Essay about The Sunflower Surprise

Essay about The Sunflower Surprise

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“...history has taught us a lesson that should never be forgotten: America must be prepared to defend freedom whenever it is threatened. Should the occasion again arise when armaments are necessary- and history says it will- America shall be ready and so shall Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant” (Sunflower: War Arsenal). Many kids these days are wrapped up in their friends and the newest technological devices that they fail to read about rich history that helped shape the world they live in. The quote above brings me a sense of pride for the amazing state I live in; it makes me think of a time when internet sensations didn’t exist and neighbors would ban together under the American flag to crush any foe that stood in their way. The state of Kansas is a wonderful state with a rich history that we, Kansans, only know part of. One example of this is the old Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant (SFAAP) that is located near DeSoto and Eudora, Kansas. SFAAP existed in a time of great growth and prosperity that has been forgotten by the majority of Kansans.
After World War I the United States hoped to avoid future world-wide conflicts and public opinion shifted in favor of isolationism in expectation of an enduring peace. This isolationism lead to the decline of military supplies, equipment, and facilities. The nation then fell into the Great Depression in 1929 and lost all hope of investing in military build-up. Benito Mussolini established a fascist dictatorship over Italy, the Nazi Party seized control of Germany under Adolf Hitler and Japan fell under the control of militarists who wished to expand into China. The Nation had been split in two. Some people wanted to stay isolated while others fought for military action. Hitler then invaded ...

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