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Essay on Imagery, Language, and Sound in What's That Smell in the Kitchen?

- Imagery, Language, and Sound in What's That Smell in the Kitchen. Marge Piercy is an American novelist, essayist, and poet best known for writing with a trademark feminist slant. In "What's That Smell in the Kitchen?" Marge Piercy explores the way women are sometimes held in low esteem by men through the eyes of a tired housewife who has had it with her monotonous day- to-day duties. In this poem, it is not stated that the speaker is a homemaker, but the reader is told about one woman in particular who is meant to express the feelings of women as a whole....   [tags: What's That Smell]

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No Smell, No Taste

- When a person has a cold, the food that they eat most likely does not have a taste. Most may think that it is a person’s taste buds that are providing the tongue with flavor, but it is really the nose. Seventy-five percent of what we taste from food comes from one’s sense of smell. From the sweet flavor of strawberries to the spicy taste of salsa, the tongue itself actually tastes only twenty-five percent of it. The average person can distinguish between 4,000 to 10,000 various odor molecules. Although there is not much known about the nasal cavity, one thing is certain: Little can be tasted without a sense of smell....   [tags: Anatomy]

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The Smell

- The Smell It was another one of those lonely Monday nights, Christina was home alone, baby-sitting her brother. Her parents left to a dinner, movies, and opera, weren't they just a little to lucky. So she had to stay home, with her little brother. Yup, that was it, being home alone by herself was scary enough, but with her brother, it was a nightmare. It was 10:30PM, she was watching Melrose Place and her brother was upstairs, sleeping like an angel. "Well at least I have peace now." she thought, boy would she be wrong....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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The Sense Of Smell, Sociality, And Sex

- On the first day of “Scent, Sociality, and Sex,” we were asked which of our five senses we would sacrifice if forced to decide. Many students deemed their sense of smell their least essential sense. After reading experiments and pop science articles in class, I now better understand how imperative the sense of smell is to the daily lives of humans. I have developed new insight into the science behind olfaction, learning how the brain interprets scent signals and how the brain perceives scent stimuli....   [tags: Odor, Olfaction, Major histocompatibility complex]

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Is That The Smell of Evidence Being Destroyed?

- The requirements of a police officer obtaining an impartial Court ordered search warrant have become a little blurred. It will be easier for the police to decide not to obtain a search warrant when they themselves deem that they have probable cause to believe drugs may be in a home. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that when the police think they smell marijuana coupled with the sounds of what they believe could be the destruction of evidence, is reason enough for them to gain forced entry into a home without a search warrant while claiming probable cause and exigent circumstances....   [tags: Law]

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Chemistry of Taste and Smell

- The human body does amazing things on a daily basis. All the senses that the body uses consists of nerves, neurotransmitters and the brain decodes the messages that was received. Smell is the passing of odorants through the nose, received by the olfactory cells, and are sent directly to the brain. Taste is the weakest of the five senses but it is the sensory function of the central nervous system( The Science of Taste and Smell). We taste and smell things every day but little do most people know that these two senses work together to make life even more satisfactory....   [tags: Chemistry Essays]

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The Sense of Smell

- I began the research for this paper with several questions about the sense of smell. How are smells identified. How and why are they remembered so vividly, and why are they so emotionally charged. What does it mean that cells in the olfactory system are the only neurons to regenerate - what is retained and what is lost in this process. And what does it mean that o lfactory neurons are the only sensory neurons to synapse directly in the brain. What I know about my own sense of smell is scant and sketchy....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Olfaction or the Sense of Smell is Very Strong

- Often overshadowed by the other four senses, olfaction, commonly known as the sense of smell, has more impact in life, than most would think. For centuries olfaction has been studied but it wasn’t until recently that it’s many applications in life have been identified. Due to it’s close relationship with the limbic system, the olfactory system, has the capability to draw up past memories, affect emotional states, and influence one’s well being (A healthy scent: how smell can affect our mood and health)....   [tags: limbic system, odor, memory]

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Scent and Smell in Perfume by Patrick Süskind

- ... He believes that “an infant is not yet a human being, and does not yet possess a fully developed soul” (p. 10). In this scene, Süskind introduces an interconnection between the notions of 18th century France concerning the views of infants, spiritually and physically. It also foreshadows the events to come in which Grenouille will attempt to smell himself one day. In this endeavor in his cave in the Massif Centrale, he will discover nothing; which contradicts his hyperosmia (enhanced sense of smell) with, in a sense, his personal anosmia (the lack of olfaction)....   [tags: murder, grenouille]

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The True Relationship Between Taste and Smell

- Introduction It has been alleged that the perception of flavor and aroma are “derived from the senses of chemical irritation, taste and smell” (Rawson, 2003). Collectively, these senses constitute what has been termed chemosensation, even though these sensory systems are supposedly very different in their physiology and anatomy. Nevertheless, they do have the ability to “regenerate, and their noted susceptibility to aging and age associated diseases” (Rawson, 2003). In the article Is age related olfactory loss uniform across odorants....   [tags: Anatomy/Physiology]

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Summary Of ' The ' I Could Smell Bacon '

- Waking from a deep sleep, I opened my eyes and looked around the room. Initially everything looked foreign to me. Momentarily I realized I was lying on a pallet on the floor with several heavy quilts piled on top of me. Bacon, I could smell bacon. That’s probably what had woken me, that wonderful smell of bacon frying, biscuits in the oven, and fresh coffee brewing on the stove. I realized where I was. I was at Babaw and Grandad’s. My maternal grandmother and grandfather, who everyone referred to as Babaw and Grandad, were blessed with eight children, four boys and four girls....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Safari, Fishing]

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I Hate The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke

- I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, It’s a very offensive one. And that’s not to mention the damage that smoking can do to your body and the people around you. I probably tried smoking a cigarette on one or two occasions, and through the coughing and wheezing, I cant begin to imagine the damage that it has caused and is causing on lifetime smokers. Throughout my teenage years and early twenties, I loathed cigarettes and the appalling smell that accompanied them (even though, I will admit that the greaser culture of the 1950s made cancer sticks look pretty awesome)....   [tags: Smoking, Cigarette, Tobacco smoking, Asthma]

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The Smell of Disappointment: A Study of the Mind, the Body, and the Building

- The narrator in “The Axe” by Penelope Fitzgerald is the Manager of an unsuccessful company. This unnamed protagonist addresses a letter to his elitist, stereotypically self-important boss. The Manager explains the outcome of the redundancies that he had been assigned, reporting in full detail the termination of his clerical assistant, W.S. Singlebury, an older gentleman whose work is “his life” (Fitzgerald 667). In his letter, the Manager repeatedly makes reference to a pungent smell in the office, about which many staff members complain....   [tags: the axel,cultural representation, fitzgerald]

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A Feminist Perspective: What’s That Smell in the Kitchen

- A Feminist Perspective: What’s That Smell in the Kitchen Women burning bras in the 1960’s became a sign of the Women’s Liberation movement. However, this was not the beginning of the women’s movement. This began many years earlier in the late 1800’s. In Marge Piercy’s poem, “What’s That Smell in the Kitchen,” she gives a description of what the women in the 1980’s are doing to be a part of the women’s movement. According to Bell Hooks, "Feminism is a struggle against sexist oppression. Therefore, it is necessarily a struggle to eradicate the ideology of domination that permeates Western culture on various levels, as well as a commitment to reorganizing society so that the self-development o...   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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How Being Around a Smell for a Long Time Affects You Being Able to Smell It?

- Have you ever walked into a room and smelled fresh cookies baking. Then, ten minutes later, you don’t smell them anymore. The smell is still there, but your nose has adapted to the smell. This is called olfactory fatigue. It is based on how your nose works. There are many parts of your nose. The two holes in your nose are called nostrils. Nostrils let air come into your nose allowing you to breathe. The nostrils take turns having air go in each one. For about three hours, people breath through one nostril....   [tags: olfatory fatigue]

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Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Advertising Campaign

- Winner of the 2010 Grand Prix for film at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial for the Portland ad agency Wieden+Kennedy. Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” ads advertising campaign took on a life of its own, spilling into social media and becoming the object of debates. Some media outlets, like CBS News, asked, “Is the Old Spice Guy ‘Post-Racial’ or Just Another ‘Mandingo’?” (Edwards, 2010). These surface readings do not impress when the advertisements are critically interrogated though the lens of critical race and gender theories that draw on Marxist and psychoanalytic themes....   [tags: marketing strategies, effective publicity]

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Investigation of Sensory Research of Taste, Sight, Hearing, Smell, and Touch

- ... The latest Pangborn Symposium, in 2013, will be discussed later in this study. In recent years, sensory science has transformed into a broader spectrum of research and can most certainly be defined as a multidisciplinary field (Martens, 1999). It encompasses a wide range of topics from sensometrics and psychophysics to cognitive studies. The main drive for this change in sensory research is the consumer. This is evident by the research carried out in the 1970’s which focused primarily on initial tasting and responses to the food (Martens, 1999)....   [tags: spectrum, education, products]

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The Journey Is The Destination iIn Laurence Shames’ Sweet Smell of Success

- ... One can understand that this appearance in each situation provides the initial view of the success of a person, however the appearance in itself is only a stepping stone that plays predecessor to one’s reputation. When one hears the name of a person, automatically they are automatically subject to a flood of thoughts and memories. Similarly, in smaller communities who is known or how many one knows indicates success. Reputation and status is prevalent on every scale of society and in history, how someone is known when they are not present dictates all possible misconceptions....   [tags: london, wealth, project]

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The Old Spice Commercial, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

- ... Those two actions alone, strengthens Mustafa’s credibility as the ideal of the “perfect man”. The commercial utilizes the logic of the sex sells as an effective advertising strategy. For years, Old Spice products and commercials as well were targeting elder men and women, and that brought about the name “Old” Spice. By making advertisements and products more sexually driven, the company has changed their strategy and created more advertisements and products that appeal to the newer generation....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Male, Woman]

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Interpretation on Scientific Article about Sense of Smell

- Introduction The sense of smell is what informs an organism of the chemical composition of their surrounding environment. The sense of smell is called olfaction and in humans, it is less developed than in most other mammals. The olfactory system contains epithelial cells that are unique because they are capable of regeneration, unlike most other neurons. The receptors for both taste and smell are called chemoreceptors. They are termed chemoreceptors because they respond to chemicals that are in aqueous solution....   [tags: Biology]

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The Appeal of the Old Spice Man Commercials

- ... The commercial grabs their attention because Old Spice man wearing nothing but a towel; this scene generated an appeal to emotion. These commercial appeals to the logos because it makes the female audience to buy their husband or boyfriend Old Spice body wash. The commercial, makes the female audience be under the impression if she brought the body wash, she could have stunning man who could spoil her and buy her gifts such as game tickets and diamonds alike the Old Spice man in the commercial....   [tags: shirtless, smell, audience]

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I Work At An Italian Restaurant

- ... The servers sit down and eat while they talk to each other before the rush, and a word is never said to them, but the busboys and food runners manage to get yelled at for simply standing in one spot. I remember a server and a busboy decided to prank the manager by putting a fake reservation in the computer under the name of ‘Deez Nut’. The manager was getting tables ready for the fake reservation until he had been told it was a fake, and in the end he fired the busboy, and he gave the server a warning....   [tags: Olfaction, Odor, Smell, Bathroom]

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Marketing Research : The, Breath Happy, Campaign Launched, By Procter & Gamble P & G

- ... Nothing is left to chance at P&G, but at the presentation of the product on the market enthusiasm is dampened by sales significantly below expectations. Evidently the consumers did not see the need to buy a product that neutralizes odors, and perhaps also doubted its effectiveness, thus despite the massive publicity campaign, and the effectiveness of the product, Febreze makes no breach in the hearts of consumers. Those of P&G do not lose heart, and undoubtedly determined to sell their innovative product they embark on extensive research, which showed that the vast majority of people tend to become accustomed to odors—phenomenon known as nose blindness....   [tags: Odor, Olfaction, Smell, Advertising]

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Grenouille Becomes God in Perfume: Patrick Suskind’s Perfume

- Patrick Suskind’s Perfume takes place during Enlightenment Period France, and follows the life of a perfumer, Grenouille, who possesses a particular sense of smell and traverses throughout France on a journey to create the perfect scent. Suskind embraces Enlightenment ideals when Grenouille challenges the power of God in response to Grenouille’s attainment of control over his destiny and the destiny of others in Perfume. Suskind portrays Grenouille as all facets of God, who embodies the characteristics of Creator, Savior, and Destroyer....   [tags: scent, enlightenment period, smell]

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Perception Of The Olfactory Bulb

- ... Contrary to June Mary is overcome with feelings of sadness, because ten years ago she lost her father on Thanksgiving Day. D. Is smelling really believing. If this tidbit was false restaurants would not get the majority of their foot traffic through the amazing kitchen smells permeating the city air. I lost count in how many hamburgers I purchased because the instant scent triggered my hunger, 2. Is restoring faith in Febreeze’s odor-eliminating capabilities in a way consumers will remember, generate buzz for the Febreeze brand and its advertising, and restoring the distinctiveness of the brand considered repositioning the brand....   [tags: Olfaction, Odor, Smell, Cat]

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Patrick Süskind's Portrayal of Grenouille as a Monster in Perfume

- This world has been exposed to the concepts of many monsters, such as mythical creatures and mythic humanoids. These monsters' goal is to either protect or kill with purpose,and there exists the concept of one monster that murders innocents , with the purpose of creating scents. In the novel Perfume by Patrick Süskind, the author portrays this monster as Grenouille. Süskind has this character that intentionally murders many people for their scent, regardless of their age, or maturity. Grenouille is a monster as he misuses the power of scent to escape worldly problems and attract love....   [tags: power of smell, mythical creatures]

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A Critical Exploration of Klein’s Discarded Factory in Connection With Stoller’s Money Has No Smell

- There is an undoubtedly enormous influence on the world by consumerism. Consumerism and capitalism shape the nation that we live in today. Everyone knows this because they see advertisements all day long on television, on the radio, on billboards and through hundreds of other mediums. Unfortunately, what the world is not exposed to is what goes on behind the marketing and the ultimate final sale. There is a dark side to capitalism created not only by shady merchants, but the worldwide multi-national companies as well....   [tags: Marketing ]

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Sexuality in Contemporary Egypt

- ... The first, and most dynamic, example is that of the two men Hatim, a poor man, and Abduh, a respected editor. Aswany does not really go into great detail as to how this relationship began, but the audience is left to assume that this arrangement was at least initially consensual. The problem with this situation though is that despite the two being presumable lovers at first, Abduh feels compelled to keep the sexual relationship going because of what Hatim provides. Hatim gives Abduh anything he or his family needs leaving Abduh feeling trapped....   [tags: Sonallah Ibrahim's That Smell]

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Life Is a Beach

- ... When Hurricane Sandy hit last October the boardwalk was destroyed. Now, after many anxious months of waiting and government issues it is restored. Before it was all wood that gave splinters and creaked every time someone took a step. Now it is a brand new plastic material called trex that continues to endure numerous joggers, dogs and baby carriages. It is a beige smooth surface that tickles the bottom of your foot every time you walk. 20 avenues make up Belmar’s boardwalk. The most popular of these is 16th Avenue due to its abundance of shops and restaurants across the way....   [tags: problem, pictures, sound, smell]

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An Industry on the Brink: Consumers Need to Wake Up and Smell the Genetically Modified Coffee

- An Industry on the Brink: Consumers Need to Wake Up and Smell the Genetically Modified Coffee A recent upsurge of opposition to the production of genetically modified crops has farmers all over America asking themselves one question: To modify or not to modify. Genetically modified (GM) crops allow farmers to use fewer pesticides while still achieving the same yields. American farmers have planted GM crops since 1995 and, at least for the first few years, had no problems selling these products to the public....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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A Justification of Luca Turin’s Vibrational Theory of Scent

- Science is used to explain everything. However, there are some topics which are disputed in the scientific community. One such topic is the proposed question, “How do we, humans, smell?” As for the answer to this question, there are two main theories which should be mentioned. The first is a theory based on the idea that the shape of a molecule determines it’s scent in the human nose (TED). The second such answer is the theory that smell is linked to the vibrational frequency of a molecule (TED)....   [tags: science, molecule, frequency, sense of smell]

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Where I Could Perceive Multiple Odors

- I have to confess, that it was not easy to find a place in Kodiak, where I could perceive multiple odors. This city is not dense in population and therefore, it lacks big indoor shopping centers and or other recreational areas. Most of the stores are distributed along two main streets. However, the downtown area has an open commercial area, which contains a restaurant, three gift shops, and a coffee shop. . For that reason, I decided to leave the quietness of my home, surrounded by trees and the smell of fresh grass, to visit the most populated part of my city: Downtown Kodiak....   [tags: Olfaction, Odor, Smell, Aroma compound]

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A Seller Open Houses Should Present Your Home At Its Best

- As a seller open houses should present your home at its best. Without a doubt one of the most engaging senses we have is smell. It immediately triggers emotions and memories recreating images in our minds with very little effort. Our reaction to these pleasant scents is taking a deep breath causing a calming effect relaxing our bodies and mind. During open houses it’s a reaction sellers want, it generates a sense of home for the potential buyer heightening a natural attraction to your home. In California scents of the environment are part of the lifestyles and in some cases a major attraction for buyers selecting homes in neighborhoods and locations for purchase....   [tags: Odor, Olfaction, Aroma compound, Smell]

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Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

- ... As one of the most primitive of our five senses, odor has always played a significant role in both animals and human mate selection. Each person possesses a special body odor, that communicates our uniqueness as an individual. This odor mediated mating system, at a biological standpoint, serves as a communicational channel to promote the act of reproduction and reduce inbreeding. Unsurprisingly, those who emit intense, unpleasant smells are usually avoided as such an odor exposes a state of unhealthiness....   [tags: Odor, Olfaction, Body odor, Smell]

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Review of Research Paper about Odor Maps

- Missing figures and pictures Introduction Imagine you have just walked into a sweet smelling pastry shop. As the delicious sugary sweet smell enters your nostrils, your mouth begins to water. Your stomach begins to moan and you realize that you want to eat that delicious pastry. Have you ever wondered why these things occur. Have you ever wondered how your brain actually knows what it is smelling and doesn't just clump different scents into one single smell. Wouldn't it be awful if all you could smell was a mixture of the world around you....   [tags: Biology Scent Smell]

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History of Perfume and Fragrances

- History of Perfume and Fragrances The history of perfume is a reflection of humanity: a means of exchange, a protection against disease, a potion with divine virtues, a gallant message, which reflects society, perceptibly communicating its sense of commerce and medicine, of the sacred and the sensual. The word "perfume" comes from the Latin per fume "through smoke". This refers to the original use of fragrances - the burning of incense and herbs as a religious offering. Perfume is made up of denatured ethyl alcohol and essential oils....   [tags: Hygiene Smell Essays]

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When the Senses Fail You

- ... There are about twenty-five hundred to five thousand, each of these special taste buds contain fifty to one hundred and fifty neuroepathicial cells. These cells respond with fibers in the nervous system. Neurons with taste are the only stem cells that are replenished as they die. When the receptors go back to your brain, it then tells said person what he or she tastes. Even though people think that there are different taste buds for every sense of taste, every taste bud can taste all kinds of favors, not just the tasting region they are in....   [tags: science research, color blindness, loss of smell]

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The Importance Of Customer First Impression

- Introduction It is often said by many, "You only have one opportunity to make a first impression." It may just be a saying but it’s a fact. A marvelous way to begin and build good relationships with your customer is by having a positive first impression. It doesn’t matter where your contact is made. It can be face to face interactions or calls over the telephone. It is the impression that determines the path at which the customer’s experience should go. It takes only one chance to create the first impression....   [tags: greeting, look and smell clean]

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Omnia Cavasa Fivnt

- “I believe…” two strong words in any vocabulary, these two words hold all of your morals and values in a single sentence. I personally believe that everything happens for a reason. Want to know why. Have you ever been told a childhood story so many times that you have a hard time deciphering whether you were there or not. As I have gone through my childhood I have been told countless times how my mom had a miscarriage of a set of twins between my sister and me. When I was younger I didn’t think much of it, the most reaction I made to the story was sadness thinking that I would never get to meet my two brothers....   [tags: stop and smell the flowers]

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What Makes Missing A Sense?

- Everyday, humans use all five senses on a regular basis, but it goes unnoticed. Humans have come so accustomed to living with sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing, they don 't even notice it any more. Humans often forget how much of a privilege each of these senses is. Some individuals aren 't lucky enough to attain all of these features, and they teach us not to take them for granted. It is odd to consider what it would be like to live without any of these vital senses. With the consideration of the idea of missing a sense, comes the realization that life would be completely altered if you were lacking any one of our prized senses....   [tags: Olfaction, Sense, Taste, Odor]

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The Digestion Of The Chemical Compound

- For over two thousand years, people have been cultivating and consuming Asparagus officinalis. During this time some people have observed a peculiar manifestation of an odd odor in their urine shortly after ingesting this vegetable (Mitchel and Waring 2014). This particular stench has been described as smelling like boiled cabbage (Mitchel et al. 1987, Pelchat et al. 2011). Many experiments have contributed this smell to sulfurous molecules found in the urine after asparagus ingestion, the most common molecules found being methanethiol and dimethyl sulfide (Lison et al....   [tags: Olfaction, Odor, Chemistry, Chemical compound]

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The Dangers and Safety Precautions Related to the Olfactory Dysfunction Anosmia

- The Dangers and Safety Precautions Related to the Olfactory Dysfunction Anosmia Imagine the smell of some freshly baked cookies hot out of the oven, or the clean smell of a brand new car's interior. Have you ever thought what it might be like to never smell these scents again. What if you could not smell your dinner burning on the stove or the fact that the baby needs a diaper change. The National Institutes of Health in 1979 found that around 200,000 people consult their doctors every year for the decreased or total loss of smell (Crawford and Sounder, 95)....   [tags: Medicine Medicinal Medical Essays]

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The Olfactory System and Its Play in Sexual Mating

- Sexual attraction, it is part of our everyday lives. We see people all around us who are attractive to us, the girl who makes your coffee everyday, or the guy who runs a training program at the gym. There are so many different qualities that make up sexual attraction between humans. The personality of a person, how they look, how they act, and surprisingly how they smell all are part of the human way of judging who we want to couple up with. Our bodies let other knows if we are a good match or not without us saying a word or even realize what is going on....   [tags: Sexuality, argumentative, persuasive]

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Scent Within The Novel Perfume By Patrick Suskind

- Scent within the novel Perfume by Patrick Suskind has been regarded as a supernatural element that transcends the physical realm and into the spiritual. In 18th Century France, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born with the supernatural ability to smell, while lacking his own individual odour. The power of scent is revealed to have manipulative qualities that shape the way an individual perceives someone based off odour. Suskind uses the characters of Grenouille and Madame Gaillard to convey the effect that scent has on the emotional spirituality of humans as both have a disability with their olfactory sense....   [tags: Olfaction, Odor, Olfactory fatigue, Aroma compound]

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Non-Human Primate vs. Human Primate “Lingo”

- Do non-human primates have communication, language, both, or neither. By definition, communication is the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information (Snowdon). Communication is very closely related to social behavior since they are both referring to the ways animals interact with each other (Quiatt and Reynolds 1993). Conversely, language is defined as a system of communication using sounds or gestures that are put together in meaningful ways according to a set of rules (Haviland et al....   [tags: Primatology]

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The Potential Impacts of Olfactory Loss on Our Lives under Different Situations

- 1. Introduction For thousands of years, people tend to take our sense of smell as granted. We name the patients who lose vision as the blind, lose audition as the deaf, lose olfactory, albeit less known, as anosmia. Anosmia is defined as the dysfunction of olfactory, including partially disabled and completely disabled. It is sometimes trivial and common yet sometimes devastating due to its complicated relationship with the sense of taste and our brain especially the limbic system. This paper will show you a glance at the potential effects brought by the loss of olfactory via explaining the process of perceiving smell and subsequently analyzing the corresponding consequences in the aspects...   [tags: Anosmia, Perception Habits]

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A Fictional Essay: Space Lords vs. Virus Fang

- I am number 69, the last of my kind. We were the space lords; there were 70 of us on earth. We came because the Virus Fang destroyed our planet and we were the last of our kind. We arrived here through each of our own way of transport- no two-space lords came together. The way that I made it here is by a Legof. A Legof is the name of our spaceships back on my planet that can travel in any atmosphere and disguise itself as anything. The Legof is as living as I am. Most of us traveled that way, but there were a few of us who knew how to teleport....   [tags: virus fan, planet, space]

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Symbolism; The Underlying Message

- Symbolism; The underlying message Symbolism is something that is used mostly by authors, to help stories develop and add a deeper meaning to their work. Sherman Alexie's "This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona" and William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" both have symbols that give a profound look on how their stories develop. Although Sherman Alexie and William Faulkner’s stories are written in different styles, they have similar symbols. Death, smell and setting combine to give a myriad of deeper meaning to the stories....   [tags: literary tools, death, setting]

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Old Spice Is A Popular American Brand

- ... Isaiah Mustafa further builds his ethos as the epitome of manliness through his posture and behavior. His charming deep voice, and confident disposition emulates the perfect alpha male state of mind when talking to women, this builds his credibility as an enticing ladies man. Isaiah is able to maintain an award-winning smile and maintain eye contact without a break in his monologue, he comes across as a trustworthy man any man would aspire to be. Now that he has built his creditably, he is able to persuade both men and women to go out and purchase the body wash....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Male, Man]

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The Five Senses in Horses

- Based on what I have observed I would conclude that vision and touch are the two sensory systems most important for the animal to function successfully in its environment. I believe this based on the surrounding nature of the stables, pasture, number of horses and farm life. There are 19 other horses and 5 staff aside of the stable owner. A horse in that respect needs to have vision of what is going on in its surroundings and personal space. Likewise horses rely on touch and the ability to feel to keep their selves from harm and to gain more awareness of their surroundings....   [tags: equine studies]

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As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner

- In As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner, all of the Bundren family members are quite eccentric and would be difficult to travel with; but the worst member would have to be Addie because she smells and slows us down. While traveling with the Bundrens, one of the reasons I most despise Addie the fact that her grotesque smell makes me sick and the trip very unpleasant. The first smell I have to endure and hate the most is the smell of her rotting body alone. After her body has been decomposing for 9 days, people can smell her miles away....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Brain Structure And Its Origins

- Megan Morris 12/17/14 Gifted Research Seminar Brain Structure and its Origins The brain is the control center of the body, regulating respiration, hormones, natural predatory instincts, and more. The brain’s shape and size differ from species to species, depending on its specific needs. The human brain compared to a fish brain looks completely different, because of the different needs of the two species. As organisms evolved, their brains accommodated for new needs, growing larger and more advanced....   [tags: Brain, Olfaction, Sensory system, Sense]

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How I Train Your Dragon

- Everyone has heard about how to train your dog but how about training your dragon. I’m going to show you the multiple, yet easy steps in how to train your dragon. In this first example you are going to learn how to train your dragon to use the dog door. You must first start off with observational learning. Observational learning occurs when an observers behavior changes after viewing the behavior of a model. You first need to get your dragons attention and make sure he’s only focusing on you. Once you have gained his attention walk up to the dog door and simply crawl through it....   [tags: Classical conditioning, Operant conditioning]

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Legend of the Body in the Bed

- Body in the Bed The legend of the “Body in the Bed” has been retold over and over again for years. It is a very popular story, usually taking place at a hotel or motel in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, or in a remote location in the desert nearby (“Strange Smells from the Hotel Bed”). Various “spin-offs” and variations to the legend have arisen since its inception, believed to be in the early 1990s. Many examples supporting the legend have come to the surface over time. They provide a possible explanation to the origin of the legend....   [tags: Urban Legends]

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Isolation And Death : A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

- ... The word “dust” is also used a lot to describe everything around Miss Emily and even repeated in the last paragraph when they find her lover’s body, Homer Barron, and room at the end, which makes the connection with death even stronger. The “dank smell” represents distance because Miss Emily was so distant to the world that she didn’t even notice the awful smell around her house. The people in the town kept constantly complaining about the nasty smell and how it went all the way to the neighbors’ house and nobody could understand why she did not notice it....   [tags: Character, Protagonist, English-language films]

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Worst Job At A Wilkes Barre City Public Works Employee

- Worst job When famous clergyman Thomas Fuller said” All things are difficult before they are easy”. (Fuller) must have been speaking about some of the work he did in his life and I can see why try picking up a trash bag covered in maggots that has rotted dog feces with a little bit of old distilled beer mixed on the inside of it and let me know how good you feel about yourself. After that you may have to pick up five hundred heavy bags of garbage in one day and that will take all of the energy you had....   [tags: Odor, Olfaction, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania]

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The Sea Of Lost Time By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

- Destruction of Culture in “The Sea of Lost Time” Gabriel García Márquez once said in a novel that, “Humanity, like armies in the field, advances at the speed of the slowest.” Márquez was a Colombian writer during the time when much of the world was escaping from the grasp of traditional colonial powers. Much of his work reflects this, and the troubles that ensued once the colonizers left. “The Sea of Lost Time” is one such story. It is about a village that is surrounded by a cruel sea that is growing ever harsher and viler....   [tags: United States, Latin America, Culture]

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What Are Senses? A Sense Of Sound Perception

- ... The sense of taste is easily confused with the sense of flavor. The sense of flavor is a mixture of taste and smell perception. Flavor relies on odor, texture, and temperature as well as on taste. Humans get tastes through sensory receptors called taste buds, or gustatory calyculi, found mostly on the upper part of the tongue. There are five basic tastes: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami. Smell, studied mostly in animals, also known as olfaction is a chemical sense. Unlike taste, there are hundreds of smell receptors, each connected to a particular molecule....   [tags: Sense, Olfaction, Taste, Sensory system]

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Overwhelming my Senses at State Park Lake

- People, places, and things are always in a constant change for better or for worse. One such place is a park called State Park Lake. It is a place that is not only holds childhood memories, but is also a place I make frequent visits to. During the summer, I spend most of my weeks at this small, cramped boat house helping customers on-and-off of boats. As a child, I vividly remember these weekend trips to the lake as exciting, because it smelled of roses and the water was clear enough to see your feet, where they touched the shallow bottom....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Example]

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Traveling to the Trevi Fountain

- Many places have something different and unique about them. Every place you visit you remember something that stood out against everything else. There is always a smell that can be associated with a particular place. The things a person hears can be different but sometimes they can seem familiar to a person. The food that is tasted can be a unique experience to a person. So, therefore I will now go in to detail about an experience in Italy. The Trevi Fountain is an extraordinary site to see. The fountain is built in marble coming out of the side of a building....   [tags: travel, ]

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The History and Science of Dogs

- ... Creating a dog that is highly trainable dog and a superior snout”. All these hybrid breeds are so successful because of how the dogs DNA is formed. The discovery of deciphering the dog genome was discovered by the Researchers at the National Institutes of Health on The Science of Dogs “Every piece of DNA is made up of four different chemical components A, C, T, and G, the dog has 2.4 billions of these letters in the combination known as base pairs. Sequences of the letters ACTG make up thousands of Genes that specify each component of the dog”....   [tags: pets, domestication, breeding]

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An Old Spice Advertisement For Women

- “Look at your Man, now look at me…sadly he isn’t me” This is an Old Spice Advertisement that targets women who purchase female hygiene products, like shampoo and body wash, for their “man.” Isaiah Mustafa is a former practice squad football player and is the only actor appearing in this advertisement. This well known African American football player is very attractive and may have a sexual appeal towards women. This aberration is different since one always sees a white folk as the dominant character....   [tags: Gender, Man, American football, Transgender]

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My First Puff Of A Cigarette

- At the age of fourteen, I had my first puff of a cigarette. After school, a couple friends and I were wandering in a small park next to my middle school. We still had our middle school uniform on, but we tried to hide it. My friend said, “Renee, try it. Try it. It feels good. We all did it except you. If you don 't do it, you are not part of us.” Under peer pressure, I grabbed the cigarette from her hand and inhaled deeply. I coughed so hard. However, I liked it. I really liked it. The minty taste lingered in my throat, the aftertaste was bittersweet, and the spike of adrenaline really woke me up, and made me feel alert....   [tags: Smoking, Nicotine, Tobacco, Tobacco smoking]

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The Significance of the Townspeople and Emily's Father in A Rose for Emily

- A necrophiliac is described as a person who has an obsessive fascination with death and corpses (Mifflin 1). Emily, a necrophiliac in the story, “A Rose for Emily,” is a deranged, lost, and confused woman. A story filled with many symbols that help the stories meaning. The only man Emily knew growing up was her father. He taught her to trust no man, and no man would ever be good for her. He was highly favored through the town and everyone looked to him. The small town of curious and nosey people makes the story of “A Rose for Emily.” The town’s people are curious to know Emily’s every step, or wondering what she is going to do next, her appearance, and where the horrible smell in her house c...   [tags: A Rose For Emily, William Faulkner]

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I Was a Big Kid: Giving Others in Daycare Back Rubs

- Looking back the whole idea is rather condescending. Still, I think this would have been the first time I felt like a big kid. At four and three-quarters years old it’s hard to feel grownup; you don’t have enough years behind you. Also at that age you only have about two years of memory. That’s why I felt so incredibly mature and wise when the teacher would pick me to go rub backs. I attended preschool through kindergarten in a small private school. The two and three year olds actually napped, but the rest of us big kids just rested....   [tags: daycare, childhood,]

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Story of a Murderer, A Novel Written by Patrick Suskind

- ... Grimal was probably the person that influenced Grenouille in the most negative way. He was a tanner living by rue de la Mortellerie closed to the river. Grimal treats Grenuoille like an animal. He does not try to purposely hurt Grenouille, but he does not treat him a like a human being, making him work long hours since the age of eight years old until his youth, without providing proper care for him. It is during this time, when Grenouille is able to roam the streets of Paris in the little free he was allowed to have, that he become obsess with the many different scents of the city including a scent that he as never smelled before, the scent of a virgin girl....   [tags: jean-baptiste grenouille, social isolation]

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Literary Analysis Of A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

- Literary Analysis Essay for “A Rose for Emily” Modernism is a period of writing where artists broke free from the traditional way of thinking. Works of literature revolved around experiences of loss, despair, and alienation. The format of writing also changed. The plot of the stories no longer unfolds chronologically. Instead, the past, present, and future scenes are blurred together. A portrayal of these characteristics can be found in William Faulkner’s short story, “A Rose for Emily.” The main character, Emily Grierson, becomes a prisoner in her own home and the author of her own demise after the tragic death of her lover....   [tags: Short story, William Faulkner, Joyce Carol Oates]

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Treatment of Mental Disorders Exposed in The Yellow Wallpaper

- “The Yellow Wallpaper” is the story of a woman descending into psychosis in a creepy tale which depicts the harm of an old therapy called “rest cure.” This therapy was used to treat women who had “slight hysterical tendencies” and depression, and basically it consisted of the inhibition of the mental processes. The label “slight hysterical tendency” indicates that it is not seen as a very important issue, and it is taken rather lightly. It is also ironic because her illness is obviously not “slight” by any means, especially towards the end when the images painted of her are reminiscent of a psychotic, maniacal person, while she aggressively tears off wallpaper and confuses the real...   [tags: The Yellow Wallpaper Essays]

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The Outcome Of Dream Content Based On Olfactory Stimuli

- ... A wider range of ages and sleeping patters of subjects could reveal some very useful data on dreaming and olfactory stimuli. Sleep, although not fully understood by the science community, is obviously a very important of human biology and life. With sleep comes the inevitability of dreaming, whether you remember all of them or not. Dreaming can affect a person’s daily life, thoughts, and even the quality of a person’s sleep. On the other hand, many variables can effect one’s dreams. State of mind, lifestyle, personality, and much more can help to shape a dreams topic....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep apnea, Sleep disorder]

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You 've Got At Start Somewhere By Deborah Landau

- ... The fourth sense she allures to is smell in the example of lines 12-14, “…then lie/down uninterrupted/ in the gadgetless grass.” Smell is clearly seen throughout the poem in describing the smell of nature and how pleasant that smell is. “Gatgetless grass” is not comparable to the grass of the world we live in. You still experience the smell of grass after it was just mowed or after it has just rained, but Landau experiences this certain grass to be even better. The fifth sense we as readers see in the form of imagery is taste....   [tags: Sense, Perception, Sensory system, Dream]

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Use Of Gustation And Its Effects On The Foods

- ... Jazmine No No 3. Ednaya No No 4. Tamesha Yes No 5. Dakota Yes Yes 6. Guadalupe Yes Yes 7. Catelynn No Yes 8. Susan Yes No 9. Carolina No No 10. Jenny No No 11. Cameron No Yes 12. Alcinder Yes No 13. L.J Yes No 14. Jailen No No 15. Jordan No No 16. Scott Yes No 17. Deshawn No No 18. Carlos No No 19. Arturo Yes No 20.David Yes No Figure 2. The data from Figure 1 and Figure 2 shows that almost half of the participants could identify the chocolate chip cookie while they simultaneously smelled another object....   [tags: Taste, Olfaction, Tongue, Taste bud]

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The Details of Human Sexuality and Society

- This is a definition of from someone who has studied human sexuality ”human sexuality is the way in which we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings (Rathus et al., 1993). There are many factors that help develop our sexuality, arguably one of the most important, is our actual gender. Whether, I am a male or female will likely have a major influence on the development of my individual sexuality. Furthermore, sexuality is an integral part of our personalities whether we are aware of it or not.” Ludwin Molina....   [tags: Sexuality, gender, sociology,]

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A Rose for Emily by Charles Faulkner

- In “A Rose for Emily”, Charles Faulkner used a series of flashbacks and foreshadowing to tell Miss Emily’s story. Miss Emily is an interesting character, to say the least. In such a short story of her life, as told from the prospective of a townsperson, who had been nearly eighty as Miss Emily had been, in order to tell the story from their own perspective. Faulkner set up the story in Mississippi, in a world he knew of in his own lifetime. Inspired by a southern outlook that had been touched by the Civil War memory, the touch of what we would now look at as racism, gives the southern aroma of the period....   [tags: romantic mystery, old maid]

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The Effects Of Stress On College Life

- ... Draw on your other senses to help you unwind. Most of studying at college is using your eyes to stare at a book, computer screen or tablet. But we are not just people with eyes to read and fingers to type. Your sense of smell is a powerful emotional and mental tool. Scientists who study smell are amazed to find that people often connect smells with very powerful memories. Take advantage of this. Open up a bag of coffee, tea, chips or candy and enjoy the smell along with the taste. Go outside to a park and enjoy the smell of grass, or stop and smell the flowers....   [tags: Olfaction, Odor, Emotion, Sleep]

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The Style Of Handmaid 's Tale

- ... Her remembering all these small details points out that these images must have been very significant in the narrator’s past a kin d of a “shock” to her present. The style of writing in the opening paragraph incorporates a great deal of imagery, and how later the purpose in the story creates an analogy in the narrator’s life, through this form of style. The type of style in the first chapter also embodies a great deal of contrasts between one or more ideas the narrator narrates. The form of these contrasts and purpose of these contrasts in the opening later brings out a meaning to form the character’s whole life story, from which a theme propagates....   [tags: Fiction, Narrative, Character, Margaret Atwood]

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How Scents Affect The Consumer

- How Scents Affect the Consumer Retail stores have many tricks up their sleeves when it comes to the five human senses. However, scent may be one of the most overlooked yet most effective senses in marketing and selling a product. Smell is directly linked to emotions because of the positioning of the olfactory cortex. It forms a direct link with the amygdala-hippocampal complex of the limbic system. Two synapses separate the olfactory nerve from the amygdala(Aggleton & Mishkin, 1986). This connection is critical to experience any emotion and no other sense makes this strong of a contact with the forming of an emotion (Aggleton & Mishkin, 1986)....   [tags: Olfaction, Sense, Olfactory system, Odor]

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Using A House Hunting Checklist

- ... Do you at any point hear a train or planes flying over. Does the next door neighbor have a dog that barks excessively. Is there a busy road that emits a higher than average road noise. Is there a school nearby that creates loud noise at different times throughout the day while the kids are at recess. Once you are inside of the house, stop and spend some more time listening for potential problems. Is there music playing a little more loudly than it would be normally. This could be an attempt to cover up some type of noise issue....   [tags: Olfaction, Odor, English-language films]

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Types of Advertisements

- I chose the Browns Chicken cholesterol free cooking ad for the informative advertisement because the ad had an employee inform the viewers that browns chicken is made with cholesterol free ingredients. This advertisement featured Steve Carell standing on a ladder placing letters on a sign spelling out Cholesterol Free Cooking. Once Carell had finished he informed the viewers that Browns Chicken is cooked in cholesterol free cottonseed oil and and cholesterol free batter but while he was talking all the letters blew off in the wind except the word Free....   [tags: persuasive, customers, information]

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The Game at the Arena

- Standing here, in this arena that is one hundred times larger than my home, I feel like a needle in a haystack. So many people surrounding me it’s like I’m one grain of sand in a whole ocean. The people around the arena form a black and yellow checker board. Their clothing meshes together and looks like a throw. Smelling the concession stand makes me feel like a starving child. The aroma of hotdogs and Italian sausage reminds me of a back yard grill. The smell of melted cheese on nachos makes my stomach growl wishing I had some....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Example]

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Experiencing the French Culture

- For my second cultural plunge, I decided to attend a family dinner with a close friend of mine who is from Arles, France. On May 17, 2014 at 4:00pm, my friend, Amy Dubois, invited me to attend dinner with her mother, father, and younger brother in Huntington Beach, California. Amy grew up in a small town in Arles with her family. She lived in Arles until she was 6, and then moved with her family to Huntington Beach, California. I met Amy in middle school and have been best friends with her ever since....   [tags: cultural stereotypes, education]

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