Technology - The Use of Holograms as a Teaching Tool

Technology - The Use of Holograms as a Teaching Tool

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The Use of Holograms as a Teaching Tool

"Wake up honey, you are going to be late for school if you don't hurry!" my mom shouted from the kitchen.

"Do I have to go?" I moaned.

"Yes, now hurry" she said.

"Fine!" I yelled, as I stormed out the door.

Once I got to the school, I hurried my way to U.S. History and took my seat. I was doing my usual day dreaming, before I actually realized what the rest of the class was discussing. I was thinking about what I was going to do after school or what basketball practice was going to be like. All of the sudden, the teacher threw a book on the desk; I snapped out of it immediately but the scene of the plain classroom wasn't the same. Everything the teacher was talking about in class was appearing in the classroom. It was like being able to walk around in history.

I sat back in amazement and wondered if this virtual reality was actually true. It was unbelievable how people interacted with each other and how real it seemed. Although I wasn't really interested in the topic we were on, I immediately wanted to learn more about it because of all the graphics. It was so easy for me to learn everything that we were talking about because it appeared right in front of me. Then I thought to myself, Is it possible for holograms to teach our class or could we use them to explore lands and planets that are unknown? Could we possibly learn from these virtual worlds about how the real world works?

It was almost as if I was living on the inside of the computer. It seemed as though mechanical systems would wear out, and if these holograms were properly designed, they could last hundreds of years. Then I debated whether or not this was possible or if I was still dreaming. This virtual world was beyond belief. It reminded me of scenes from Star Trek when the transporting device with the laser beam was used to relocate someone's body form from one place to another. It seemed as though the Civil War soldiers were real and were just carrying on with their everyday lives in the war. In the back of my head, I wanted to believe that they were just images, but it was hard for me to because they appeared so life like.

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Just when I was starting to understand more about the war, the bell rang and the virtual world was gone. I wanted to ask someone else if they had seen the same thing that I had seen but I didn't think anyone would believe me. I know that they would have thought that I was going crazy. I had to hold back all of my excitement until the next class began.

As I made my way into the technology class, the teacher told us to have a seat
while attendance was taken. I knew that it would be extremely amazing to see some
of the things that we had been learning about in 3-D and life-size images. I was learning how to make slide shows for the purpose of re-enacting real life situations that had happened. We did this to get a better understanding of the things that went wrong or right during the situation. My particular slide show was about a car crash that I had encountered. I chose this incident because everything happened so fast that it was hard to catch everything that happened. A number of my friends were there, so I got their points of view as well. I also tried to contact other people that saw the accident from the other side of the street so that every angle could be seen.

The teacher finally finished with the attendance and excused us to go and work on our projects. I went to my computer, sat down, and began drawing different scenes of the accident. I closed my eyes so that I could picture what had happened. Once I had it fresh in my mind, I opened my eyes and I found myself back at the site of the car collision. The holograms were recreating what had happened and I got to see the accident from every angle. After reviewing the scene over and over, I realized that the person that had been charged with reckless driving really shouldn't have been because it was the other driver's fault because he swerved to miss a piece of wood lying in the street. The piece of wood must have been on the opposite side of the street of where I was standing. I didn't even see it and I would have never thought that it could have been the other driver's fault.

It was so amazing because the holograms let me see the accident from every angle, and it helped me conclude who really caused the accident. I never thought that seeing something from a different angle could change things so drastically.

"Snap out of it!" someone shouted. "What is your problem today, you have been zoning out a lot."

"You didn't see what just happened?" I asked

"No what are you talking about?"

"Never mind," I said, as I leaned back in my chair to take in everything that had just happened. I only wished that someone could have seen what I had just seen. The class finally ended with everyone laughing at me. The bell rang once again and I was off to the next class of Art History.

I dreaded this class everyday. I loved to look at art but the history part didn't appeal to me. On this particular day, I was actually excited for this class because my day was going better than any other day because of the holograms. It seemed as though they could spice up anything, even school.

I took my seat at the table just as the teacher walked in the classroom. In her squeaky voice she said, "Today we will be taking three pages of notes, and you will have one critique for homework." With a few people still complaining, we began the notes. With one and a half pages still to go, I thought that the class was never going to end. I laid my head down on the table to try to get comfortable. My eyelids felt as though they weighed a ton, and I wasn't sure if I could hold them open long enough to finish the notes. Just then, a beam of light came from the projector, and there, right in front of my very own eyes, Vincent Van Gogh was painting. Now my eyelids that weighed a ton couldn't even blink. This was so cool because if I had to choose any artist to see paint, I would have chosen him so that I could have seen how he created his most famous piece of artwork, Starry Starry Night. With the blink of an eye, the starry night was complete and Art History class was done.

Shocked at what just happened, I slowly walked between students in the hallway until I found myself back at my locker. I shoved my books in my bag, grabbed my car keys, and started for my car. I thought to myself, What a bizarre day. I had seen holograms printed on a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch before, but I never knew holograms could be so advanced that they could be used in teaching school or was this all a dream.

I finally arrived home, and as soon as I walked in the door, I told my mom about my day at school. Most of the time I tell her the same thing every day but this particular day was nothing like the rest. I told her of my bizarre experiences and what I thought of this technological advance. She thought I was crazy too. I told her "Technological advances are hardly ever used to their fullest potential."

"Do you think that holograms could replace teachers in the future?" I asked. "Many people are visual learners just as I am, and holograms would be the perfect learning tool."

"That would be really neat, but I don't know if that is possible," she said. "Honey, it looks like you have had a long day, maybe you need some sleep. Why don't you go to bed?"

That night it didn't feel like I slept a wink. I was so excited to see if school would be as interesting as it was the previous day. I woke up early, and there was no whining or complaining to my mom. My mom said, "If holograms make you this ambitious to go to school then maybe they should be used more often."
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