enough that he was spared and forced to live with his great-grandmother, Livia Tiberius fell ill and his death caused rumors that Caligula had smothered him. The rumors however, were not cared about due to the people not being a fan of Tiberius. Great joy was brought to the mind of many now that Caligula was appointed Emperor. The Citizens were thrilled that someone was in power that had the same qualities as his esteemed late father and previous leader....   [tags: Roman Empire, Augustus, Caligula, Tiberius]

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The Case Of Galius Caesar

- ... Caligula is saved because he is just a small boy at this time. His sisters are saved as well (Biography). After only being a boy when his family was murdered his teenage years were fraught with more horrors. After being sent to live with one Great Grandma to another Grandma who has no time for Caligula or his sisters they have a lack of attention. Suspicions stir of Caligula having sexual interest and intercourse with his younger sister on multiple occasions (Biography). Yet as these rumors come around Caligula is called upon by Tiberius....   [tags: Roman Empire, Augustus, Tiberius, Tacitus]

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Comparing Julius Caesar And Gaius Caesar

- Two Caesars The contrast between Julius Caesar and Gaius Caesar, also known as Caligula, can be distinguished quite easily. Julius Caesar was a powerful dictator, whose name is remembered as one of the great Roman leaders, and the last dictator of the Roman Republic. Caligula, a Roman emperor, is known as the complete opposite and is known to be a crazy cruel vindictive leader. Julius Caesar worked hard gaining the power he had when he was assassinated. Caligula, on the other end of the spectrum, had the power fall into his hands when Tiberius fell ill and the senate named Caligula the sole emperor of Rome....   [tags: Augustus, Roman Empire, Julius Caesar]

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The Downfall Of Julius Caesar

- ... Consequently, Caesar found himself in a difficult situation, owing to Pompey’s in absentia law, which meant that he could not run as a candidate for the consulship in Rome even though his Gallic command for 48BC was soon to expire. Stockton points out that Caesar would then have been reliant on the votes of the ten tribunes to “safeguard his alleged right to stay on in Gaul…”. This is important as it reflects how events seemed to be turning against Caesar and that this was a time when Caesar would have been unsure of his future....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Pompey]

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- Tiberius was born Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar in Rome on November 16, 42BC. Four years later his mother divorced his father and married the triumvir Octavian, later Emperor Augustus, who had Tiberius carefully educated. In 20BC Tiberius commanded an expedition to Armenia, and he subsequently helped subdue the Rhaetians and fought against the Pannonians (12-9BC). In 11BC Tiberius, at his stepfather's command, dissolved his happy marriage to Vipsania Agrippina (died AD20), daughter of the Roman general Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, and married Augustus's daughter Julia, who was Agrippa's widow....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Julius Caesar From The Sole Responsibility Of Causing The Collapse Of The Roman Republic

- This essay is intended to exonerate Gaius Julius Caesar from the sole responsibility of causing the collapse of the Roman Republic. This essay will explore the compounded actions of notable figures including Tiberus Gracchus, Gaius Gracchus, Lucius Cornelius Sulla and Augustus Caesar. By exploring both the actions of, and the means by which the prominent actors of this time period influenced it, this essay will illustrate how the destruction of the Republic was a gradual process encompassing the faults of generations, not only those of a single man....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic]

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Rome's Really 'Bad' Emperors

- ... Some historians believe that his behavior changed due to epilepsy, a brain disorder that causes a person to have persistent seizures over time. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that Julius Caesar, Caligula’s distant cousin, is believed to have suffered from epilepsy. Caligula also suffered from a chronic inability to sleep, a common symptom of epilepsy. Rather than being almost equal to his people, he acted godlike. Senators were forced to kiss his feet, and at dinner parties, he seduced their wives....   [tags: ancient empires, Tiberius, Caligula, Nero]

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Nero : The Good Qualities Of His Ancestors

- ... Agrippina, power-hungry, overbearing mother, undoubtedly heavily influenced Nero (Bible-history.com). She forced him into a public position he hadn’t desired to act as her political puppet in a position she was unable to obtain herself (Augustus and the Julio-Claudians, 2011). Agrippina “offended [Nero] by too strict surveillance and criticism of his words and acts”, however his rebellions against such a situation only lead to heavy internal and moral anxieties (Suetonius, 110 AD). It was this domineering parenting from Agrippina that consumed Nero in insecurity – to which he overcame by exercising his power to impose himself (Bible-history.com)....   [tags: Nero, Claudius, Roman Empire, Tiberius]

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How The Political Structure Within The Republic Of Rome

- In the years leading up to Augustus’ rule, Rome had fallen into a state of chaos. Civil war and corrupt leadership had driven the state into turmoil. While Augustus was seen by some as a tyrant who took many of the freedoms that Roman citizens enjoyed, these sacrifices were necessary to secure the safety and endurance of Rome herself. Despite the fact that Roman citizens lost some of their rights, many enjoyed new freedoms. The Gracchi brothers are an example of how the political structure within the republic of Rome had become corrupt and dangerous....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Augustus]

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Augustan Art and Propaganda

- Augustan Art and Propaganda Julius Caesar's reign was an unfavorable and chaotic period for Rome, and after his death, a large portion of the empire was handed down to his adopted son, Gaius Octavian. From the ashes of his father, Octavian was able to build an Empire unparalleled. Later, the name Augustus was given to him by Senate. Augustus ostensibly maintained the form of the Roman Republic while in actuality creating the Roman Empire. He introduced the administrative reforms that led to the Pax Romana with its flourishing of trade and the arts....   [tags: julius caesar, rome, gaius octavian]

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The Era Of The Roman Republic

- Over time, nations change. Different leaders rise to power, politics and policies change, wealth and land is acquired and eventually, one may be left wondering how it all changed. This series of changes is seen in the ancient Roman republic in its last century. After a lot of chaos between unpopular politicians and new laws, certain individuals stepped into the government and swayed its focus to conquest and personal gain. Civil wars and class conflicts broke out in Rome due to aristocratic senators and ambitious generals, only to be met with the end of the republic....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Ancient Rome]

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The First Roman Law Code

- ... and 123-22 B.C., respectively) ended in the reformers’ deaths at the hands of their opponents. Gaius Marius, a commoner whose military prowess elevated him to the position of consul (for the first of six terms) in 107 B.C., was the first of a series of warlords who would dominate Rome during the late republic. By 91 B.C., Marius was struggling against attacks by his opponents, including his fellow general Sulla, who emerged as military dictator around 82 B.C. After Sulla retired, one of his former supporters, Pompey, briefly served as consul before waging successful military campaigns against pirates in the Mediterranean and the forces of Mithridates in Asia....   [tags: Roman Empire, Roman Republic, Julius Caesar]

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The Line of Roman Emperors

- "Behold, I found Rome of clay, and leave her to you of marble." This was the Emperor Augustus’s last words. I think these words are very significant because he laid the foundations of the Empire and made Rome great. The reign of Augustus was one of the most important as the model that the other emperors would follow. Augustus helped build Rome into what it is and in turn, changed modern society. Octavius was the first emperor of Rome and was born in 63 B.C. He was originally born in Rome but raised in his parents’ hometown Vilitrae....   [tags: Roman Emperors, Rome, history, Caesar Agustus, Pax]

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The Roman Empire : A Perfect Example Of How Lands Change Over Time

- The Roman Empire is a perfect example of how lands change over time. The last century of the Roman Republic shows how change in politics, lands, and leaders. The Roman Republic is a good example because it shows how sometimes change is needed to make everything right in the country. Corruption is the ruling will not be removed just by time, it takes people to stand up for their beliefs and change focus to what it should be, the people. Rome had to go through many different civil wars, chaos, and leaders until it had the change that it needed....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Roman Empire]

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The Reformer Tiberius Gracchus and His Word on Land Reform and in the RomanSenate

- Tiberius Gracchus was a reformer in attempting to change and improve the situation of Rome through the use of land reform. Yet he can also be observed as a revolutionary through his rapid changes and reforms that challenged the Senate. Tiberius Gracchus was born in 168 B.C along with his brother Gaius Gracchus into a family whose members had reached the highest positions in Rome. Tiberius’ father, Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus was an aristocrat and renowned for his honors and was one of the most powerful men in Rome....   [tags: Tiberius Gracchus, Rome, land reform, ]

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Reign of Tiberius

- Tiberius never wanted to be a part of the public life, let alone the official emperor of Rome. Tiberius was politically challenged because he had no motivation, because he had no desire to be the in charge. He was born on November 16, 42 BC. At the age of three his mother, Livia, divorced his father and married Octavian, the future emperor, Augustus. (BBC) His birth father despised Augustus, yet his mother divorced his father just to marry his worst enemy. It seems as if Livia had a slight hatred toward Augustus; it wasn’t just Nero....   [tags: Biography, Leadership, Roman Empire]

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Julius Caesar : Life Of A Colossus

- Gaius Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 BC to a patrician family, or ruling class family. His family were aristocrats, meaning they were wealthy, noble, elite members of Rome during that time. There was not much information about Caesar’s childhood recorded, however, the average childhood being born into aristocracy is well known. Around the age of seven the children would be allowed and mandated to follow and watch what, how, and why their parents did what they did. The son would learn his responsibilities from his father, and a daughter would learn her responsibilities from her mother....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic]

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The Events of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

- Julius Caesar’s ambition for power drove the honorable Brutus to think negatively about Julius Caesar’s position of being the King of Rome. Negatively speaking, Julius Caesar’s ways of having most of the power and deciding not to listen to others except the ones that only tell him things he likes to hear, drove the power-hungary conspirators and the honorable Brutus to take his life away. The honorable Brutus shows his love for Rome by committing an act which he seems best fit for his city. Trying everything he can to put Rome in a democracy, the only solution he saw was to join the conspirators to murder Caesar and explain to the people why they committed such an act....   [tags: Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, ]

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Julius Caesar: Not a Great Leader

- The driving forces in the play Julius Caesar are the characters Marcus Brutus, Julius Caesar, and Marc Antony. Julius Caesar is the center of the ordeal of leadership in Rome when the play begins. When Caesar returns to Rome he is looked upon by the fickle plebeians as a glorious and triumphant hero. The authority of his heroism is questioned when the honorable Marcus Brutus speaks to the townspeople during Caesar’s funeral. Brutus proves to be the better leader for Rome rather than Caesar or Antony....   [tags: Julius Caesar, leadership, Shakespeare,]

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Shakespeare's Misrepresentation of Julius Caesar

- For those who have read the play Julius Caesar, it is easy to speculate that it is an accurate autobiography of Caesar’s last days before he was murdered. Without presented with the historical facts, this assumption remains unchallenged. Yet this is far from the truth, and its playwright William Shakespeare had planned it this way, as we shall view shortly. The many altercations interlinked in this writer’s story include incorrect biological relations between Caesar and the other characters and Caesar’s authentic personality and questionable motives are sugarcoated....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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Was the Murder of Julius Caesar Justifiable?

- September 9th, 2007: Inmate Jerry Martin, a 37 year old white male steals a truck from a Huntsville parking lot. He drives it into a female correctional officer’s horse, ultimately ending in her falling to her death. An innocent woman, killed because of a man’s poor decision. Homicide is a felony widely regarded as one of, if not the, worst offences a human can commit. The act of ending a man or woman’s life, whether intentional, or unintentional, is one that can very rarely be justifiable....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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Julius Caesar : A Pivotal Figure

- Gaius Julius Caesar was a pivotal figure in European and Middle Eastern history. His life led to the fall of the Roman Republic and creation of the empire. He was polarizing in troubled times, leading to strife and conflict. His life can be seen in three distinct sections, his early days, his military days, and his civil war days. These periods in his life are defining to him as man and as a historical person. Caesar came of age during the civil wars between Sulla and Marius. At this time, he was appointed the high priest of Jupiter and married Cornelia, the daughter of an ally of Marius....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus]

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The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare

- ... ii.103-105). Antony showed his love for his dear friend by taking a moment to himself because of the heartache and grief he felt. His sensitivity revealed how negatively affected Antony was by Caesar’s death. By doing this, the plebeians felt a sense of compassion within their hearts for not only Caesar, but for Antony as well. Therefore, because they felt sympathetic and concerned, it created an uproar against the conspirators. Additionally, Antony also used pathos to persuade the plebeians into taking his side when he talked about how Caesar was a good man....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Julius Caesar]

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Julius Caesar: The People's Dictator

- Julius Caesar has always been an important, well-known figure in history. His name still lives on, two thousand years after his death. Even the terms "Kaiser" and "Tsar" are renditions of "Caesar." To this day, the name "Caesar" conjures images of ancient Rome, conspiracies, intrigue, and murder. Thanks to William Shakespeare, most people know that he was betrayed and killed by his friends. But what made Caesar so fascinating that Shakespeare would choose to write about Caesar over fifteen hundred years after his death....   [tags: Ancient Rome, The Immortal Julius Caesar]

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The Reign Of Tiberius 's Reign

- ... Following, the Principate changed during the reign of Tiberius through ideas of Augustus that he further changed and developed, Tiberius established the permanent prefecture of the city of Rome, which would work as provision during the Emperors absences for the care of the city. Despite the cabinet not having any real influence on political affairs, Tiberius employed a consilium consisting of his personal advisors and twenty illustrious members of the senatorial and equestrian orders. This developed from his concernment for the improvement of civil service....   [tags: Augustus, Roman Empire, Caligula, Roman Republic]

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The Reign Of Julius Caesar

- In 49 BC, Julius Caesar crossed the river Rubicon and ignited a civil war; which not only preceded his rise to power, but ended the Roman Republic and initiated the ascension of Gaius Octavius (Octavian) and the Roman Empire. Caesar’s reign was the fulcrum that permanently transformed Rome. Julius Caesar was a superb general and a clever politician. However, it was Octavian that became Rome 's first official emperor and gave the ancient world the Pax Romana. Both Men altered Roman society, government and influenced the development and culture of the future western world....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus]

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The Tragic Hero Of Julius Caesar

- ... The other fault that readers claim to Cassius ' heroism is the murder of the 'protagonist ' Caesar. As noted previously, however, if you take a neutral standpoint, it is clear that Caesar was threatening Rome 's republic with autocratic monarchical rule. Prior to the events in the play, Caesar attained the title dictator perpetuus or 'dictator for life ' through coup d 'état and civil war. Cassius and his cohort are angered by Caesar 's ruthless actions and see him as a constant threat to the well-being of Rome....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Augustus]

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Julius Caesar : A Pivotal

- Gaius Julius Caesar was a pivotal Caesar came of age during the civil wars between Sulla and Marius. At this time, he was appointed the high priest of Jupiter and married the daughter of an ally of Marius. Inevitably, Sulla won the civil war and Caesar was stripped of his priesthood and inheritance, but the real kicker was that he refused to divorce his wife. This led him to flee Rome for a position in the army. In fact, the loss of his priesthood was a boon for Caesar, due to the fact the high of Jupiter was essentially not allowed to lead an army....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus]

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Caesar: Gone but not Forgotten

- Julius Caesar was written by Shakespeare in the Elizabethan Era. Julius Caesar relates the story of the conspiracies against the new dictator of Rome, Julius Caesar. In the play, a group of conspirators against Caesar’s recent rise to power plot to assassinate him. The conspirators eventually kill Caesar, and his mentee/confidant, Antony, wishes to say a funeral speech in his honor. The conspirators agree to let him speak and they let one their own, Brutus, speak as well. The funeral speeches are a major turning point in the play, because their speeches moved the play in a new direction....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Elizabethan Era, Shakespeare]

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Julius Caesar: Who is the Better Tragic Hero, Caesar or Brutus?

- The Search for the Perfect Hero In the world today people consider a hero to be someone like Superman or Spider-Man. In the dictionary a hero is considered or defined as a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities. Though a hero is thought to be free of mistakes they all have tragic flaws like everyone else. A tragic flaw is explained by Aristotle’s definition, which says that: a tragic hero as a character of great reputation and prosperity whose misfortune is not due to depravity or vice, for the hero is a virtuous man or woman but to an error in judgment resulting from a tragic flaw....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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The Death Of Julius Caesar

- There are a few random facts that most people know about Julius Caesar, including his romance with Cleopatra, his famed rule over the Roman Empire, and some even know that he is the reason we have the month of July. While all of these are facts, there are many things that people do not know for certain, and can only speculate about, especially in regards to the reasons and specifics of his assassination. There are some details that have been confirmed through the assimilation of information, but other portions of his murder are surrounded by theory....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Augustus]

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The Soothsayer 's Warning By Julius Caesar

- ... I feel self conflicted. It 's like lose isaiah and you let them win and move up or get a special part but then I won 't get it and also that would mean the end of my streak. I am practically being Brutus self conflicted of killing my own friends dreams of getting special treatment or a higher position. O masters. If I were disposed to stir / Your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage, / I should do Brutus wrong, and Cassius wrong, / Who you all know, are honorable men. (III, ii, 123-6). This is when antony gives his speech about the conspirators killing Caesar....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Julius Caesar]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Persepolis ' And ' Julius Caesar '

- Mobile Desires Desires are strong feelings of wanting or wishing for something to happen. When a person desires something or someone, their sense of yearning is excited by the satisfaction or the thought of the item or person. If Freud is correct when he argues that, “desire is essentially mobile” then we should be able to see how the desires of both characters Marji in Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, and Brutus in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare change as a result of those around them (Bennett 207)....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar]

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Brutus's Reasoning in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

- In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Julius Caesar, the protagonist, Brutus, conspires against and successfully kills Caesar; to only find the city he loves in chaos and mutiny from his actions. Brutus in the eyes of many people was a noble and honorable man who loved and adored the city of Rome, and no person thought more of this than Caesar. To Caesar, Brutus was the son he never had, and his love of Brutus was known, therefore the thought of Brutus betraying him was absurd. However, imagine if not only Brutus did not love Caesar, but he hated him....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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The Courage of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchi

- The Gracchi brothers Tiberius and Gaius were tragic figures in Roman History. They were genuine reformers who made the fatal flaw of going against the smothering Roman Senate. Both were able to climb to the tribune position however, both fell shortly after to the tyrants above. One might ask, were they cursed due to the fate that bestowed them both. Or were they blessed with the gift of courage to try and make a difference. According to Dictonary.com, courage is: “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear.” The Gracchi brothers exemplify courage with their revolutionary Roman reform attempts during the time of the republic....   [tags: Roman History]

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The Character of Marc Antony in Julius Caesar

- Blending into the ground, waiting for the perfect moment to lash out, and then attacking when an opportunity presents itself, snakes hunt the same way some people do politics. In Rome, 44 BC, when one man fell prey, another man, camouflaged, found his opportunity to strike. As William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar progresses, the character of Marc Antony slowly reveals that he is not who he at first seems, a cunning manipulator rather than a blindly obedient lapdog. Antony, when he is introduced in Act 1 is running a traditional race on the Lupercal and is asked to touch Calpurnia by Caesar, who is referring to a superstition at the time that the touch of a runner in the race could cause...   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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The Contributions of The Women of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

- In a cast of over 30 characters, there are only two women. This is a statement describing the world renown play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. These two female characters are Calpurnia, the wife of Julius Ceasar, and Portia, the wife of Marcus Brutus. Other than these two women, the cast is composed entirely of male characters. In a work of literature so populated by men, one may ask why Shakespeare takes the time to include any women at all. However, after further reflection, it is clear to see the reason as to why they are included....   [tags: shakespeare, julius caesar, calpurnia]

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William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

- Suggestive comedies along with historical and romantic tragedies have been Shakespeare’s trademark genres among his various world-renowned writings. One such piece, Julius Caesar, concentrates upon the fall of the Roman emperor Caesar and the events following his demise at the hands of his trusted politicians and friends. The play itself does not simply explore the downfall of Caesar, but also of his comrades in light of their actions. As the Ides of March hang above Caesar’s head in a perfect foreshadow, so too do other actions allude to the inevitable death of those who seek Caesar’s fall....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar]

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Act Iv Of Julius Caesar

- In Act IV of Julius Caesar we see some interesting events occur. As for Act II and Act III, we see those who were once very close begin to argue and split apart. We will begin by summarizing what occurs in Act II. In the beginning of Act II we find Brutus outside of his tent, near Sardis, greeting Titinius and Pindarus, who bring him word Cassius is coming. Brutus then emphasizes Cassius has upset him, and that he expects an explanation. It is then Pindarus tells Brutus he will find the explanation very satisfying....   [tags: Roman Republic, Augustus, Julius Caesar]

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The Contributions Of Julius Caesar

- Julius Caesar was one of the most important political and military leaders in the history of Rome, with many major achievements. Caesar is known to have never lost a single war. His most honorable conquests include the capture of Gaul that extended the Rome boundaries to the Atlantic Ocean; and the Roman invasion of Britain. Julius was also a historian and an incredible orator. He authored many comprehensive journals, named Commentaries that provided the details of his military campaign. Caesar is also said to have produced Acta Diurna, which is the first newspaper that let the public know about the actions of the Assembly and the Senate....   [tags: Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, Augustus]

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Julius Caesar : A Tragic Hero

- ... Furthermore, as opposed to the usual six month term Caesar was appointed a life-long term as dictator. With this in mind, one could say that Caesar was the most powerful figure ever in Roman society. In addition to Caesar’s high rank, his outstanding qualities prove that he is a tragic hero of noble stature. As seen in the play Caesar is both generous and loyal to the Roman people. After Caesar’s death, Marc Antony reads the will of Caesar in which it states that, “Caesar has left every Roman citizen seventy-five drachmas”(III.ii.239-240)....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Empire, Ancient Rome]

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Brutus for Ruler in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"

- In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare there are several people who would be good rulers of Rome. Out of them all Brutus would have been the best choice to lead Rome. Brutus would be the best chosen leader for Rome for several reasons. Brutus was a very smart man and smartness is a very good quality for a leader. Another feature Brutus had, was he had very little or maybe even no emotions, and if he did he did a very good job of hiding them. A further aspect of Brutus is that he was very well respected by everyone....   [tags: Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, ]

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Biography of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus

- Octavian enabled the long, nonviolent time of the Pax Romana, (Latin for Roman peace) by changing Rome from a frail, collapsing republican government to a powerful empire. He is known as the first, and one of the greatest, Roman Emperors. Octavian was born on September 23, 63 BC and died in 14 AD. Born with the name Gaius Octavius Thurinus, he was adopted posthumously by his great-uncle Julius Caesar via his will, and then was named Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus. This happened in 44 BC when Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of conspirators....   [tags: Roman Empire, Julius Caesar]

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The History Behind Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

- Rome has been a republic since 509 B.C. This republic had replaced a monarchy. For this reason Caesar had been murdered; he was thought to have become too powerful. He was pushing for a dictatorship. Some members of the senate had stepped in and prevented his absolute power. This is just one of the reasons why Caesar would not be the best ruler of Rome; he had been too power-hungry. Antony had been just as bad as Caesar. He was his right-hand man and knew what Caesar had been up to at all times....   [tags: Shakespeare, Julius Caesar,]

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Julius Caesar : The Dictator Of Rome

- ... Due to this, he created a powerful union between Marcus Crassus and Gnaeus Pompeius. Crassus held the money and Pompeius, a great general of his time, held the loyalty of his troops. Throne recounts that “Crassus had huge amounts of money and considerable influence with the merchants of the Roman middle class. Pompey had an unchallengeable military reputation and the loyalty of the army. Caesar had overwhelming influence with the common people and, most important, the political skill to bring these two colleagues together (Thorne 43) This powerful trio worked together for years ruling Rome from behind the scenes....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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The Downfall Of Julius Caesar

- Julius Caesar is remembered as one of the greatest military minds in history and credited with arranging the basis for the Roman Empire. Caesar’s military brilliance bought Rome more land and more power, which led into the increase of size and strength of Rome. Caesar’s dictatorship helped the strength in Rome. Julius Caesar was assassinated which lead to a monarchy that was ruled by Octavin. Caesar’s death caused an effect to the collapse of the Roman Empire. Many people today in the 21st century try and follow the greatness of Julius Caesar....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Roman Empire]

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Brutus: Tragic Hero in "Julius Caesar"

- The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare centers on Caesar, a Roman dictator, and his demise in 44 B.C. Brutus, along with seven other conspirators, assassinate Caesar to prevent him from becoming king. The Romans then wage war with these conspirators, and all eight are either murdered, or commit suicide. At this point in the play, the audience realizes who the tragic hero is. A tragic hero is a character in a high social standing who causes his/her own downfall. The hero becomes enlightened of his/her mistakes, which causes the reader to feel sympathy for this person....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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The Roman Emperor Tiberius

- In the early first century AD, the Roman Empire was subject to autocratic rule and the old Republic was long dead. Augustus had been ruling for forty years and most of that time he was loved and praised by the Senate and the people of Rome. Throughout his reign, Augustus had the one lingering problem of finding a successor to take over the role of Emperor. He had chosen 3 different heirs in his time of rule; however, they all passed before they had the chance to inherit Augustus’ esteemed power....   [tags: Roman Empire, Biography]

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Suicide in Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare

- Suicide has always been a common alternative action to get away from one’s problems in human history. Sometimes however, it is at times hard to decipher whether or not one’s suicide may be heroic or weak. In Ancient Rome, suicide was often considered an honorable and praiseworthy way to die, it was not until long after this time period that organized religions started considering suicide as a sin rather than an act of heroism. In the brilliant Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, many characters in the play take their own lives, this throws us into the dark as to whether or not their acts of suicide are heroic or weak....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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The Downfall Of Julius Caesar

- ... Within this environment, generals like Caesar became extremely powerful. In addition, Caesar was a military genius. His successful military campaigns gained him broad support and popularity among the Roman public. Caesar also won the undying loyalty of his soldiers, who provided him with the necessary muscle to seize power (Caesar Ushistory.org). Later in 60 B.C., Caesar forged an alliance with Crassus, a wealthy patrician, and Pompey, another general. These three gained control of the Roman Republic forming the first triumvirate and Caesar was placed into the position of consul, the highest position in the government at that time....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Roman Empire]

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The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

- Roman citizens agreed with the assassination of Julius Caesar because he became defiant towards Roman political structure as well as values and possessed a threat to Romans freedom. The standard of Rome was honour, integrity and the familia. Being Roman meant being a part of something greater than oneself. Everything a Roman did was based on whether or not it brought honour to the family and Rome. These were all the values and characteristics that Caesar initially displayed. Although Caesar came from Roman patrician of lineage which could be traced back to Ulysses he did not hold these same social political values....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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The Downfall Of Julius Caesar

- ... “He was awarded the title of father of the country and his statues were placed in all the temples of Rome and towns of Italy.” (Literature and its Time: Joyce Moss and George Wilson). Caesar’s wardrobe was a type of a significant symbol of power in all circumstances which included a wreath on his head and the use of a chair covered in gold. The people of Rome went as far as building a religious temple in memory of the peace Caesar has brought to Rome, what did not make sense to the people was that his statue was also carried among those with the gods in parades throughout the city....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Ancient Rome]

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The Machiavellian Element in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

- Machiavelli's Moral and social philosophy, as expressed in the prince, and the way this is related to in the political philosophy, style, and actions of Julius Caesar of Shakespeare's play For the reason that philosophy including all other branches of knowledge, from head to toe, is meant for the welfare and wellbeing of mankind thus the sacred branch of knowledge such as philosophy is all about discovering and investigating the hidden for the further wellbeing of mankind instead of putting the same human beings into the hands of totally inhuman structure based on Machiavelli's moral and social philosophy....   [tags: Julius Caesar Research paper]

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How Ruthless Was Julius Caesar?

- How ruthless was Julius Caesar. Well, first, who was Julius Caesar. Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman general, statesmen, Consul, and Emperor born in 100 B.C. He played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. He did many appalling things for power, and many would consider him to be very ruthless, while others would say that he was not ruthless. Well, what does it mean to be ruthless. To be ruthless means having or showing no pity or compassion for others....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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The Downfall Of Julius Caesar

- Julius Caesar assassination was so astound that the people of Rome wanted vengeance over his killers. By the time of the Caesar, Rome had long-established the Republic government headed by two consuls with mutual powers A special temporary office, called the dictatorship, was established for use only during times of war. Minutes before Julius’s assassination, Brutus one of his closet peers surprised Julius with a fatal blow in the neck followed by countless jabs by loyal Senate of Rome. However, Julius Caesar was more than a piece to an assassination plot, he was a dictator, politician and a military commander....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Roman Empire]

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The 's Production Of Julius Caesar

- When walking into Tulane’s production of Julius Caesar you were greeted by a post-apocalyptic multi-level metal stage, the image of a turning Julius Caesar project onto above the stage, and many actors pretending to chug beer. Before the play started the stage seemed like it would be great to watch the actors perform, the three-tier metal frame and the projection screen up above just lent itself to the “1984” vibe that they were attempting to project. Originally I sat in the very front row but quickly realized that if I wanted to have a chance of seeing the majority of the actors on the middle and top metal platforms I would have to move back a couple rows....   [tags: Theatre, Performance, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony]

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The Role Of Roman History : Julius Caesar

- ... Unable to support himself or his family, Caesar joined the army at the age of nineteen. While in the army, Caesar proved himself to be a highly effective soldier, and was even awarded the civic crown for saving another soldier’s life in battle. He was then promoted to the staff of the military legate to Bithynia to secure a fleet of ships. Although Caesar’s career as a soldier was a successful one, he decided to return to Rome as soon as he heard the news that Sulla died to try his luck as an orator, which was equivalent to a modern-day lawyer....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Pompey]

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Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

- William Shakespeare is known as one of the best writers in history. He has had many plays that have been read and produced worldwide. William Shakespeare was delivered in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway and he had three children. He had a daughter with the name of Susanna Hall and he had twins named Hamnet and Judith. All of his plays have been translated into a lot of languages all over the world. Julius Caesar is a famous play that he wrote which pretty much teaches people not to trust anybody....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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Julius Caesar : The Downfall Of The Roman Empire

- Gaius Julius Caesar. This is a name that has held weight throughout the world for over two thousand years. All the way back to the times dated as those before Christ (BC). The name of Julius Caesar is one of the most well-known in all of history for very good reason. Many historians consider him to be one of the greatest commanders of all time, credited with the conquest of Gaul. He is also known for having been a major cause of the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. Caesar was born on July 13th of the year 100 BC....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus]

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Rhetorical Devices Used By Julius Caesar

- ... as he was valiant... as he was ambitious." He spoke this line like a chorus and turned around and focused it on the crowd when he said, "Who here is so base... who here is so rude... who here is so vile." He said this to appeal to them to make them think that killing Caesar was what was best for Rome. Antony used epimone when he said, "As Brutus said he was ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man" and we notice that this phrase is repeated many times to convince the crowd that he still liked Brutus....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Rhetoric]

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Comparing Julius Caesar And Abraham Lincoln

- Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln are undeniably two men who made history through their leadership expeditions on their respective nations. When comparing the two, one key aspect of how they made history comes into mind: their assassination. Hence, comparing the assassination of an American president to that of Julius Caesar reveals both similarities and differences. Ultimately, the major of comparing the two is through the similarity between the two assassinations. In this case, they were carried out by people who disagreed with Lincoln and Caesar’s authority and power, and how they used this power and authority....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Augustus]

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Examining Whether or not Brutus is a Hero or Villain in Shakespeare's Play Julius Caesar

- “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight. This quote can be assimilates to Brutus in Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar. In a way he died as a hero but he did live long enough and saw himself becoming the villain. Throughout the play, Brutus had been consumed in a lot of drama and deaths. The readers can tell the internal arguments he has with himself about it too. In William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, there are many tragic deaths, drama, and heroes and villains....   [tags: Julius Caesar]

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Julius Caesar : A Successful Ruler Of Rome

- ... Although children should not be involved in the adult war, but the difference in this situation is the blood line: Caesarion carries the blood of Caesar—which is a potential threat to Augustus’ power; Mark Antony and Cleopatra’s children do not appear as a threat to Augustus. Augustus is a great ruler no matter what. He was a role model not only for the Roman people back then but also for the others who rule later. “He always felt horrified and insulted when called ‘My Lord’” (Suetonius 3) because he wanted to create equality in Rome: the ruler has “more authority but, ‘nerveless had no more legal power’ (Augustus 9), than anybody else” (Cohen)....   [tags: Augustus, Roman Empire, Julius Caesar]

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William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

- ... By alluding to mirrors and the fact that one cannot see himself in person, Shakespeare possibly means to say that there is more to a person than just the surface level. Cassius states that many have wished that “noble Brutus had his eyes” {Julius Caesar I.2. 64). Cassius wishes that Brutus can see what he does in Caesar. This, in turn, allows for Cassius to plant a seed of doubt in Brutus’ mind on Caesar’s validity as ruler. In addition to this, Cassius also provokes Brutus to think deeper about himself....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus]

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Analysis of Marcus Brutus in Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare

- In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Julius Caesar, the protagonist, Brutus, conspires against and successfully kills Caesar; to only find the city he loves in chaos and mutiny from his actions. Brutus in the eyes of many people was a noble and honorable man who loved and adored the city of Rome, and no person thought more of this than Caesar. To Caesar, Brutus was the son he never had, and his love of Brutus was known, therefore the thought of Brutus betraying him was absurd. However, imagine if not only Brutus did not love Caesar, but he hated him....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

- Julius Caesar is a play that is filled with betrayal, disloyalty, and many more tragedies. Caesar is a dynamic man that plans on being king, the only problem is he plans of making the government into a dictatorship. Cassius, and the rest of the senate thinks that he will make a weak king not only physically but in an authoritative perspective by the reason of he would invert the republic and that he is treated more like a God, but is nothing but a man. Cassius is persuading Brutus into realizing that he is highly respected and how venerated he is and in my view it seemed that Cassius was essentially implying that Brutus would make a better king than Caesar would be....   [tags: Roman Republic, Augustus, Julius Caesar]

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Marcus Brutus, The Most Noble Roman in Shakespeare's Play Julius Caesar

- Being ethical, patriotic, reasonable, and showing selflessness are just a few characteristics of a noble man. After the death of respected Julius Caesar, the speedy fight for power exposed the veracious side of Roman figures. William Shakespeare, in his play Julius Caesar, examines the struggles for the title of the noblest Roman between ethical Marcus Brutus and other power thirsty Romans to reveal the most honorable man. Marcus Brutus shows qualities of a noble roman through patriotism. He makes many tough decisions that result in questioning his character, but the actions he takes are for the betterment and out of the love for Rome....   [tags: Julius Caesar]

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Madness and Ambition in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

- “Even the noblest men can be seduced by power; it has the power to kill, to distort, and to corrupt” Through this passage, Matthew Sims captures in essence how individuals often turn to betrayal and deception in order to gain their heart’s desires. This characteristic is not only present in life, but can also be seen in modern and classical literature, including the well known work of Julius Caesar. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the lust for power transcends any one individual and ultimately leads to death and corruption of not only Caesar, but also of Brutus and Cassius....   [tags: Shakespeare, Julius Caesar]

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William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

- Micah Carpenter Mrs.Padgett English 10C 15 December 2015 Persuasive essay What is “Julius Caesar”. It was a play based on the death of Julius Caesar. This play was written by the playwright William Shakespeare. This play consisted, in my standpoint of writing this, two main characteristic of rulers. The question is what are the two main characteristics of rulers. The two main types of ruling characteristics that are expressed in this play are pragmatism and a man of principle. Now the question is what is better....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Augustus]

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The True Nobleman in Julius Caesar's Rome: Brutus

- “A noble man compares and estimates himself by an idea which is higher than himself; and a mean man, by one lower than himself. The one produces aspiration; the other ambition, which is the way in which a vulgar man aspires” -Marcus Aurelius. In the novel Julius Caesar there are many people who claimed nobility. However there is only one noble man. There are many test that will show who is truly noble because, anyone in Rome could claim to be noble. Brutus was the only noble roman in Julius Caesar....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Shakespeare, ]

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Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

- The Bible teaches love, compassion and generosity. Niccolo Machiavelli found the Bible’s lessons idealistic and unrealistic for leaders. Machiavelli wrote his book, The Prince, to show the ruling Meddici family that the world is not a fairy tale. Prior to Machiavelli writing The Prince, the majority of books depicted people as virtuous and ethical. However, The Prince is not the only work of literature that manifests Machiavellian techniques. William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar utilizes similar methods....   [tags: Julius Caesar, The Prince]

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Brutus is the Tragic Hero in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

- The tragedy “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare should be renamed “Brutus” because Caesar is not the tragic hero. He is only in a small portion of the play and does not possess a major tragic flaw; however Marcus Brutus fits the description of tragic hero much better than Julius Caesar. Typically, tragedies are named after the tragic hero, which Aristotle describes as: a person of noble birth with a tragic flaw that leads to his or her downfall because of that flaw. Brutus exhibits all of these qualities, therefore rightfully naming him a tragic hero....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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Brutus’ Love for Rome in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

- Brutus was a well-known person who loved Rome. His love for Rome led to him helping someone murder Julius Caesar, his leader. As a person do you love and care about your state or country so much that you would kill your leader to protect the people in it. Brutus cared so much about Rome and his people that he did just that. He lost his life for Rome, and it truly showed how much he cared for the people, which showed his level of honor. An honorable person is someone who is of high rank, has dignity, and highly respected....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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Julius Caesar : The Era Of Roman Empire

- In the first century BC, Roman military commander Julius Caesar, engendered by his obsession with complete supremacy and glory, rose to prominence in the Roman political scene by manipulating those who surrounded him, ultimately reorientating the structure of Roman governance permanently. Born into Roman nobility, Caesar initially gained power by taking advantage of the Roman political climate with both his military and oratory skills. Gradually, by way of a series of calculative political moves, Caesar not only furthered his status but also ensured the longevity of his final position of dictator in Rome....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Ancient Rome]

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Julius Caesar : Raise And Fall Of A Leader

- Julius Caesar: Raise and Fall of A Leader In 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was assassinated in the chamber of the Roman Senate. With his death,a glorious chapter of the Roman empire’s history--a history created by Caesar himself-- ended. Fifty-eight years earlier, Julius Caesar began a purposeful journey designed to place him in a position of ultimate power. Caesar was successful because he had a clear goal of what Rome could be, obstinate in his belief , and applied his insight into the political realm....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Roman Empire]

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Marcus Brutus: The Tragic Hero in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

- In Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the title leads the mind to believe that Caesar is the tragic hero; however, this is not the case. The noble Brutus is a much more accurate fit for the role of tragic hero. A tragic hero is a character with a tragic flaw that goes from good fortune to complete misfortune in a fairly quick downfall. Although some may argue that Caesar fits this depiction, Brutus is a better choice. He goes from the top of the social standings to international scumbag when he joins the conspirators and murders Caesar, his friend....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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Shakespeare: A Master of Tragedy, As Seen in Julius Caesar

- Some of the world’s greatest and most recognized writers were and are masters of the tragedy. Though everybody enjoys a nice tragedy in a book or play once and again. One overwhelming in deaths and disasters would defiantly be a turnoff to many. However, a classic trait for many Shakespearian pieces would be rather high in these. One perfect example being his infamous play Julius Caesar. Jealousy, power and war, all of which being huge bullets in the plot of the play. What to say it’s main scheme of it would have to be the conspiracy to murder the Caesar, and the conspirators that helped complete this bloody task....   [tags: tragedy, shakespeare, Julius Caesar, ]

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Julius Caesar : The Political Process At Rome

- ... It is likely that Caesar did not want to reform the republic in the sense of turning it into a monarchy, but wanted to establish a civilised peaceful republic without civil war. Growing up under Sulla’s tyranny and witnessing the defeat of Gaius Marius, Caesar saw the brutality and tyranny that Sulla showed while dictator himself. The tyranny was discovered first hand by Caesar, according to Pluratch Sulla wanted Caesar to divorce his wife and marry his daughter . So then why did Caesar then entered into a Civil war with Pompey, one reason is Caesar feared he would be unfairly prosecuted without the protection of his army....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Gaius Marius]

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Rhetoric in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

- Cassius, Brutus, and Antony use rhetoric successfully in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, albeit each differently and for different causes. Each of these men uses his skills in rhetoric to convince each other and at some points the entire population of Rome to follow his beliefs. However, each of these men has different motivations to do so, as well as different characteristics and general worldviews. Cassius uses rhetoric successfully to persuade Brutus to come over to his cause—killing Julius Caesar....   [tags: Rhetoric, Julius Caesar]

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