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Immigrant Labor in the United States

- The United States cannot afford to lose the economic gains that come from immigrant labor. The economy would be suffering a greater loss if it weren’t for immigrants and their labor contributions, especially during the 2008 U.S. recession. The U.S. economy would most likely worsen if it weren’t for the strong labor force immigrants have provided this country. Despite the mostly negative views native-born Americans have towards immigrants and the economy, their strong representation in the labor forces continues today....   [tags: economic gains, immigrant force]

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Cognitive Problems of Immigrant Students

- What academic struggles will be happened on immigrant students. What kind of thoughts will be brought up to them. In The Happiness Hypothesis, Johnathan Haidt talks about negatively bias in “Changing Your Mind”. This chapter is the best to describe the situation of the immigrant students. According to Kim and Diaz in "Immigrant Students And Community Colleges”, they state that “immigrant students who attend community colleges tend to have lower socioeconomic status and limited English knowledge compared to those who enter four-year institutions.” (93) Many immigrant students have to do part time and face demanding work at school....   [tags: academic struggles, immigrants students]

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Immigrant Tragedy in The Cariboo Café by Viramontes

- Immigrant Tragedy in The Cariboo Café by Viramontes Helena Maria Viramontes grew up in Los Angeles where relatives used to stay and live with her family when making the transition from Mexico to the United States. This is where she got her first taste of the lives of immigrants in this country within the urban barrios. Viramontes's writing reflects this theme along with expressing her political opinions on the treatments of immigrants, especially Chicanos and Latinos. In her short story "The Cariboo Café," Viramontes brings these ideas to life through three sections narrated by different individuals tied into the story....   [tags: Immigration Immigrants]

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The Life Of An Immigrant

- ... This demonstrates an immigrant 's dedication to hard work and to making an honest living. With that being said, I believe there are some immigrants who deserve a chance in this country. Some immigrants have been living here almost all their life and have a home, job, and family here. There are other Americans who commit crimes and other malicious acts yet someone of color is always the first person to be stopped for doing something “suspicious.” Immigrants have a hard time in the US because they are always looked down upon even when they aren 't doing any wrong....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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Illegal Immigrants : An Illegal Immigrant

- ... It was 1993, and I was 12” (2nd paragraph). People wouldn’t blame him for being illegal because as a child he didn’t know anything. He didn 't know that he was committing a crime which was entering America illegally. When readers know that a child is illegal here without a mother they feel bad for them but if it is an older person then they would get mad and stop reading the magazine. Using childhood as an example is like using pathos, to touch reader’s attention and emotion. He wrote about how he left his mother at the age of 12 in Philippines and came to the United States with a stranger to live with his grandparents illegally....   [tags: Immigration to the United States]

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The Immigrant Experience : Immigrants

- ... According to detailed accounts from families in the New York Times, acceptance by US citizens and laws prohibiting illegal immigration in the states has led people to face difficulty in finding what they consider a better life because of their status as immigrants. Based on W.E.B. Du Bois’ theory of separation by a “veil” and Simmel’s concept of “stranger,” immigrant conditions and experiences living in the United States can be extremely difficult. Theory of Double- Consciousness According to W.E.B Du Bois, immigrants and those people with two cultures or identities are perceived as different from ‘true’ Americans and are “shut out from their world by a vast veil” (Du Bois, 405)....   [tags: Mexican American, United States]

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The Immigrant Boom Of Immigrants

- The immigrant came to another country with their kid or wife trying give them a better life or attending to change a better job. Even these first generation of immigrants can accept their living environment or job very well, they will still feel unfamiliar about the new world they staying at which reminds me about my aunt and uncle. They have immigrated to America for more than 7 years, got a stable job even their kids. However, when I talked with her about how do they feel about this country, they told me that the culture here is very different from where they came from; therefore, sometimes they had to face some culture shocks....   [tags: Culture, Cultural assimilation]

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The Immigrant Victim

- B. The Immigrant Victim Louima was born in Thomassin, Haiti. He immigrated to the United States after receiving a degree in electrical engineering. Like most Haitian immigrants, Louima was hoping to escape the brutality and insecurity of Haiti for a more prosperous and safe life in Brooklyn, but instead, he came face to face with the brutality he hoped to escape. The attack on Louima came on the heels of a narrative that depicted Haitian immigrants as worthless. The man who was the Mayor of New York City in 1997 (Rudolph Giuliani - as US Assistant Attorney General) had kept 2,000 Haitian immigrants boat people in detention....   [tags: Police, Crime, Police brutality, Constable]

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We Need Health and Safety for Immigrant Workers

- The slaughtering, processing, and packaging of meat has long been associated with a high incidence of accidents, injuries and illnesses. When the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 became law, the meat and meat products industry was designated by the Department of Labor as one of the five Standard Industrial Classifications (SICs) to receive priority attention as part of OSHA's efforts to target those industries having the highest rates of occupational injuries. In this paper I will explain why I agrees with the conclusions and recommendations of the Human Rights Watch in regards to worker safety concerning immigrant workers and why new laws need to be written that ensure work...   [tags: illegal immigration, undocumented immigrants]

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Language Separation in Immigrant Families

- Language Separation in Immigrant Families In America, each family usually has a standard language spoken in the household. Communication is easy and mothers can talk with their children and they can connect with them. Some people who have this benefit are unaware that some families do not have this advantage in their homes. Lee Thomas and Linh Cao understand that some families have language change through each generation. Cao herself lived in house where her relatives used several different languages and learned first hand that there are many losses when a family doesn’t share a common language....   [tags: Immigrants Immigration Essays]

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Story of a Romanian Immigrant

- Story of a Romanian Immigrant Immigrating to the United States in not a simple process. Millions immigrate to America but many millions more are denied a visa or forced to cross the border illegally because of the limited number of applicants that the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, now a department of Homeland Security, provides as well as the extremely stringent process that is imposed upon migrating applicants. Even getting a simple tourist visa can be a tiring ordeal and beyond reach of most foreign citizens who are not wealthy....   [tags: Interview Immigration USA Immigrants Essays]

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The Immigrant Culture Of The United States

- ... Children must then fend for themselves and formulate their own education such as Malcolm X who states that “[his] alma mater was books [or] a good library” (Malcolm). Malcolm lacked the appropriate tools to be able to gain an education but he was able to utilize what was within his reach to achieve knowledge; this is why he considers the books he had within his reach to be his version of a college. Although Malcolm was not an immigrant, he shared common aspects to immigrant children who may not have important resources to aid them in their educational needs....   [tags: United States, English language, Education]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Illegal Immigrant '

- ... This stems from xenophobic ideals put out into the media by famous people and politicians such as Donald Trump, who at a Trump rally said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists… (Chen).” Comments like these don’t take into account, the struggles and real stories behind immigrants of all nationalities that come into the United States....   [tags: Illegal immigration]

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The Transformation of Immigrant Parents and Children

- Immigrants are defined as people who permanently move to a forgiven country from their origin country. Immigrants can move for the purposes of seeking better living, better education, or in order to avoid any sort of issues in their origin country. Despite the reasoning behind the decision of the movement, an immigrant will be affected by the change of culture, way of life, social system and community. The process of the movement effects each individual differently depending on their, age, gender and their level of connection to their past culture....   [tags: changes in tradition and culture]

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The Benefits of a High Immigrant Population

- Construction of Main Arguments The benefits of a high immigrant population are apparent in almost every walk of life. Their overall contribution to the general economy is show as a positive one and there improvements to the quality of the workforce are also quite note-worthy. First, let us turn our eyes to something that is indisputable in economics. Even among those who claim that immigration isn't beneficial still have to accept the fact that overall the United States' gross domestic product (G.D.P) increases....   [tags: immigration, economy, workforce, GDP]

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Immigration And The Immigrant Worker Center

- ... Surely, I expect to interview immigrants who have been affected by the Canadian labor policy and employment “exploitation” in different ways. Thus, I will interview them about their life/work experiences and consequences of the Canadian labor policy. I want to interview three people that are completely different based on their country, gender, and jobs. I expect to interview women and men, which will certainly provide different stories. In addition, I would like to interview people that have different cultural practices and beliefs in order to see how they adapted to Canada (multicultural and liberal country)....   [tags: Immigration, Human migration, Employment]

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The Status Of The New Immigrant

- The status of the new immigrant Belonging to the native culture has a positive and negative effect. In the article "Two Ways to Belong in America" by Baharati Mukherjee and "A Battle of Cultures" by K. Cannie Kang, both articles deals with the main idea that some of the immigrant accept their new life. In addition, some of immigrant like to stay in their cultures even when they move to another country. How immigrant interact with a new country, and how that reflects on them. In the article "Two Ways to Belong in America" Baharati Mukherjee explains that there are two ways to belong in America....   [tags: United States, Immigration to the United States]

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The Life of an Immigrant Black Woman

- Hardship and loss of freedom comes to mind as I think about an immigrant black woman. If they had other forms of persuasion other then the “glamour” or positive side of England that they heard about through tales, would they less enthused and reluctant of being the follower. Would the immigrant black woman still be as naïve. Once becoming a part of a different society, she has to adapt to the ways that she is unfamiliar with. She has to erase in a form of what she knows and feels is correct to from her true self....   [tags: immigration, England,]

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Immigration Is An Illegal Alien Or Immigrant?

- Immigration has been going on since the early 20th century when foreigners were allowed to come to America for jobs and other life opportunities. This would be the beginning of many foreigners coming into America without government permission or once entered, staying beyond their termination date of the visa given therefore becoming an illegal alien or immigrant. It is a problem and like any other problem, there is a solution. By pardoning illegal immigrants in America, this will allow many immigrants to start a new life erasing their past life in their past country but by doing so, this would mean that political offenses and other misbehaviors will be forgotten, a risk that is worth taking...   [tags: Immigration to the United States]

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My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant

- ... After Vargas arrived in San Francisco, he fell in love with the area and loved living with his grandparents. As years went by, Vargas, who was 16 at this time, went to the D.M.V. to get his driver’s permit, but fortunately the clerk working at the office told Vargas that his Green Card was fake and never to come back. After questioning his grandparents, Vargas finds out that he was smuggled into the United States of America and all his documents were fraudulent. In Vargas’s essay, “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant”, his story fiddles with the readers emotions and makes the reader ponder the issue of immigration in the United States of America....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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The Effect a Society Has on an Immigrant

- Societies have changed over the years; our identities play a huge role in this world. Because we live in a heterogeneous society, many people may have dilemmas when it comes to constructing their identity. The effect the society can have on an immigrant is immense; living in a foreign country can easily change one’s identity. Despite the fact that Maalouf and I are both immigrants with double personalities deprived of the worrisome in exposing our identities, we’re at a variance with our perception towards constructing identities and the society’s attitude towards us....   [tags: sense, blood, nationality, identity]

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The Immigration Of The Immigrant Youth

- ... Individually, the language barrier that many adolescents face can form an obstacle to adequate health services and resources. English language competence “predicted lower levels of depressive symptoms among Latino youth” (Potochnik & Perreira, 2011), as adolescents were better able to navigate their communities and access help. Immigration status has also been shown as a risk factor for negative health outcomes on an individual, family, and community level. For an adolescent, “having an undocumented parent has been associated with higher levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms” (Suro, Suarez-Orozco, & Canizales, 2015, p....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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Immigrant Workers in Phoenix

- Immigrant Workers in Phoenix Before the sun even rises in Phoenix, out of the closing shadows of night, dark and quiet silhouettes begin to appear. They are the silhouettes of working men who rise before the sun rises, each with the hope of obtaining work and earning money to help support their families. These men are usually assumed to be immigrants without the proper paperwork to work in the United States. They are also better known as day laborers. These so-called “day laborers” congregate on street corners or in the parking lots of builders’ stores awaiting the arrival of employers who will hire them for a day’s work....   [tags: Immigration Labor Immigrants Essays Papers]

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Are Immigrant Workers Imperfectly Substitutable?

- Many wage studies suggest that immigrant workers are imperfectly substitutable for native-born workers who have similar educational attainment and experience. Relying on U.S. Census and ACS data, I ask, to what degree do language skills drive this. I suggest that immigrants who arrive to the United States at young ages, both have stronger English skills and exhibit greater substitutability for native-born workers than immigrants who arrived later. Similarly, immigrants with poor English skills will be more responsive to the supply of immigrants and their relative wages will suffer more than English-speaking immigrants....   [tags: native-born workers, puerto rico, education]

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National Minority and Immigrant Groups

- Will Kymlicka writes in the Multicultural Citizen that national minorities and immigrant groups should be given room and protection to practice and express their cultures. He argues that cultural expression is key to individual freedom and allows for a greater freedom of opportunity. National minorities, as large ethnic minority populations within a nation that have historic and cultural ties to the land (Kymlicka, p. 79), should be given the utmost cultural freedom and protection culture as it enhances the nation as a whole....   [tags: Priority, Cultural Freedom]

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I'm an Immigrant and I'm a Human

- As a product of immigration, I was shaped by the unique benefits and challenges of spending my developmental years in multiple cultures. I was born in the rural province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines but spent most of my early childhood years in the country’s capital city of Manila. When I was six years old, my family moved to Singapore for several years before settling down in Guam by my ninth birthday, when my father contracted a job with an international hotel franchise. Learning to navigate the cultural discrepancies in my life soon became a norm, one that shaped my values and priorities....   [tags: doctoral degree purpose paper]

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The Impact Immigrants have on the Economy

- The world is becoming an increasingly interconnected place and this trend is continuing. As a result, countries are facing new problems that are requiring policy changes in many highly contentious fields. Of major concern are the immigration and citizenship policies of many western nations that are receiving a majority of the immigrants. This is a highly salient issue because people are concerned about the effect immigrant populations will have on voting trends and the jobs that they could take from citizens....   [tags: immigrant community, dahl, democracy]

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Is Angelina Velasquez A Mexican Immigrant?

- Her day began the same as many of the other farmworkers in Immokalee, Florida - early. She was on her way to work at 5am, even she was not allowed to start picking tomatoes until the dew dried on the plants, which was around 10am. After her day started, she would endure long hours of work in the hot Florida sun with no breaks and earning little pay. She would be screamed at, and being a woman, she would be at increased risk for sexual assault. The woman described is Angelina Velasquez, a Mexican immigrant, who was profiled by the New York Times last year in Immokalee a town in the south western part of Florida....   [tags: Slavery, Human rights]

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Mexican Immigrant Oppression in America

- “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”~ Martin Luther King, Jr. As Martin Luther King, Jr, described, oppression is a worldwide problem, however though the most crucial group is the Mexican immigrants in America, due to the economical, educational, and societal discrimination they face in a country where is everyone is said to be free; consequently though due to anti- immigration groups and non- acceptance in America, this problem has remained unsolved, and will remain so until people can learn to accept people for who they are, and not where they come from....   [tags: Immigration Research Paper]

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The Mexican Immigrant Field Worker

- Santa Maria, a city located in California, is in the heart of the strawberry sharecrop market. With working in fields being extremely demanding, sharecropping businesses exploit the vulnerable. In today’s times Mexican immigrants, and in particular women, children, and teenagers are exploited every day in fields across the country. Mexican immigrants play a vital part in igniting capitalist agriculture, especially in strawberry agriculture, and are not compensated fairly for their work. With slavery being outlawed in the United States it is amazing how the Mexican immigrant field worker has not been advocated for, because their rigorous field work as well as their extremely low pay, closely...   [tags: United States, Slavery in the United States]

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Immigrant's Perspective on Being American

- What does it mean to be American. It can be a "loaded" question this day and age, and the answer will vary depending on whom you ask. I am willing to bet that it would be hard to get a consensus even in a small group like our class. I suspect that's because the answer is shaped by many possible variables. Geography: Where you pose the question will no doubt impact the answer you get. A person in New York City will most likely have a different perspective than, say, someone from Montgomery, Alabama....   [tags: America]

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If I Were An Immigrant

- If I Were an Immigrant It would be very hard to be an immigrant in the United States. I spoke to my coworker that is an immigrant from Albania and discussed how my life would be different. The first thing that would be considered would be living away from the rest of your family and missing them. We discussed how in Albania everyone knew their neighbors, and living here some people do not know their neighbors. I was told that the style of living is very different here, for example, when a person goes into a coffee shop in the United States they are usually in and out, but in Albania people actually sit down with a friend and drink your coffee....   [tags: United States, High school, English-language films]

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Socializing Children Into Immigrant Communities

- Language and emotion are very important to human development as it creates identity and perception of the self. In addition, language and emotion are important to socialization and a person’s perception of the world. These messages are taught differently throughout the world and are influenced by the family, community and culture therefore children adapt as a result of their learned experiences (Miller and Mangelsdorf 2005). This paper focuses on research conducted by Kusserow (1999), Fung (1999) and Orellana (2001)....   [tags: language, emotion]

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I Am An Immigrant Essay

- ... on June 26, 2006. The last thing I expected to face was ignorant and rude people. I did see the many so-called homeless people make degrading remarks about different boroughs, cultures, religious and more. But what hurt me most, because it surprised me, happened during my second week at New York University. While walking to my Cultures and Contexts class, I passed the Jewish Club table. I wanted some candies and to learn more about the club. My sisters told me that anyone can join any club in college, it’s usually never exclusive....   [tags: United States, New York City, Family, Mother]

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I Am An Immigrant Well

- I am an immigrant well, kind of; I wasn 't born here, but then again I wasn 't raised anywhere else. My parents brought me over when I was a child so they would be the immigrants since they made the decision to come here; I was kind of brought along. The year was 1994, I was 3(three) years old and my family and I had just been offered the opportunity to come to the U.S. my parents took it leaving everything behind. We were one of the lucky ones; our process was clean and simple. My dad worked for a religious organization, the Seventh Day Adventist Union in the Dominican Republic, as a canvasser; he sold books related to health and ministry....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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Mexican American And Immigrant Policy

- ... For example, those students who have more advantages, such as parents who have a higher income, have better mental health status. Subsequently, those who have a lesser advantage, these students have an increase in the chances of being discriminated against. They have more problems at home, which cause more stress to the individual. It also effects their concentration at school and the ability to make relationships. Furthermore, the stress that is associated with SES and the lack of socioeconomic resources can cause posttraumatic stress symptoms from perceived racial and ethnic discrimination among Mexican Americans (Flores et al., 2010)....   [tags: Discrimination, Stereotype, Mexican American]

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Immigrant Fatalities on the Mexican-American Border

- The deaths in the border between Mexico and the United states have been increasing rapidly in the past decade. The fatalities have doubled since 1998 due to the increase of borders patrol and border militarization. The result is the redistribution of the migratory flow to more dangerous and remote areas such as southern Arizona. Even though the number of immigrants who try to cross the border has decreased, the number of fatalities continues to increase. Immigrants will not stop coming unless the situation in their countries changes and with a more protected border, they will look for more remote areas to try to cross....   [tags: USA Mexico Border, Illegal Immigrants]

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Ewen's Immigrant Women in the Land of Dollars

- Ewen's Immigrant Women in the Land of Dollars Throughout history, the concept of Americanization has been studied in order to better understand the effects of a mass culture on immigrants. On one side stands the view of an immigrant engulfed in American ideology who leaves behind his past....   [tags: Immigration Capitalism Women Immigrants]

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The Indochinese Immigrant Movement

- ... Consequently, the event led to the birth of the communist party in Vietnam, with Ho Chi Minh as the founding father. The struggle over power in the Vietnamese government in the mid-20th century—coincide with the Cold War between Democracy and Communism— turn the clash into an endeavor for the American government to contain and dismantle the Communist regime that was on the verge of taking control in Vietnam, including parts of Laos and Cambodia. Unfortunately, there were many Indochinese who did not support of the Communist regime; many fled their home land as political refugees fearing that once Communist has grasp the power, they are going to eradicate the opposition and inflict violen...   [tags: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cold War]

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The Illegal Immigrant Controversy

- It seems that everyone has an opinion on the illegal immigrant issue. We read about it in the newspaper, see the issue addressed on television, and hear that our elected officials are proposing new laws to address the problem. At one end of the spectrum are those who propose that we build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, or deport them if they have managed to enter the country illegally. At the other end, are the proponents who want America to accept the “undocumented” and grant them amnesty....   [tags: citizenships, punishment, tax liability]

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Immigrant Subculture in America

- A subculture can consist of any small group outside the central or key majority group. The groups can range from an organized crime group, to an Asian American group, to a religious group, to even a hippie commune. The main focus of this unit is the immigrant subcultures. The immigrant subculture that is becoming more commonplace every day in the United States is the Mexican Americans. Mexican Americans have many religious traditions, ceremonies, customs, as well as art and music forms. There are also various cultural traditions....   [tags: Culture ]

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Story of an Immigrant

- Story of an Immigrant The focus of this paper is Shimma. His tribal home is in Sudan. He is believed to be 21 and has resided as a refugee in the USA since August 2001. He is known as a “Lost Boy of Sudan.” I met Shimma while shopping at Wal-Mart in central Phoenix. I had been fascinated by the reports of the Lost Boys that I had heard on TV and read in the newspapers. I knew that some of the Lost Boys were being relocated to Phoenix and hoped to meet some of them along the way on my travels through out Phoenix....   [tags: Sudan Lost Boys Immigration Essays Papers]

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Anti Immigrant Sentiment : America Is The Nation Of Immigrants

- Anti- Immigrant Sentiment America is the nation of immigrants. It is the place where different cultures converge, and also call home. Anti-immigrant hysteria took many forms, including anxiety that the newcomers would not assimilate because they spoke different languages, practiced different religions, had different customs, were not white in the taxonomy of the day, and possessed divided loyalties. In America many immigrant are becoming leaders. However, America also known as anti-immigrant which made the immigration system to become extremely hard for immigrants....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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Legal Immigrant Campaign

- Dear Members of Numbers USA, I am writing this letter from a perspective of a legal immigrant and an American citizen that I am now. Since the nature of your organization is to stop legal and illegal immigration, I feel the need to express my strongest disappointment in your most recent campaign against Comprehensive Immigration Reform and my disagreement with the message you convey to the American nation. According to your organization the main issues involved are overpopulation, increase in unemployment rate, negative economic impact and amnesty....   [tags: comprehensive, immigration, reform, nation]

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The Perpetual Border Battle And Imagining The Immigrant

- A Big Controversial There are many similarities in “The Perpetual Border Battle” and “Imagining the Immigrant: Why legality must give way to humanity”, First in “The perpetual border battle” “Migration is based on networks of family, clan, and village that can continue to operate long after the conditions that may have sparked the original emigration”. In “Imagining the Immigrant” mentions about major migration movements despite the social and economic circumstances that significantly alter the normal civic concrete....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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History of Korean Immigrants

- Immigrant in United States had me thought a lot about immigrants, more specifically Korean immigrants. I chose to focus on Korean immigrants because the city that I come from, Orange County, California, has a large Asian population. I do have some friends that are actually from another country and I would hear comment about green card, immigrant acts, their home country, and citizenship status. My hometown is the one that influenced me to research about the history of Korean immigrant. January 13, 1903, first group of Korean immigrants arrived to Hawaii for work and/or school....   [tags: immigration, immigrant act, united states]

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`` Undocumented Immigrant `` By Jose Antonio Vargas

- ... If he did not lose his Philippine accent during high school and college, people would have questioned his nationality and ethnicity – even though he always claimed himself as American. If Vargas did not invest the time to lose his accent, people would not have treated him as a United States citizen. There are many immigrants who struggle with language, and most are afraid to let it be known that they are immigrants because of the consequences. Immigrants and foreigners take ESL (English as a Second Language) classes to learn English; however, Vargas was privilege enough to have learned the English language in his country.Language was a very important tool for Vargas when he was a kid, he...   [tags: English language, United States]

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The Life of Immigrant Children In New York

- The Life of Immigrant Children In New York By the late nineteenth century the economic lines in America between the upper and lower class were quickly widening because of the boom of urban industrial expansion. Moreover, during the 1800s, America witnessed an influx of immigrants coming from many parts of the world, they made tenement houses in New York’s lower East Side a common destination. One person witnessing the living conditions of these tenements was journalist Jacob A. Riis. For several years, Riis, with camera in hand, tooked a multitude of photographs that depicted the atrocious working and living conditions in the New York slums....   [tags: Literature Review]

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Children Of Immigrant Parents On Public Education

- Children of immigrant parents entitled to public education. We don’t realize how hard it is for immigrant parents to get their children education, and we judge and hate on something we have never been through. I guess it’s true you never know someone’s pain unless you go through it. Not everyone has the same privileges as others, some have to work twice as hard to try to give their children an opportunity towards an education on the contrary some American families have it simpler. I not blaming people who have families who were born here or say it’s wrong, but many people tend to affront children of immigrant parents and feel like they have the equitableness to say they aren’t suitable to re...   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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I Am A Black Immigrant Woman

- ... As an ambassador, my duties included welcoming incoming international students to the university and helping them settle into campus life. As a graduate student, I was president of the Psychology Graduate and Student Organization and continued to promote a welcoming and inclusive campus at UML. I tried to raise aware of social justice issues occurring across the globe and encourage student involvement in these issues. My experience as a Black immigrant in the US has also shaped my interest in social justice issues and the areas of research I pursue....   [tags: Sociology, African American, Black people]

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Prevalence Of Mental And Non Immigrant Americans

- ... Sánchez et al. (2014), conducted a research and focused on a sampling of this population consisting of 75 self-identified Latinos. The purpose was to question them and identify their opinions and history of their mental health symptoms and treatment experience, acculturation, and to identify their stigmas towards mental illness. The genders varied with 64% being males and 36% being female, and all had an average age of 33.22 years old (Sánchez et al., 2014). According to the survey conducted by Sánchez et al....   [tags: Mental disorder, Mental health, California]

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A Look Into An Immigrant 's Viewpoint Of America

- ... He believes that my siblings and I sometimes oversee the struggles that other live through because we have been blinded by what seem to be "normal". My dad pointed out that other children work for their daily food; meanwhile, my siblings and I are provided with food. He sometimes gets frustrated to see that the following generation lacks the motivation to go further beyond their parent 's socio-economical position. My father was scared and anxious to leave his country and start a new chapter of his life in America--he felt a great load of pressure to help out his family....   [tags: United States, Family, Mexico]

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Overcoming Obstacles: Example of an Immigrant Family

- Did you face any challenge in your life ever. What did you do to solve the problem. Did you overcome the setback or was hit back by the challenge. If you defeated the problem, it means you got the ability of resilience. If you was defeated by the problem, I hope this essay can help you set up the ability of resilience. At the beginning of this essay, I want to introduce my family first. I think it can let you understand this story better. My family is an immigrant family, we move to here 4 years....   [tags: Resilience, Family]

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Immigrant Labor workers: Enduring the Pain

- Introduction Despite being one of the smallest countries of the world, Lebanon ranks among the top when it comes to ethical and cultural mixture. Threw history, Lebanon was the destination for several migrants that were forced to leave their beloved country due to circumstances that were beyond their control. Nevertheless, Lebanon has repeatedly opened its borders to shelter those refugees. Ranging from the Armenians that were terrified by the ottoman's intolerance in the early 1900s, to the Palestinians that were forced to leave Palestine by the Israelis back in the 1950s, and up until nowadays with the Syrians that are esc...   [tags: Lebanon Population, Monopolistic Parties]

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The Immigrant Experience Is Not Committed By A Black Person

- “When a crime is reported, pray that it was not committed by a black person, and if it turns out to have been committed by a black person, stay well away from the crime area for weeks, or you might be stopped for fitting the profile.” The stereotypes around us every day are often misrepresentations of an entire ethnicity. All of Ifemelu’s life she has had no problem with fitting in. Throughout high school and going to university she was considered popular. Once she came to America is when she first encountered a problem with fitting in....   [tags: Race, Black people, White people, Human skin color]

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America 's An Immigrant From Honduras

- ... In Honduras it was much more together and close, everyone knew what was going on in each other’s lives while in the states, people keep to their selves and watch people pass by. As I grew older my family decided to move to the United States of America and I was left behind because I was not ready to leave my home country. A few years passed and I was missing my family greatly, I never was able to see them and it was hard to not speak to them daily. At this time I knew I needed to move to this beautiful country....   [tags: United States, Immigration to the United States]

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I Interviewed An Immigrant From India

- For this assignment, I interviewed an immigrant from India, which I will refer to him as “Andaleep Kumar”. Andaleep was born in India which is one of the largest countries in Asia. He immigrated to the United Satates of America in 1968. He mentioned that came to the United Satates on a student Visa to obtain a college degree. He was 18 years of age when he came to California. After the movement which took place in America for the civil rights in 1960, there were great number of people who immigrated to United States of America....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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Challenges Faced By A First Generation Immigrant

- ... (PSY 317’s Lecture Note, 05-09-16) But I do believe that challenges and stressors are the keys to success, which help me in growing up. Thus, I always tell myself that I need to overcome all the difficulties in order to accomplish my goals and dreams. However, everything is not as easy as I thought. While living within a completely different culture, I have experienced culture shock. Cultural shock is a term which Oberg (1960) describes as an experience by people who move into another culture....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Anthropology]

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Greek American Immigrant Experience Exhibition

- Greek American Immigrant Experience Exhibition The Greek Americans have a history of existence dating back to the 6000 BC. The period between 1880 to 1910 had a lot of significant effect on the art elements in the American history; the elements and artifacts used during this period have extensive descriptions of the culture and general way of lives of these countrymen on the American continent. The various stereotypes and social order of communities differ from one geographical region to another including the native languages, perception of different elements in social activities....   [tags: United States, Sociology, Greeks, Florida]

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“This I Believe” about the Good Life: What it Means to an Immigrant

- Everyone desires to live a good life and people are always searching for ways to do so. In my case, by moving to the United States, I now have the opportunity to live a good life, but my definition differs from everyone else’s. I believe that living a good life means getting a good education, working hard, family support, willing to adapt new environment, having a leader, and becoming a self-made individual. My family and I moved from Pakistan eleven years ago in search of a better life. Their main purpose in moving here in the U....   [tags: Immigrants, Immigration, ]

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The Settlement And Social Inclusion Process Of Immigrant And Refugee Youth

- ... While these young immigrants and refugees are goal-oriented, their ability to follow up on their individual and collective goals are limited by schools. Participants commented passionately on teachers with low expectations, the poor career advice they received, the unfair practices of course streaming, and unfair school discipline. It is impossible to know from this study the intentions of the career and educational advice perceived by immigrant and refugee youth as so disheartening, the reasons for course placements, or the veracity of young people’s accusations of racial bias and unfair treatment by school officials....   [tags: Sociology, Education, High school, School]

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Language and Culture in an Immigrant Society

- The professor of my linguistics anthropology course this year, stepped up to the podium on the first day of class, and surprised us all with his feelings regarding language. He began by telling us that he specializes in human misery, perhaps insinuating language is a source of misery. Dr. Song is a Korean immigrant and the sounds of his own language repulses him. Growing up in modern society America has made him cringe at the sound of his native tongue. It is this same native language of Korean that my professor falls back into when he is made nervous by an English speaking person leaning in closer to him and squinting up his face expecting not to understand what will come out of his...   [tags: Cultural Identity Essays]

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Immigration Laws and Its Impact on Undocumented Immigrant Students

- “Immigration laws” and its impact on undocumented college immigrant students The topic that will be introduced and discussed in this research paper is “Immigration Laws” and how it impacts undocumented college immigrant students living in California (2005-2010). This is a sensitive topic which often is neglected and not shown enough attention by government officials; meanwhile millions of people living within the U.S are being affected by it in their daily lives. This topic will consider its relevance to today’s sociological issues such as education, and politics as they are influenced by the development, structure, and functioning of the socioeconomic systems/Laws intended for college s...   [tags: education, development, socioeconomic]

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Immigrant Families : Entry Into The Child Welfare System

- In order to analyze the topic of immigrant families ' entry into the child welfare system, a review of the literature on this topic was conducted. The twenty articles used in this review of the literature were selected due to their ability to answer preliminary research questions as well as build a foundation for what is known about immigrant families and their entry into the child welfare system. Databases such as PsychInfo, ProQuest, JSTOR, and Google Scholar were used in acquiring articles, key words that were searched were “immigration”, “Latino immigrants”, “child maltreatment”, “child abuse”, “ acculturation” ,“acculturation stress”, and “child welfare system”....   [tags: United States, Immigration to the United States]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Immigrant Benefits America ' By Bill Clinton

- ... Next, Clinton uses “we” from time to time so as to appeal the common sense among the readers, especially US citizens. “We must decide,” “We must remember,” “We should treat” is used with the specific action as a proposal to join with the president of the United States to solve the immigrants issue. The author successfully build the strong connection between him and the audience because he makes them more important when they are involving in the national great issue. On the contrary, the tone of Auster’s essay is considered to be contemptuous....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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What is the experience of a Latin American immigrant in the United States?

- Have you ever wondered why Latin immigrants come to the U.S.. Do they have any experience with any jobs. Why is the population of Latin immigrants increasing. Many Latin immigrants have moved into the United States which means the Latin Americans population of the immigrant in the United States is increasing. “The Mexican-born population in the U.S., which had been growing earlier in the decade, was 11.5 million in early 2009” (Passel & Cohn 2009) they have come from different countries, such as Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras....   [tags: Immigration ]

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The Struggles of Immigrant Women in the Early Twentieth Century

- Between the years of 1840 and 1914, about forty million people immigrated to the United States from foreign countries. Many of them came to find work and earn money to have a better life for their families. Others immigrated because they wanted to escape the corrupt political power of their homelands, such as the revolution in Mexico after 1911. Whatever the case, many found it difficult to begin again in a new country. Most immigrants lived in slums with very poor living conditions. They had a hard time finding work that paid enough to support a family....   [tags: social issues, immigration]

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Case Study of an Immigrant

- Case Study of an Immigrant “We are all immigrants. Our only difference is that some of us arrived earlier and some of us later” a great quote from Ruiz (1997). From the 1930’s to the 1970’s most people that immigrated here were from Europe, it is only recently that people from Mexico began immigrating here (Christie, 1998). The only difference is, when people were emigrating here from Europe, they already had high income and educational levels (1998). People that are emigrating here now from Mexico have trouble keeping the economy up (1998)....   [tags: Illegal Immigration Mexico USA Essays Papers]

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Steven Nolt's Approach to the Immigrant Story in the Early Republic

- ... Public education was a new idea that threatened the tradition of a parochial school. America was a new place for the German immigrants to call home, not just a resting place till the next location would be available. The Pennsylvania Germans especially, which is the largest German immigrant group and the focus of Nolt’s writing, made America their own place. The local control of government such as with federal taxes proved to be something the Pennsylvania Germans could handle. This most likely having to do with the fact they had been under local scrutinizing control in their homeland....   [tags: german, culture, peasants]

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Farmer, Political Boss, and Immigrant

- Farmer, Political Boss, and Immigrant Various people from the late nineteenth century held diverse opinions on political issues of the day. The source of this diversity was often due to varying backgrounds these people experienced. Three distinct groups of people are the farming class, the political bosses, and the immigrants, who poured into the country like an unstoppable flood. These groups of people also represented the social stratification of the new society, which had just emerged from rapid industrialization....   [tags: American History]

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Cesar Chavez, Larry Itliong and Immigrant Labor

- When you try to describe Californians today, a common term that would probably appear more often than not, is diverse. California truly is a melting pot of different cultures that span the globe, from the Chinese and other Asian immigrants trying to attain the “golden mountain” to the Chicano community that was absorbed into American culture after the Mexican government ceded control of what is now, the Western United States. A common link between the past and present in California is the hard working immigrant laborer that put up with the harsh working conditions and got down and dirty to make a living....   [tags: California history, farm workers union]

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The First-generation Immigrant in America

- My grandmother has a certain look in her eyes when something is troubling her: she stares off in a random direction with a wistful, slightly bemused expression on her face, as if she sees something the rest of us can’t see, knows something that we don’t know. It is in these moments, and these moments alone, that she seems distant from us, like a quiet observer watching from afar, her body present but her mind and heart in a place only she can visit. She never says it, but I know, and deep inside, I think they do as well....   [tags: Minorities Equality Essays]

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Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship by Racheal Ida Buff

- ... Much like the term nigger developed for the black slaves, Native Americans have had to deal with the made up conception of themselves. The Indian is described in relation to the white Americans, a sort of counter image. Thus allowing for the Indian image to be swayed and not seen truly. Tribes were lumped together as designated observers tried to discover the Native American culture. “Whether describing physical appearance or character, manners, or morality, economy or dress, housing or sexual habits, government or religion, Whites overwhelmingly measured the Indian as a general category against those beliefs, values, or institutions they most cherished in themselves at the time”....   [tags: xenophobia in america, strangers, fear]

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The Effects Of Illegal Immigrant Minors On The United States

- ... It is said that there are between 8,000 to 10,000 of the MS 13 gang members living within these states amongst us. A few of the arias where MS 13 is heavily present in the United States include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Maryland and many others. This gang is not afraid to make their presence known. They are known to mark their territory by doing graffiti. The graffiti not only lets those who are not affiliated with gangs know that they are around but also lets rival gang members know that that are now on the MS 13 territory and are now in danger of being shot and killed....   [tags: Gang, Los Angeles, Crime, Mara Salvatrucha]

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My Experience as an Illegal Immigrant in the United States

- As a kid growing up in a very abusive household my mother was a victim of Domestic Violence and for many years we were living in poverty this made it extra hard for me to handle secondary education until she decided to escape to the United States. At the age of seventeen my environment changed. The abuse stopped but we still struggled, as an illegal immigrant she was not qualified for a job and she worked cleaning houses and ironing clothes while I attended High School in Brooklyn New York. I had to learn to adjust life without my sibling because my mom did not have enough money for them to be with us and adapt to a new culture....   [tags: master of social work]

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How Does A Fashion Editor And An Immigrant Girl Connect?

- ... Again, their silence is one characteristic that makes them intriguing because it builds to the tension of their story. Cynthia’s silence says that she does not want to relive the trauma of her life in Burundi. Anna’s silence screams that she does not agree with a statement or she seemed uninterested. Not only were there similar character development, but there was also a similarity in the structure. One thing that the documentary and the narrative have is common is that the background information of the characters was placed towards the middle of the stories....   [tags: Vogue, Anna Wintour, The September Issue]

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Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors and Child Protective Services

- In the summer of 2010, I was assigned to work with a youth who became known to the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (The Division) as a substantiated victim of child abuse (physical). Within the Division, the youth was assigned a case manager to handle legal aspects of the case and link him to services. I was specifically assigned to the youth to develop a therapeutic relationship and assist with his new adjustment, after being removed from his biological father and placed in foster care....   [tags: Immigration]

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Discrimination Against Immigrant Labor

- The global mobility of human resources between countries is a key driving force of the currently ongoing economic and regional development all over the world. It is indisputable that the immigration of international labour force would exert many positive and important impacts on the economic, cultural and social structure of both migrant-receiving and migrant-sending countries. Actually, the trend of temporary and permanent immigrants increasing in some western countries began to gain momentum in recent years....   [tags: Sociology]

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Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

- Employment is hard to find and hard to keep and a job isn’t always what one hoped for. Sometimes jobs do not sufficiently support our lifestyles, and all too frequently we’re convinced that our boss’s real job is to make us miserable. However, every now and then there are reprieves such as company holiday parties or bonuses, raises, promotions and even a half hour or hour to eat lunch that allows escape from monotonous workloads. Aside from our complaints, employment today for majority of American’s isn’t totally dreadful, and there always lies opportunity for promotion....   [tags: immigrant workers]

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A Chinese Immigrant's Experience

- In the late 1800's, the Gold Rush tempted many Asian immigrants to America in hopes of riches and new beginnings. Maxine Hong Kingston's family members immigrated to America due to the Gold Rush and suffered racism and oppression while contributing to the creation of modern day America. Through Chinese fables and stories about the travels from the men in her family, Maxine Hong Kingston uses China Men, a sequel to her award-winning memoir, The Woman Warrior, to describe the outcome of her family's struggles and experiences when they immigrated to America, which eventually leads her to discover her father's secret past....   [tags: 1800's Gold Rush, Asian migration]

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