Impact of Computers on Children

Impact of Computers on Children

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Impact of Computers on Children

Children growing up in this generation are experiencing a greater impact from computers than in the past. In the past, children and adult, could make a life without a computer, as it wasn’t a necessity or found to be all that useful from time to time. A higher level of dependency on these computers has been established, and society only has more to come in the future. The technology that comes with these complex machines is becoming more developed and is making everyday tasks simpler for most. Computers have changed our nation in many ways, from the way we operate to the accessibility of worldwide resources such as the Internet we use frequently today. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the fluctuation of the influence of computers on a child’s education in their early years, as it has been in the past, how it is in the present, and how it might be in the future.

First of all, the computer’s role in society has increased significantly throughout recent years. In the past, a computer was mostly used for minor tasks, such as typing a paper or playing a game for leisure. A child could rarely be found sitting in front of a monitor screen, and they usually didn’t even know how to operate the machine. Software games were on the market, but were not very popular for purchase. Usually the more developed households and higher-class families were the ones that contained a computer at home, but mostly adults were found to be the users. Many families found it easy to do without one, as they were mostly used for typing, and typewriters or handwriting took their place. In the past, computers went without the Internet, were extremely slow, and weren’t capable of much of anything.

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Today, however, things have changed a great deal and it is now uncommon to come across a child that doesn’t spend a good amount of time each day taking advantage of what a computer has to offer them. Most curriculums in today’s schools even requires a child to know how to use a computer substantially to complete the tasks they are asked to perform in the learning process. For instance, most assigned papers that are to be written are requested to be typed, not hand-written, to create a standard for a grading system as well as to introduce a child to new means of technology. This way, a teacher can grade accordingly and set out specifications that create a standard of comparison, such as the spacing, the font size, and the length of the paper. A child today uses a computer for many other purposes as well. It is used as a reward for good work by allowing them to play games. I recognize this because I am a tutor at the Sault Area Middle School and when a student there completes their homework, they are allowed to play games and surf the Net, encouraging the other students to do their work promptly so they have leisure time as well.

I have seen children as young as the age of three operate a computer, although at this age they mainly use it for recreational purposes only. I think that by starting a kid with technology this early in life is a smart choice, as it makes the kid brighter. It would also open their mind up to new ideas and challenge them. They are brought upon instances where they need to think resourcefully and consider their options carefully to make the right choice to move on to the next step, a practice that is used frequently in later life as well.

As for what the future beholds of children and their usage of computers, I believe that more is definitely to come and it can only get better as revisions are made to improve technology. Children will be using computers more, and possibly even be starting at a younger age. Computers will become more relevant and necessary for a child’s education and learning in the classroom will center around the capabilities of these machines. New forms of entertainment will be introduced on the market, encouraging consumers to become more advanced in their computerized skills. Computers will replace jobs, as well as take the place of many other important items. I believe that they will be found everywhere, from the home to the workplace to the doctor’s office, and their number of uses will be indefinite. They will have outstanding possibilities, making most human lives easier, aside from the fact that they will be taking employment from some.

In summary, computers have come along way in today’s world, and they aren’t done yet. Children have increased their knowledge of computers, and tend to be smarter than their parents from time to time when it comes to using them. The influence computers have had on the recent and current generations has increased throughout the years, and the level of dependency that we have on these complex machines has increased as well. They are used for basic everyday tasks, and it is fairly uncommon for a household to go without one these days. A computer is not only used as a word-processor anymore, it is now a form of entertainment among other things. The technology of today’s world has yet to see improvements and only get better in the future. The creation and development of the computer has brought many good things to our society today, as well as cause some disruptions. A computer can’t always be dependable, for it can easily catch a virus or just simply shut down out of the blue before you take the chance to save your information you are processing. All in all, the advantages that a computer has to offer weighs out the disadvantages it lures on us, and it is a machine that is here to stay and for our world to adjust to in every possible way that we can. A good page to allow your kids to use the computer, but to get activities from it to do offline is to go to Craft Idea’s on the web.
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