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Virtual Team : A Virtual Organization

- The Times They Are A Changin’ In today’s day and age, it’s very likely that if you work in a business environment you will interact in some sort of virtual organization unit. I think that a virtual team allows an organization a lot of flexibility and positives that wouldn’t be available in a classic team markup. However, without experienced, organized, and driven team members, adding the complexity of distance and technology will simply make it all the more likely that a team will fail. My intent here in this paper is go over how to effectively overcome some of the issues that can arise when working within a virtual organization based upon our readings and my own experience....   [tags: The A-Team, Management, Team, Virtual team]

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Virtual Learning Environment in Education

- Title: Virtual Learning Environment in Education Motivation behind the study. Education is the one of important thing where people will gain their knowledge. Education consist of many level of ages that and the delivery method in education is varies. One of the ways that educations are transfer through Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). VLE is a system generated computer that display in 3Dimension (3D). Virtual reality (VR), the three-dimensional multisensory, immersive, and interactive digital environment, has triggered public imagination as the technology that will dominate the way our work, education, and leisure are delivered in the future....   [tags: motivation, virtual environment, knowledge]

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Team Communication : Virtual Teams

- Team Communication Virtual teams are a great way to facilitate teamwork in situations where people are not able to be sitting in the same physical office together. Virtual teams are the same as regular brick and mortar teams with one exception, the way in which the team members communicate. Instead of the usual face-to-face exchange, the virtual teams rely on email, faxes, phone calls, and teleconferences to communicate with their team members. Creating a plan to ensure that the team’s performance meets the intended goal is important to the team’s success....   [tags: Management, Communication, Virtual management]

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Planning For A Virtual Team

- ... Even telephone conversations can present challenges as pauses or interruptions or a similar lack of either can leave the parties questioning each other’s meaning. Communication conflict can lead to questions of motivation. Trust is a critical ingredient in teams (Ferrazzi, 2014, p. 120). As Nelson and Quick (2015) state, “Trust is the willingness to be vulnerable to the actions of another. This means that followers believe that their leader will act with the followers’ welfare in mind” (p. 448)....   [tags: Team, The A-Team, Communication, Virtual team]

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Technology : A Virtual Team

- Advances in technology have enabled virtual teams to become more prevalent in today’s society. A virtual team can range from a group of long distance students coming together as a group and a team of individuals working together on a project from their respective homes, to a CEO conducting a corporate videoconference from another to country with other departments or subordinates. According to Lilian (2014), “as information and knowledge is diffused by modern technology, working and innovation are shifting form structures inside the organization to broader virtual knowledge networks that may reach across time and space boundaries making physical location, buildings, and distribution channel...   [tags: Leadership, Management, Virtual team, Team]

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Are Virtual Schools Relevant?

- Are Virtual Schools Relevant. Technology is rapidly advancing in the world. People’s everyday lives are being bombarded by technology. Now schools are even being bombarded by technology. Schools are learning to embrace technology for the benefit of the students. One of the new ways schools are using technology is with virtual schools. Virtual, or online, schools are schools were education is learned through the Internet. They provide a different learning environment than the regular “cookie-cutter” classroom, but should there even be virtual schools....   [tags: Education, Virtual learning environment, Teacher]

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Communication Through The Virtual Learning Setting

- #reading and writing #Word-based communication through the virtual learning setting can reinforce students reading and writing skills. In this setting, students are required to read and to write more than in the traditional learning setting because reading and writing are important ways to support and to evaluate students learning. Some of the reading strategies, like summarizing, underlining and highlighting are effective for enhancing ESL students ' comprehension skills. In (Chen, Wang & Chen, 2014) study addressed the role of the digital reading annotation system (selection of annotation, underline browsing etc...) in promoting English reading especially for ESL students....   [tags: Virtual learning environment, Learning]

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Computer Memory : Virtual Memory

- Abstract: UNIX has a technique called Virtual Memory to accommodate for the shortage of memory space. Virtual memory increases the available memory the computer has by enlarging the "address space," or places in memory where data can be stored. This paper describes concepts like swapping, demand paging, page fault, page replacement algorithm, thrashing, some virtual memory allocation algorithms and the Memory Management Unit (MMU). Introduction: Each program running on the machine is called a process and each process has its own address space that the process uses to store its data and code segments....   [tags: Virtual memory, Memory management, Page fault]

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Virtual Paralegal Services

- Virtual Paralegals can give lawyers the best of all solutions to the need for help” (Finkelstien, B. 2005 “Virtual Assistants” Broker Magazine, 44). Another article Outsourcing for Solos and Small firms: Virtual Paralegals states, “A virtual paralegal enables solos and small firms to take advantage of the economy that effective use of a paralegal can provide to a practice, on an as needed basis” (Price, C.2006 “Outsourcing comes of Age 27-28”). Even though virtual paralegals are on the horizon, getting attorneys to get to become acclimated to the idea can be a huge adjustment to those that are used to hands on services....   [tags: Virtual Paralegal Essays]

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My Virtual Child

- My virtual child’s name is Dominic. He is a white male of average height and weight with blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin. Cognitively he seems younger than his chronological age up until sixth grade. Physically Dominic has always seemed older than his chronological age. The first few months of Dominic’s life were rough at times. I decided from the beginning to feed with formula, and I would respond to different types of cries. At three months he would cry after each bottle and have frequent diarrhea, we then decided to switch to a different formula rather than introducing food (My Virtual Child)....   [tags: My Virtual Child Essay]

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The Truman Show: The Dangers of Virtual Reality

- “There are people who view virtual reality with little enthusiasm and dismiss it as ‘science fiction, seeing it as having no practical application in the real world.” The term virtual reality basically means ‘near reality’. Virtual reality is meant to be very close to what actual reality is like. The Truman Show is a very good example of how virtual reality can be harmful to oneself. Although just a movie, The Truman Show warns of the formation of false relationships, the loss of identity and the self-imposed entrapment that comes with virtual reality....   [tags: truman show, virtual reality, inviduality]

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Augmented Reality: The Future of Virtual Technology

- People try to invent more inventions to help the world and making finishing some task simpler. According to Wikipedia, in 1901, L. Frank Baum thought about an idea of creating an electronic display that stream data to real life. However, it was not popular and common between people at that time. After that, many inventors tried to develop this idea and make it a reality that is useable by people. In 1980, Steve Mann invented the first wearable computer with vision systems that people envision with....   [tags: combination of real image with virtual one]

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Use of Virtual Worlds For Military Training

- "There will be new technologies and some of these are predicted. However, principles of learning and teaching at a distance are relatively stable; it is necessary to evaluate the value of each technology for how it contributes to improving the applications of these principles." (Moore & Kearsley, 2005, p. 305) What preeminent and accessible technologies most effectively and efficiently train our soldiers, regardless of schedules and global positions. Alan Davis a former Vice-President of Athabasca University wrote that there are two essentials on which all instructional systems should focus: “the needs of the intended students and the learning outcomes of the course or program”....   [tags: Military Simulation Using Virtual Worlds]

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Risks When Employees Work for a Virtual Company

- Employee Risks The authors of our textbook inform us that the employers of virtual works are not the only ones assuming risks, as the virtual works themselves’ face a plethora of personal risks, even if they encrypt organizational information regularly. The reason that the previously mentioned is true is due to the fact that the employees private and personal data could be exposed during legal discovery requests. As such, the textbook asserts that for the aforementioned as well as additional reasons, organizational assets should be only used to perform company functions only, which needs to be stated explicitly in the security policies of the organization as to protect both the employee as...   [tags: Virtual Work, Security, Privacy]

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Interactive Learning Environment Multi User Virtual Environments

- Interactive Learning Environment—Multi-user Virtual Environments (MUVEs) Description of Multi-user Virtual Environments (MUVEs) According to Harvard, MUVEs are “multi-user virtual environments that enable multiple simultaneous participants to (a) access virtual contexts, (b) interact with digital artifacts, (c) represent themselves through “avatars”, (d) communicate with other participants, and (e) take part in experiences incorporating modeling and mentoring about problems similar to those in real world contexts.” (Dieterle, E., & Clarke, J., Harvard, 2014)....   [tags: Education, Learning, Virtual reality]

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Using a Virtual Workplace to Describe Risk Procedure Management

- Select any one room from the website and workout what are the sub-categories and descriptions provided (Objects, Related Hazards and Possible Controls to avoid them). Now analyse and describe whether all these are followed or not at your workplace. (Not more than 250 words) By following the process of the virtual work place, as a risk management tool, to describe the risk procedures management at my workplace, the example of the toilets scenario will be used. In term of risk assessment and management at my work place, a analyse will be conducted about the risk that may occur in regards of the floors, like slipping or fall prevention....   [tags: risk assessment and management, virtual scenarios ]

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Virtual Schools : A Viable Method For Primary And Secondary School Age Students

- Introduction Virtual schools have become a viable method for primary and secondary school age students to obtain an education. It provides students with access to high quality education and opportunities that may not be available to them by traditional education institutions. Barbour and Reeves (2009) present the most common definition of a virtual school as “an entity approved by a state or governing body that offers courses through distance delivery – most commonly using the Internet” (p. 402)....   [tags: Education, Virtual learning environment, Teacher]

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Analysis of Virtual Reality

- Analysis of Virtual Reality The term Virtual Reality (VR) is used by many different people with many meanings. There are some people to whom VR is a specific collection of technologies, that is a Head Mounted Display, Glove Input Device and Audio. Some other people stretch the term to include conventional books, movies or pure fantasy and imagination. However, for purposes of this research, we restrict VR to computer mediated systems. We would define Virtual Reality as a way for humans to visualize, manipulate and interact with computers and extremely complex data....   [tags: Virtual Reality Technology Computers Essays]

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Uncanny Networks: Dialogues with the Virtual Intelligentsia

- Uncanny Networks: Dialogues with the Virtual Intelligentsia - Challenging Conceptions of Information Society This book is a collection of thirty-five interviews that examine the various political, ideological, and theoretical opinions of significant media and cultural theorists, critics, artists, and philosophers from the past decade, on the topic of the blurring of distinctions between cultural theory and information. The interviewer, Geert Lovink, is a media theorist, former editor of the new media arts magazine Mediamatic, founder of Nettime mailing lists, the cofounder of the online community server Digital City, and the author of Dark Fiber: Tracking Critical Internet Culture (MIT Pre...   [tags: Uncanny Networks Dialogues Virtual Intelligentsia]

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Virtual Organization E-Business

- Virtual Organization E-Business Marshall Industries has been making its mark as one of the first company to provide distribution of electronic components by conducting e-business on an international basis. Like many other company in its century, technology have played an important part and changing the way and giving many options on marketing and service a business. Countless businesses have taking a piece of the pie by taking advantage of the world wide web to conduct their business to a broader list of clients and taking their business out of the box....   [tags: Marshall Industries Case Study Analysis Virtual]

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The Virtual Desktop

- The days of the old-fashioned computer dumb-terminals that connected to a mainframe computer which encompassed an entire room are long gone. Most college students weren’t even born yet at the height of the mainframe computer generation. Desktop virtualization is the latest and greatest emerging technology that calls for a reinvention, of sorts, of those dumb-terminals. Although no universal definition of what a virtual desktop is exists yet, the basic idea is that one server or a number of servers run the application software that the business user connects to....   [tags: Technology]

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The Virtual World

- The virtual world is an imaginary location now defined as a place where a person can customize their personality characteristics to present themselves the way they want to be perceived. A strong doorway so the individual can establish an alter ego to escape from their daily discrimination or bias in life. An online community that allows the individual to fulfill into a community where he or she is accepted for who they something the actual world cannot offer to the individual. A society were the individual is giving the: equal opportunity among their others peers, to become more minded, a place for them to be truly themselves and where he or she is able to "hide" behind their computer scre...   [tags: Comparison: Online Community & Actual World]

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A Virtual World

- How do you perceive the internet in today’s world. In Brent Staples article titled “What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up in Cyberspace,” he talks about the negative and some what harmful effects the internet is having. While in Janna Smith’s article titled “Online but Not Anti-Social,” she gives the positive aspects that go along with this innovation. Both Staples’ and Smith realize the internet has had a tremendous impact on our society, although both authors view these effects differently there are similar in their train of thought....   [tags: Article Analysis ]

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Impact of Virtual Teams in the Workplace

- Virtual teams function through information technologies, and are becoming more prominent as globalization increases in the world today. Members of virtual teams are dispersed in different locations, as they operate globally. Virtual team members interact electronically, and might meet face-to-face occasionally. Our society is transforming towards knowledge-based work, which emphasizes that knowledge is a major competitive advantage. Organizations are moving from production-based to knowledge-based operations....   [tags: Organizations and IT]

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The Benefits of Global Virtual Teams

- Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY…………………………………………………………………...3 1.0 INTRODUCTION………………………………..……………………………………….4 2.0 DEFINITION OF Global Virtual Team………………………………………………….4 2.1factors influencing in GVT…………………………………………..........................4 2.2 Characteristics of Global Virtual Team…………………………………..................7 3.0 ADVANTAGES OF Global Virtual Team……………………………………………....7 4.0 DISADVANTAGES OF GVT...............................................................................….....8 5.0 ECONMOMIC: The issues associated with managing a Global Virtual team effectively..9 6.0 MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES...................................................................................   [tags: Global Management]

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Virtual Reality and the Gaming Industry

- VII. Impact on individuals Teenagers Virtual reality gives huge benefits in education and helps to improve student engagement. It’s one of the best ways to engage and helps the students to understand the subject through virtual reality system. Especially in the virtual reality game will bring significant impact to teenagers. The major three types of impact are social difficulty (socially impaired), physical and psychological difficulty. Even virtual reality is a great tool to learn, but it is not a universal learning method for all of the educational areas....   [tags: Impacts on Individuals, Teenagers, Adults]

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The Pros and Cons of Virtual Teams

- Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Teams Global management has slowly been changing from the industrial age to contemporary age. The differences in organizational management have been significantly influenced by technological advancements and changes in social and economic factors. In the industrial era, most organizations were managed by hierarchical structures that had gaps between the managers and employees. The management dictated upon most of the activities and the employees were barely involved in the decision-making process....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Benefits And Disadvantages Of Virtual Teams

- MSL 630, Leading Productive Teams The Benefits and Disadvantages of Virtual Teams Heather Bradley Belhaven University May 9, 2015 Author Note This paper was written for the purpose of educational requirements for: MSL 630, Leading Productive Teams, Belhaven University, Jackson, MS., 2015 The Benefits and Disadvantages of Virtual Teams In today’s virtual society our office experience is getting more and more dependent on cyber culture. Due to the increase in employees working at home, virtual offices have become a convenient way for staff, clients, educators, students and all other types of business people to stay connected....   [tags: Management, Team, Productivity, Leadership]

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The Virtual Distance Leadership Model

- ... The astute virtual leader must anticipate these needs and effectively mitigate deficits in any area before conflict arises. Having the skill set and through understanding of these factors positions the leader to effectively navigate daily virtual operations in addition to team conflict, which can arise (Walkefield, et al., 2008). Further, it is the leader’s role to assist the virtual team in learning from experiences, as well as to establish strategies to build upon norms related to conflict resolution in a virtual setting (Walkefield, et al., 2008)....   [tags: Management, Leadership]

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Preventing The Quality Of For Virtual Schooling

- Education is important, yet a country so proud would allow lowering the quality of such for virtual schooling. “Facilitating in a demanding environment” by Sarah Cornelius shares this point as well. Chances are most of us have obtained a virtual course. Personally I agree with the article virtual class is not a reliable environment, it’s forced upon students and technical problems will occur. The element of environment is essential. The written results conclude with virtual schooling has taken education in a classroom filled with computers or one’s bedroom....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Alternative education]

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`` Virtual Love `` By Meghan Daum

- ... The narrator points out how “it forces me to see the limits and the perils of daily life” which implies how the connection between her and PFSlider was an illusion.This unfolds how technology has created a gap in our lives between the physical world and the virtual world of being whoever we want to be. Technology creates a barrier between people and intimacy because technology creates a false sense of intimacy that cannot be reciprocated in the physical world. Daum writes, “Gone were the computer, the erotic darkness of the telephone, the clen, single dimension of Pete’s voice at 1A.M.....   [tags: Reality, Universe, World, Earth]

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Steering Behavior in Virtual Environment

- ... This project presents some of the efforts we made with the goal of allowing a friendly control over a large number of intelligent agents in an interactive virtual environment. Our work has been specially aimed for the control of intelligent agents in the number of scenarios for simulation experiments [2]. 1.2.1 Virtual Environment Simulation environments [2] are composed by a few to large amount of different agents, each one with its own unique behavior and all of them interacting and competing with each other....   [tags: animation, robotic movements]

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A Research Study On Virtual Teams

- Oxford Dictionary gives the following definition of the team, which is two or more people working together to achieve a common goal. Traditionally team is one of the core elements of any project. Historically, managers used to collocate team members in big offices to achieve a synergistic effect of a group work. Recently more and more project managers are tend to organize projects over distance, with team mostly consisting of people who are located in different parts of the world. These are so called virtual teams....   [tags: Management, Organizational culture]

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Strategic Mapping Of Virtual Operators

- ... By a wide margin, the dominant part of virtual operators, have chosen a cost leader strategy, that concentrates on low priced voice calls, data services and SMS messages. Service differentiation has likewise been determined by a few operators, with offerings including e.g. exclusive content or multiple service bundles. Google has many offerings such as GoogleWallet etc. to offer since majority of the mobiles smart phones are Android (Google) based. 3.3 European Regulatory Position The detachment of network and service operations is in view of the EU legislations [5, 6 and 7] however the particular part of MNVOs still remains to a degree opaque....   [tags: Mobile phone, Mobile network operator]

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Virtual Actuator with Integral Part

- Nowadays technological systems are designed to meet the growing demands for safety and performance. This is emphasized especially for safety-critical applications such as aviation, aerospace or nuclear systems. Even small unnoticed and seemingly insignificant error or incorrect reaction to the error ca lead to catastrophic failure of the entire system. New control techniques and design approaches are developed to avoid fatal failures. These novel techniques and approaches are also able to adjust the required levels of performance including stability of the overall system in addition to ability to handle faults of the system....   [tags: fault, tolerant, control, systems, safety]

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The Virtual World: A Social Haven?

- The Virtual World: A Social Haven. The Beginning of a Virtual World For several decades, video games have been a form of entertainment for people of all races and ages. Video games have evolved from simple console games that plug into your television to massive online multiplayer games. With the expansion of the World Wide Web and computers being in every home, multiplayer online games have dominated the video game culture. Online games are separated by several types of genre ranging from: mass multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), strategy, first person shooter (FPS), and multi-user dungeon (MUD)....   [tags: Gaming]

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The Impact Of Facebook On The Virtual World

- ... Just as Thomas A. Edison said in his famous quote, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”, Facebook’s success is not only made possible by his talent and intelligence but also his willingness to invest a tremendous amount of time and full concentration in developing it. The author of the book The Facebook Effect described, “On January 11th 2004, Zuckerberg went online and paid Register.com thirty-five dollars to register a web address for Facebook and by the end of May, Facebook was already operating at thirty-four schools and had almost 100,000 users (Kirkpatrick, 42).” In addition, when the author depicted Zuckerberg’s days as he was developing the net...   [tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz]

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What Are Virtual Field Trips?

- ... A visit to a dairy factory could be done virtually. The teacher can then do a follow up lesson and make butter or ice cream with students. Blachowicz and Obrochta discussed that “teachers wanted to capture some of the positive aspects of field-trip learning and integrate them with the instructional program” (p. 262). When using a virtual field trip to visit a place that is not possible to visit, teachers are given the opportunity to bring the positive and exiting components of that location to the students....   [tags: Education, Early childhood education]

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Virtual Life : Early Adulthood

- ... As I’ve mentioned before, stress is not a good thing. Another behavior that I exhibit is that I don’t really ever take a break from stressful situations. I went to college right after graduating high school, and jumped right into the work field after graduating college. I couldn’t find a job in my field, so I decided to go back to graduate school after stressing about bills and whatnot. All of these things are stressful. While school is important, I’ve already pointed out that I tend to hold onto the stress....   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Intimate relationship]

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The For A Virtual Office Setting

- Being a leader means you guide others to achieve a goal and complete tasks. A leader will use communication strategies to convey what is expected from employees such as priorities or timelines. The communication strategies that will be discussed are motivation of employees, listening, showing confidence and having work knowledge. I will focus on a virtual office setting since I work remotely. Also a case study analysis will discuss what one leader can do differently to effectively lead his staff....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Case study, Feedback]

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Nora Young's The Virtual Self

- The virtual self, by Nora Young is a book about self-tracking, the obsessive recording of the daily life online. The obsession with data. How is this data is altering the world. Many People are obsessed with this data. Sometime you don’t even notice that you are gathering a lot of data. Data can be pictures online, having a smartphone nowadays is enough to gather the data for you, Google android if enabled, has a website where you can see what do you do daily by showing you your journey, where you have been throughout the day....   [tags: self-tracking, reccording daily life online]

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Benefits Of A Virtual Office

- 1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting and having a virtual office. The advantages of telecommuting and having a virtual office are the ability to work from your own home. There is no travel time to the office which will save you in gas and wear and tear on your car. The office space in your home can be a tax write off. With a virtual office you set your own hours and work for yourself. The disadvantages would be that you do not have physical interaction with your coworkers when you are telecommuting....   [tags: Recruitment, Employment, Management, Job fair]

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The Importance of Virtual Interviews

- When my friend Kyle answered the phone, the person on the other end formally greeted him and asked if he was still available for the interview he scheduled. Kyle had forgotten about the interview, and was hanging out with his friends. So, he quickly answered a couple of questions before getting agitated that the interview was taking so long. Near the end of the interview, my friend Kyle disrespectfully asked if there were any more questions. You see, Kyle thought that phone interviews and virtual interviews were just a way to get to know the interviewee, not actually find out everything about them....   [tags: telephone interviews]

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The Virtual Classroom Observation Video

- ... 373). 2. Motivating Adolescent Learners: Curriculum Based on Real Life The second virtual classroom observation video was in a sixth grade classroom. During this lesson, the teacher was teaching her students mathematical concepts using the school store as a real-world project. The students would work the school store, which included selling fellow students school supplies, restocking, and opening and closing the store. By doing this, the students were getting a first-hand experience working with the concepts of both decimals and percentages....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Lesson plan, Learning]

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Between Virtual and Reality Information

- Information technology has been improving so much in the past decades. Since 18th century a lot of new devices have been invented. From letter-writing to text messages, shifting again to e-mail and instant messaging (IM), medium of communication has experienced transitions. The invention of Internet made interpersonal communication moving back and forth between physical and virtual. Instead of face-to-face, people nowadays prefer to use computer-mediated-communication. Physical interpersonal communication is being diminished because electronic devices dehumanize the experience....   [tags: information technology]

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The Threats Of Virtual Dimensions

- The threats of virtual dimensions The conceptions of security in the contemporary digital age are remarkably distinct from the traditional Cold War landscape. Technology and globalization are among the major contributors to the emergence of the new realm in security studies. The revolution of virtual dimensions has generated information technologies that provide people modern way to interact each other regardless the differences of place and time. People use computers, cell phones, mobile devices, and internet to do their business online, such as banking, shopping, or accessing government services....   [tags: National security, Security, Computer security]

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What are Virtual Currencies

- Virtual Currencies are increasingly becoming a part of not only the virtual world but also the real world. There are many problems associated with virtual currencies. Due to its similar to paper currency, a lot of questions have risen regarding its acceptance among the people in the market. Virtual currencies are growing in popularity and although they were large used by speculators who were looking at it as a way to make money by buying them at a lower prices and selling them at higher prices (much like trading foreign exchange)....   [tags: paper currency, bitcoin]

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The Popularity of Virtual Gaming

- Gaming is one of the largest growing communities today. With a total of over 79 million unique subscribers within the gaming category on YouTube, and huge annual gaming conventions held around the world, virtual gaming almost seems a sport. Gaming has become so popular that annual conventions are held worldwide. One of them being MLG (Major League Gaming) the largest gaming convention in the world. Since it was founded in 2002 MLG has hosted millions of viewers. In June of 2013 20,000 people packed into the Anaheim Convention Center to attend the league's Spring Championships....   [tags: conventions, championship, prizes]

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Pipilotti Rist and Virtual Utopia

- Within new media, there exists the desire and possibility to produce new effects upon the viewer, to grant new experiences. Pipilotti Rist seeks the creation of virtual utopias within the limitations of the video medium in installations such as her recent work at the Museum of Modern Art, Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters) in 2009. The work transforms the typically bare atrium of the Museum of Modern Art into an active environment, where a reciprocal relationship between the viewer and the projection can take place....   [tags: Art]

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Video Games: Virtual or Harmful

- From Italian plumbers to soldiers fighting an endless war, the world of video games is a seemingly infinite world full of possibilities to play through for a child. However, what happens when the characters become an influence, or a role model, to that child and they are unconsciously addicted to the content these games provide. In other words, what happens when the violence, language, and attitudes bolster these behaviors outside of the game and become a part of his or her reality. “video games are designed to be incredibly engaging and 'fun', often leading to children to sleep in a 'flow state' in which they may be at increased susceptibility to the messages of the game.” (“Congressional”)...   [tags: violence, language profanity, attitudes]

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Computer Science and Virtual Reality

- When we talk about dreams, the first thing that comes to my mind is Virtual Reality because of my interest in Computer Science. The advancement in the field of Computer Science in the new millennium has helped many people realize their dreams by making their living and working a lot easier than before. Computers now have become an indispensible part of everyone’s life. I have always had an ambition of doing something big, this ambition and along with my stalwart desire to gain in-depth knowledge about computers have been the prime reasons of my decision to pursue graduate studies in the field of computer science in your university which will offer a lot of opportunities to succeed and achiev...   [tags: career choices, statement of purpose]

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Questions On My Virtual Child

- The purpose of this assignment is to answer the three posed questions in regards to my Virtual Child, who I will refer to as Kieran though out my assignment. I will be describing changes in his exploratory or problem solving behaviors as well as analyzing his temperament. I will also summarize his developmental assessment at nineteen months old that may differ from my perception than what was assessed through his developmental examiner. Kieran was at the age of eight months when I first used the object permanence test developed by Jean Piaget, in the aspect of sensorimotor development in both stage 3 and 4 of the Six Substages of Sensorimotor Development (Table 6-2 pg 154)....   [tags: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development]

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National Instruments And Virtual Instrumentation

- ... “They hedge portions of forecasted net sales and forecasted expenses denominated in foreign currencies with forward and purchased option contracts. “For forward contracts, when the dollar strengthens significantly against the foreign currencies, the change in the present value of future foreign currency cash flows may be offset by the change in the fair value of the forward contracts designated as hedges.” “For option contracts, when the dollar strengthens significantly against the foreign currencies, the change in the present value of future foreign currency cash flows may be offset by the change in the fair value of the option contracts net of the premium paid designated as hedges.” N...   [tags: United States dollar, Foreign exchange market]

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Defining Collaborative Virtual Workspaces

- ... They decide when it is most convenient for them and don’t have to worry about the availability of others. These virtual workspaces can also provide users with a sense of accomplishment, since they get recognition for their work and efforts as well as allow them to be part of the decision-making process. If tasks are to be completed interdepartmentally, group members can their creativity, ideas, and knowledge with members of other departments. The virtual workspaces thus allow for information to be shared more freely (Lesko, Russel & Hollingsworth, 2012)....   [tags: advantages, disadvantages, information]

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What are Virtual Fieldtrips?

- The days of arriving to school early with a sack lunch, eagerly awaiting roll call and then to board a bus and go on a fieldtrip are becoming very rare these days. Fieldtrips are becoming too expensive for schools to provide and parents do not want to dish out loads of money for something that could potentially be taught in a classroom for free. In all age groups fieldtrips are slipping into a memory. Yet, a new way to take fieldtrips has emerged and is growing in popularity: Virtual fieldtrips....   [tags: guided web tour, educational trips]

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Challenges of Virtual Teams

- A virtual team is a group of people working interdependently via various types of electronic media across organizational and geographical boundaries for a shared purpose (D’Souza & Colarelli, 2010). Research indicates virtual teams are becoming increasingly popular in organizations across the United States and the world (D’Souza & Colarelli, 2010; Rusman, van Bruggen, Sloep, & Koper, 2010). These teams vary in size, degree of geographic dispersion, prior shared work experience, nature of assignment, and expectations of a common future (Rusman et al., 2010)....   [tags: Business Management ]

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The Virtual Field Trips

- Introduction Instructional technology has achieved great development in the last few decades, and Virtual Field T rips (VFTs) is definitely one of them. This paper will mainly discuss the definition of VFTs, the reason why it is needed, example of its application with screen shots, advantages and disadvantages; provide information on its future development as well as great resources links. Teachers and educationists will be interested most in this paper because it will further their existing understanding of VFTs, show them the future directions as well as present them with several helpful and practical websites....   [tags: Technology]

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Virtual Reality and Nursing

- The intention of virtual reality is to help the user relate, assess, as well as manipulate the environment, which is computer generated (Weiss, and Jessel, 1998). The practice and use of computerized capability is swiftly increasing in nursing school and in healthcare. An evolving computer technology tactic for nursing learning is the application of virtual reality simulation. This computer built three dimensional information tool mimics patients in real life in a safe environment, allowing recurring rehearsal sessions, it involves clinical assessment, and it helps students discover different situations among patients, and it also offers immediate response....   [tags: Nursing School, Modern Technology]

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A Virtual Training Environment

- Technology has become a huge part of the way we live. As the years move on, we are becoming more technologically advanced, and part of that progression is due to the fact that we are using avenues that we would have overlooked 20 years ago. One of these avenues is the use of video games in nonconventional ways, like supplementing a real class room for a virtual one, to help ease some of the social anxiety of those with Aspersers and Autism, and to assist in the training our troops, utilizing a safe and cost effective environment....   [tags: Gaming]

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How A Virtual Library

- ... Using the search term: professional role transition nurse, the search tool located 142,173 scholarly articles. By using the two search methods three articles chosen for the topic of professional role transition are: Systematic Review: Bridging the Gap in RPN-to-RN Transitions located in the Journal Of Nursing Scholarship, A process of becoming: the stages of new nursing graduate professional role transition located in the Journal Of Continuing Education In Nursing, Exploring the transition experiences of students entering into preregistration nursing degree programs with previous professional nursing qualifications: an integrative review which is located in the Journal Of Clinical Nursin...   [tags: Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing]

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Long Distance Virtual Love?

- Long Distance Virtual Love Many people use the internet to communicate with each other, whether it be through different platforms of social media, games, and forums. While some make friends others find love, but I will argue that these relationships cannot be kept as long as one that enjoys physical interaction. Talking to someone over the internet may be enjoyable at first but it isn 't as fulfilling as actually being near them physically, and soon the need of actually wanting to meet them will compel either person to do whatever it takes to satisfy that urge....   [tags: Emotion, Interpersonal relationship, Feeling, Want]

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Cross Cultural Virtual Teams

- Introduction The evolution of globalization and the advancement of communication technology have increased the amount of cross cultural, virtual teams in existence in today’s business world. Cross cultural, virtual teams can leverage on the diverse experiences of its members to achieve good results even without the members meeting face to face. Having good leadership of any project team is undoubtedly essential for the success of the team. It is thus imperative for virtual, cross cultural teams to be led properly and carefully so that their cultural diversity and virtual presence does not become a source of conflict and eventual failure....   [tags: Management]

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Applications of Virtual Reality

- Virtual reality is a virtual environment that is created to try to simulate reality. It is supposed to make the person feel like they are in a three-dimensional space. Several companies are currently designing systems to simulate this fully immersive environment, along with interface devices to make the simulation even more realistic. This technology can be applied to aid in many fields and research. One of those systems is the head-mounted display. The HMD come is many shapes and sizes but is usually some sort of headgear usually like a large helmet that covers your entire head blocking out anything from your surroundings....   [tags: Graphic Workstations, Medical Innovation]

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Virtual Machines

- (1)Virtual Machines The fundamental idea behind a virtual machine is to remove the hardware of a single computer and make it a self-contained operating environment that behaves as it is a separate computer. Essentially, the virtual machine is software that executes an application and isolates it from the actual operating system and hardware. CPU scheduling and virtual-memory techniques are used so that an operating system can create the illusion that a process has its own processor with its own (virtual) memory....   [tags: Technology]

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Virtual Teams

- Introduction As organizations are becoming increasingly global, the need for efficient and effective project management tools is necessary in order to accomplish business goals and process objectives. The increase demand for human resource requires “cross-functional, and often cross-cultural, geographically dispersed project teams” (Beise, 2004). Human resources are continually increasing in skill, diversity and knowledge which can benefit cross cultural organizations. Organizations are always seeking a competitive advantage with their competitors....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Virtual Networks in a Network Vitualization Environment

- Each virtual network in a network virtualization environment is a collection of virtual nodes and virtual links. Essentially, a virtual network is subset of underlying physical network resources. Network virtualization proposes decoupling of functionalities in a networking environment by separating the role of traditional ISPs into InP’s (Infrastructure Providers) who manages the physical infrastructure and SP’s (Service Providers) who creates virtual networks by aggregating resources from multiple InP’s and offers end-to-end network services....   [tags: data traffic engineering and managing techniques]

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Virtual Teams

- Cross – Cultural Virtual Teams. Virtual teams unite individuals from different countries to enable their company to obtain a competitive advantage (Vinaja, R. 2003). Multi-cultural concerns in virtual teams may not always be visible but they definitely do transpire (Vinaja, R. 2003). Current research suggests that virtual team failure is directly related to the difficulties of building trust, dealing with communication barriers and cultural differences (Kimble et.al. 2001) The most important issues facing the leaders of cross-cultural virtual teams: Trust: Trust is harder to establish within a virtual team....   [tags: cross-cultural issues, communication breakdown]

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Virtual Communities

- Virtual communities are a big part of informatics in today’s society. A virtual community can be described as an online space that is a social unit that involves members who can relate to one another as a group. It is a place that people can communicate to each other that bridges geographical distance. There are various online communities and social networking sites that can help people to exchange information. Connections can be made with various groups and can a solid base for information, support and services....   [tags: Technology]

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Types of Virtual Reality: Advantages and Dissadvantages

- Introduction A description of Virtual Reality can be a bit tricky, and the semantics might be at variance in relation to what age group you ask, for instance, a children’s site describe computer simulated environment as tools which let you to experience and interact with images in a simulated 3D environment, for example, you could plan an area at home on your computer machine and really believe that you are walking around in it, although it was never constructed. According to Aurich, Virtual Reality is a broad and extensively developed scientific conception, which is broadly put into operation for scientific visualisation, teaching and training, process in risky surroundings, exploration, ho...   [tags: Immersive, Programming, Uses]

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Virtual Worlds Defined

- Virtual Worlds Defined Modern virtual worlds are massive, simulated environments that can be accessed via the World Wide Web. Virtual worlds can be categorized into two distinct groups: “gaming” virtual worlds and “social” virtual worlds. As their names imply, these two categories of virtual worlds are distinguished by their overall purposes. The first type is designed primarily for game play, and the second type almost exclusively for communications. Gaming virtual worlds also abbreviated as MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) and MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games)—have included well-known titles such as World of War craft, Ever Quest Online Adventures, and The...   [tags: Technology ]

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Improving Applications of Virtual Reality in Education

- ... In addition, relative effectiveness of different development and implementation platforms need to be study. Furthermore, according to Shaojing Fan, Yongping Zhang, Jianbo Fan, Zhongkun He and Yu Chen (2010), virtual reality is an emerging technology with a variety of potential benefits for many aspects of education, medical treatment, and scientific research. One of advantages of Virtual Reality is people can immerse themselves in an environment that would generally be unavailable due to cost, safety or perception restriction....   [tags: computer technologies, 3D world]

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Virtual Team Setup

- The thesis basically addresses Virtual Team Setup and considers fundamental management dynamics as assessable parameters. The drive to conduct the research is in the backdrop of globalization and hence utilizing distributed talent through 'Virtualization Technology'. The journal concludes the results which indicate positive and mixed interpretations in favor of virtual teams. The first part of the journal addresses very specific area of 'Software Engineering' and the second part is about Virtual Team Setup as a general and evolving management model....   [tags: manufacturing, technology, organizations]

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Exploring Virtual Memory

- Exploring Virtual Memory Virtual memory is an old concept. Before computers utilized cache, they used virtual memory. Initially, virtual memory was introduced not only to extend primary memory, but also to make such an extension as easy as possible for programmers to use. Memory management is a complex interrelationship between processor hardware and operating system software. For virtual memory to work, a system needs to employ some sort of paging or segmentation scheme, or a combination of the two....   [tags: paging, segmentation, replacement]

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Virtual Learning as a New Educational way

- Education, how does it is achieved really matter anymore. In the past, students only options for attending high school was to physically go to a brick and mortar structure, sit in a classroom with other students, learn according to the teachers tempo, eat lunch at a designed time, and follow a regimented schedule that was unwavering and set forth by the ringing of bells. There is a new venue out there that is providing a quality education equivalent to traditional schooling and anyone can enroll....   [tags: education, online schooling, high school]

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Vonage Virtual Receptionist for Small Business

- ... In the phone menu, callers are given an option to enter an extension number of the person they would like to talk to and the call is transferred directly to that number. If the callers do not have the particular extension, the administrator can build a dial by name directory which callers can use to find their intended person or department. It is still possible to keep some of the extensions private by disabling this feature. For one time events, the virtual receptionist offers the administrator to use a manual schedule override to temporary change how it works....   [tags: answer customer´s call, network phones]

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Should Virtual Child Pornography Be Banned?

- In today’s society, people are debating if “virtual” child pornography should be banned. Most people believe that it should, while others believe that it should not be banned at all. Since the Supreme Court decided that “virtual” child pornography is legal, most people have felt that they have made a horrible mistake. By check many articles on this topic, I have decided to use two fairly good articles, written by two well-known editors, Wendy Kaminer, editor at The Atlantic Monthly, and Paul Rodriguez, editor of Insight on the News....   [tags: Pornography Essays]

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The Terms Multiple Identity and Virtual Identity

- ... On the other hand, Crystal compares netspeak to ordinary writing in that it is space-bound and visually decontextualized. Netspeak is not fixed nor richly structured. It is different from writing in that “it makes dynamic use of graphic effects (as in animated text), has the ability to manipulate an outer’s output (as in email framing), and is dependent on non-linear reading practices”(Crystal, 1997). Examples of the most prominent usage of netspeak forms are the use of acronyms, such as “ATB” instead of “all the best”, play on words such as “2u” instead of “to you”, and the use of emoticons (representations of facial expressions) such as ☺ to indicate a smile....   [tags: adolescents, oline media]

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A Process Of Investing Virtual $ 1 Million Dollars Into A Virtual Market

- ... We also decided to invest in mutual funds and bonds for its safety not for high returns, over the last two months, we invested safely with lower risks that resulted in a steady return of 2.87%. Even though we underperformed the market, but we were not willing to take on that much risk, so we are satisfied with our outcome. Stock Selection: We have chosen our stock selections across different industries and different markets, and we have chosen each equity carefully. The first stock we chose was Ferrari (RACE), Ferrari only went public last October, with an initial public offering (IPO) at $52....   [tags: Investment, Risk, Finance, Insurance]

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Virtual Reality: Computer Generated Simulation

- “Virtual reality promises a kind of transcendence of the limits of physical reality” (Biocca, Kim, Levy 06). “Virtual Reality” is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment in a seemingly real way by a person using special electronic equipment. When most people hear this they think of movies like “The Matrix”. They think films are the only place virtual reality is seen and used. However they are sorely mistaken in that aspect. Virtual reality is used in other fields and can be used in real life....   [tags: three-dimensional environment, data globe]

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Creating Your Own Virtual Reality

- Virtual reality television is one of the most untapped areas of entertainment. The technology is readily available but there has been a serious lack of original concepts to fuel the genre. When your locations can be anywhere and anything you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. In fact, who needs actors when you can create your own 3D cast of virtual characters. This article has the tools and steps necessary to create your own virtual reality TV show. Developing Your Virtual Reality Show Step 1 The first stage of your show 's development is finding an original concept....   [tags: Reality television, Television program, Television]

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