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Development of Neighborhoods in Chicago

- Chicago in the 1920s was a turning point for the development of ethnic neighborhoods. After the opening of the first rail connection from New York to Chicago in the 1840s, immigration sky rocketed from that point on. Majority of the immigrants to Chicago were Europeans. The Irish, Italians, eastern European Jews, Germans, and Mexicans were among the most common ethnicities to reside in Chicago. These groups made up the greater part of Chicago. The sudden increase in immigration to Chicago in the 1920s soon led to an even further distinguished separation of ethnicities in neighborhoods....   [tags: City Development, Ethnic Neighborhoods]

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Solving the Foreclosure Crisis in Low-Income Neighborhoods

- In cities across the United States, the ongoing foreclosure crisis has caused the rapid spread of urban blight. The proliferation of foreclosed properties has consequences far beyond the hardships encountered by families facing foreclosure. Rising crime, unstable neighborhoods, and local budget problems are but a few of the external effects created by an overabundance of foreclosed property. Dealing with such property requires a two-faceted approach by local governments that focuses on acquiring abandoned properties and then creating programs to encourage responsible homeownership....   [tags: Foreclosures, Low-Income Neighborhoods, ]

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Problem- Solution to Strangers in Neighborhoods

- ... One recent story that definitely impacted the importance of safety was from a fourteen year-old. During the summer, she was home with a friend when someone broke into her house. Trying to enjoy summer break, she decided to stay home with her friend and just hang out- as any teenager would want to do. On August 1st 2012, her life was changed and she wouldn’t be the same. Uninvited strangers came knocking on her door and not too long after that intruded her home. She claims that this is not the first time she has seen strangers in the neighborhood....   [tags: children, protect, safe, gate, security]

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The Safe Neighborhoods And Schools Act

- Proposition 47, also known as the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, is an act that applies savings towards mental health and drug treatment programs. It is extremely controversial and viral, with large amounts of support and protests. This piece of rhetoric is relevant and has a critical impact on our local community and state of California. As the Californian General Election Official Voter Guide states, the goal of Prop 47 is to “…ensure that prison spending is focused on violent and serious offenses, to maximize alternatives for non-serious, nonviolent crime, and to invest the savings generated from this act into prevention and support programs in K–12 schools, victim services, and ment...   [tags: Crime, Misdemeanor, Theft, Prison]

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Identifying Neighborhood Characteristics in the Cases of the Brutus and Chenequa Communities

- Understanding communities and neighborhoods is not always an easy thing to do. Between the different types of power found in neighborhoods, the types of neighborhoods out there, the changes in neighborhoods there is a lot to look at when viewing a community or neighborhood. This paper will use the case example of Brutus and Chenequa neighborhood to identify some of those neighborhood aspects. Power There are many ways that people come into power. Power is the potential ability to move people on a chosen course to produce an effect or achieve some goal (Kirst-Ashman, 2011)....   [tags: Information, Wealth, Neighborhoods, Communities]

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Subdividing Neighborhoods

- Subdividing Neighborhoods Pristine manicure lawns are tightly woven in a grid like pattern nestled in the heart of a new neighborhood. The flowers are abundant in a masquerade of colors, spilling over the terracotta pots drinking in the sunlight. Sprinklers heads spray the freshly cut grass leaving an aroma that permeates the hot dry air. Brick and stucco define the facade of every house leaving a subtle hint of individuality. These imposing subdivision farms have amassed the fields where farmers use to plow....   [tags: Personal Experience ]

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Do Neighborhoods Affect the Development of Children

- In the research scientific paper “Children and Youth in Neighborhood Contexts,” by Tama Leventhal and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, questioned if neighborhoods affect the development of children. This was the main topic of the article to see do certain neighbors effect children cognitive development. According to the article, found that children and adults who live in high-income neighborhoods cognitive ability and performed well in school were higher compare to people who lived in middle-income neighborhoods....   [tags: behavioral science, psychology]

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Project Safe Neighborhoods

- Due to the high rate of crimes committed throughout big cities by gun violence, it is essential for Law Enforcement to enforce a solution to prevent violent, brutal crimes from occurring. Both Federal and local Law Enforcement must work together to promote a solution for reducing gun violence. Back in Bush’s first term as President it was significant for the Bush administration to create a project to “get the message out there” about deterrence and the increasing number of crimes committed through the use of guns....   [tags: crime in big cities]

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The Racial-spatial Dynamic of Violence in Neighborhoods

- ... This study can be compared to previous research in numerous ways. For instance a 1990s research study demonstrated that violence could be dispersed from area to area due to the fact that neighboring communities are pervious to spreading violence across bordering neighborhoods. This analysis made clear that a neighborhood may become influenced with violence because they are irrefutable receptive to such. In another study, the study of Groveland, researchers looked at the poverty rates of the neighboring areas of Groveland and of white communities and compared them....   [tags: article analysis, crime study]

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Neighborhoods and violent crime: A multilevel study of collective efficacy

- Why are some neighborhoods more prone to experience violent episodes than others. What is the extent and in what sociologically measurable ways do communities contribute to the causation and prevention of crime in their neighborhoods. Are neighborhood-level predictors adequate to explain differences in violent crime rates in the respective communities. These are some of the questions addressed by this statistically intense paper published in Science 1997, by Sampson, Raudenbush and Earls. The authors analyzed data from the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods (PHDCN), dividing the communities into neighborhood clusters (NCs) based on census indicators and geographical contin...   [tags: Crime]

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Racial Profiling And High Crime Rate Neighborhoods

- When officers stop, frisk, and find something unusual which, in turn, prevented some form of criminal activity from occurring, they are praised and are giving tons of accolades to acknowledge their efforts. When officers stop, frisk, find nothing, and then release, they are quickly faced with fingers pointing in their direction blaming them of harassment and racial profiling. To some extent, racially profiling potential criminals in high-crime rate neighborhoods is necessary to weed out the trouble makers from the law abiding citizens, but civilians must trust that their local law enforcement agencies are doing everything in their power to ensure that there is justice in all actions that th...   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Crime, Race]

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Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act Analysis

- On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer signed the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (SOLESNA), or Arizona Senate Bill 1070 (S.B. 1070, as it is popularly known). The purpose of the act is “... to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in the United States” (Senate Bill 1070, 2010). Arizona Senate Bill 1070 is considered one of the harshest anti-immigration law due to it’s enforcements. Nevertheless, it is not the first law of it’s kind....   [tags: anti immigration law, arizona senate bill]

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Literacy and Education in Underpriviledged Neighborhoods

- “A house without books is like a room without windows. No man has a right to bring up his children without surrounding them with books,” said renowned educational activist and reformer Horace Mann. The summer before my freshman year, I was tasked with tutoring underserved youth at a nearby community center. Though bright-eyed and enthusiastic, these fourth graders were struggling to read even first grade-level stories. As each trudged painstakingly to pronounce every syllable, blatant frustration pervaded their faces....   [tags: education in America, schooling]

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The Flight Path of Airplanes Over Neighborhoods

- The Flight Path of Airplanes Over Neighborhoods The houses can’t be unbuilt, and the airports can’t be torn down.  But maybe the fences can be mended.  –Robbie Sherwood   In the past 10 years, many cities across the country have outgrown the planner’s expectations.  Unfortunately the airports that were built 20 or more years ago, have not grown with the cities.  Phoenix has tripled in size in the past 10 years.  The tripling of air traffic has not had anywhere to go.  The same two runways that have been serving the city since 1935 when the airport was built have been extremely over loaded.  It is not just happening in Phoenix, a few years ago Denver received a new airport to relieve the...   [tags: Solutions Papers Proposal Essays]

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Poverty in African American Minority Neighborhoods

- Child abuse is defined as ways of treating a child that are harmful or morally wrong. (Richards 12) Child abuse is caused by so many things and usually starts with something de-menial or small. Like a snowball, the problem gets bigger as time goes on, if you do not stop it. Child abuse happens everywhere, in every neighborhood, ethnicity/racial, and religion. It is worldwide. One of the main factors of child abuse is where they live. Do they live in poverty or not. Poverty is such a broad term; when most people think of poverty, they think of the kids they see on TV....   [tags: Effects of Child Maltreatment, Child Abuse, Morals]

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Correlation between Young Black Male Presence in Neighborhoods and a Higher Perception of Crime

- In a study, conducted by Berg, Slocum, and Loeber (2011), they began with several objectives. First, “to assess if robberies and assaults are less likely to be reported when the victim is engaged in crime and if this relationship can be explained by characteristics of the incident, victim, or the victim’s neighborhood and if neighborhood context moderates the effects of offending on reporting” (Berg, Slocum, and Loeber, 2011, p. 75). The data used in this study came from self-reported victimizations to the Pittsburgh Youth Study (PYS)....   [tags: sociological study]

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Why are the Lower Income people in Toronto Facing a Challenge to be a part of Waterfront Neighborhoods?

- During my visit to the site what intrigued my interest the most was the ongoing construction of the buildings surrounding waterfront Toronto and a lot of already elevated buildings. Many of the building in the area are expensive condominium buildings, retail stores and restaurants. Also internet searching about Toronto, I came to know that waterfront Toronto has experienced substantial investment mostly in the form of high-rise condominium towers which attracted a generous population growth in the city....   [tags: waterfront, toronto, condominiums]

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The White Picket Fence Was All Race's Suburban Goal

- ... This was possible thanks in part to the use of restrictive deeds which legally allowed/forced people to discriminate on the basis of race (Nicolaides and Wiese 2006:234). Racial minorities were considered “undesirable” in predominantly white neighborhoods, allowing them to move into the neighborhood would decrease the value of the surrounding homes. This attitude and way of thinking, made it close to impossible for many minorities to qualify for loans since the only neighborhoods that they were allowed to move into were high risk (which were largely populated by minorities) therefore banks were unwilling to provide loans in those communities (Nicolaides and Wiese 2006:227)....   [tags: prejudice, neighborhoods, minorities]

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A Sound Physical and Financial Environment Produces a Healthy Community

- A healthy community is one that produces a financial, communal and physical environment that allows people and families the opportunity to reach their ideal physical health and well-being. A thriving neighborhood does not impart hurdles to excellent health, and is one that promotes opportunities for favorable growth and progress. Health is not just the absence of ailment, but the existence of a collective physical, mental and faith based well-being. Even in the most economically challenged areas, there are characteristics of the neighborhoods that can create aspirations, hope, and opportunities....   [tags: neighborhoods, mental, faith]

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Growing Up During the Egyptian Revolution

- ... During the transitioning stage of the revolution in which the collapse of the ruling régime and governing system was taking place, my country was left to dig itself out of an anarchic pit. Prisons were unlocked, police forces were commanded not to serve and the evilest of men were put in opportunities they only dreamed of. Each night was infested with rapings, thefts, murders and kidnappings. This was my country’s unspoken time of anarchy that it had to put itself through. Neighborhoods became territorial villages, food became currency, and your screams echoed as your only connection to others as the internet and phone lines were detained....   [tags: neighborhoods, military, security]

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Finding Solutions to India's Poor

- ... However, in general, the urban poverty manifests in the form of inadequate provision of housing and shelter, water, sanitation, health, education, social security and livelihoods along with special needs of vulnerable groups like women, children, differently abled and aged people.4 In urban centers, people are dependent on public and private services to mitigate the environmental effects of the overcrowded conditions in which they live. Surveys have revealed that low-income groups residing in informal settlements are paying heavy costs....   [tags: urban population, health, neighborhoods]

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Why Young People Join Gangs

- There are various reasons behind young people joining street gangs. One of the reasons young people join street gangs is because of neighborhood disadvantages. A theory that can contribute to why young people might join street gangs is Social Disorganization Theory. Social Disorganization theory assumes that “delinquency emerges in neighborhoods where neighborhood relation and social institutions have broken down and can no longer maintain effective social controls (Bell, 2007).” Social Disorganization contributes to residential instability and poverty, which affects interpersonal relationships within the community and opens opportunities for crimes to be committed....   [tags: neighborhoods, relationships, delinquency]

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Diversity in Early Education

- One hundred years ago, people did not leave their hometown, much less move their families into multicultural neighborhoods filled with diverse children from all over the planet. However, that is changing. With a more globalized world, minorities are finally represented throughout the country, and diversity is becoming more important than ever. In schools, some has been done to address this drastic reduction in prejudice and increase in opportunities. While completely integrating diversity into classrooms is a challenge due to differences in cultural behavior, and misconceived notions of diversity education, there are many studies which are benefiting multiculturalism and strategies created...   [tags: hometown, multicultural neighborhoods]

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Evolution of Neighbourhoods

- Shrinking occurs with a reduction in population, producing an increase vacancy and neglect, a predominantly minority population, a reduction in institutional or municipal services available, and a fear of crime. This is the current phase of Detroit's neighbourhood lifecycle. Vacant buildings in the city include houses, retail outlets, commercial buildings, schools and industrial facilities (Eisinger, 2013). Approximately half of the city's parks are closed, half of the streetlights are dark, and the public transportation system is unreliable (Eisinger, 2013)....   [tags: detroit, unemployment, population]

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Analysis Of Luke 's Brother From The Neighborhood Near The Developed Land On The Corner Of The Neighborhoods

- FACTS I have recently been approached by Luke, an employee of ABC, for advice on how to approach a scenario related to Owen, Luke’s brother, who happens to live on the corner of the neighborhood near the developed land on which ABC plans to build an adult entertainment retail store. Luke knows that when the plans for the store are made public, the property value of the surrounding area would significantly decrease. Luke also knows that this would hurt Owen, who had recently received an offer for his house at an “okay” price, given the state of the current housing market....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Ethics, Morality]

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Social Disorganization Theory Stemmed from The Polish Peasant in Europe and America by W.I. Thomas and Florian Znaniecki

- Many of the theories and perspectives we have in criminology and sociology today have stemmed from the infamous sociology department, otherwise known as the “Chicago School”. Its emphasis on studying people and the natural interactions they have with their surroundings has led to the extensive examination of numerous neighbourhoods within Chicago. Social disorganization theory was one of the many theories that developed from this ecological thinking. It sought to identify the social problems that arose from rapid urbanization and industrialization....   [tags: concentric zone, criminology, neighborhoods]

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Places as a Source of Inclusion and Exclusion for Specific Communities

- Identities exist in every social sphere of our society; they vary according to sex, race, nationality, race or ethnicity, and are formed through relations of individuals and groups in different places. However, there are tensions within these, thus reinforcing or challenging inequalities. They are also a subject of a changing social context, and their inclusiveness and exclusiveness contribute to a making of society. This essay will look at places where social interactions happen, and relate them to identities of people....   [tags: relationships, communities, neighborhoods]

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Growing Up in California

- ... As the years have passed I was considered middle class, but with the top 1% earning more than half the money in the country we are considered closed to being called poor. As the bill of rights states, the government should protect the minority from the majority, but the majority are the elite, those who rule the country, and the minority are the middle class, the rich and the poor. According to 2010 census, Los Angeles, 90210 are the considered the richest, they have a median household income of 130, 071 dollars, 96.3% of their population are high school graduates or higher, and contain 6.8% of poor people....   [tags: neighborhoods, diversity, population]

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An Analysis of How the Housing Market Affects Impoverished Neighborhoods

- ... Additionally, I will use tables and line graphs to support the results. III. Results Pulling relevant variables from the two datasets, I compiled Table 1 and Figure 2 (same results, just in visual format), which depict the demographics of the city of Oakland from 2000 to 2010. Table 1 and Figure 1 both show that the population of Oakland decreased about 2.61% from 399,477 in 2000 to 389,301 in 2010. In addition, I have also provided on the same table the number of owner and renter occupied units to illustrate the interesting shift of owner-occupied housing units to renter-occupied housing units....   [tags: city of Oakland, degradation, migration out]

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Characteristics of The Harlem Renaissance in the Works of Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and Claude McKay

- The Harlem Renaissance took place between 1919 and 1935; it was a movement that included literary arts, specifically the portrayal of black life from a realistic view; it is known as one of the most influential movements as it was the development of the African American culture (Hutchinson 1). In the renaissance blacks essentially made a new identity for themselves; known as the “new negro”, this included no longer allowing whites to treat them as if they were not humans; additionally they would breakdown the stereotypes of blacks and not let whites dictate them because of their color, past, or financial status (Morgan 214)....   [tags: history of New York neighborhoods]

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The Police And Neighborhood Safety

- In 1982, the political scientist James Q. Wilson and the criminologist George Kelling psychologist, both Americans, published in The Atlantic Monthly in a study that for the first time, established a causal link between disorder and crime. In that study, called The police and neighborhood safety, the authors used the image of broken windows to explain how the disorder and criminality could slowly seep into a community, causing its decline and the consequent drop in quality of life. Wilson and Kelling argued that if a window in a factory or an office was broken and was not repaired immediately, people who pass through there would conclude that no one cared about that locality....   [tags: Crime, Police, Crime prevention]

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About Chicago's Pilsen Neighborhood

- The Pilsen Neighborhood is located Lower West Side of Chicago, extending approximately from Western Avenue and Blue Island Avenue to Sixteenth Street and Canal Street. (Pero.) Today Pilsen has transformed into a colorful, artistic, and beautiful community with the population majority shifted towards the Hispanic. Over the course of these years Pilsen has gone through many changes ranging from cultural to economic and societal changes that have shaped into its present day form. Pilsen’s residents have resisted attempts to gentrify their neighborhood, and have preserved the community as a gateway for Hispanic immigrants....   [tags: Demographics / Scoiology]

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My Neighborhood

- Where I live is one of the greatest neighborhoods in the city to live in; however it does have its draw backs. Importantly it has nearly everything a resident might want, beautiful picturesque scenery, proximity to shopping, and many of the cultural centers. Nevertheless the roads can be some of the most congested in town, and the streets are not safe to walk late at night. Fortunately, I wake every morning to the most beautiful sun lit house. I sit on my porch sipping coffee, while I drink in an atmosphere that steals my breath away....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Example]

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The Effects Of Neighborhood Context On Juvenile Recidivism

- ... Out of the 7,061, 36% were on parole. Grunwald, Lockwood, Harris, and Mennis measured recidivism, individual-level predictors, neighborhood disadvantage, and social capital to see what influences juvenile recidivism. In this study Grunwald, Lockwood, Harris, and Mennis (2010) used four different juvenile recidivism outcomes to measure the rate of recidivism among juveniles. One of the outcomes measured new offenses and specific offenses relating to property, drug, or violence. When Grunwald and his team measured for recidivism among the juveniles, they looked to see if any participants had recidivated, while participating in the 7-month program and following 6-months after release....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Juvenile delinquency]

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Factors That Affect The Neighborhood 's Demographics

- Starting with the neighborhood’s demographics, it is apparent that although the Madison area has a population that is less than the overall Grand Rapids average, it still has a higher population density than the overall average. This implies that the neighborhood is crowded. When completing the neighborhood walk through, group members noted that the majority of houses began and ended within just a few feet of each other. This could mean that there are not enough resources such as social services, recreational activities, pharmacies, or grocery stores for the vast amount of members in the community....   [tags: High school, Crime, School district, Public school]

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Social Enclaves: What Neighborhood Are You From?

- Throughout the past few years, there has been tension in Los Angeles between the neighborhoods. In an originally African American enclave, a Latino gang intimidated original inhabitants to leave Compton, California in a violent trend seen in recent years. In January of 2013, the friend of a newly residential Compton family was both physically and verbally abused by 4 Latino men in efforts to scare away the black family that had just moved in. The men of the Latino gang “called him a ‘nigger’, saying black people were barred from the neighborhood’” and “jumped out, drew a gun on him and beat him with metal pipes” (LA Times)....   [tags: culture, african americans, latinos, gangs]

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The DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative: A Cost Estimate

- Overview The DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI) draws upon promising practices from a national body of work that suggest that dual-generation programming is an effective strategy for breaking the cycle of poverty. Specifically, two-generation strategies that suggest integrating education, employment opportunities, and peer support for parents and academic and support services for their children will produce far more promising outcomes for both the parents and their child. The DCPNI Academy for Girls and Their Mothers is a 12-month program where middle-school aged girls attending Cesar Chavez Public Charter School will join classmates and the caring female in their lives for workshops...   [tags: DCPNI, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School]

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Children and Youth in Neighborhood Contexts: Tama Leventhal and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

- Children and Youth in Neighborhood Contexts Children are influenced by a wide variety of things whether it may be the media that teaches children how to behave or their peers who shape them to be socially acceptable, or maybe even their parents who raised them to discover their own identity. But while there are many obvious influences in a child’s life, there is one that is subtle than the rest: the surrounding environment that the children grew up in, more specifically the neighborhood’s socioeconomic status....   [tags: children, development, media]

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The Virtual Neighborhood and Its Social Implications

- The Virtual Neighborhood and Its Social Implications My own feelings about the "virtual neighborhood" fall somewhere in between those of Jim Dewer and David Noble. I will very briefly make an attempt to sketch out some boundary lines and find myself therein. I distinguish two sides of the issue. One is the concept itself and the other is the proposed list of uses. Admittedly, the two of these are related. The Concept First of all, the "virtual neighborhood" is no real neighborhood and we need to avoid being unduly convinced by a metaphor which is just that, a metaphor, of limited use....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Neighborhood Poverty, Social Capital, and the Cognitive Development of African American Preschoolers

- Children in families with lower incomes at or below the poverty line have been connected with poor cognitive and social development in early childhood. The studies that I chose to use evaluate the cognitive and social development during early childhood using various surveys, evaluations, and observations completed by or with the children, parents, and teachers. Development of any kind is dependent on the interplay of nature and nurture, or genetics and environment. These studies draw from a child’s environment during the earliest years of development, specifically birth, pre-school, and early elementary school....   [tags: early childhood, poverty, social capital]

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Correlation between the Neighborhood One Is Born in and Your Chances in Life

- Prompt C The neighborhood one is born into has an immense effect on one’s life chances. The life of those of around low-income subway stops is not quite the same as the life of those around high-income subway stops. Not only do they have different wealth status but their lives are bound to be distinct. Quality of life certainly varies from class to class with different availability of resources needed to prosper in life. Those of a high-income have easy accessibility to the best education, homes, living environments, and jobs....   [tags: low income vs high income subway stops]

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Social Disorganization Theory Links Crime Rates Neighborhood Ecological Characteristics

- Social Disorganization Theory Social disorganization theory links crime rates neighborhood ecological characteristics perspective that explains ecological differences in levels of crime based on structural and cultural factors shaping the nature of the social order across communities, but where the fabric of social life because frayed and torn are unable to provide essential services to their residents, education health to care, because of the absence of self-regulatory mechanisms, which in turn are due to the impact of structural factors on social interactions or the presence of delinquent subcultures....   [tags: Sociology, Criminology, Crime, Social structure]

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The Roles of Place, Race, and Privilage in Unequal Opportunities

- In this article, Squires and Kubrin argue that place, race, and privilege interact and combine to play a large role in the unequal opportunities that different citizens have in metropolitan areas across the United States. They first explain the existence of “bad” neighborhoods in these metropolitan areas and attempt to describe their development over time. They discuss how place has played a role in this. For example, they discuss sprawl, which they define as “a pattern of development associated with outward expansion, low-density housing and commercial development, fragmentation of planning…, auto-dependent transport, and segregated land use patterns” (48)....   [tags: neighborhood, poverty, minorities]

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Factors Keeping the European Neighborhood Policy From Reaching Its Full Potential

- While the European Union announced that they will promptly provide another 18.2 billion euros for the funding of the European neighborhood policy till 2020, critics however, questions that whether or not the ENP is suffering from many of its negative features and unable to be fully implemented to its potential. (European Commission Statement, 2012) For one, the European Union is constantly being challenged by ongoing dilemma of how to properly handle the immigration issues across its borders as well as increasing human mobility at the same time....   [tags: immigration, economy, visas]

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Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

- Introduction Social determinants of health (SDOH) are increasingly becoming a major problem of Public Health around the World. The impact of resources and material deprivation among people and populations has resulted in an increase in mortality rate on a planetary scale. Social determinants of health are defined as the personal, social, economic and the environmental conditions which determines the health status of an individual or population (Gardner, 2013). Today’s society is characterized by inequalities in health, education, income and many other factors which as a result is becoming a burden for Public Health around the world....   [tags: conditions, education, income, neighborhood]

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Gentrification and White Preference in the Rhode Island Housing Market

- ... For one, the wealth gap between whites and blacks in Newport is extensive, with whites (82.4% of the population) making an average of $39,251 a year, and blacks (6.8% of the population) making $17,649 a year. (Jerzyk) However, this is largely due to the old wealth left in the city by the large mansions used as summer cottages back in the 1800s, and the recent expansion of public housing. These two conflicting residences creates an extremely large financial gap in terms of the price of living, where housing might be cheaper, but gas, groceries, and taxes are hefty....   [tags: cultural aspects of the neighborhood]

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Row Houses in Boston's South End

- In the early nineteenth century, Boston increased in size by filling in the marshy area around where Washington Street is today. The city, concerned about crowding in the already established neighborhoods downtown and on Beacon Hill, decided to develop this area into new residential neighborhoods. The population of Boston had increased dramatically in the first half of the nineteenth century from the large number of immigrants and the steady rise of industry in a port city. Between 1850 and 1875, the area south and east of Washington Street (the ocean side) became the South End, which was intended to attract the growing middle class and to persuade them not to move to the suburbs....   [tags: neighborhood, architecture, building]

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The Atmosphere Of The Neighborhood

- ... I went to a kindergarten which my mother worked at as a science teacher. It is also in the rural area where my grandparents lived. I surprisingly found out that teachers treated kids in different ways. For children of teachers, like me, were treated well even when we did not turn in homework, we would have another chance to make up. However, for kids from poor families or ones that have parents who had criminal records, they face stereotype threat, because teachers considered them as less educated children and have lower expectations on them....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school]

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Transformation of Homewood West Community

- ... To my surprise, many were well-educated and very welcoming, and ambitious people, striving to make the community better. Many of them noted the issues in the neighborhood, and stated that they had a lot of work to do but they made me leave Homewood West with hope. As I started my journey into Homewood, I made my way down Franktown Avenue past the YWCA I started to see differences from the city and why a lot of residents are struggling to make ends meet. There were houses with broken windows, and businesses that were vacant or torn down....   [tags: neighborhood, railroad, racism]

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Making Comminities More Favorable in here Goes the Neighborhood by Wilson and Taub and Growing Greener Cities by Birch

- Over the past few weeks I began to use the understanding we collected on elites to recognize the way in which cities are shaped. In the “There Goes the Neighborhood” book by William Julius Wilson and Richard Taub we saw the different neighborhoods that make up Chicago while in “Growing Greener Cities” by Eugenie L. Birch and Susan M. Watcher the idea of repairing ecological foundations was examined. The way that I tied these two texts together was through the manner that cities and neighborhoods can be made more favorable and beneficial....   [tags: plants, transportsation, environment]

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Poverty in an Affluent Neighborhood

- Nestled in Pittsburgh’s East End, the neighborhood of Shadyside has a median home value of $413,978 while almost 20% of the neighborhood’s residents live in poverty (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). Victorian style estates and mansions line the streets of this affluent neighborhood. The homes coupled with the opulent shops that line Walnut Street and Shadyside have become an oasis for the American Dream in the heart of “America’s most livable city” (Burgess, 2013). With the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie-Melon University, and Chatham University all within walking distance, the neighborhood of Shadyside is an ideal location for young professionals, students, and academics alike....   [tags: social issues, shadyside]

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Southside Flats: A Neighborhood Portrait

- Introduction to Neighborhood Situated on the Monongahela River is the neighborhood of Southside Flats. Within it lays the entertainment hub of Pittsburgh. Numerous bars and nightspots line the main thoroughfare of E Carson St. The early history of the neighborhood saw it as a main point for industry with its proximity to the river and railway stations. At the end of the nineteenth century, the neighborhood would boast a major steelworks factory that employed a sizable portion of the residents of Southside Flats....   [tags: Municipal Issues]

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Being A Friendly And Clean Neighborhood

- ... It was hard to be late from anywhere. The city was calm and peaceful while also beautiful. There were two bridge between the two part of Szeged. There is a river in the middle of the city called Tisza. I usually go and fish in it or boat on it. My city is really famous about its fish soup which is made out of carp and catfish. Also the paprika from my city is one Hungary’s most famous spice. There are also plenty of really good restaurants in the city. I grew up in this city, and it gave me a great childhood while teaching me a couple of lessons, and every time I go back it brings back sweet memories....   [tags: High school, High school diploma, Hungary, Polo]

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Socioeconomic Status Of A Poor Neighborhood

- ... Using a screening program or using the SAD PERSONS scale tool at schools will help determine at risk adolescents to refer to for a support group. (A) Therefore, a mezzo-level intervention to prevent adolescent suicide can be support groups, for example, which could greatly benefit adolescents and provide a place for peers to communicate and share their feelings without judgement. Social workers can partake in support groups as a coordinator to help bring adolescents together using a screening program....   [tags: Suicide, Parasuicide, Bipolar disorder]

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Amsterdam's Historic Neighborhood The Jordaan

- ... Back houses were also constructed and were reachable through small ally ways that were no more than one meter wide. Most tenets of the Jordaans wanted to escape the crowded streets and poverty that surrounded them but there were no escapes. Some of the weathey donated money to build the Westerkerk Church, the famous artist Rembrandt is in fact buried in a pauper's grave. The church gave the community members a place to avoid the slums of their neighborhood. In the early eighteen hundreds six canals were added around the Jordaan-quarter although there was still no running water....   [tags: tourist destinations]

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A Small Inner City Neighborhood

- Introduction The community for this paper is a large inner city neighborhood with a population about 3,000. It is adjacent to other neighborhood with similar population. It is a racially diverse population in which whites (including Hispanics and Latinos) are the majority and African American as the dominant minority group. It is a low income community with very small number of business establishment and a single hospital that is understaffed. Tenured employment is low, and many engaged in seasonal jobs (such as construction work) for their income....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Sociology, Criminology]

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My Neighborhood And My Community

- At birth everyone is given a set of identities but as they grow up and find their place in the world with people they love those identities will change. I believe that changing identities throughout life will help a person develop into a better person. If a person has identified as multiple different things in his or her past then he or she will be more willing to accept and appreciate those who are different. I grew up being taught to always treat others the way I wanted to be treated and at times that can be hard, but I have always strived to be a kind and caring person....   [tags: High school, Gender, Working class, Social class]

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It's a Neighborhood Bar

- It's a Neighborhood Bar For a group project assigned in our Advanced Composition class at the University of Arizona, four of us decided to research the Morenci Mine Strike of 1983. When we left Tucson early one morning, we had no idea what to expect. The story was so muddled and had been so misconstrued with the passage of time and the fermentation of emotion, that we started to feel like Scooby Doo and his gang of amateur detectives. We even jokingly started calling my Nissan Altima the "Mystery Machine." I had read about a bar called The Refrigerated Cave in a book by Barbara Kingsolver called Holding the Line, and was interested in learning more about it, so armed with nothing but More...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Neighborhood Watch Program

- Neighborhood Watch Program According to National Sheriffs Association, “Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and best-known crime prevention concepts in North America (2010).”When the National Sheriffs Association established the Neighborhood Watch Program in 1972, the main purpose of the program was to educate individuals about securing their homes to reduce the chances of being victimized by criminals (National Sheriffs Association, 2010). However, as time went on Neighborhood Watch Programs took on a proactive role in helping to reduce crime by encouraging individuals to collaborate with their local law enforcement agency to monitor and report suspicious activities in the community....   [tags: Crime Prevention ]

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The Westerville Neighborhood On West Main Street

- The Westerville Neighborhood The Westerville neighborhood on West Main Street is right at the corner of Otterbein University, a private college where students of all backgrounds attend, especially those who can afford the high tuition. The streets and lanes are clean and bright, laced with the sweet smell of lavender and the smell of ripped fresh citron. The houses are fused together from the right side of the road to the left side of the road. Most houses are fenced with beautiful gates and are surrounded with small lawns with fresh green grass in front of the gates....   [tags: White people, Race, Black people, Caucasian race]

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The Incident Between The Boy And The Neighborhood Watchman

- On the night of February 26, 2012 a seventeen year old African American boy was walking home from a convenient store, after stopping in to buy candy and a beverage. The boy was passing through a neighborhood that had been previously troubled with crime violations. While passing through the neighborhood, the seventeen year old encountered one of the neighborhood watchmen. During this interaction, the watchman called the police and reported that this African American boy was acting in a suspicious manner....   [tags: Police, Police officer, Crime, Criminal law]

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The Growing Up Inside Of A Suburban Neighborhood

- ... There could never be a way humans survive without anything, whether it be clothes, food, water, or lights. The two approaches are distinguished as the subjective approach of materialism, having the satisfaction of possessions, and two being the objective approach of materialism, which is the cost of living. Later, I began to understand that my mom was doing everything she could for me. So when I became old enough, I got my first job, to take a weight from my mother’s shoulders. Before I got my job, my mindset was getting “everything I never had”....   [tags: Meaning of life, Life, Thing, So Many Things]

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Tutoring at Grant Street Neighborhood Center

- On 09/14/09 was our orientation where I was assigned to tutor kids every Monday and Wednesday at the Grant Street Neighborhood Center. Since we were late on our first day, we had only ten minutes for the orientation. Briana and Janice were in charge of the Grant Street Neighborhood Center. They explained the rules and told us that we will be tutoring kids who are nine to nineteen years of age. This kind of shocked all of us because we all thought that we will be tutoring kids, who are in the elementary and middle schools....   [tags: tutoring, volunteering, ]

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Crimes Of Crimes Around My Neighborhood

- As I searched the address of my home, I encountered several crime reports that I was unaware of. It is shocking to see how many crimes have been committed in less than a year. Not only am I surprise by the amount of crimes, but by the fact that they are so close to home. It is crazy how only some areas are shown in the news, but how come I never heard of crimes around my neighborhood. It is obvious to see how crimes are only shown in the news when they are in a violent area such as the city of Baltimore....   [tags: Theft, Crime, Crimes, Violence]

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West 6th Street Neighborhood Rescue

- The approach taken by the police department to address the problems plaguing the West 6th Street neighborhood in Racine, Wisconsin was a dedicated one. The neighborhood was severely over run with crime, drugs and abandonment. Residents live in fear and had little faith the police department was able to get a hold of the situation and turn it around. The first step was to identify the problems. This was possible by analyzing the criminal statistics of the area as well as conducting surveys, interviews, neighborhood meetings (www.ncjrs.gov....   [tags: Racine Police Department, approaches]

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The Net Neighborhood

- The Net Neighborhood “After all…I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” The above is my favorite quote from a movie. I have never really thought about my favorite movie quote until I ran into the question on the teen forums website. I thought the best online community for me to join would be one that I was interested in. I was attracted to the teen forum website which was created by the student center. I picked a message board that I knew I could participate in so that I could actively analyze the interactions between people....   [tags: Online Communities Internet Web Essays]

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How Neighborhood And Poverty Can Be Responsible For The Crime

- The paper explains how neighborhood and poverty can be responsible for the crime. In other words, social disorganization and poverty have a great impact on crime and delinquency. Criminal’s behavior differs in terms of economy and social influences. Some criminologists have done extensive research in economic condition to find out if the economy causes crime. If the crime is the cause of the poverty, so there should be more crimes where poor people live. Criminologists compare in their research about the time of economic downturn with the time of economic prosperity and crime on rich areas and poor areas....   [tags: Criminology, Sociology, Crime, Economics]

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European Neighborhood Policy and Common Foreign and Security Policy

- Both the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) and the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) are strategies developed by the European Union in regards to their dealings with the ‘outside’ world. The European Neighborhood Policy finds its obstacles in the once superpower of the Russians, and their conflicting neighborhood policy. Whereas the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy finds its obstacles through its numerous memberships which on the outside one would consider a boon of combined knowledge, but when their insurmountable differences become involved it is a burden....   [tags: ENP, CFSP, EU, European Union]

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Gang membership, Drug Selling, and Violence in Neighborhood Context

- Smiley is a man who was released back into the society on a parole. He was sent back to live in his neighborhood. Shinichi Suzuki, a famous Japanese violinist who invented Suzuki Method, got the right idea of Smiley’s situation when he said “Man is a child of his environment”. It means that Smiley is a product of his environment. His neighborhood is a no picnic. The neighborhood is a basically a graveyard of American dreams. Like everyone else in America, Smiley values individualism, achievement, money, and family unity highly....   [tags: Smiley, Suzuki Method]

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Childhood : Growing Up Of A Middle Class Neighborhood

- Childhood: Growing up in Mendoza I grew up in a middle class neighborhood in Mendoza. It’s a city in Argentina about the size of Des Moines, so it’s a medium sized city. My neighborhood was average for as far as the number of people, kids, and businesses. I have good memories of my neighborhood when I was growing up, it was pretty average, nothing unusual. I went to school and that took up most of the day. Otherwise I played with the rest of the kids in my house or in the neighborhood. We would play soccer when we had the chance....   [tags: United States, Atlantic Ocean, School types]

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Empowerment Theory Within the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

- Ideas of community, social progress, and culture are an ever-evolving social work issue. How do we as social workers choose to approach needs of groups and communities at the macro level. In order to grasp an understanding of true helping systems it is important for one to have a range of knowledge to justly participate within the formal helping structures an models that comprise of the social work field. In attempt to create our identity as active justice based social workers it is essential for one to conceptualize the framework of intersectionality....   [tags: community envolvement, social issues]

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Sustainable Urban Form And Function Within Neighborhood Scale

- Sustainability has been widely acknowledged as a significant component of cities’ long-term development. Although scholars hold different views on the definitions of sustainability, however, the core pillars of sustainable development are generally classified as environment, economy and society (United Nations General Assembly 2005). These elements are equally important and mutually affected. Hence, a sustainable city is to make corporate development and sustainability in terms of environment, economy and society....   [tags: Sustainability, City, Landscape]

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A Community Development Corporation ( Cdc )

- A community development corporation (CDC) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated to provide programs, offer services and engage in other activities that promote and support community development such as housing. CDCs usually serve a geographic location such as a neighborhood or a town; usually in low income and deteriorating neighborhoods. (Danielsen, 2015) In November 1966, Sen. Robert Kennedy persuaded Congress and the administration to amend the Economic Opportunity Act and add the Special Impact Program to fund community development ventures in urban poverty areas....   [tags: Poverty, Cycle of poverty, Neighbourhood]

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Our Neighborhood Drawbacks

- My family and I live in a private zone in Visalia which has neat streets and attractive sidewalks decorating our neighborhood. In addition, we count with a secure playground area for our kids funny. It is surrounded by a high fence and has a soft carpet under the playground to protect our kids against fall downs. Many of our residents declare that is a pleasure to take a walk around our area. Laura, a woman who lives in front our home said: “It is a delight to walk to school every morning because I can enjoy our neighborhood beauty.” In addition, we have the advantage of the splendor during any season....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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My Neighborhood-Personal Narrative

- My Neighborhood-Personal Narrative I would wake up Saturday morning to birds chirping. I would get up, get dressed and go outside. The children in my neighborhood would come to my backyard, and we would play 'til our parents called us in. I remember the trees being huge, and the days so long. I didn't really know many of my neighbors. I had a handful of friends who lived in the same building, and that was it. The neighborhood itself was pretty bad. Sometimes I would wake in the middle of the night to the sound of gunshots....   [tags: Papers]

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Growing up in a Cul-de-Sac and Close-Knit Neighborhood

- "Wake up. You need to go with your Massi to get groceries!" was screamed by my mother every Saturday of her pregnancy term. My mother had a difficult pregnancy, so the doctor had assigned her to bed rest for most of her term. During this time, my massi had moved in with us to take care of my mom, as my dad would work from 7 am to 5pm. I remember I was in kindergarten and thought I was all grown up and had the most difficult life ever. I mean, in a sense, I did have difficult life. I was a shy and a sensitive kid growing up, who was picked on at school for being fat and having facial hair....   [tags: Children, Moving]

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Computers at Fort Greene's Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership Help the Poor

- S.N.A.P. (Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership) Fort Greene computer and printing lab has many resources the community can use in order to help them move through the harsh deserts of the communities poor but shrinking economic disparity. The population is a little over a hundred and ten thousand ; infant mortality is four point eight persons out of one thousand, which is one less than the national average. Twenty percent of the population is on some type of financial support, from T.A.W.F. , Supplemental security assistance and medicaid ....   [tags: printing lab, literacy, homeless]

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Movie Analysis: The Gangs of New York

- Gangs of New York The movie Gangs of New York takes place in Lower Manhattan’s Five Points’ neighborhood. It begins in 1846. The main protagonist Amsterdam Fallon, Priest Fallon’s son, watches his father who is the leader of the Dead Rabbit gang prepare and die in battle. As his father is on his last breadths of life giving his son counsel, Billy “the Butcher” Cutting snaps the Priest Fallon’s head. Amsterdam runs away from Cuttings henchmen to hide his father’s knife before he is captured by the Natives gang....   [tags: lower Manhanttan, neighborhood, cutting]

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Throgs Neck in the Movie Summer of Same Directed by Spike Lee

- ... If you are driving into Throgs Neck then you will notice its main highways the Cross-Bronx Expressway and the Throgs Neck Bridge. The Throgs Neck Bridge connects the Bronx to Queens. The area Throgs Neck once was “Vriedelandt” later changed to Throgs Neck. For a while, people have been arguing whether or not Throgs Neck has two GG’s or one. The name Throgs Neck originally comes from an English man named John Throckmorton who was able to stay as the Dutch had allowed him to, in 1642. Ultimately, the American Indians drove out the Dutch....   [tags: crime, neighborhood, parades]

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Kundrathur: Proximity to IT Hubs Creates Opportunity for Real Estate Developers

- Kundrathur: Proximity to IT Hubs Creates Opportunity for Real estate Developers Kundrathur is an upcoming neighbourhood of Chennai suburban area. It is located near Grand Trunk Road (GST) and is around 22 km away from Chennai. It is one such locality which has good civic and social infrastructure, as well as excellent connectivity and the real estate developers are expecting a profitable investment from this suburb. Strategically located on the GST Road, it is in close proximity to developed localities such as Tambaram, Porur and Sriperumbadur....   [tags: upcoming neighborhood in the Chennai area ]

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