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Changing Role of Women in Archie Comics

- Plan of Investigation The purpose of the essay is to answer the question: How has Archie Comics reflected changing gender norms in the United States of America from World War II to the present of women in contemporary American society, in its eventual challenge of the position of men as the dominant sex, and in its inclusion of previously marginalized sexual orientations. As entertainment primarily targeted to middle-class America, Archie is a helpful avenue by which to understand acceptable views....   [tags: Changing Gender Norms in Archie Comics]

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Why are comics less educational than literary novels?

- Why are comics less educational than literary novels. Differing from long narrative of simply text, comics have visual representation existing through the creative, yet simple messages. Through the visuals, comics expose the ethnic representations of shared collective perceptions, memories, and emotions. Maus I is a true account of the author’s father as a Holocaust survivor, Vladek Spiegelman, and his experiences as a young Jew in Aushwitz. Maus II is about Vladek Spiegelman recounting his own history to his son, Art, of his past relationships, friends, and tragic events he experienced and witnessed....   [tags: Education, Comics, Visual Representations]

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The History of Comics

- ... Characters created by them were made for adults in order for them to get to enjoy them too. Elements: There are many different elements for comics and storyboards. The most important element is having the pages arranged in a specific way in order for the images on the pages to tell a story and for it to be narrative as if they were mixed up the reader would not understand the story. The second element is the panel. The panel can be any size of shape, panels are also ordered in different ways in every comic but the writer would make sure to make it clear which path the reader should be following in order for him/her to understand it....   [tags: elements, balloons, artists]

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History of Comics

- Historically comic books have been used as entertainment for children and teens. In 1933 two Eastern Color Printing Company unintentionally created a comic book by compiling an album of comic strips and published it as a full size magazine (Wright, 2001). This accidental discovery was a platform for a multi -million dollar a year industry as young America took notice. As early as the 1940’s educators and educational facilities took notice and began research on the value of comics in education. Although the investigations led to an eventual split in the determinations, many, such as the Child Study Association of America Director Sidonie Gruenberg, believed educational comic books could be of...   [tags: Comic Books, Classroom, School]

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The Golden Age of Comics

- Comic books are a uniquely American cultural creation, making them a fitting subject for the study of American history. Comics not only mirror the interest and opinions of society, but they also often help to change society by spreading new ideas and widespread sentiments. Comics have influenced our desires, our attitudes, and even our fears. They began to peak in popularity in terms of commercial success and cultural significance during the 1930s, coined the “Golden Age of Comic Books” which lasted until the 1950s....   [tags: Culture, War, Diversion]

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The History of Comics

- The History of Comics Comics: In the Beginning The modern comic, as we know it, began in Joseph Pulitzer's New York World on February 17,1895. The comic, drawn by Richard F. Outcault, was based on the life of Mickey Dugan, an Irish immigrant child in the city. Although the strip had no name, people have dubbed it the "Yellow Kid" because the nightshirt worn by Mickey Dugan was the projection for an experiment in yellow ink by the newspaper. Eventually the comic came to be known as "Hogan's Alley." Soon comics were recognized for the selling potential and were published in newspapers all over the world....   [tags: Comic Strips Books Media Art Essays]

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Analysis of Comics and Other Works of Literature

- Day One (2/14): When I hear or see the word “comics” many words come to mind such as, news papers, books, children, Sundays, superhero and partners in crime. Before learning about comics, I would define “comics” as a narration of a story with pictures and captions in a certain order, that are often printed in a book or newspaper. Day Two (2/17) After reading Understanding Comics and a class discussion, I changed my initial definition of “comics” to “a sequence of images and pictures intended to get a certain response from the reader”....   [tags: Illustrations, Christianity, Mice]

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Captain America and the Golden Age of Comics

- The Golden Age of Comics was perhaps the greatest era in comic book history. Many people loved the comics during this time period because they were all stories about good triumphing over evil. Many of these stories reflected over historical events over the time period. “Pro-American characters were popular due to the time period occuring mostly during World War II.” (PBS) “The precise era of the Golden Age is disputed, though most agree that it was born with the launch of Superman in 1938.” (PBS) The tremendous success that Superman had created many spinoff superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash, who had superpowers and secret identities....   [tags: literary analysis, triumph over evil]

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X-Men: Marvel's Message for Equality

- In the world of comics, two main publishers dominate: DC Comics and Marvel Comics. DC Comics promotes superheroes such as Batman, a vigilante who began fighting crime solely to avenge the untimely death of his parents. He possesses no unique superhuman ability, other than a substantial fortune inherited from his late parents. Yet, the public in the Batman comics still adore their hero. In contrast, Marvel Comics promotes superheroes such as the X-Men, a team of superheroes who possess the X-Gene, a DNA mutation that gives each member a different ability....   [tags: Comics]

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- Comics History of Comics How did comics arise . Their birth and evolution, illustrated with some examples The comics weren't invented from one day to the next. It was a slow evolution the result of which is the comic-art of today with its many different branches. According to Fuchs & Wolfgang, "history of comics "(11), a first comic or a "mother" of the comics doesn't exist. The whole story began with the pictures that were printed in newspapers and magazines to illustrate something that was written in an article....   [tags: Literature Reading Entertainment Papers]

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Not Just For Kicks: Expressing Difficult Content Using Comics

- A common description of comic books comes from their appearance in cartoons and comic strips, where a teacher catches a child reading a comic book tucked between the pages of their schoolwork. Prevailing attitudes formed off of this kind of perception render the idea of the comic form as a diversion, lacking serious content, and perhaps immature. However, the comic form uses many techniques to explore subject matter that is difficult to deal with in traditional educational ways. This paper will look to examine how immersion and symbolism within the comic form can be an effective tool to reproduce these otherwise difficult situations, concepts, and ideas by using examples of texts from our cl...   [tags: Communication]

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American Newspaper Comics

- American Newspaper Comics 1. Definition and Defining Elements of Newspaper Comics 1.1. Definition According to Wikipedia encyclopaedia, “[…] a comic strip is a short strip or sequence of drawings, telling a story. Drawn by a cartoonist, they are published on a recurring basis (usually daily or weekly) in newspapers or on the Internet. They usually communicate to the reader via speech balloons. The term ‘comic’ derives from the fact that most strips were funny in the beginning. For this reason they are often also referred to as ‘funnies’.”....   [tags: Newspapers Comic Strips Cartoons Art Essays]

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Comics: A Better Means To An Artistic End

- Comics: A Better Means To An Artistic End If a line of symmetry were to be drawn down the center of the paper, it would seem that each character rests within his environment about to collide with the other. Even without words, a vivid story begins to formulate in my mind, and hopefully I share the artist's vision. Comic book art is the Pez dispenser of modernism. The aesthetics of this accessible medium walk side by side with pop culture. No other art form can reach so many people due to its incredible volume....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Disney's Merger with Marvel Comics: Will Marvel Suffer from this Merge?

- “Disney Bought Marvel!” a headline on the financial page of the Nashua Telegraph screams. Disney, although renowned for bringing wondrous stories to light, won’t do as good a job as some people seem to think. Most people believe that Disney is a blessing for Marvel Comics, but they are sadly mistaken. Since the Fifties, Marvel Comics has built an amazing comic and graphic novel company from the ground up. Unfortunately, Disney has taken what many people have come to know and love and changed it into something different....   [tags: movies]

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Captain America

- Steve Rogers was a gaunt fine arts student growing up at the time of the Great Depression. His alcoholic father died when Steve was a kid, and his mother died from pneumonia after Steve graduated high school. In early 1940, shocked at Nazi Germany’s horrific atrocities, Steve tried to enlist in the army. Failing to meet the physical requirements, he was invited to volunteer for Operation: Rebirth, a project designed to augment US soldiers to the height of physical excellence with the inventions and discoveries of Professor Abraham Erskine....   [tags: Comics]

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The Submariner and Captain America

- Marvel Comics: Vol. 1; 1 (October, 1939) “Here is the Sub-Mariner” A salvage diver of the S.S. Salvage vessel is working a wreck for treasure when he finds an ancient knife and brings down another diver. They search the wreckage and then they are attacked by Namor, the Sub-Mariner. He savagely attacks men, stabbing one and crushing the diving helmet of the other. Namor then turns his attention to the ship, wrecking the propeller and running it aground. He heads back to his underwater home, where he is greeted by the Holy One who commends him on his attack against the humans....   [tags: Marvel Comics]

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Comparing My Cousin 's House

- I did not grow up in the family where reading is valued. There were not many books in our house. In contrast, in my cousin 's house, there had some children 's picture books, and some books like "Tell Me Why", the series uses simple language and pictures to answer and explain hundreds of questions that parents did not know how to answer their children, for him to read in his free time. I liked to read those books when I visit him.When I grew older, I did not keep the reading habit I had. Conversely, I started reading comic books for entertainment....   [tags: Comic book, Comics]

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F.Scott Fitzgerald and George Orwell

- A nation’s legacy is created by the people, for the people. The legacy fashioned by a nation is known as its cultural heritage which is defined by the withstanding creations of a society (“Cultural Heritage” Web). A civilization’s cultural heritage allows future generations to learn of the past and the present generation to express what is current. Written documents and literature are important aspects of a nation’s cultural heritage because of the various perspectives and opinions expressed (Kirk Web)....   [tags: comic books, marvel comics]

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The Life of Gisele Legace

- Gisele Legace has been a fan of illustration from a young age. When she was a child she enjoyed reading Archie comics, Obelisk and Asterix and watching The Smurfs and Candy Candy. The artists of the comics and cartoons she watched inspired her to draw regularly. As she grew, Gisele drifted away from visual arts and started her own semi-famous girl band, Barbarella. Although her focus was now on music she always had a soft spot for comics as they allowed her an escape from everyday life. In her early twenties Gisele stepped away from the music industry and back into the world of visual arts....   [tags: artist, comics, illustrations]

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Is Batman A Real D.C. Comic Hero?

- Many people see the D.C. comics hero Batman as another hero, but he is differs from the others in many ways. One main difference is that he is a normal human. He does not have any powers to make him special. He makes himself into a creature that criminals would fear by using is past to fuel his actions. He is one of the only heroes in the D.C. universe to hold a personal life. He is a CEO of Wayne Industries a company his family started. He is a millionaire playboy by day, but at night he is a caped vigilante....   [tags: batman, comics, bruce wayne ]

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Japanese Animation: A Global Cultural Phenomenon

- Astro Boy, Doraemon, Pokémon, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, Shinchan, many of us may heard about one or few of these names despite where we come from, they are some of the famous Japanese animations, which have worldwide influences and have become more than a regional pop culture, but a transnational culture phenomenon. Like many transnational pop cultures, the reasons of why they can be popular in other countries while others cannot are complicated, it may relate with the social environment, cultural background, and many other factors....   [tags: Japan, Comics, Animation Industry]

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Objection, On The Grounds of My Fist!

- Passing the bar is more than a feather in one’s mortarboard – it is a testament to perseverance, ambition, and four years of nosebleeds. This is why for us law students, lawyers are extraordinary. Generalist lawyers in the past, those experts of every field of law, are regarded even more so. But recently, in a speech for UP Law’s 100th Anniversay, Sen. Edgardo J. Angara said that the age of these supermen-lawyers is over – the age of the specialists has come. The trend in Philippine legal profession is towards specialization, fueled by skepticism towards generalists, in our version of “kiu ĉasas du leporojn, kaptas neniun.” Who chases two jackrabbits catches none....   [tags: Comics, Abdul Rafi Onos]

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- Ever since the War of the Witchblades happened a few issues back I’ve been reintroduced to Witchblade and have tried to keep up with the series. It is one of those Image comics, brought to us by Top Cow that I’ve always been intrigued by. Issues 134 and 135 re-introduced a character that Sara Pezzini has fought before, Aphrodite IV. Aphrodite is a green haired cyborg bombshell (cyborgs should always be beautiful women right?) created by Cyberdata to be an assassin. We learn a little more about the company in this three part mini-storyline arc titled "Almost Human." Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic continue to do the writing and artwork on the series and are doing a fantastic job....   [tags: Comics]

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The Movie : The Box Office Mojo

- Among the highest-grossing movies of all time are numerous landmark films, such as Titanic, Avatar, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Taking their place alongside these cultural touchstones are mammoth blockbusters of a new breed: action-packed superhero epics. Each year, the number of superhero movies due for release seems to grow exponentially. One glance at a list of upcoming movies for this year reveals that the box office is absolutely saturated with superhero films. Some highly-anticipated installments feature heroes already well-acquainted with the big screen, such as Captain America and the X-Men, while others are introducing relatively unfamiliar characters to contemporary movie-goi...   [tags: Superhero, Superman, Marvel Comics, Film]

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Superman Vs. Batman The Golden Age Of Superheroes

- We are currently living in the Golden Age of Superheroes. They dominate our cultural life, and have become seemingly permanent fixtures in modern media. Since X-Men burst onto the screen fifteen years ago, we have witnessed the release of over forty superhero movies. By 2020 we will have seen the release of more than twenty-five more. Today, the much anticipated film Superman vs. Batman has come to theaters. Though a plethora of superhero movies have been released, it is to the dissatisfaction of many, having long been exhausted by the stories of the Hulk, Batman, and Spider-man....   [tags: Superhero, Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Superman]

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History and Appeal of th Boys Love and Rotten Girls Culture

- 1. Introduction There are the words “BL(short form of Boys’ Love)”, “Yaoi” and “Hujyoshi(means Rotten girls in Japanese).” Each of them became famous rapidly. But those kinds of works including comics, CDs, novels, animes, and games, often have really sexual scenes and are provoking discussion. So I would like to research how this boom started and why are they so attracting for women. Also I am going to think about the international reaction about these. 2. Definition of the terms BL is a name of the huge genre which is about boys’ love....   [tags: Yaoi, Hijyoshi, Japanese comics, games, anime]

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Marvel Of Marvel : Marvel

- ... Atlas unsuccessfully attempted to revive superheroes from late 1953 to mid-1954, with the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner, and Captain America . Atlas did not achieve any breakout hits and, according to Stan Lee, Atlas survived chiefly because it produced work quickly, cheaply, and at a passable quality. The first modern comic books under the Marvel Comics brand were the science-fiction anthology Journey into Mystery #69 and the teen-humor title Patsy Walker #95, which each displayed an "MC" box on its cover....   [tags: Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Fantastic Four]

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The Transition Of A Digital Format

- The transition to a digital format has expanded the comic book audience worldwide, and because of this expansion, there has been a call for more diversity. Caitlin Rosberg, a writer for Uncanny Magazine, explains it best when she wrote that “Marvel and DC are slowly starting to acknowledge the fact that their readers might be more diverse than they thought, and comics readers really do want more and better representation in the titles they read and are willing to pay for it”(Rosberg). This call for change has resulted in many progressive characters taking on roles that were once exclusive to straight white men....   [tags: Superhero, Marvel Comics, Superman, Stan Lee]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Maus II ' By Art Spiegelman

- Historical Uses of Graphic Novel, Comic Books, and Comic Strips, Picture books. Everyone has read one as a child, and that is exactly what they are: books for children. Or are they. Picture books, comic book, and graphic novel tend to be grouped together and all tend to be stereotyped as books for children, but recently the idea of using graphic novels as a source of education for teens in high school and even for adults in college has popped up. The book Maus II by Art Spiegelman is a graphic novel in which the reader follows Art’s father Vladek through Nazi Camps....   [tags: Graphic novel, Comics, Maus, Comic strip]

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Historical Events Of George Maus 's ' Maus '

- It has always been difficult to write about historical events of such importance as the Holocaust. Undoubtedly, what happened was serious and should be treated as such; with respect and dignity. Works dealing with the Holocaust are subjected to careful inspections; writers that choose to portray this topic must tread carefully. Art Spiegelman’s work Maus is written in comic form and could be criticised about not being serious enough. But is that really the case. The very form in which Maus is written, the form of a graphic novel, could be seen as highly controversial....   [tags: Comics, Graphic novel, Maus, Art Spiegelman]

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Superman And The Mole Men

- As a child who grew up in the 90s, raised on Saturday morning cartoons, my favorite cartoons were those with superheroes; Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Superman. All of these shows were based on characters from comic books. Continuing into adulthood I still enjoy watching movies, television series, and cartoons adapted from the pages of comic books. When I was in high school my father gave me two long boxes filled with comic books and after that I fell in love with the paper medium and began reading and collecting comic books as well....   [tags: Superhero, Superman, Marvel Comics, Green Lantern]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- In today’s world there has been huge increases in violent acts being done. Kids are turning into to bullies, murders, thieves and more. This can be happening for many different reasons. One could say it is the way the children are raised, what they see going on in their neighborhoods, what they are watching on television, seeing online, or on their video games. Everyone reacts to things differently and the violent media kids see can have different effects on each of them. According to the article “Violent Media is Good for Kids” written by Gerard Jones, violent media and other forms of ‘creative violence’ help far more children than they hurt....   [tags: Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Hulk, Jack Kirby]

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The ' Super Serum ' And ' The Attack On Pearl Harbor '

- In 1941, a young man by the name Steve Rogers attempted to join the army on five separate occasions, but was rejected each time due to his scrawny physique. His ambition along with “his courage, intelligence and willingness to risk death for his country” caught the attention of U.S. Army General Chester Philips, who inducted him into a top secret government experiment known as Operation Rebirth. Abraham Erskine, the brain behind the experiment, developed a “Super Serum” that allowed its subjects to reach maximum physical potential....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Captain America, Marvel Comics]

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My Life After College With The Crippling Debt

- ... Actually, I find that when I dance in the street, no one joins me, and cars just beep. But the point here is, we’ve all seen the superhero movies, maybe we haven’t read the comics, but we do know two things: People do not have super powers. If one, gunless “hero” actually faces a gang of machine gun wielding murderers, he won’t somehow manage to escape with only a grazed shoulder. But… No one has actually tried it to my knowledge. And I have a feeling the hero life isn’t the only idealized one there is....   [tags: Superhero, Marvel Comics, Spider-Man, Superman]

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Analysis Of ' The Black Widow '

- ... None-the-less, she is a strong character. Black Widow is indeed very complex. It remains at the judgement of the reader or observer of the films to determine who this character exactly is, much in the same way we never really get to know who someone is. At the point in history that Black Widow is written, women, also known as our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters, didn’t have say so in anything that was considered to be important business and certainly not international warfare and espionage....   [tags: Superhero, Marvel Comics, Superman, Stan Lee]

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Comic Art: The Seduction of the Innocent

- Comic Art: The Seduction of the Innocent In 1991, at the 13th Annual World Fantasy Convention, an issue of the comic book series The Sandman was selected by a panel of experts in the field as the Year's Best Short Story. This was not the first time that a comic book has been nominated for a prestigious literary prize (the first and only previous one being Art Spiegelman's retelling of the Holocaust in animal fable form Maus for the National Book Critics Circle Award in 1987), but it was the first to have won....   [tags: Comics Art Artistic Comic Papers]

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Conflict and Anger in the Article "Violent Media is Good for Kids" by Gerad Jones

- In the article “Violent Media is Good for Kids,” the author Gerad Jones argues that bloody videogames, junk culture, and other forms of imaginative violence help kids, stating that it gives them ways of dealing with conflict and anger. Jones points out how the Incredible Hulk helped him learn to release his anger and mature. Throughout the article Jones gives examples and scenarios he has experienced. Although jones argument does present some legitimacy, he still leaves doubt if channeling their fury through violent media is the right answer....   [tags: Comics, Violence]

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An Exploration through Shojo and Shonen Manga through Sailor Moon and Black Cat

- ... Whether or not this is intended, the effect is clear: Black Cat attracts viewers who like to see violence without any censorship and Sailor Moon appeals to people who are not as into the depictions of fighting. The difference in length of battle also plays a role in highlighting the scene. The couple pages of fighting in Sailor Moon are dwarfed by the multiple chapters Black Cat uses to play out a fight. This emphasizes the point that one manga is trying to appeal to audiences wanting to see more combat and the other is for readers who prefer less violence....   [tags: Japanese comics]

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How Arts Can Help Students Improved Different Areas Of Education

- Throughout time different forms of art had conveyed various meanings to many people. Whereas some people like to feel and create art in all of its forms for just admiration and/or inner enjoyment, some others separate themselves by focusing on finding or constructing a meaning that the own author or creator intended to communicate and disperse to society. Nevertheless, one thing that brings these very different types of people together, making them share one same idea, is that art is a very important aspect of our everyday life and that it should be exercised for the benefit and achievement of the full human potential....   [tags: Art, Music, Comics, Emotion]

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Watchmen, A Comic Book

- Watchmen is a revolutionary piece of literature. It is technically a comic book, some prefer to call it a graphic novel. There is a negative connotation that goes along with that. Graphic novels are frequently presumed too childish and fantastic to actually teach any insightful lessons or even make you ponder them at all. Watchmen is a graphic novel that transcends this undue criticism of comic books. It is, “One of the first instances ... of [a] new kind of comic book ... a first phase of development, the transition of the superhero from fantasy to literature." (Klock, pgs....   [tags: Literature, Literary Analysis, Comics]

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Insects in Popular Culture

- ... People have been disappearing, homes are being destroyed, livestock are being slaughtered and there are strange noises being heard at night. The people believe it’s a demon bull put after doing some research, it’s revealed that it is in fact a giant scorpion. The film has some obvious inaccuracies but not everything is incorrect. For one, these giant scorpions only came out at night. This incorrect, scorpions appear at night as well as during the day. They occasionally take shelter in the shade to escape a potentially harsh climate, but it’s possible for them to be out in the daylight....   [tags: film, poetry, comics]

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A Look At Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

- Scientific television shows are very popular now. The most popular of these shows is “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” This article will introduce you to the show and some of its main characters. This TV show continues some of the most popular movies in theatres such as those about “Thor”, “Captain America”, “The Incredible Hulk”, and “Iron Man” . These movies are about superheroes. Everyone knows and likes these movies. The first character is Agent Phil Coulson. He is the leader of this team and played by Clark Gregg....   [tags: super hero comics hit the screen]

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The Flying Troutmans By Miriam Toews

- Graphic novels are something that requires a lot of deliberate thought and dedication to create a novel that affects the reader in the way authors want them to. Everything within a graphic novel is conscious decision to enable the tones, story, characters, and messages to get through as best as they can. Due to this it is difficult to create an adaption based on someone else’s work, as you want to portray their messages and tones accurately, but also how the creator interoperates the original authors work....   [tags: Manga, Comics, Novel, Graphic novel]

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Calvin and Hobbes: An Existentialist View

- Calvin and Hobbes: An Existentialist View Faster and faster, the slick red wagon slaloms across the rocky terrain, carrying a blonde-headed boy and his stuffed tiger along each turn of the track. Calvin, an imaginative six year old who makes us laugh with his childish antics, and Hobbes, the philosophical stuffed tiger, both make a statement about the world they were created in. Calvin and Hobbes is essentially an existentialist comic strip. Through Calvin’s desperate and unique choices and circumstances, he untraditionally fights against a continually changing world....   [tags: Comics Calvin Hobbes Essays]

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Identity And Identity : The Hulk 's Alter Identity

- ... Hulk is one of the strongest heroes, so it is easier for him to act out more physically. Dorian Grey acts out in range when he tries to destroy the picture of himself with a knife. Dorian thought it would eliminate of all of the remaining evidence of his sin. When Dorian went to stab the picture, killing it, he unknowingly killed himself as well (Wilde 229). The Hulk and Dorian grey both tend to act out in rage when they get angry. Bruce Banner and Dorian Gray both live dual identities. Bruce is a very intelligent doctor, who designs a Gamma Bomb....   [tags: Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Greg Pak, Hulk]

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Heroes and Heroines

- Heroes and Heroines "Who the heck are you?" Victor Frankenstein cried. "What the heck are you?" "I am the wretch created by your beloved Elizabeth," cried the vaguely female wretch. "Elizabeth has passed the limits of the human realm and in her feverish pursuit of the essential knowledge of the world she has spawned the being that you now see before you!" "And what do you want from me, you frightening monstrosity whom my innocent and sheltered eyes should never have been made to look upon?" The wretch snickered....   [tags: Fiction Comics Papers]

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Stan Le Revolutionized the Comic Book World

- One way he influenced the comic book world was by revolutionizing the way characters behaved in his stories. Many of the characters in the older comic books were given makeovers to make the audiences like them more because they were flat and lacked emotion. This was called the Silver Age of Comics. The older characters lacked a personality. Stan Lee was an office assistant at Timely Comics in 1939 and soon after that he became an interim editor in the 1940s (Stan). When Martin Goodman, the publisher of Marvel Comics, Timely Comic’s new name, since 1939, asked Stan Lee to create a team of superheroes better than the Justice League of America, their rival in comic books, Stan Lee had his doubt...   [tags: x-men series, marvel, entertainment]

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Game design of the future

- Game design, my whole life I have dreamed of doing this, being in the field of professional video game designing. Started off when I was a child, first favorites were Mario, sonic, streets of rage, and of course mega man. My past was so magnificent and I wouldn’t dare to change a thing about it, however, not that I have most of the necessary skills I plan on at long last creating my own games, making my dreams come to life. To get to this master plan I did some research and learning an unspeakable amount of knowledge attending ITT Technical institute....   [tags: technology, video game]

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Is Man of Steel True to the Superman Legacy?

- ... Opposed to the original Superman in which Superman would be fully developed within the first scene of the movie. In addition to his powers being fully developed, Superman would have already established his arch nemesis as well. This course of action took way to long, and while understanding that the director wanted a firm background of Clark Kent as well as Kal-El this action could have been more upfront. In Man of Steel Clark Kent should have transformed into Superman and shown the world who he really is and his powers that he withholds at a more readily time; similarly to the original comics....   [tags: origins, movie, powers, citizens]

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Formal Analysis of Iconic Images: Wonder Woman

- As a little girl, I have always wanted to wield the red, white and blue recognizable costume of a famous heroine. I wanted to wear the tiara with silver metal bracelets and run around, playing with a rope that I would call my “lasso of truth” and immediately state that I was invincible. I, like many other girls, wanted to become the comic book heroine known as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is a figure that is considerable recognizable. She was created in 1941 by a psychologist named William Moulton Marston or Charles Moulton as his pen name (who studied the psychological effects of mass media and the developer of the lie-detector test) ....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Analysis of the Super Hero Series Batman

- ... Shortly afterwards, the Bruce and his guardians moved away from Gotham. Bruce studied criminal minds, behavior, and patterns. He also learned different ways to fight crime and the art of self-defense. He mastered all of these by the age of 14, then he moved back to Gotham City. Upon his return, he observed criminals at night. He did this until he felt comfortable to capture them by himself. On the first night of crime fighting he was almost killed. Luckily he was brought back to his study in the Wayne Mansion to heal....   [tags: comic, powers, crime, gadgets]

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The Influence throughout Stan Lee's Life

- People define being influential as having someone or something looking up to you. Another way people define being influential is having control over something. Influence can be used in many ways, it can be used to make you buy something, or it can make you think different, it can also be used to help encourage people. Most of the time famous people are influential to the lower tier an example would be a professional baseball player would be a big influence to someone who is just starting out, or an popular actor influential too....   [tags: comic book genius]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- Throughout a child’s life it is taught to be ok to be around violent media. A child is taught to grow up in a world with violence going on everyday in order to become immune to it. From a young age children are taught to be users of the world. Becoming users in the world causes children to lose their sense of wonder and imagination, becoming almost robotic tin the sense that imagination is not needed in the world in order to function. The notion that children are merely “users” and “owners” of property, as opposed to “Creators” in Roland Barthes’ article: “Toys” is fully supported in Gerard Jones’s article:” Violent Media is good for kids” by Virtue of its stance that comics, TV shows, music...   [tags: Violence, Media violence research, Television]

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Women 's Views On Women

- ... Women are told to be thin through the media not directly but through cryptic messages. This causes many girls to lose body confidence and sometimes starve themselves in order to fit the gender stereotype of girls being thin. Young women are also often told to have or adopt a submissive nature in order to not be too manly. Women are stereotypically dainty, and gentle, and when they do anything that defies that stereotype they are often labeled negatively. For example a Pantene commercial called Labels Against Women, shows a man directing an employee and he is labeled a boss, then a women doing the same thing is then labeled as bossy....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Transgender]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Fight For Your Freedom '

- “Fight For Your Freedom” Illustration has always been merged as part of human history. Particularly before the influx of media such as photography, film, television and now even now the internet itself. Before the arrival technology, writers and artists used illustrations as an element in their works, in order to convey a message to the viewers. The comic book, which was shaped in the late 1920s, consisted of a sequence of illustrations with text, in order to form a storyline....   [tags: World War II, United States, Comic strip]

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The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

- The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde shares many of the same ideas and characteristics with The Incredible Hulk comics and the same can be said about Two-Face from the Batman comics and Satan from Satan’s Fall. The main conflict of the novel The Strange of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mainly focuses on the scientist Dr. Jekyll and his evil side known as Mr. Hyde who he transforms into. Jekyll has difficulty trying to resist from turning into Mr. Hyde who pressures Jekyll into transforming. The Incredible Hulk comics overall conflict is Bruce Banner trying to live alongside and contain the threat of the hulk....   [tags: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Hulk]

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The Effects of Comic Books on Societal Behavior

- Almost everyone has read a comic book. For years it has been thought by many that comic books cause good children to become not so good children. This way of thinking was confirmed by Doctor Fredric Wertham in 1954 when he testified in the United States Senate on the topic of comic books being the cause of juvenile delinquency. For all of the following sixty years Dr. Wertham’s point of view was taken as fact. In 2010 though his original notes were made available to the public and have many interesting inaccuracies as Doctor Carol Tilley discovered when she was going through Dr....   [tags: Delinquency, Negative, Positive, Effects]

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The True Effects of Comic Books

- Almost everyone has read a comic book. For years it has been thought by many that comic books cause good children to become not so good children. This way of thinking was confirmed by Doctor Fredric Wertham in 1954 when he testified in the United States Senate on the topic of comic books being the cause of juvenile delinquency. For all of the following sixty years Dr. Wertham’s point of view was taken as fact. In 2010 though his original notes were made available to the public and have many interesting inaccuracies as Doctor Carol Tilley discovered when she was going through Dr....   [tags: juvenile, delinquency, beneficial]

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Marvel: The Comic Book

- Marvel, a name known in the comic-book world and throughout the entire world. It is a name recognized by the young and old, men and women, and people of all ethnic groups. Whether in comics, movies, toys, the Internet or any other sort of media, Marvel is known on a global scale. Most of all it is a brand name recognized by many in the United States. But just because it is popular, does it make it appropriate to purchase their products. Just because Marvel is a big name, does it make a name Americans should associate themselves with....   [tags: super-heroes, x-men, depression]

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The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

- ... However Banner and Jekyll have very different ways of dealing with their counterpart’s problem. Jekyll felt like he could not control Hyde and in the end Jekyll’s life ended due to him not being able to control Hyde. Jekyll could not control Hyde because he was struggling to decide if he should transform into Hyde and how to get rid of Hyde. Temptation to turn into Hyde is what kept him from finding out what he should do. While Hyde already had made a plan to take over Jekyll by committing temporary suicide....   [tags: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Hulk]

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Analysis of the First Female Superhero: Wonder Woman

- ... However, these characters were often stereotypical, such as the man-hating Thundra or angry-feminist parody, Man-killer. In Wonder Woman No. 203, 1972, Wonder Woman tells the women’s lib movement to go stifle itself. Actual dialogue: “I’m for equal wages, too. But I’m not a joiner. I wouldn’t fit with your group. In most cases I don’t even like women.” No. 203 is one of many comic series publicized by DC during the Feminist Movements. The feminists had adopted Wonder woman as a symbolic idol during their movements in the 1970’s....   [tags: heroine, sexualized, males, media]

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The Discussion of Homosexuality in Comic Books

- The discussion of homosexuality in comic books has a long history, reaching back to 1954, when German-American psychiatrist Frederick Wertham published Seduction of the Innocent, a book that warned about the negative effect of popular literature. The book was a minor bestseller and was taken seriously at the time, creating alarm in parents with the claim that reading the crime-, superhero- and horror comics that contain descriptions of violence, sex, drug use and other adult themes, children will be encouraged to similar behavior (Wikipedia)....   [tags: homosexuality, comic books]

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Comic Book Investing - High Risks and Low Gains

- A few years ago, the popular media of the United States focused on the comic book world for one dramatic, 'tragic' event - the death of Superman.  After months of hype, the long-awaited death issue, Superman #375, was released, packaged in a black bag bearing a blood-red logo, complete with a black arm band.  The book's price immediately skyrocketed.  Thousands of people who normally paid no attention to the comic universe swarmed local shops, driving the book's 'value' to upwards of thirty dollars overnight.  Over the next few weeks, the book could be found with a price tag of as high as $100.  Today, Superman #375 is valued in Wizard: The Guide to Comics at a disappointing, anticlimactic t...   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Perceiving a Comic Book Cinema in Ang Lee's Hulk

- Ang Lee's film Hulk (2003) is based on a character whose origins lie in the world of Marvel comic books. In both versions, Bruce Banner is a repressed and unassuming scientist who, as a result of an accident involving gamma radiation, transforms into a massive green engine of destruction, known as the Incredible Hulk, whenever he becomes angry. The Hulk is the rampaging male id, unleashed by modern science upon a world unprepared for its limitless, primal fury. But as interesting as a literary analysis of the character might be – and the Hulk is rife with such possibilities – this is not where Lee's Hulk breaks any new ground....   [tags: Movie Film Ang Lee Hulk Essays]

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Comic Book Literature

- Comic Book Literature It's funny how time flies and how the memory seems to go with it. I remember when I was fourteen and decided to write the great American novel. I thought then that I was going to have to like the dreaded of all subjects, English. I gave it a good try. I gave 110% to the writing assignments, read most of what they told us was good, and really tried diligently to care about gerunds. But like it or not, a lot of English was drier than my grandmother's skin. I tried remembering some of the things my classmates and I read in our junior high school English classes and I managed to come up with a few: The Canterbury Tales, Romeo and Juliet, and A Rose for Emily, other than...   [tags: Reading Learning Education Essays]

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The Graphic Novels: Maus, Persepolis, Fun Home, and Barefoot Gen

- The super-genre of what collectively can be called ‘comics’ represents a cultural phenomenon which has exploded in the last fifty-plus years onto the public scene. Evolving from newspaper strip comics to superhero stories in paperback periodicals, the world of comics spread further and further into public appeal. With the publication of Art Spiegelman’s Maus, however, comics opened the door onto a world of possibilities. After Maus received high acclaim, despite its academic taboo as a medium, many more historical-commentary graphic novels found their way into the public eye: Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, Keiji Nakazawa’s Barefoot Gen, and a legion of others....   [tags: Maus, Persepolis, Fun Home]

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Use of Graphic Novels in Teaching Coming of Age

- Teaching a unit based around the theme of coming of age is important in an adolescent classroom. It has been taught in high school language arts time and time again. Coming of age works makes up a large part of the literary canon including works like The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Catcher in the Rye, A Separate Peace, etc. Additionally, this theme is important because the teenage students in the classroom are essentially going through their own coming of age. They are currently making the difficult transition out of childhood into adulthood....   [tags: coming of age theme]

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Depiction of Japanese Culture in Anime and Manga

- (1) Entertainments such as books and movies are some of the main entertainment products for people to enjoy. That was the supposedly the primary purpose for their creation. However, there are more to them than simply as sources of entertainment. These entertainment products have long been used, not only for joy, but also for the spreading of the culture. In other words, entertainments are used as a soft power (Belkhyr, 2012, p. 704; Karademir, 2012, p. 634). Soft power is the power of attraction, as opposed to hard power, which is the power of force....   [tags: Historical Events, Soft Power]

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Depiction of Japanese Culture in Anime and Manga

- Japanese well-known product, anime and manga, have become increasingly popular throughout the whole world. Alverson (2013) have noted that in New York Comic Cons (New York Comic Convention), the amount of people attending the event has been increasing since 2000 (p. 23). Exner (2012) also appreciate the fact that anime has become mainstream form of entertainment (p. 28). So, what are they. In many people’s understanding, anime are Japanese cartoons and manga are Japanese comics. This belief is not wrong, but there are some fundamental differences that differentiate anime and manga from American comics and cartoon....   [tags: Japanese Animation]

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Analysis of the Movie, The Dark Knight

- The Dark knight It’s no joking matter as the knight closes in. Release Date: 25th July 2008 Certificate: 12A Director: Christopher Nolan Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman Batman (Christian Bale) is hoping to hand on his crime fighting duties to D.A Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) yet when Batman’s cards are on the table the twisted mastermind who goes by the name of the joker (Heath Ledger), forces the masked vigilante to go against everything he ever stood for....   [tags: film analysis, movies]

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The Dark Knight Returns, By Frank Miller

- When comics were first coming out, they were not all that popular but in todays’ world, they have become very popular and well known. Several of these comics have been turned into films, which is one of the many reasons why the popularity has been rising over the years. One of the most well known comics is Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. This comic was composed and released in 1986 by Frank Miller. With the usage of Frank Miller’s powerful, intense lines and the artwork done by Klaus Janson’s and Lynn Varley’s it has elevated this comic up to the very top of mainstream comics....   [tags: Batman, Joker, Two-Face, Gotham City]

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Don 't Judge A Book By It 's Cover

- ... Race is a prodigious concept which has a consequential history that is being portrayed through television, and books but most importantly though the realm of the comic book genre. Millions of people all over the world indulge in the imaginative stories and the action of superheroes and villain’s battling it out, but how often do people really consider the ethnicity and race of all the characters in these comics. The truth is, not very often and this is rapidly becoming a bigger problem and concern for the readers....   [tags: Race, African American, Racism]

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The Use of the English Language Among Malaysians

- Many people would think the importance of English language today. It is the common language in the cyber space, in the international science, politics, business and entertainment. English is indispensable for every one of us. But for most Malaysians, English is not an everyday language. Raja Zarith Sofia binti Sultan Idris Shah indicate a declining in the standard of English is a serious problem in Malaysia. A variety of reasons show the Malaysian English standard decline that included: using the Malay language qualification into the government at all levels of service, using the Malay language as an element for secondary education, government departments should making Malay language compuls...   [tags: Education, English in Malaysia]

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Is Captain Amrica as Valid as Captain Ahab

- There's something about comic books that make them appeal to the public. When people hear the word “comic book” or “superhero” they automatically think of a man in long underwear with a mask or a cape tied to their neck saving the day from an unthinkable threat. People can think to themselves “Wow, wouldn't it be something if I could just fly to work or school and save the day at the same time.” The truth is even though comic books are engrained into our society today with all the merchandise, TV shows, and all the movies people still believe them to be a invalid form of literature....   [tags: comic book, culture, creativity]

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Alan Moore: The Father of Comic Books

- When you think of comic books, what do you think of. If you were to ask your parents they would probably tell you Superman or Spiderman, maybe even Batman or Wonder Woman. Some might mention something more, something that appears to be a comic book, but once opened is revealed to be a work of literary genius; a comic such as Watchmen, or perhaps even V for Vendetta. An author and artist of renowned recognition and admiration wrote both masterpieces. At first Alan Moore began his career as an artist for a detective story called Roscoe Moscow in 1979....   [tags: Biography]

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Comparing Gulliver 's Travels And Robinson Crusoe

- I’m not a typical reader or writer. I read news every day, but it’s been a long time that I finished my last book. The only writing I’m doing is homework. When I was younger, however, I used to enjoy reading. I don’t remember the first book I read, but I do remember when I couldn’t read my mother used to read all kinds of children’s book for me, most are Chinese books, the rest are translated books. There are two books I still remember Gulliver’s Travels and Robinson Crusoe. Those two books had a huge impact on me, I couldn’t believe that there are people like that tiny....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, Middle school]

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Comparing Gulliver 's Travels And Robinson Crusoe

- ... In the school, we didn’t have a lot of books to read, so my friends and I spent most reading times on comics. Things started to change because my grades went up. We have more to read, write, and memory. My mother stopped buying comics for me, also, she signed up many extra classes for me every weekend. I don’t have time for comics anymore. I have to do homework twice. Especially writing and English class, the writing class required us to finish one paper in limited time with good quality. The topics the teacher gave us were very hard and we have to write the paper in her way....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, Middle school]

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Reception of Graphic Novels versus Manuscripts

- The artistry of graphic novels and of manuscripts is very similar, not only does the written script text tantalize the reader, but the illustrations act as significant appeals as well. The correspondence between the visual and the scripted within these text technologies greatly influences the reception thereof. Specific—and quite popular—examples of the two technologies that I will reference are Watchmen, and the Ellesmere Chaucer, respectively. In order to understand the reception of these texts completely though, it is necessary first to recognize some background information regarding their respective histories....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Superman Vs. Batman Dawn Of Justice

- ... His comic book adventures continue to this day in Batman, and Detective Comics. Batman is secretly Billionaire Bruce Wayne who fights crime in the disguise of Batman to avenge the murder of his parents by a criminal years previous. Batman is trained in the Martial arts, and Forensic studies he has no superpowers he 's a mortal man that fights for the common man stopping criminals of the everyday kind. Sometimes he is required to face more powerful threats and rises to the occasion as well.Batman has many character traits that define him the first being his ability to overcome the odds....   [tags: Batman, Two-Face, James Gordon, Joker]

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The Comic Form

- A common description of comic books comes from their appearance in cartoons and comic strips, where a teacher catches a child reading a comic book tucked between the pages of their schoolwork. Prevailing attitudes formed off of this kind of perception render the idea of the comic form as a diversion, lacking serious content, and perhaps immature. However, the comic form uses many techniques to explore subject matter that is difficult to deal with in traditional educational ways. This paper will look to examine how immersion and symbolism within the comic form can be an effective tool to reproduce these otherwise difficult situations, concepts, and ideas by using examples of texts from our cl...   [tags: Literary Tools, The Photographer]

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