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Passive Vs. Passive Euthanasia

- This means that doctors must never do anything to actively kill a patient; however the doctor does have the ability to use some discretion to ease and shorten suffering (i.e. whether to take extreme measures to prolong life). As has been noted, passive euthanasia is already a generally accepted medical practice and is permissible by Canadian law. A question to ask about passive euthanasia is, “Should we put time and effort in trying to prolong life of someone whose injuries or illnesses are so severe that they will be dead despite doctor’s best efforts?”....   [tags: Death, Euthanasia, Morality, Bystander effect]

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Active Experimentation And Passive Observation

- ... From the microchips in the computer that I am using to write this essay, to the vaccinations founded by Louis Pasteur in 1879 , when he actively experimented with bacteria which helped to eradicate the ‘smallpox’ disease. These have only been possible through active experimentation – arguably the most important method of knowledge production. However, the production of knowledge in the Natural Sciences has also been aided through passive observation. For example, Louis Pasteur also passively observed the growth of bacteria in milk, which created aided in the process of the vaccination creation....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Hypothesis, Nature]

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Euthanasi Active And Passive Euthanasia

- ... Sullivan says that killing an innocent man that has a disease is a violation to god absolute dominion over human life; a man cannot kill himself if he wishes (Luper and Brown, p. 353). However, a man can kill a criminal if that takes to protect his life from a dangerous situation because that’s self-defense. Indirect killing is reasonable and permissible than direct killing. The wedge principal: a harmful act. However, he opposed to this principle that it can get dangerous if a man kills an innocent person (Luper and Brown, p.356)....   [tags: Death, Euthanasia, Morality, KILL]

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Passive Observation And Active Experimentation

- History has shown the two common ways of learning that humans have been using for centuries: passive observation and active experimentation. Passive observation is a way of taking things in by investigating and examining the subject without explicit interaction. On the other hand, active experimentation is direct interaction with the subject to acquire something about it. Those two ways can now be seen in schools or at work. In schools, some students learn new concepts by sitting through lectures and contemplating about the lessons or/and actively conducting experiments such as scientific labs....   [tags: Religion, Philosophy, Reason, Belief]

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Euthanasia, Passive And Assisted Suicide

- ... Within the debate of whether or not the act of euthanasia should be legal there are arguments that are put into play, one of the biggest being that individuals have the right to make their own choices. No one knows what you are feeling or what you are going through better than yourself and people need to take that concept into consideration. The debate of euthanasia is not only talked about among society but is also seen in the medical field with euthanasia being illegal it presents many conflicts within this field....   [tags: Death, Euthanasia, Suicide, Illness]

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Euthanasia And Passive Euthanasia Essay

- The deviant behavior that I chose to write about is Death with Dignity. It is where a person with a terminal illness who wants to end their life with dignity and no pain. They want to be able to choose the day and time of their death and not let the disease define them and take them. There are only four states in the United Sates that have a legal physician assisted suicide and that is Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. There are requirements that has to be meant before you can be considered for the assisted suicide....   [tags: Death, Euthanasia, Homicide, Suicide]

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Passive Learning And Active Learning

- ... Norm development Explanations of group processes emphasize the importance of group norms, suggesting that they highly influence the behavior and role management of group members as well as contribute in group performance and effectiveness (Hiltons & Phillips, 2010). Group norms are informal rules adopted by group, and they determine the acceptable or unacceptable behaviors of group members. Norms are formed in order to facilitate direction in the group by making behavior more predictable and expressing the values of the group....   [tags: Psychology, Group development, Group dynamics]

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Passive Attacks And Active Attacks

- ... An unauthorized user would intercept messages, modify or add contents to them and retransmit them as the originating authorized user. By this the receiver would not be able to know that the message was modified and would presume that the message came from the intended sender. Again cryptography plays a very important role here in avoiding or identifying such attacks. 4. Denial-of-Service (DoS) In a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, an attacker attempts to prevent legitimate users from accessing information or services....   [tags: Wireless access point, Wireless network]

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Active and Passive Euthanasia

- In 1973 the American Medical Association adopted a statement forbidding ‘mercy killing’ but allowing the cessation of treatment when requested by an incurable patient. In his essay “Active and Passive Euthanasia” James Rachels argues that active euthanasia should be avoided only to satisfy the law, not because of any perceived moral difference between active and passive. Rachels’ essay gives a convincing, logical argument to allow active euthanasia in certain cases. Rachels questions the doctrine that the AMA sets forth regarding intentional termination versus not using extraordinary means....   [tags: Conptemporary Moral Issues]

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Euthanasia Vs. Passive Euthanasia

- ... Rachels goes as far as to say that this applies to all situations, not just the Smith and Jones scenario: They [the doctors] do not involve personal gain or the destruction of normal healthy children. Doctors are concerned only with cases in which the patient 's life is of no further use to him, or in which the patient 's life has become or will soon become a terrible burden. However, the point is the same in these cases: the bare difference between killing and letting die does not, in itself, make a moral difference (Rachels 4)....   [tags: Euthanasia, Death, KILL, Homicide]

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Teaching Passive Voice

- A. Introduction As guides, teachers play a significant role in imparting grammar knowledge to students. They use their existing knowledge to enhance students’ learning ability during the process of their teaching. As regard to which method should teachers adopt, many researchers hold different views. In this article, the author mainly discusses the strategies in teaching passive voice by evaluating Miss Wong’s pedagogical approach. In the second part, the author will write a proposal to suggest an alternative teaching method regarding passive voice....   [tags: education, language, grammar, student]

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Comparison of Engaged Students and Passive Students

- Most of the people want to succeed, beside that they want to be respected by others. Some people tend more respect to a person who has good knowledge and more intellectual. So, They general way of approached is pursuing their education. Then after further classifying, there are divided into two different types of student in the university. One became engaged students, while the other became passive students. Engaged students are who can get the learning environment, so they understand the new information from their lecture and can execute the prior knowledge into new knowledge about the content then practice using it....   [tags: education, success, ]

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Successful Management of the Passive Aggressive Employee

- Source Review A critical factor in the management of people today is the ability to handle every challenging employee situation with the appropriate communication and actions. One of the most difficult types of employees to manage is the Passive-Aggressive who refuses to accept constructive feedback and tries to stir up discontent among other employees. In order to be successful in the management of the Passive Aggressive Employee, there has to be a planned approach, which includes effective communication, consequences, and actions....   [tags: Business Management ]

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The Distinction Between Passive and Active Euthanasia

- Rachel argues that ‘[T]he distinction between passive and active euthanasia is thought to be crucial for medical ethics. The idea is that it is permissible, at least in some cases, to withhold treatment and allow a patient to die.’ The law has drawn a clear distinction between the removal of life sustaining treatment that causes death and a request for assistance in ending life. Passive euthanasia is considered lawful whereas active euthanasia is unlawful as per the Suicide Act . In Bland a distinction was made between killing through an act and letting die through an omission....   [tags: medical ethics]

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Assertive Secularism vs. Passive Secularism

- Assertive Secularism vs. Passive Secularism On 15th March 2004, France reopened the debate on the separation of the state and the religion by introducing a legislation to forbid the carrying of signs or clothes that indicate an affiliation to a religious group in the primary, secondary and high schools. (“Respect de la laïcité”) (Parvez 287) The supporters of the legislation, particularly in France saw in this law an implementation of secularism, a cornerstone of the public school system in France....   [tags: France, United States, Religious Freedom]

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Active vs. Passive Magnetic Bearings

- Introduction A magnetic bearing is a type of bearing that holds up a load using magnetic levitation. Scientists first discovered the magnetic effects in magnetic minerals in 500B.C. In the late 20th century, scientists began developing ways where this magnetic effect could be implemented into a bearing, creating magnetic bearings. Today, magnetic bearings can be found in many applications where no physical contact is required or extreme environmental conditions exists, including very high and low temperatures....   [tags: magnetic levitation, minerals]

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The Passive Voice

- The Passive Voice The English language has two voices--the active and the passive. The active voice and the passive voice differ in that a passive verb phrase has an additional auxiliary BE followed by an EN participle. In a sense, the English passive is "inflexible" when compared to the passive formation of other languages. For example, some languages use word order, verb inflections, and impersonal constructions to form the passive voice. In their book, The Grammar Book: ESL/EFL Teacher's Course, Celce-Murcia and Larson-Freeman demonstrate how the Bantu passive voice differs from the English passive voice....   [tags: Research Paper Language Papers]

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The Good Mother – A Passive Life

- The Good Mother – A Passive Life   "We live in a world...where the decisive deed may invite the holocaust." --John Updike An interesting question that emerges while reading The Good Mother is: Why did Anna let it happen. Of course, this question must be included among many others, most of which elicit ambiguous answers: What really happened. Was there fault to be assigned. If so, who was at fault. What is a good mother. Can a woman be a good lover and a good mother. Where must sexual boundaries be drawn between children and couples in a household....   [tags: Good Mother]

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Minimizing Energy by Using Passive Solar Systems

- A Passive solar system collects heat as the sun shines through the windows and is stored on thermal mass. It uses the sun’s energy for heating or cooling buildings. Future homes should be constructed with this system because its advantages outweigh its drawbacks with low emissions of CO2 or other pollutant, consists of little maintenance, and has positive long term effects such as low electric bills. This system releases low emissions of CO2 or any other pollutant because it takes advantage of a structure’s climate, site, and materials to minimize energy use....   [tags: sunlight, global warming, heating, cooling]

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The Passive and Pitiful Ethan Frome

- The Passive and Pitiful Ethan Frome      Ethan Frome is a man torn between what he wants to do, and what he should do.  Life in a rural town can be tough, but when faced with complications, it can be almost unbearable.  When Ethan decides to marry his distant cousin, Zeena, his life turns down a long and lonesome road.  Ethan's lack of assertiveness and decisive action only worsens his already lonesome and stressful life.         Though too intelligent for rural life, Ethan finds himself stuck in an average man's shoes....   [tags: Ethan Frome Essays]

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Case Study: Passive Aggressive Behavior at the Work Place

- Case Study: Passive Aggressive Behavior at the Work Place Introduction Passive aggressive behavior can be described as an indirect expression of hostility and discontentment within a given situation by an individual or a group of people. These feelings may be expressed through actions such as procrastination, resentment, intentional inefficiency, sarcasm, and other negative tendencies like chronic lateness. Considering it from an occupational front, passive aggressive behavior generally leads to a decreased efficiency at the workplace as productivity and team work are drastically affected by these negative attitudes regardless of whether it stems from the management or the subordinate staff...   [tags: procrastination, chronic lateness]

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Active and Passive Transport of Molecules Through Plasma Membrane

- ... i The plasma membrane has a phospholipid bilayer which separates the inside (the cytoplasm) and the outside (extracellular fluid and lipid-soluble solutes) of the cell. The fact that the plasma membrane monitors the passage of molecules based on size and solubility constitutes it as semi-permeable. Diffusion can be categorized as either simple diffusion or facilitated diffusion. A similarity between simple and facilitated diffusion is that they are both passive processes and travel from areas of higher concentration to region of lower concentration....   [tags: cells, diffusion, filtration]

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Passive Male Homosexuality in Pre-Christian Scandinavia

- “The love that dare not speak its name” truly was a mute love in pre-Christian Norse society. The Norse viewed male homosexual intercourse through a curious (by modern American standards) dichotic lens. Similarly to Roman and Greek societies, the Norse attached no great negative stigma or condemnatory connotations to the idea itself of homosexual intercourse. However, the Vikings intensely disapproved of free men taking the passive role in any male-male sexual acts. Norse society regarded passivity in all penetrative intercourse as intrinsically related to unmanly, and therefore feminine, behavior....   [tags: Homosexuality ]

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Subject Verb in a Passive Voice Teaching Evaluation

- Part One. Introduction We always say things like, ’English is spoken by the majority of people in the world.’ or ’the cheese is eaten by my sister.’ Further more, a great amount of proverbs are said like, ’Rome was not built in one day’. Actually, passive voice penetrates into our daily life and more professional fields. Compare with the straightforward relationship between subject and verb in a context, the relationship of subject and verb in a passive voice context is that the subject receives the action of the verb....   [tags: performance, information, grammar, lesson]

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Passive Smoking: An Active Controversy

- An Analysis of the print ad Passive Smoking: An Active Controversy Our society uses media in various ways to coerce an audience to buy a certain product, believe a specific message, or assume a certain belief based on a particular ad. These ads appear in many different forms, consisting of television commercials, billboard ads, and print ads. To analyze a given message, an individual must be open-minded and be able to distinguish what the underlying theme is. Often times the message being portrayed to the consumer consists of numerous fallacies....   [tags: Publicity Ads]

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Autonomous Detection of Botnets Using Passive DNS

- 1 Background A botnet is a collection of compromised hosts (bots) under control of a com- mon Command & Control (C&C). The C&C is used by a remote controller to issue commands to the different infected hosts. A botnet may have several purposes, the most common include Denial-of-Servoice (DoS) attacks, identity theft, proxy, spreading of malware and spamming. Traditional ways to disrupt such networks, such as Domain Name System Blacklists (DNSBL’s) or firewalls, rely on the knowledge of the Internet address of the C&C....   [tags: control, identity, internet]

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Photovoltaic and passive solar design

- Photovoltaic and passive solar design The sun is an infinite source of energy for our planet. In 1839 Edmund Becquerel, a French experimental physicist, discovered the photovoltaic effect while experimenting with an electrolytic cell made up of two metal electrodes. His Discovery was never taken to a commercial level until 1950 when silicon was used in semiconductors. In 1973 there was a oil crises in the U.S. and it created huge public awareness about the limited resource of fossil fuels, and led to the emerging market of solar photovoltaic technologies....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Experiment on the Functions of Passive Transport in Red Blood Cells

- Introduction Because of cell's composition, the plasma membrane has to be selective to its materials that passes through it. In other words, the plasma membrane is semi-permeable that it allows nutrients to enter the cell but keeps out undesirable substances. This property allows the cell to segregate its inner cytoplasm from the external environment. There are two different ways to pass though this membrane: active and passive transport. Active and passive transport are both biological process that move oxygen, water and nutrients into cells and remove waste products; however, these two processes happen in a different mechanism....   [tags: osmosis, water, membrane]

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The Passive Racism of Whites

- The Passive Racism of Whites In Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, Professor Beverly Daniel Tatum defines racism as “prejudice plus power.” This means that a person can only be racist if they benefit from a racist system. Therefore, the only people that would systematically benefit from racism are Whites. Tatum calls this “White privilege.”. Everyone can be prejudice, but only the dominant race can be racist. Although this is hard to hear, being a White college student I have always prided myself on a subsistence that is free from bigotry, I realize that Tatum is right....   [tags: Culture Cultural]

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Euthanasi Assisted Suicide, And Between Active And Passive Euthanasia

- ... He also noted that “if killing others is consistent with God’s call of love, it must be all right to kill other people too, since after all we are supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves” (Doerflinger, 1995, p. 149). The other major church fathers, including Tertullian, Cyprian, Clement of Alexandria, Lactantius, and John Chrysostom, also rejected suicide. It is worth mentioning the Lactantius’ position in this respect, who stated that “if a homicide is guilty because he is a destroyer of man, he who puts himself to death is under the same guilt, because he puts to death a man....   [tags: Death, Euthanasia, Medical ethics, Medical law]

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William Shakespeare 's Hamlet And The Passive Charisma Of Hamlet

- ... Hamlet implies that in the near future he will act abnormally or deranged to the extent which may be considered mad. He has initiated to plan out his way of getting closer to finding out the truth and for people to assume that he is ill so his actions won’t be taken into consideration. Hamlet exhibits presage that he is a man of high intellect who reiterates many objectives and rundowns to properly seek his revenge. Laertes on the other hand declares to Claudius during the raid that “Let come what comes, only I’ll be revenged most thoroughly for my father’’ (4.5.133)....   [tags: Hamlet, KILL, Characters in Hamlet, Ghost]

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Active And Passive Components Of Gsm Base Station

- ... It has W/kg as its units. The formula for computing SAR is shown in Eqn. (2.2) [27]. (2.2) where is the mass density of human tissue measured in g/cm3. Power Density PD: This is the power per unit area normal to the direction of wave propagation. Eqn. (2.3) presented in [27] gives the expression for computing power density of a wave in the form Poynting vector. (2.3) where H is the magnetic field density measured in A/m. For a lossless medium, Eqn....   [tags: Mobile phone, GSM, Electromagnetism]

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Passive Women in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales?

- Passive Women in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. One argument that reigns supreme when considering Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is whether or not there is an element of anti-feminism within the text. One thread that goes along with this is whether or not the women of The Canterbury Tales are passive within the tales told. This essay will explore the idea that the women found within the tales told by the pilgrims (The Knight’s Tale, The Miller’s Tale and The Wife of Bath’s Tale to name a few) are not passive at all, but rather influence the turn of events within the stories....   [tags: Chaucer Canterbury Tales Women Essays]

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Gandhi’s Key Concepts of Passive Resistance, Non-violence, and Self-rule

- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi- 2 October 1869 - 30 January 194 was the pre-eminent political and spiritual leader of India during the Indian independence movement. He is also known as Mahatma which means “The Great Soul”. He was committed to pacifism, that there should be no violence.(1) He had three concepts to follow in his life for independence of India: Satyagraha, Ahimsa and Swaraj. Gandhi introduced the concept of “Satyagraha” that means “passive resistance”. This passive resistance also means ‘soul force’ or ‘truth force’....   [tags: Gandhi Principles India History]

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Women As Passive Victims Among The Works Of Perrault, Grimms, And Disney

- Why do stories of women-as-passive-victims predominate in the works of Perrault, Grimms, and Disney. The fairy tales that reflect women and girls as passive victims is predominate because the tales began hundreds if not thousands of years ago when women were passive victims. The tales have been handed down for generations, however, current versions are still variations of the original story. Through the generations, the main plot usually remains in tact and details evolve to keep with the times but that isn’t enough to transform the female characters into strong females that hold the key to their own destiny....   [tags: Brothers Grimm, Fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty]

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Behaviorism Is A View Of Learning That Views The Learner As A Passive Receiver Of Information And Behaviorist

- Behaviorism is a view of learning that views the learner as a passive receiver of information and behaviorist believed that all learning was a stimulus response process. There are three iconic figures that coined the behaviorist theory John B. Watson, Ivan Pavlov, and B.F. Skinner. The classroom setting has been one of the best places to assess students as well teachers as they interact. In this particular learning environment the best way to determine what is transpiring in a classroom is to physically observe....   [tags: Psychology, Classical conditioning, Behaviorism]

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How Disney Princesses Went From Passive Damsels to Active Heroes

- When we think of Disney princesses, we think of beauty and song. We also have the vivid vision of true love’s kiss and a castle in the clouds. Disney has received major criticism because some feel as though the model for Disney princesses perpetuates a weak female image. “In these animated worlds, good women are domesticators and resources; bad women are evil, greedy, individual perversions of natural orders; men ultimately hold procreative and productive dominion as civilizing forces in these worlds” (Bell, Haas, and Sells 11)....   [tags: Disney Princesses]

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Technology And Education : The Modern World As Passive Victims At The Mercy Of The Powerful West

- ... 133). While some dependency theorists such as Andre Gunder Frank (1967) argued that the solution to underdevelopment and inequality was complete withdrawal from the global economy, others such as Raul Prebisch and the Latin American structuralist school (ECLA) took a milder position and stated that industrialization should be pursued on a national basis where imports are substituted by domestic production and protected from foreign competition through high tariff rates (Rosenthall, 2004; Payne & Phillips, 2010)....   [tags: World Bank, Economics, Dependency theory]

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Analysis of An Empirical Investigation on Firms’ Proactive and Passive Motivation for Bribery in China

- “Each decision that a business manager makes involves not only a personal decision, but also a decision on behalf of, and in the name of, an organization that exists with a particular social, legal, and political environment ” (Hartman, DesJardins, & MacDonald, 2014, p.15). In the article, “An Empirical Investigation on Firms’ Proactive and Passive Motivation for Bribery in China” Xiaoyu Zhou, Yi Han, and Rui Wang (2013) seek to explain why companies in the manner of doing daily business extend to conduct business through bribery....   [tags: decision making, bribery]

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My Current Leadership Style Is Management By Exception Passive ( Mbe P )

- I believe that my current leadership style is Management by Exception-Passive (MBE-P). I have always been of the opinion “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”. This type of leadership can cause problems among subordinates. Social loafing is when subordinates put forward less effort and hide their idleness in the group. Little individual accountability leads to this condition. My goal in the next five years is to get away from my MBE-P style, and push myself to become a more transformational leadership style....   [tags: Problem solving, Management, Work ethic]

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Passive Resistance as a Powerful Tool for Social and Political Change

- Passive Resistance as a Powerful Tool for Social and Political Change Passive resistance, simply defined as “peaceful resistance by fasting or refusing to cooperate,” (hyper-dictionary) is a complex issue, and potent tool to attain a means through absolutely zero violence. As Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, have argued, passive resistance is a noble means to a peaceful end, in which only the followers of a movement risk themselves and bring no harm to those whom they oppose. “Passive resistance,” according to Mahatma Gandhi, “is an all sided sword; it can be used anyhow; it blesses him who uses it and him against whom it is used....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Rip Van Winkle: A Classic Tale of Passive Resistance

- In this classic tale Rip Van Winkle is portrayed as one who is a victim of circumstances beyond his control. A further reading may perhaps reveal a different Rip Van Winkle, one who pursues an avenue of passive resistance in response to a life which he feels is beyond his control. Passive Resistance is usually connected with such famous people as Henry David Thoreau who developed the principal of civil disobedience. For Thoreau, the idea was to choose not to support governmental taxes and policies that he felt were wrong....   [tags: Rip Van Winkle Essays]

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The Passive Time Traveler in Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut

- Slaughterhouse Five, by Kurt Vonnegut, is a novel about Billy Pilgrim, a WWII veteran who claims that he has “ come unstuck in time. ” ( Slaughterhouse Five 23 ). Billy Pilgrim also seems to remember a trip to an alien planet; he spoke of it at a radio show and wrote of it to a newspaper. But most likely, his vivid recollections of extraterrestrial experiences and disposition to passive time travel are simply delusions stemming from a post-traumatic stress disorder. A post-traumatic stress disorder is a disorder caused by recent trauma, or the resurfacing of trauma in one’s child hood....   [tags: Slaughterhouse-Five Essays]

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How Does Change Blindness Occur From Passive Viewing Of 2 D Displays?

- 1 – Briefly describe the aim(s) of the study In the abstract the authors clearly state that their primary and secondary aims are to determine he presence and factors, such as social out-group membership, that affect change blindness in a real world situation, as opposed to still images and motion pictures. 2 – Indicate whether or not the study was theoretically motivated. Within the abstract and introductory paragraph there is mention of literature that motivated this study. The authors speak of different studies that lead convincing arguments that demonstrate change blindness for objects in still images and in motion pictures, however these studies do not detail real world scenarios and th...   [tags: Experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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Malcolm X vs. Dr. King: Passive vs; Aggressive

- Africans were brought to America by Europeans, not of their own volition, but in chains, without the knowledge that over the next several hundred years, generations and generations of our people would be brutally and unjustly treated as nothing more than property or animals. The era during which slavery flourished, Africans were bred, overworked, beaten, lynched, and stripped of any positive identity or self respect. When slavery was abolished in 1865, Africans, or former slaves, were left without a “place” in America....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Zionism's Change from a Passive Notion to an Active Ideology During the Nineteenth Century

- Zionism's Change from a Passive Notion to an Active Ideology During the Nineteenth Century Although it has been a precondition of Jewish consciousness to believe that the emergence of a Modern political Zionist movement can be attributed to the rampant anti-Semitism suffered by the European Jews, this does not provide an adequate explanation. The entire history of the Jews can be defined by the way in which they suffered persecution under the oppressive hands of others, proving that anti-Semitism was not a phenomenon unique to the Jews of the nineteenth century....   [tags: Papers]

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Gandhi and his passive Resistace to Great Britain in War I

- Mohandas Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as mahatma Gandhi, was a Indian nationalist leader, who established his country's freedom through a nonviolent revolution. Gandhi became a leader in a difficult struggle, the Indian campaign for home rule. He believed and dedicated his life to demonstrating that both individuals and nations owe it to themselves to stay free, and to allow the same freedom to others. Gandhi was one of the gentlest of men, a devout and almost mystical Hindu, but he had and iron core of determination....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Billy Budd, Sailor, by Harrison Hayford and Merton M. Seaths

- Can a man kill another man; yet, be a passive hero. In Harrison Hayford and Merton M. Seaths short story, “Billy Budd, Sailor (An inside Narrative)”, Billy Budd is characterized as a passive hero. Unexpectedly, Billy Budd is singled out and forced into the King’s service. Even so, Billy Budd has a positive influence with nearly all of his ship mates and officers. However, Billy’s affect with the new master-at-arms proves Billy does not have a positive effect on everyone. Ultimately, Billy Budd’s lack of adult experience becomes his downfall; because Billy is unable to comprehend somebody would aim to impair his persona....   [tags: Passive Hero, Analysis]

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Active Euthanasia: Benefiting The Patient is not The Worse Act

- Despite passive euthanasia being more morally permissible to the majority of society, it can most certainly be argued that the action of active euthanasia results in a better consequence. Passive euthanasia is the withdrawing or withholding of a patient’s life-sustaining medication and active defined as the act of purposely bringing someone to their deaths. Through years of debate and criticism over methods of euthanasia, it has been concluded in the medical profession that the acts of euthanasia should be beneficial....   [tags: passive euthanasia, moral consequences]

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The Suppression of Homais in Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

- Gustave Flaubert depicts the inferiority of Homais as a character by suppressing his actual persona with figurative spoken word. The majority of the characters in Madame Bovary reveal their actual personae through their actions and personal thoughts therefore Homais differs from them. The constant presentation of Homais as a minor character suppresses him. Flaubert characterizes Homais’s persona as being an opportunist, strong willed, a distraction, and pompous. Homais’s self-motivation determines his intentions when interacting with the other characters....   [tags: passive role, inferiority, opportunist]

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Role of Women in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and in Society

- ... Even though Victor cannot see his beloved Elizabeth, he realizes that through his first letter that she writes, she acts like a spirit in Victor’s mind waiting for him to come home by mentioning, “Get well – and return to us. You will find a happy, cheerful home, and friends who love you dearly” (Shelley 57). In another letter that Elizabeth writes to Victor before Victor and his father leave from Paris to Switzerland, Elizabeth asks Victor if he has fallen in love with another person and waits for his reply in marriage....   [tags: passive, death, education]

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Euthanasia: For, Against, or In The Middle

- What is Euthanasia. Euthanasia is derived from the Greeks where Eu means good and Thanatos means death. When these phrases are combined the word euthanasia is created; meaning “good death”. The act of deliberately ending a person’s life to relieve suffering, while leaving life in peace. Have you ever considered what you want when you are dying. If you were terminally ill or disabled with a reliance on life support to keep you alive, would you want a swift, painless, death or would you want pain and suffering....   [tags: active, passive, voluntary, involuntary]

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Roles of Women in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

- In “Frankenstein” penned by Mary Shelley, one cannot help but notice the role of women in the novel compared to men. Even though Mary Shelley is the daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft, a mother advocating for women’s rights in society, she displays the roles of Caroline, Elizabeth, and Justine as passive women. This may be the time period when women were considered inferior to men. Caroline, Elizabeth, and Justine are depicted as possessions by men, admired for their superficial beauty, and do not take action without the permission of men....   [tags: passive, superficial, innocence]

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Big Brother is Watching You by George Orwell

- “Big Brother is watching you.” It is rare that a precautionary tale becomes a scarily accurate depiction of the world we live in. Yet with the recent controversy surrounding the NSA and unprecedented surveillance of citizens all over the world, George Orwell’s tale of a totalitarian super-nation that goes so far as to rewrite history as to keep its people in the dark has become increasingly relevant in the times since its inception. Though 65 years old, 1984 still serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of a government with absolute power left unchecked....   [tags: passive means, oceania]

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Politics and The English Language in George Orwell´s Animal Farm

- ... Another commandment that can be changed into simpler terms is “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."(Orwell 133) This commandment sounds too repetitive and can be changed into something simpler like all animals are equal but others are better than other animals. Squealer gave a speech about the pigs should eat what they are given. "Comrades. He cried...Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. I dislike them myself.... Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig....   [tags: language, society, active, passive]

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The Philippines Needs Tobacco Control Programs

- Introduction In the 20th century, the tobacco epidemic worldwide killed 100 million people. In the 21st century, the tobacco epidemic could kill 1 billion. In one in ten adults worldwide, about 5 million deaths per year, the cause of death is smoking, and if the present smoking pattern persists, the proportion will be one in six by the year 2030, about 10 million deaths per year (World bank, 1999). Among the people alive today, it shows that about 500 million will eventually be killed by tobacco (Peto & et al, 1994)....   [tags: Tobacco, Passive Smoking]

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The Effects Of Smoking On The World Of Drugs

- Smoking kills every year, more than the number of deaths from car accidents, drugs, alcohol, AIDS and fire accidents combined together. The dangers of smoking are that damaging does not occur immediately, but after a long time. Moreover, not limited to the smoker, it affects others who are around him. There is no doubt that smoking is a slow-motion suicide, and murder of the soul and all legislative acts to prevent the killing self and expose it to the reasons for the loss, whether indirectly or directly....   [tags: Smoking, Passive smoking, Tobacco]

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Euthanasia: Is It Right or Wrong?

- Many people may say there is a fine line between right and wrong, but when the choice comes to end someone's life in order to end their suffering, who's to say where that line lies. When it comes to assisted suicide, for me that line is drawn on the side where assisted suicide is right but only under certain circumstances. “No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share” There are several different types of euthanasia....   [tags: suicide, assisted, active, passive]

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The Importance of Solar Power

- ... Semiconductors are used in Solar Photovoltaic and create electricity when hit by sunlight. These are organized in single cells which are then put into larger groups and arrays. They are flat-plates that have insulated glass-covered box painted black to maximize the collection of heat. Between the collectors water circulates in loops, where the water is heated, and then stored. Another way to create electricity in PV is to concentrate energy from the sun to heat a fluid or make steam to power a generator....   [tags: active and passive energy]

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Manager's Attitude Effects Employees

- ... However, not all managers in the real workplace respond the WLB policy positively. In a study about the impact of work-family policies on individual employees, authors point out that some older-generation managers who sacrificed their personal lives to attain the professional achievement require employee spend same amount of efforts and time on work (Poelmans & Sahibzada, 2004). With the negative attitudes, the managers may neglect the benefits of the policy and discourage employee from using the policy....   [tags: perception, behavior, passive]

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Different Communication Styles

- Everyone has a certain type of communication style that we rely on to communicate with others. The style we chose to express ourselves, usually shows a great deal about our personalities. Passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive are four types of communication. Out of all these, assertive communication is the most beneficial for everyone, because it gets your point across without taking away other people's voices. One style of communication is the passive approach. Passive communicators do not directly express how they feel about something....   [tags: Assertive, Passive, Aggressive]

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Voltage Multiplier Technique

- This paper introduces the use of the voltage multiplier technique and passive absorption circuit applied to the non-isolated dc-dc converter in order to obtain high efficiency and high voltage gain. A passive absorption circuit is inserted in the interleaved flyback converter to transfer the leakage energy to load. The operation principle of the circuit is explained. This paper also deals with MPPT controlled high step up dc-dc converter. The switching element used in the flyback converter is MOSFETs, which is completely on and completely off....   [tags: passive absorption circuit]

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Implications of Internet Usage on Students Attitudes

- ... 1.3 SCOPE OF STUDY. This study purpose is to investigate on implication of internet usage among KPTMKL’s students that affect their attitude. I want to face about 100 among 2000 students degree level. They are consisting of semester 1 to 5. Students also consisting in BSC (HONS) in BIT of Accounting, International Business, Network and Computer Science course. I also spent time about 1 week to complete this research. 1.4 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY. 1.4.1 To analyse the negative attitude of students affected by internet usage....   [tags: rude, addict, attitude, passive, internet]

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The Effects Of Secondhand Smoking On Public Schools

- ... A smoking distance of twenty five feet from the public is already in session even though different states have different laws concerning smoking in public, but the question that I always ask is, how effective is this law. Passive smoking is the inhalation of smoke, otherwise called secondhand smoke from the environment by people other than the active smokers themselves. Second hand smoking poses problems such as diseases, disabilities, and even death. Passive smoke affects almost every organ in the body, that is, it causes cancer of the lungs, breast and brain tumors....   [tags: Smoking, Smoking ban, Passive smoking]

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Mahatma Gandhi’s Role in India’s Fight for Independence

- Mahatma Gandhi’s Role in India’s Fight for Independence “The strongest physical force bends before moral force when used in the defense of truth.” - Mahatma Gandhi (Bondurant). Mahatma Gandhi was the main leader in helping India become independent through the principles of non violence, self-rule, and the unity of Hindus and Muslims. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, but he was given the name Mahatma later on in his life. He wanted to see an united India without the rule of the British Empire....   [tags: passive resistance, non violent, rebellion]

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The Life of American Women in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God

- ... On the other hand, Tea Cake brings her speech out by conversing with her and putting himself on equal terms with her. Her love stems from his respect for her individuality. Tea Cake specifically tells her, “If it was you wouldn’t be sayin’ dat. Have de nerve tuh say whut you mean” (Hurston 104). After Janie discovers her ability to define herself by her speech interactions with others, she learns that silence can also be a source of empowerment. She learns to control her voice after she finds it....   [tags: passive women, independent, self-expression]

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The Roots of Evil by Ervin Staub

- In his book The Roots of Evil: The Origins of Genocide and Other Group Violence, Ervin Staub argues, “Bystanders, people who witness but are not directly affected by the actions of perpetrators, help shape our society by their reactions…. Bystanders can exert powerful influences. They can define the meaning of events and move others toward empathy or indifference. The can promote values and norms of caring by their passivity of participation in the system, they can affirm the perpetrators.” What Staub is trying to convey is that bystanders can influence society based on what they do, or in certain cases, what they do not do....   [tags: bystanders, support perpetrators, passive people]

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Euthanasia: Should Not be Legalized in Canada?

- According to Longman dictionary euthanasia means “the deliberate killing of a person who is very ill ‘(terminal illness)’ and going to die, in order to stop them suffering.” There are two different types of euthanasia; active and passive. Euthanasia is legalized in some parts of the world like Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Oregon, Montana and Washington. Euthanasia should not be legalized in Canada because it is not lawful, ethical, and violates Canada’s respect for every religion. First, it is not lawful....   [tags: active, passive, lawful, ethical, religion]

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A Constant Battle On Smoking

- A Constant Battle on Smoking An unending battle with people who found themselves stuck in a fight against smoking. It is actually a preventable disease that can be solve by health awareness by individual or by community. Ever since, the government had been passing laws and precautions for those people who depend on it so they will certainly stop. Information dissemination such as advertisement made by charities had been going left and right. But on the other hand the problem still have doubled since due to arising secondary problems brought by it such as ill-health contributing factors....   [tags: Smoking, Passive smoking, Air pollution]

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Should Smoking Be Banned?

- ... Therefore if there aren’t any walls that separate the two areas, the individual is being subjected to second-hand smoking. Many individual smokers argue that banning smoking from casinos violates their right to smoke when gambling. But it is not fair the employees and the guest because they are being forced to either work in that environment or gamble in the facility that is surround by smoking. This causes health disease and health problems for the employees and guest that are being immune to second-hand smoking....   [tags: Smoking, Passive smoking, Lung cancer]

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TV Makes Americans Live a Passive Life

- TV for Chickens is a project by contemporary Finnish artist, Tea Makipaa. In this project she created a television show showing the lives of free range chickens. She showed this to chickens being raised in a factory farm. Factory farms are dark crowded places where chickens become bored or panicked and often kill themselves or others. John of the “vlogbrothers”, Youtube video bloggers uploaded a video discussing this project. He notes that after watching it the chickens became more docile and less likely to murder one another, and raises the question “If this is what TV does to chickens what does it do to humans?” This is not referring to all television programming but specific...   [tags: The Risks of TV]

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Euthanasia is Good

- For centuries mankind has dreaded painful deaths from either pestilence, attack or even accidents. Morris explains that the majority of people fear death because of uncertainty as well. He claims knowing death will be painless would relinquish man of fear of it (Morris 1). There is a way to know, for certain, that death will be painless. Euthanasia is the key to a painless death. In fact, the origin of the word is Greece where is meant, “good death” (Chaturvedi and Math 899). Although many believe euthanasia is just one thing, there are actually a few different types of it....   [tags: painless death, passive, active, legalization]

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

- Picture this: you walk into a crime scene and the first thing you see is blood. It is all over the walls, the floor, and even the ceiling. Now any other person would probably not know the information that this evidence holds, but those that have studied blood, how it works, bloodstain patterns, and what they all mean, have an abundance of evidence to examine. Just from looking at the bloodstain patterns, they can discover many things about the crime and how it occurred. There are five main categories of bloodstains: passive, impact spatter, transfer, other, and latent....   [tags: passive, impact spatter, transfer, and latent]

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Solutions to the Cruelty of Animal Treatment

- “The chains cut so deep; it was hard for me to breathe. I haven’t eaten in days. I lay there wondering why, but it never comes to mind. Rips and shreds cover my ears, from being beaten with that stick. My big brown eyes now filled with tears, they chained me up and left me for dead. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but all I could do was weep.”(Unknown) There are two types of animal abuse passive and active; both were repented in the poem above. Active abuse is when there is pain given to the animal all at one, like the animal being kicked or hit....   [tags: animal neglect, active abuse, passive abuse]

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Why Smoking Is A Social Problem

- ... The effects of smoking cost the NHS an estimated £2.7 billion each year. (Dockrell, 2008) The Government spent £87.7 million on services to help people to stop smoking in 2012/13. (Smoking statistics young people, 2013) The 2006 smoking ban in public places was introduced because smoking had become a big issue socially. This made it illegal to smoke in public environments due to the effects of passive smoking. As was reported by the British Medical Association. Showing that passive smoking increased the risk of heart disease by 25-35 per cent....   [tags: Passive smoking, Smoking, Lung cancer, Tobacco]

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Effects Of Tobacco On The United States

- Background and Thesis. On October 15, 1492 Christopher Columbus was offered dried tobacco leaves as a gift from the American Indians that he encountered. Soon after, sailors brought tobacco back to Europe, and the plant was being grown all over Europe (Vernellia 1999). The major reason for tobacco 's growing popularity in Europe was its supposed healing properties. Europeans believed that tobacco could cure almost anything, from bad breath to cancer. Tobacco was first discovered thousands of years ago; however, it was not until the end of the civil war that it became popular in the United States....   [tags: Tobacco, Smoking, Passive smoking, Tobacco smoking]

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Should Smoking Be Banned Or Not?

- ... Pesticides used in making cigarettes contribute to the eradication of the ozone layer, therefore they increase the radiation exposure. The question which arises is that, is a cigarette worth smoking while keeping these health risks in mind. One of the most common myths smokers have is the belief that they are only hurting themselves, not anyone else. That’s fallacious. Passive smoking also known as second-hand smoke is the mixture of smoke from a burning cigarette and the smoke exhaled by the smoker....   [tags: Smoking, Tobacco, Lung cancer, Passive smoking]

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Smoking Cigarettes Should Not Be Justified

- ... Second reason of smoking is psychological as it is observed that young people start smoking due to high blood pressure. (ESTERL, MEHROTRA, & BAUERLEIN, 2016) On the other hand, many people become smoking addict because of smokers around him. Smoking is been considered as slow death for any individual. In addition, this is an urgent need of people to realize the bad effects of this habit and also evade other from it. When we are utilizing a hookah pipe, we breathe in more smoke as we may take from a cigarette....   [tags: Smoking, Tobacco, Passive smoking, Lung cancer]

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Tobacco Is Americas Worst Legal Drug

- Tobacco is Americas worst legal drug. Tobacco has been present in the United States, before and after its founding. It was most popularly consumed in the same fashion as it is done today; through smoking. After the Civil War ended, it became extremely popular in America because of its addictive content; nicotine. It swept across the nation, and it was soon to be industrialized. During the twentieth century, business men saw a brilliant opportunity to make a lot of money. Seizing this opportunity, they wanted to improve the quality of their cigarettes so that their product could rival traditionally rolled cigarettes....   [tags: Smoking, Tobacco, Passive smoking, United States]

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Smoking Should Be Outlawed And Banned

- ... Dr. Ananya said that nicotine is strong neurotoxin substance, and it has very high dependencies. The high dependencies triggers that people cannot stop or quit smoking. That is a massive problem of smoking. If people try to quit smoking, they try to stop the behavior of smoking. However, that makes people a fit and getting angry easily, and withdrawal symptoms, so people need to reduce the behavior of smoking gradually. According to Patients for Medical Cannabis, tobacco contains nicotine, but marijuana does not....   [tags: Lung cancer, Passive smoking, Smoking, Tobacco]

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